Dungeon Raid

App of the Day: Dungeon Raid

App of the Day: Dungeon Raid

The Mines of Moreish.

This time last year, we gave a hearty thumbs up to Dungeon Raid, a roguelike RPG delivered via the mechanisms of match-three. The core of this smart little game remains unchanged, but in the intervening period it's received a slew of updates that expand its variety and customisation options, before finally launching on Android devices in early February. More additions are planned, too, along with a free HD update, expected to arrive at the end of March.

Not that it really needs to be viewed in high definition to be appreciated - Dungeon Raid is not a game that trades on its extravagant looks. Instead, its simple cartoon iconography is part of what makes the game so instantly accessible, and its basic interactions chime neatly with touchscreen ergonomics. In other words, it gets its hooks in pretty quickly, and then tugs them deeper as the roguelike cruelty of the game slowly recedes to reveal its strategies.

It looks like any other match puzzler: tiles descend from the top of the screen to fill a grid of six by six. You can match three or more tiles of the same type by tracing your finger through them, moving diagonally, too, drawing a greedy, snaking line through as many adjacent collectibles as you need. Potions refill your health and shields patch your armour, while gold fills your purse. Swords can be matched both with other weapons and fanged, demonic skulls, which represent the monstrous dungeon denizens who take a bite out of your armour and health pool between each move. The more swords you match with a skull, the heftier your attack on it will be.

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