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Hello and welcome to Eurogamer's LiveText coverage of the Microsoft keynote address at the Game Developers Conference! You're a little late for the actual keynote, but you can read exactly how it unfolded by starting at the top of this page and working your way down. Apologies for any minor typos and sarcasm.

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Hello! We're in the Moscone Center waiting for the keynote to start. Should be about 25 minutes. There's green flashlights probing the walls and a big screen with developer nonsense floating around it: Nurbs, Breadcrumbing, Binary triangle tree, Trapezoid corners, Gouraud shading, Inverse kinematics. Brilliant.


It's filling up. Blah blah blah. Will this be the first speech ever to start on time? Who knows? I know some things though: Fable 2 will be involved - watch out for our embargoed preview at 8pm UK time. More from the spinning developer word animation: Resolution independence, ActiveNode.


Some of our favourite journalists are here: popular US blog superstar The Lion is here. We love The Lion. Come on The Lion.


Vanity board, Collision detection, Client, FOV, LOD, Yaw, Bezier Sphere. Presentation to start "in five minutes". Loudspeaker says can we turn off our electronic devices. No we cannot, loudspeaker man.


Bit twiddling, RenderState, Blend Weights, OOBB. OOBB! OOBB! They're playing the James Bond theme tune.


Shane Kim is sitting about four seats away, chewing gum. His "people" are forcing a cameraman in front of him to move his kit because it's obscuring Shane's view. Shane says nothing. "The presentation is about to begin." One minute.


Phil Harrison's here, looking tanned. The lights are going down. Come on The Lion.


So it begins. GDC man Jamil Moledina's here. "Good morning everyone and welcome to the Game Developers Conference." Incredibly faint cheers.


He's saying that it's not about the old structures of gamer/developer/technology/social connectivity any more, but changing in favour of some sort of community artform. High-minded stuff. All part of a long introduction for John Schappert.


John used to work at EA Tiburon, EA Canada and some other bits of EA, but last year "transitioned" to the Interactive Entertainment Business at Microsoft. "Please join me in welcoming John Schappert." Boom boom music. "Thanks Jamil for that kind introduction."


He says it's an honour to talk to developers. He wants to clear a couple of things up. He apologises for having no tattoos or HDTVs for us, but he does have "one of the best jobs in the industry". That's not good enough, John.


He used to work on an Apple 2e "way back in the day". "My first real job...was Desert Strike for the Super Nintendo." Whoops and cheers. "All that fun stuff fit in an 8 Megabit cartridge. While I was programming by day, I was also gaming by night..."


He's talking about Madden games from the early '90s, which he loved. "Good stuff there!" Apparently he thought the SNES was a bit inferior to the Megadrive (Genesis), and "pushed hard" to work on that game. He was given a weekend to try and make Madden '94 run faster on the SNES.


Which he did. Lots has changed since then, he points out - technology, money, volumes of people have all leapt forward and multiplied enormously. "But one thing has stayed the same - the industry has continued to grow thanks to you - the content creator."


He pulls up an old EA ad that says "We See Farther". "I like this poster because it's a powerful's the developers who are the true pioneers of our industry."


He says he's long admired Xbox for pioneering things in the industry, so it's probably just as well he's got this job isn't it. "When the Xbox 360 arrived, it ushered in high-def gaming and connected gamers around the world" - to TV and movies as well as games.


Oh good, he's bringing out the graphs. The US racked up USD 18 billion in revenue in 2007, which is huge.


The US games industry, obviously.


He says videogames are now bigger than the music industry in revenue terms. That's pretty big news. Well done, John!


He says they've been struggling to keep up with stock needs. "Don't worry - more Xbox 360s are on the way." Now he's thanking devs again - the BioShock folks, Halo 3's devs, Madden, Assassin's Creed, Mass Effect, COD4, Guitar Hero III.


He's very chuffed that Madden "sold more units on a non-Sony platform than anywhere else". "That made me smile quite a bit."


Big cheers for Mass Effect and COD4. Even a bit of whistling. "Do you know one things all these games have in common?" They all sold over one million units on 360 in the 2007 Christmas period.


