Cargo! The Quest for Gravity

The Earth's axis has stopped turning, and gravity is now something that's less of a given, more of a taken. Things are floating around and keeping anything in orbit, let alone on the surface, is a serious problem. Everything's in limbo: physical objects, time, the seasons. Without the axis spinning, the world's on an indefinite pause.

That's the set-up for Cargo! The Quest for Gravity. It's the new game from Ice Pick Lodge, a Russian developer whose previous games include Pathologic, where you try (and mostly fail) to stop a plague in a very strange Eastern European Town, and The Void, in which you're already dead and you need to bring colour back to purgatory. Both games are extremely bleak, heavy on metaphor and figurative speech, and can be seen as difficult to engage with partly because, more often than not, the translation from the native Russian has made it difficult to understand what's going on.

So you might think that this game where the world has stopped turning is going to be all about the futility of life, or how 'gravity' can be a metaphor for a grounded nature or a solid idea of person-hood and identity. And it could be those things, but, really, you won't care.

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