Escape Plan


Escape Plan gets new direct controls

Director's Cut DLC out now, too.

Journey tops March PSN sales chart

Escape Plan is still the most downloaded Vita game.

Review | Escape Plan Review

This is not an exit.

Escape Plan gets new direct controls

Director's Cut DLC out now, too.

Journey tops March PSN sales chart

Escape Plan is still the most downloaded Vita game.

Review | Escape Plan Review

This is not an exit.

Free Escape Plan: Bakuki's Lair DLC release date

Included in upcoming 1.01 patch.

Escape Plan is the most downloaded Vita game in the US

While The Simpsons Arcade Game tops PS3 PSN chart.

Video | Escape Plan on PlayStation Vita - first 15 minutes

We break out fresh hands-on gameplay footage.

Sony working to fix PS Vita pre-order discount code errors

UPDATE: New emails to be sent out tomorrow afternoon.

Sony confirms PS Vita 1st Party digital only game prices

Escape Plan! MotorStorm RC! Super Stardust! More!

Video | Escape Plan Vita footage breaks out

Atmospheric film noir antics for PS Vita.

Video | First Escape Plan footage for PS Vita

Stylish slapstick for Sony's handheld.

Escape Plan screens for PS Vita

Charming new monchrome IP.

Escape Plan announced for PS Vita

Attractive stylised platform puzzle game.