"Games sell better on Xbox 360 because they simply play better on Xbox 360." He's using Metacritic to justify this. We have more titles rated 80 or 90 or above than the other main consoles put together, he says. 7/10.


"We've got the best development tools and the best online service. You can simply do more on our platform." He's pointing out that Achievements are amazing. What's your gamerscore, Eurogamers?


"The Xbox 360 community has now unlocked over 1 billion Achievements." BINK!


"Of course, the big innovation that I'm biased towards is Xbox Live." He points out what it does. "Gamers have activated almost 20 billion [Microsoft] Points" - that's over USD 250 million spent online, not including Xbox Live Gold memberships. Raking it in.


He's paying tribute to Halo 3 Saved Films. Apparently "the Halo 3 community is uploading approximately 100,000 pieces of user-generated content every day". That's more than all of the daily uploads on YouTube, apparently - 30 per cent more.


"Xbox Live is truly changing our industry." "Xbox 360 is the console of choice for creators of our industry." Now he's going to hand over to video testimonials. Ken Levine is a fan, as are other men.


Bethesda's Todd Howard likes how the 360 is "a very nice network device". Dan Greenawalt (Turn 10) likes not having to worry about things like making online tech from scratch.


Dany Lepage from Ubisoft Montreal says it's "faster than most things out there" for trying things out.


What an epic circle jerk this is, eh? Levine's back again. I can't really hear what he's saying because it's too loud. According to Eran Egozy from Harmonix, the record industry finds all this fascinating - over 3 million songs downloaded for Rock Band, he says.


And that's the end of them. Blib. John's back. "And that's why I'm so happy to be here today." He says he feels nostalgia for the old industry, 25 years ago, "where all you needed was your father's computer and a good idea". Which is why he is happy about XNA.


He illustrates this with Poker Smash, which was three guys scraping cash together and working in their living rooms. He says we've "got to unleash" the potential of amateur devs. We need the democratisation of game development and game distribution, he says. "An awful lot of democratisation going on today."


He's introducing Chris Satchell, who apparently is the "Xbox bench press champion". He's the chief XNA architect.


"Today I'm here to talk about the community side." He says 18 months ago Microsoft revolutionised the industry by democratising development with XNA Game Studio. "The response has been incredible." Over 800,000 downloads of the toolset. "That's a lot of creativity and passion that we've tapped into out there." Working with over 400 universities.


He reckons it's very educational, too. "But it's not enough just to release the software - we also needed to spur the creativity." They did this with the "Dream Build Play" competition, he says.


"The results were incredible - we had over 200 games from all over the world." The top 100 were great, the top 50 were excellent, the top 20 amazing. They had to pick one to get the contract for Xbox Live Arcade. "In the end we did what any great management team would do - we completely wussed out and gave four (contracts) away instead."


James Silva was one of them, apparently. Larry Hryb knocks on his door on video. Oh, it's a skit.


I'm not going to describe this [lazy - Ed].


Oh alright then. They're doing comedy testimonials from his friends and family, in which they joke about how he grew up. Major "Larry Hryb" Nelson now appears to be a TV presenter. Good work, Larry!


Everyone claps. James is quite a cool customer by the look of it. And now he's on stage. "Community Game Creator". He's going to show off his game. Dish Washer.


You're some sort of samurai taking on cyborgs. "It's sort of a personal story." It's a 2D hackandslash with a neat combo system, by the look of it. He says the greatest thing about winning the compo is that he can get up at 12, and that "thanks to the magic of XNA" he can put off growing up for another five years.


Bye James! We liked James. Chris Satchell says he's excited to play Dish Washer and the other games. "But what about the other games?" What indeed, Chris. He thinks it's a shame. "We can change all this starting today."


"For the first time ever this year you'll be able to have community games distributed via Xbox Live." "For free! Say for free!" someone near me shouts. Shut up you div.


Chris is unphased. "With great power comes great responsibility," he says. Good old Spider-Man. He's going to let the community manage the content: create, submit, review and play. "I'm not going to be the arbiter of what the community does." The community's going to have control, within basic ground rules. Democratising game distribution. Woo.


"We've talked about 'Create' a lot, so let's talk about 'Submit'." Your XNA Creator Identity will act like a Gamertag, capturing the progress of your products. You can then roll along blood, injuries, hostility, cruelty etc. on slider bars to tell people what your game's about. Then the game goes out to peer review from other creators.


