Capcom Classics Collection

Capcom Classics Collection

Capcom Classics Collection

Pay your respects to the Japanese legends.

It's an odd situation when the very idea of a retro compilation seems so... retro. It's already nine and a half years since we started messing around with emulators like MAME (anyone remember the original Capcom one called Callus?), and roughly the same amount of time since the Namo Museum release. So, after about four or five years of wallowing in all manner of nostalgia we kind of got it out of our system. The thing that was most surprising about relentlessly playing all these old arcade games from the 80s and early 90s wasn't how much they'd aged or how rock hard they could be, but how much derivative me-too stuff was around even then. The best lesson for us back then was not to bandy the word 'classic' around too much. Not all retro games are born equal, and just because a game is 21 years old, it doesn't mean it deserve to be deemed a 'classic'.

Just to make sure that enough 'classics' are on this compilation, Capcom's stuffed an almighty 22 games into its first all-encompassing retro package (the previous Capcom Generations package on PS1 being decidedly slim in scope), spanning 1984 to 1992. Probably only a quarter of them are real bona-fide must-haves that still entertain to the same degree that they did back then, but arguing the merits of games that each and every one of us will have differing levels of attachment to is rather futile. Rational discussions go out of the window when it comes to old games - sometimes we liked them because it was the one that our local chippy had, or we remember a sexy lass being impressed with our high-score (or something).

But let's try and remove emotional, hormonal, nostalgia-tinged memories from the games in question for a moment and suss out whether they're really likely to entertain you in this day and age.

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