Capcom Classics Collection Remixed

Capcom Classics Collection Remixed

With the retro compilation now an accepted tradition, and handheld gaming firmly in the mainstream, it seems strange that more publishers - or at least those with roots dating back to gaming prehistory - haven't been porting more of their arcade forebears to miniature formats. Outside of Namco and Midway's PSP offerings, and the less than successful Atari Retro Classics effort on the DS, there's a wealth of archive fun yet to be tapped for the quick-fix of handheld platforms.

Here to help redress the balance is (deep breath) Capcom's PSP port of their console port of their old arcade machines. But take heed of the "remixed" suffix - sometimes you remix something and get the 12" version of Blue Monday, sometimes you get ten minutes of unbearable techno arsepipes. Somewhat predictably, by monkeying around with the line-up for this outing, Capcom has delivered a mixed bag that will both please and annoy retroheads in equal measure.

Flip-mode squad

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