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Chris Schilling writes about video games for a living, and knows an awful lot about Pokémon. Ask him anything. (Though he may have to confer with his son.)

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Gimmicks, Griezmann and gegenpressing: hands-on with this year's model.

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Just deserts.

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Dragon age: origins.

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And this week's Virtual Console release is the perfect opportunity to revisit it.

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It's (probably not) in the game.

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Might and magitek.

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Toy soirée.

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Material weakness.

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Knot great.

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So Nier, and yet...

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Electric feel.

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Albion my way, then.

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Going viral.

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Bigger, better, more Battenberg.

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Instant Mii play.

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Tune in, strap on, cock out.

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Is the troubled multiplayer mode worth persevering with?

Blackbar review

Blankety blank.

FeatureThe play's the thing

Smarter writing in games is a good thing, but let's not forget the importance of intelligent systems.

SteamWorld Dig review

Gouge away.

Flashback review

The quest for identity.

Saints Row 4 review

Grand heft auto.

Kokuga review

Huh, what? From the maker of Radiant Silvergun and Ikaruga? Gimme!

GoatUp 2 review

Guff love.

Crabitron review

Chela instinct.

Crush review

No more candy for you.

Into the Dead review

A zombie auto-runner? Yep, sounds like the end of days.

Impossible Road review

Roll with it.

The Football Playbook review

No silver linings.

Beastie Bay review

Creatures of habit.

FeatureSaturday Soapbox: The lost art of keeping a secret

Are big budget games losing their mystery in the face of aggressive marketing?

App of the Day: Joe Danger Touch

Contains scenes of moderate peril.

Retro/Grade Review

For those about to rocket, we salute you.

FeatureSaturday Soapbox: How do you solve a problem like Mario?

Does New Super Mario Bros. 2 represent a creative cul-de-sac? And if so, does it even matter?

FeatureSaturday Soapbox: Yearning Japanese

Lamenting the death of the import scene.

App of the Day: Slydris

Lateral damage.

App of the Day: Autumn Dynasty

Fall of the empire.

App of the Day: Cytus

Bemani for nothing.

FeatureRetrospective: Virtua Striker 3 ver. 2002

"Rainbow! Fantastic! Wonderful goal!"

App of the Day: Extinction Squad

Death becomes herd.

App of the Day: Oh! Cube

Chip off the old block.

App of the Day: Penny Time

Baby I'm board.

App of the Day: This Could Hurt

Press screen to not die.

FeatureRetrospective: P.N.03

Schneider house rules.

App of the Day: Disc Drivin'

Flicking with friends.

Fable Heroes Review

Hobbes spring eternal.

FeatureRetrospective: Killer7

Try it, you might hate it.

App of the Day: EPOCH.

Shoot many robots.

App of the Day: Fibble

Roll with it.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 Review

The course whisperer.

App of the Day: MotoHeroz

Trialz and errorz.

Yakuza: Dead Souls Review

Don't scream it's over.

App of the Day: Dungeon Village


App of the Day: Hank Hazard

Cunning stunts.

App of the Day: Tongue Tied!

Finger-licking good.

App of the Day: Monkey Bump

Simian mobile gusto.

Grand Slam Tennis 2 Review

Services rendered.

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