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Fable III! Project Natal! PS Move! Dogs!

Eurogamer: Are you learning all his lines from the dead parrot sketch to do at him? I bet he loves that.

Peter Molyneux: I bet if I came in and started doing the silly walk, I'd really endear myself to him...

Eurogamer: Is anyone filming this meeting? Peter Molyneux vs. John Cleese, could be a six-part series...

Peter Molyneux: He is a very iconic character. I'm quite nervous about meeting him. He's got this very bizarre sense of humour and he's had a really interesting life and you know, this amazing iconic thing of Fawlty Towers - what do you say to a guy like that?

Eurogamer: "Will you be in my game?", apparently.

Peter Molyneux: How can I direct someone like John Cleese? 'Can you be a bit more silly, please?' It will be interesting.

Eurogamer: Going back to the new GUI...

Peter Molyneux: So before, it really was the case that people didn't change their clothes because they couldn't be arsed to go in and scroll through the lists. We realised you could get to the thing you wanted far, far quicker if we put it in the world rather than in a 2D list. And the length of time it takes to get to the 3D interface is shorter than it took to get to the 2D interface.

Then you've got the dog there...

Eurogamer: Let's just do a time check: you managed to go eight minutes and 34 seconds without mentioning the dog. That's quite good.

Peter Molyneux: That's how long into this interview before I mentioned the dog, is it?


Eurogamer: Yes. I think that's a new record. Although you did manage to get through 11 minutes of your speech this morning without using the word "dog".

Peter Molyneux: Haha! That's very well timed.

[Lionhead combat specialist, Josh Atkins, sitting in the background: "We should start doing that at work."]

The new dog is all about Touch for me. That's been a hard one to get through. Because I could have gone in and said, "Hey, let's have touching people," and when you work with a team it's like a force of will to sell it to them. "We don't want to do Touch," you know...

Eurogamer: Are they like, "Oh come on Peter, is this another one of your mental harebrained schemes?"

Peter Molyneux: Yes, it is. That's exactly it.

It's one thing to have a mechanic where you can go and touch things, but how are you going to use that to make me feel like this is something really important? It's only when we started realising that dragging people to their doom and throwing people in your dungeon actually feels so much more emotionally engaging.

Eurogamer: When I interviewed you at the last Game Developers Conference, you promised there were "three enormously big things that will surprise and shock you" about Fable III. Have you revealed them all yet?

Peter Molyneux: Touch is definitely one of them. The emotion of Touch, having these expressions, is definitely one. The Ruling section, the journey to rule and being king, that's the second one. I've yet to do the third one.

Eurogamer: So... Are you saving it for E3?

Peter Molyneux: If I had my way it would be today.


Eurogamer: That's what you said last year.

Peter Molyneux: Well I know, but I have to obey my lords and masters, otherwise I would just let it burst out. But not to give anything away, there's lots of really good stuff about co-op stuff, which is interesting. There are some nice cute things that we're doing just prior to launch. And obviously we've got new things like Natal to talk about as well. So I think all of that is going to come in one big lump, probably at E3.

Eurogamer: I recall asking you if one of the big three things was a cat or a parrot...

Peter Molyneux: Yes, we didn't do the cat or the parrot.

Eurogamer: I've got a new theory: two dogs. Is the third thing the fact that you get two dogs?

Peter Molyneux: I can tell you now, you will definitely see two dogs in Fable III.

Eurogamer: So does your dog have puppies?

Peter Molyneux: I didn't say puppies. I am being cheeky by saying two dogs, but it is two dogs. Two dogs and they will be sniffing in the way that dogs sniff. It's just who owns the other dog that's the interesting thing.

Eurogamer: So just to recap, in Fable III you can shove gold down your pants, sniff a dog's bottom and perform grinding American man hugs, as you said in your speech. This game sounds amazing. 10 out of 10.

Peter Molyneux: Haha! Yes, 10 out of 10 right there for those original features. What I said about the rabbits, though, and your dog, that's more exciting actually. There's a lot of play on rabbits and the fact your dog completely loses it around rabbits. It's going to make you laugh a lot.

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