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Sony working to fix PS Vita pre-order discount code errors

UPDATE: New emails to be sent out tomorrow afternoon.

UPDATE: Sony's James Gallagher has tweeted to say new Vita pre-order discount emails will be sent out tomorrow afternoon.

"For those having problems with your PS Vita pre-order email, you will receive a new email tomorrow afternoon," he said. "Sorry for any inconvenience."

ORIGINAL STORY: Sony is working to fix a website issue that is preventing those who have pre-ordered PS Vita from redeeming a code that grants a £5 discount on a download title at launch.

Eurogamer was contacted by a reader earlier today about the issue, which seems to be affecting a number of gamers who have pre-ordered the inbound handheld.

Those who pre-ordered Vita were required to register at a special website. This website did work - dishing out a code to unlock PS Home content and other goodies offered in exchange for a promise to buy the console.

The idea was that the £5 discount code would be sent out at a later date. Games included in the offer are Little Deviants, Super Stardust Delta, Hustle Kings and Escape Plan.

This week the emails were sent, but unfortunately the link provided in them directs users to a site that requires you enter the voucher code a second time. And this website is reporting error codes when users try to do just that.

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe's James Gallagher said this afternoon that Sony's engineers have identified the problem, and promised that new emails will be sent with another link that will take you to the discount selection page.

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