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Burnout demo on 360 Live

Battlefield 2 to follow.

Those of you resisting the temptation to pick up Burnout: Revenge on Xbox 360 can push yourself closer to the brink (of buying it or, if you already have the Xbox one, of shouting purple words at Electronic Arts) by checking out a new demo on Marketplace today. We haven't had a chance to check it out ourselves yet, but it weighs in at about 550MB.

Burnout Revenge X360 details

Burnout Revenge X360 details

It's not a new game.

EA appears to have confused a few people with its description of Burnout Revenge for Xbox 360 as "a new title in the Burnout Revenge franchise", but having spoken to Alex Ward of developer Criterion this week we're happy to repeat what he told us about the game.

For a start, it's due out in early 2006. Beyond that, it's more of an expanded port than a new title. Fundamentally the same, it'll be beefed up visually with the usual application of things like bloom effects as well as some new X360-exclusive content, although what form that'll take remains to be seen.

The regular, everyday versions of Burnout Revenge (i.e. the ones you can go out and buy right now on PS2 and Xbox) made it into the All-Formats UK chart this morning at number two, eclipsed only by EA's own FIFA 06, which has already sold a boringly stupendous amount of copies.

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New Burnout Revenge trailer

New Burnout Revenge trailer

See EA's smasher in action.

A new demo video for recently released PS2 and Xbox smasher Burnout Revenge is now available for your viewing pleasure in streaming video form.

It shows the latest instalment in Criterion's hit series in all its glory, with plenty of flying cars, flying sparks, screechy noises and spectacular crashes. So if that sounds like your cup of diesel and you haven't seen Burnout Revenge in action yet, go take a look.

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Burnout Revenge 3D screenshots

Spin (round) the car.

As Epic Games proved with its Unreal Engine 3 demonstration this year, being able to pause a demo and spin round the action gives you much more credibility than a stream of video or a static screenshot. Electronic Arts isn't letting you do quite that, but it has released a couple of QuickTime 3D screenshots to help get us in the mood for Burnout Revenge.