They will be looking for prohibited content - IP infringement, etc. Probably child porn too. You're not allowed any of that child porn. Then: "10 million people on Xbox Live get to play your game." This means there'll be a thousand games on XBLA by the end of the year, Chris reckons.


He's going to show us a game called JellyCar. It's about physics and soft body something or other. "It's Tonka Toys meets Jello." Looks good. Next game is Belgian, "Little Gamers" - another 2D game, with chainsaws and zombies. A little man with a baseball cap chops up tiny zombies. It's got bullet time and a shotgun.


Chris says he "loves Quake". "I think any action game can be better with the application of rocket launchers." Good thing it's got one then. "We're also proving here that if your theme music is cute enough, you can get away with anything."


He's now showing a reel of other games. ProximityHD - some sort of Hexic-style puzzler. Trilinea - sliding blocks puzzle. Culture - spherical worlds with flower-growing. Rocketball - throwing stuff on the street. Dish Washer again. JellyCar again. Think Elasto Mania drawn on graph paper.


BLB. Clapping. Chris says if you're anything like him, you'll want to play it. You can go to Xbox Live Marketplace right now and download demos of Jellycar, Dishwasher and other community-developed games as trial versions. Go for it, kids. [We can't find them - Ed]


XNA Game Studio is also a great cross-platform tool, he points out. They're showing a testbed game from Redmond running on the PC. Apparently it's really easy to move it between the two. "Wouldn't it be even better if you could take this mobile?"


Not really, Chris. Aha, you can build XNA Game Studio games on your Zune. Woo!


He's going to show us what that looks like. Zauri, the game we just saw, pops up. You move the ship around with the touch-pad thing, and it looks exactly the same. You can even play music from your Zune at the same time. "This is my marketing director's Zune...Mine's in my pocket."


You can also build wireless multiplayer games for Zune. Bertie tells me the games aren't on Live yet - Chris wasn't specific, but he did say that they'd be there and mentioned that we should go for them "after the speech". Anyway: "This year we complete that vision - we democratise game creation."


"Before I go, I just want to talk about professional game development for a moment." Go on then, Chris. He's talking about partners. He's going to bring a leading middleware partner on-stage, he says. "This is a company [insert compliments]."


"Dr Michael Capps from Epic Games." He's going to show off the next generation of the Unreal Engine running on Xbox 360. [Gasp, excitement - Ed]


Mike Capps, president of Epic you know. "You may remember a game we did for Xbox 360 called Gears of War."


Go on Mike. "That's not all we do - we make Unreal Engine." Yeeeeees.


He's showing off a trailer reel of Unreal Engine 3 games. BioShock is one, Mass Effect is another. Lost Odyssey, Gears of War.


BLOODY WELL SAY IT, MIKE. So it's been a while since Gears, he says. "We've been pretty busy since 18 months ago." He's still talking about the Unreal Engine.


He's introducing Tim Sweeney, Epic's version of John Carmack. He's going to show us some of the things they've been doing since the original Gears of War. Ambient occlusion post processing filter - more realistic dynamic shadows off the back of THAT, says Tim.


You can add much more definition. Advanced character lighting is another thing. "We've done significant work on the character pipeline." "There's much greater contrast in the shadows, much greater specular lighting...much more detail on the character overall."


You can now do lots more things on-screen. Tech demo with "over 100" Locust enemies running around a typical Gears of War environment. Calm down. Water stuff has been improved, he says. Realistic specular and environment bits or something. More realistic splashes, sound effects. It certainly looks a bit special with rolling waves, etc.


He's talking about the in-game cinematic creation tool Matinee now. It's now much easier thanks to a real-time preview, amongst other things. "We've also incorporated Ageia's soft body physics system." He's got a cube of meat rolling around. It's gelatinous and sticky when you touch it. Elastic and buoyant - there's a fluid ball with viscosity and blah blah blah.


Now we can blow stuff up, he says. Another Gears-based demo with blowing holes in wooden fences using the explody crossbow thing [Torque Bow, Tom. Tsk! - Ed]. Destructible environments in Gears of War? That'd be interesting. That's the end of Tim's presentation. He's cheered off rapturously. A lot of Gears-based tech demos there. John's back!


