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Escape Plan Review

This is not an exit.

VideoEscape Plan on PlayStation Vita - first 15 minutes

We break out fresh hands-on gameplay footage.

VideoEscape Plan Vita footage breaks out

Atmospheric film noir antics for PS Vita.

VideoFirst Escape Plan footage for PS Vita

Stylish slapstick for Sony's handheld.

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Flower, flOw, Escape Plan, Sound Shapes added to PS4 launch line-up

Top downloadable titles Flower, flOw, Escape Plan and Sound Shapes will all be available for download on PlayStation 4 at the console's launch.

Better yet, the quartet of titles will be completely free for existing owners regardless of the platform they were originally bought on, Sony announced via the EU PlayStation blog.

The PS4 editions will see some upgrades too - Flower now features 1080p 60FPS visuals, while PlayStation Vita title Escape Plan has re-worked controls to fit the DualShock 4 pad.

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Escape Plan gets new direct controls

Director's Cut DLC out now, too.

Stylish monochromatic puzzler Escape Plan received relatively good reviews when it came out as a Vita launch title, but the common bugbear that turned a lot of people off was the gimmicky touchscreen controls. This is no longer an issue with the new 1.04 patch released today that allows players direct control of their character with the d-pad and buttons.

Journey tops March PSN sales chart

Journey tops March PSN sales chart

Escape Plan is still the most downloaded Vita game.

Critically lauded PlayStation 3 adventure Journey was the most downloaded PlayStation Network game in the US during the month of March, Sony has revealed.

Elsewhere on the chart, the PlayStation 3 version of MotorStorm RC entered at four, one spot above the free-to-play Killzone 3 multiplayer download.

Mass Effect 3 entered at six, Rayman 3 HD at 11 and Warriors Orochi 3 down at 13.

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Escape Plan Review

Escape Plan Review

This is not an exit.

There's something slightly fraudulent about Escape Plan. At first glance, the bloated sad-sack characters, the empty-eyed china masks, the distended bellies and the barbs and spikes scattered about might lead you to believe that this creepy monochrome adventure is the genuine product of a tortured creative psyche.

Look again, though, and it's all a little too precise: the environments are too tidily organised, the horrors too artfully suggestive. It's weird, alright, but it's Corporate Weird; it's that slightly hollow, made-to-measure surrealism you see in self-consciously edgy commercials. It's Ren and Stimpy reworked by the people who make those Judderman ads.

And underneath all that, of course, Escape Plan isn't weird at all. It's a simple piece of no-fuss entertainment designed to showcase the many inputs of Sony's lovely new handheld. This is a 2D platformer that's filled with industrial gimmickry: an assault course in which you power two hapless heroes - Laarg, the fat one who can bust through floors, Lil, the thin one that can inflate - by flinging and tapping, by pinching, tilting, and rocking. At times, it feels like a console manual with fail states.

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Free Escape Plan: Bakuki's Lair DLC release date

Free Escape Plan: Bakuki's Lair DLC release date

Included in upcoming 1.01 patch.

Charming PlayStation Vita puzzler Escape Plan will be expanded with a new set of levels in an upcoming DLC pack.

Named Bakuki's Lair, the free download will be included with Escape Plan's 1.01 patch, due 10th April.

Included are 19 new puzzle rooms, beginning in a sausage factory. The fresh courses act as a prequel to the main game.

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Escape Plan announced for PS Vita

Escape Plan announced for PS Vita

Attractive stylised platform puzzle game.

Escape Plan has been announced for PlayStation Vita.

A video at Sony's Gamescom 2011 press conference showed an unsaturated, eye-catching, stylised platform puzzle game. The main goal? To help characters Lil and Laarg escape by any means.

You can inflate yourself to float or roll through walls. But be warned, float too high and you'll be sliced by on blades. Become to heavy and you'll break the floor.

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