Block the Laser

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Download Games Roundup

Download Games Roundup

Dead! Kirby! Hero! Laser! Proun!

It's the nearing the middle of summer, there are no games out, there's no football on. What the hell are you going to do? Sample the latest in the world of downloadable games, that's what.

On an average week, you're usually weighing up whether to bother throwing a few pennies at the latest indie suggestion or a few more quid at something a little more meaty. You can definitely do that this week, too, with the likes of Half Minute Hero and Block the Laser standing on parade with their hands out.

But this week's most interesting title, Proun, doesn't expect you to pay anything. Instead, you can just pay what you want, in a move more readily associated with bands like Radiohead - but Joost van Dongen doesn't have a lengthy career and the world's press watching his every move. He just has an exceptionally pretty racing game, a truckload of talent and the hope that people like you will spread the word. Maybe he'll even make some money out of his work.

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