Codemasters announces Codemasters Racing label

Operation Flashpoint KIA as publisher focuses exclusively on racing games.

EU PlayStation Store update 14th Sept

From Dust! Renegade Ops! God of War!

Codemasters closing Bodycount dev

Staff just told. Pub to focus on racing.

Codemasters announces Codemasters Racing label

Operation Flashpoint KIA as publisher focuses exclusively on racing games.

EU PlayStation Store update 14th Sept

From Dust! Renegade Ops! God of War!

Codemasters closing Bodycount dev

Staff just told. Pub to focus on racing.

UK Top 40: Deus Ex deflects Driver: SF

Bodycount bungles into 36th.

Digital Foundry | Bodycount PS3/360 Performance Analysis Video

Screen-tear. Lots of it. On both consoles.

Digital Foundry | Bodycount PS3/360 Face-Off Video

Head-to-head comparisons of Codies' debut action FPS.

Review | Bodycount

Surprisingly low.

EU PlayStation Store update 31st August

The Baconing! Bodycount! Resistance 3!

Out This Week - 02/09/11

Driver! Bodycount! Mortal Kombat!

Video | Bodycount dev diary talks multiplayer

Co-op and competitive blown open.

Video | Bodycount live action spoof vid

Freddie Wong runs and guns.

Bodycount demo on XBL today

Sample Codemasters' OTT shooter.

Video | Bodycount behind the bullets video

Codemasters explores the game's world.

Feature | Bodycount

The numbers game.

Video | Fresh Bodycount footage takes point

Codemasters talks gun gameplay.

Bodycount release date announced

Get your frag on in September.

Video | Bodycount gameplay footage shoots in

Codemasters' shooter aims for autumn.

Codies denies Bodycount dev woe rumour

"The money's not run out," says director.

Feature | Bodycount: “We wanted to do something different”

Codemasters’ shooter prepares to emerge from cover.

Latest Bodycount screenshots tallied

A fresh look at Codemasters' upcoming FPS.

Hunters dev reveals triple-A woes

Ex-Bodycount staffer heads for iPad.

Video | Bodycount takes on Target teaser

Deadly new foe, not U.S. retailer.


Abacus not included.

Black promises "rock and roll" WWII FPS

Plus, dishes dirt on Bodycount departure.

Adrian Bolton exits Codemasters

Bodycount now due early summer 2011.

Stuart Black to leave Codies in Oct

Bodycount executive producer already gone.


Resident Crackdown: Solid.

Video | Bodycount E3 trailer

Stuart Black's mental FPS.

Feature | Bodycount

None more Black.


Maths market shooter.

Codemasters unveils Bodycount FPS

Made by Black creator Black. Due 2011.