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Nintendo WiiWare Roundup

Final Fantasy, LostWinds, Eating, Pop, World of Goo, Strong Bad.

Twisted Metal: Head-On: Extra Twisted Edition

It's colon city and David Jaffe's the mayor.


Pain is funny...at least, when it happens to other people.

Deus Ex 3 announced

First title from Eidos Montreal.

NBA 08

Dunking do nots.

You might think that writing a review of an annual sports title would be as easy as creating the game itself. In other words, take last year's version, include a few new elements, fix what people didn't like last time...or ignore it if it cannot be fixed...slap the relevant year on it, and voila! Isn't that how publishers usually do it?

Bungie on life after Halo

The future...and bocce ball.

Brian Jarrard, Bungie's community and franchise director, spoke with GamesIndustry.biz about his company's divestment from Microsoft.

Voting open for PC World Award

Make your BAFTA voices heard.

The British Academy of Film and Television Arts, in association with PC World, is inviting the UK public to vote for their favourite games.

PS3 UT3 officially delayed

Midway revises Q3 earnings estimates

UT3, a timed PS3 exclusive, will move into Q1 2008. The European release of BlackSite: Area 51 on PS3, originally scheduled for October, will also miss the holiday season. The move puts the new release dates some time between January and March 2008.

New Warhawk SKU in US

Blu-ray disc sans headset

Until now, PS3 owners wanting to experience Sony's Warhawk game had two choices--download the game directly from the PlayStation Network, or purchase it packaged with a Bluetooth headset. Neither option was ideal.

The Force Unleashed on Wii

With exclusive duel mode

LucasArts has announced that its first next-gen title, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, will be released on the Nintendo Wii as well as the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.