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AMD Virgo review

Digital Foundry | AMD Virgo review

A quad-core CPU plus gaming graphics card on a single chip? Digital Foundry puts AMD's latest Fusion tech through its paces.
Radeon HD 7870 Review

Digital Foundry | Radeon HD 7870 Review

AMD is back in the game as the 7870 slips below £200 - Digital Foundry takes a look at a new overclocked version of the enthusiasts' favourite.
AMD Trinity Review

Digital Foundry | AMD Trinity Review

Can laptop integrated graphics beat console visuals? Digital Foundry tests out AMD's latest Fusion quad core offering.
Radeon HD 7970M Review

Digital Foundry | Radeon HD 7970M Review

The world's most powerful mobile graphics card put to the test in the new Alienware M17x refresh - and what it means for next-gen consoles.