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Bertie is senior staff writer and Eurogamer's Poland-and-dragons correspondent. He's part of the furniture here, a friendly chair, and reports on all kinds of things, the stranger the better.

FeatureThe big WoW Classic interview

"What if we spawned Ragnaros in Stormwind and Orgrimmar?"

FeatureWhat's next for the Frostpunk studio

"This one is not sad and depressing..."

FeatureInXile acquired by Microsoft: the interview

"We've had one hand tied behind our back; now, no longer."

FeatureWorld of Warcraft and the masterplan for Sylvanas

"I've heard on the internet 'she's going off the rails', but is she?"

FeatureHow World of Warcraft is changing Warcraft 3: Reforged

A simple remake wouldn't have taken Arthas long.

FeatureThe big Overwatch BlizzCon interview with Jeff Kaplan

"We have our next six heroes planned out right now."

FeatureThe future of GOG: mod support, Steam rivalry and problematic tweets

"Every game you buy which includes DRM is, in a way, inferior."

FeatureHey Nintendo, PlatinumGames wants The Wonderful 101 on Switch

And no, it didn't nearly close after Scalebound was cancelled.

FeatureThey Are Billions is an unputdownable RTS revelation

"Infected horde approaching from the west!"

FeatureWalking in a giant's footsteps: a father and son story

Through art and Guild Wars, a Romanian family finds the American Dream.

FeatureI meet the Romeros: An hour on stage with Brenda and John

A classified summer Air Force job! A cancelled MMO! Gazumped by Ubisoft!

FeatureWhat's Phil Harrison up to these days?

On PS4 Pro, Xbox One X, E3 press conferences and virtual reality.

FeatureAbout that Sombra Overwatch character, and other things besides

An interview with senior gameplay designer Michael Chu.

FeatureDigging into the exciting and unlikely fan-made KOTOR reboot Apeiron

"Yes it is very ambitious, exceedingly even. But doable? Yes, very much so."

FeatureFinding the fun in Star Citizen

How do I get in my spaceship again?

FeatureTorment is unusual - and it will make unusual demands of you

Exploring inXile's old-school RPG in Early Access.

FeatureKingdom Come: Deliverance a 50-hour game - at least

We catch up with the impressive no-fantasy role-playing game.

FeatureOculus Rift's Palmer Luckey answers some burning questions

On Vive, pricing, Xbox One game streaming, hardware revisions and more.

FeatureArenaNet explains Guild Wars 2 going free, and the addition of raids

"It's a rare opportunity to do it when everything is going really well."

FeatureClearing confusion about boss battles in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

"Some of the communication about that has been muddled a little bit."

FeatureThe rediscovery of Ethan Carter: How last year's adventure is being remade for PS4 and VR

And outspoken creator Adrian Chmielarz tells us about a brand new game.

FeatureTorment: Tides of Numenera is still worth getting excited for

The quiet Kickstarter champion that's still on course for this year.

FeatureDayZ without Dean Hall: What now?

A big interview for a big new year.

FeatureRichard Garriott's Shroud of the Avatar is Ultima Online 2 in so many ways

It has promise but the pre-alpha isn't recommended for all.

FeatureDon't rule WildStar out yet

It's far from dead and buried, Carbine says.

FeatureLife is Strange: It takes time to be different

Can rewind be kind to a modern adventure game?

FeatureOculus answers the big Rift questions

Does it still care about games?

FeatureBioWare's Shadow Realms is a pleasant surprise

And it's probably coming to consoles too.

FeatureAssassin's Creed Unity is more than meets the Eagle's eye

How the first of a new generation of Assassin's Creed mixes things up.

FeatureUnderworld Ascendant: The game that took 20 years to sign

Paul Neurath on EA, foregoing Ultima and his new game.

FeatureLords of the Fallen: Don't you call it Dark Souls

This autumn's PC, PS4 and Xbox One RPG is different.

FeatureThe Vanishing of Ethan Carter: a horror game after your mind

How unsettling can a non-combat first-person detective game be?

FeatureDon't call Eve Valkyrie a VR demo - now it's a game

Playing the new FanFest build, and seeking answers.

