Acting loopy.

Cut Ray Liotta out of your mental scrapbook and replace him with an MTV Europe News presenter from the early '90s. Now, replay the Goodfellas voice-over in your head. Congratulations - you're well on the way to understanding just how cringe-makingly horrendous the scripted introductions to each Crashday event are.

You're listening to a bloke doing an American accent, except English isn't so much a second language for him as a comedy routine. I survived about an hour before he segued from a chuckling Goldmember impression into my favourite of his inexplicable declarations: "Wild horses couldn't get me into that car!" With my skull threatening to implode, I turned the audio off completely - having discovered just such an option when I went to silence the music an hour earlier, it having reminded me of that Belgian bloke off World Idol who sang Lithium as though ending my life depended on it.

And, sadly, the bad impressions don't end with the audio.

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