Cricket 2005

Flintoff on EA Cricket

He's bowled over, etc [Out! -Ed].

Fresh from England's historic Ashes win, England all-round hero Andrew Flintoff has taken time out from his busy schedule of drinking victory beer and laughing in Australia's ASHEN FACE to reveal what he thinks of EA Cricket 2005.

Cricket 2005

Cricket 2005

What a magnificent shot! No, he's out.

Cricket. Fascinating sport. Fun to watch in person even if you don't understand it. Fun to play with some friends even if you don't understand it. Increasingly enthralling to play and watch in any context the more you do understand it.

Cricket 2005. Fascinating game. Funny to see in person because it's full of comical graphical and technical problems and the scores are all "mid-90s England squad" bad. Incredibly difficult to play whether you understand it or not. Only likely to prove enthralling if you're the sort of person who enjoys programming satellite navigation systems using a harpsichord.

It's completely baffling when you first fire it up. Cricket's obviously a complex sport and this is a new way to play it, yet there's no tutorial, so getting to grips with the way it works is a drawn out and frustrating process, and would be near-impossible if your cricketing experience only went as far as whacking a tennis ball around the park or mimicking the chaps on TV without understanding any of the lingo. Don't know your off-stump from your leg-stump? You might as well give up now.

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Cricket 2005 due this summer

EA steps up to the crease. Click through to find out how we got from wickets to beached sea-dwelling mammals in just four paragraphs.

Electronic Arts has announced Cricket 2005 for PS2, Xbox and PC. Come this summer, fans of the sport will be able to take control of a fully licensed English team, compete in Twenty20 and regular county cricket and marvel at the TV-style presentation with commentary from Richie Benaud. Wicket.