FeatureWho is DayZ creator Dean Hall?

Starving, mountains, zombies: his incredible story.

FeatureSouth Park: It all started with a suspected prank call

A remarkable collaboration, as told by Obsidian.

FeatureDayZ interview: full release, console discussions, horses and Rust

"Boy, Sony and Microsoft love their meetings, eh?"

FeaturePillars of Eternity: What is a "mundane fantasy" RPG?

Obsidian on romance, maturity and more.

FeatureSimon Read: The star of New Star Soccer

How he nearly turned his back on games before they made him a BAFTA winner.

FeatureQuantic Dream: In pursuit of, and setting, a Hollywood precedent

"This performance is going to change people's and gamers' perception of how a character needs to behave in a video game."

FeatureThe Secret World post-mortem: "No, it's not going free-to-play any time soon"

"We need to prove this business model has not gone the way of the dinosaur."

FeatureThe Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim - Dawnguard Preview

Playing as a Vampire Lord in the game's first expansion.

FeatureGuild Wars 2: The Inside Stories

To Seattle and back again: what it's like on the inside.

FeatureAn interview with comedian Dara O Briain

"I would like to be able to fondle the dragon by wearing a glove."

FeatureKilling Deathwing in WOW Patch 4.3

Blizzard's Tom Chilton tells us all about it.

FeatureDriver: San Francisco's MOT

Martin Edmonson on reviews, decisions and the future.

FeatureAndy McNab and Battlefield 3

"These guys know what they're doing."

FeatureWill Conan Movie Save Age of Conan?

Funcom unveils the Savage Coast of Turan.

FeatureMaking a Better Fable III for PC

Lionhead on Xbox 360 version criticism.

FeatureRift: An MMO success story

"One of the players was taking air-force pilot drugs."

FeatureBioWare's Mike Laidlaw: A defence of Dragon Age II

"I'm a little surprised by the 6/10s."

FeatureEskil Steenberg: Love Maker

"I am an entire team! I've had to be an entire team."

FeatureHothead on Swarm, Ron Gilbert

"No! I never saw him throw a latte or something like that!"

FeatureJon Hare's Sensible resurrection

"FPS gameplay hasn't evolved substantially for 20 years!"

FeatureDaggerdale: The Future of D&D Games?

Zandro Chan talks loot, levels and Chinese dwarves. Sort of.

FeatureThe Last Word on LittleBigPlanet 2

"It's very awkward even comparing it to Mario."

FeatureThe future of Need for Speed revealed

Plus! EA on Burnout, Battlefield 3 and MOH.

FeatureEVE: CCP Gives A Damn

"We show them how the hot dogs are made."

FeatureNeverwinter Wonders

A chat with Cryptic's Jack Emmert.

FeatureEurogamer Expo Sessions: Mike Simpson presents Shogun II

"It's like going back to an old friend."

FeatureEurogamer Expo Sessions: Ninja Theory presents Enslaved

Tameem Antoniades on tears, turtles, red carpets and more.

FeatureAlice: Madness Returns

American McGee describes the sequel.

FeatureFight Night Champion's Brian Hayes

"This is perfect! I have you going nuts."

FeatureEnslaved's Tameem Antoniades

"Just look at the music industry. Most music is utter, utter trash."

FeatureThe Jagex Factor

CEO on MechScape, RuneScape, Stellar Dawn, rivals.

FeatureF.E.A.R. 3's Dan Hay

"We've developed something called divergent co-op."

FeatureInsomniac's Ted Price

"We've had a super-positive response from our fans."

FeatureLara Croft and the Guardian of Light

"There's always somebody in the room smoking crack."

FeatureGuild Wars 2

A question of questing.

FeatureBeing Michael Pachter

"I use the press. I set out to use the press."

FeatureModern Warfare 2: Stimulus Package

Robert Bowling talks about today's DLC infusion.

FeatureJust Cause 2

Eurogamer readers quiz game director Magnus Nedfors. Just cause.

FeatureFootball Manager Live: The Reboot

Sports Interactive bigwig Marc Duffy defends his goal.

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