100 Rogues

App of the Day: 100 Rogues

Some games you love and some you hate, but 100 Rogues isn't nearly so simple. It is an outstanding roguelike, and even two years since release is easily one of the best-looking and most surprising on iOS.

It has also, in those two years, swung from incredibly buggy builds to smooth ones and back again, with seemingly every update introducing new problems to go with its fixes. It has added tremendous amounts of new content, almost entirely in the form of in-app purchases. I grind my teeth in frustration, and not always the good kind, but can never stop playing it.

The two rogues you get with the game are very different types of dungeon explorer. The Crusader is a superbly designed knight class that's all about melee attacks and levelling into a brute that can destroy clumped enemies and heal himself back up. The Fairy's more indirect, relying on summoning temporary allies and confusing the hordes into attacking each other, all the while buffing herself and taking care of stragglers.

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