"Having community games on Xbox Live is wonderful news for anybody working with a great idea." So he wants to talk about what all that means for gaming in 2008. He expects to have over 1000 games for 360 by the end of the year.


That doesn't even include the community games. He's excited by the 2008 line-up already - pointing out Burnout Paradise, DMC4 and Lost Odyssey as good examples. Next month the US gets PES 2008, Vegas 2, some baseball nonsense and Army of Two. "On April 29th we're thrilled to have Grand Theft Auto IV from Rockstar Games on our platform from day one."


"Along with downloadable exclusive episodes...starting fall 2008." Had they said the autumn 2008 bit already? I can't remember.


He says to keep in mind that "these are just the titles we've announced so far". He's going to invite to the stage "one of the best developers in the business". Ninja Gaiden 2 is in the background. This must be Tomonobu Itagaki... it is.


Itagaki's wearing sunglasses, a leather jacket and jeans with his trademark hair. Because he's worth it. Speaking through a translator, he introduces himself. He's wearing a pretty flashy shirt and he's going to show off Ninja Gaiden 2.


He's got us a special build for GDC. The translator introduces himself in third person and now he's going to play the game for us. "Please reconnect controller." Oops. We're going to be seeing The Temple of Sacrifice.


Ryu has a bloody enormous sword, and he's staring out over a sort of subterranean Christmas forest of flying monsters and broken dinosauric skeletons. He's running over a sort of Golden Gate Bridge made out of off-cuts from Lord of the Rings, fighting spindly silver Starship Troopers extras who shower him in green blood.


It's very dark. He's coming up on a scene full of chainsaw and stompy arm cannon-wielding enemies, one of whom pins him down with the chainsaw, before he can escape and start performing ridiculously swift double-ended mace and fire combos. Everyone's dead. It's very pretty. The music's epic and swooping, and now he's murdering some sort of angry grey scorpion.


Bad luck, angry grey scorpion! He switches weapons (not in real-time - there's a d-pad menu that pauses the action), and runs off in a new direction, staring across at what is presumably the titular Temple of Sacrifice. He runs into a sort of toppled tower then up and around some stony hills. It's a bit hard to follow. He's going to save his game now.


There's a sort of "record" feature for collecting and uploading clips of action so that others can download them and check out what their peers have been up to. Leaderboards with video proof? Excellent. Ryu is now fighting a bunch of ninjas using all sorts of massive windy spells and head-crushing attacks. He's not messing about, as the combo hit counter rushes to keep up in the top-left.


He uses a first-person view to admire the dead. It's okay though, because it's not relentlessly bleak and callous, probably. Aha, some sort of winged monster wants a fight. You show him, Ryu. Oops, the controller's unplugged itself again. "Must be a low battery." Maybe it just can't stand the fury.


Oops, Ryu's getting a bit clobbered by this one, who has a very shiny posterior. No match for our demo man though. ANd now we're into an in-game cut-scene where Ryu surveys the Temple.


A very angry boss man complains about Ryu. The game's out in June 2008. Apologies for the technical problems by the way - you have crippled our web-server, apparently. How dare you? Itagaki reiterates that the game's 360-exclusive. "Early June around the world," comes a translation. Specifically in the US it'll be out on 3rd June.


He says thanks and is applauded off. John's back. Next up he's going to introduce another developer. This should be Molyneux, and is. Hi Peter! I've been in Peter's hotel room - his laptop is quite small. "He's here all the way from Surrey, England."


"Right, now, I'm going to be talking about Fable 2." Two new features - "I think they're cool new features." He's going to do a live demo, which "terrifies" him apparently. First thing he wants to talk about is money. He's showing off a "pub game" called Keystone - "it's a little bit like craps", i.e. gambling.


He's betting on stuff, and now he's got 1000 gold that he can spend in the game world. "What you're seeing there is actually an Xbox Live Arcade game outside of Fable, and what I am able to do is take the money I win from that XBLA game and move it into the Fable world."


"Imagine two games talking to each other." He's very excited about this. "We are going to be releasing this XBLA game a few weeks before we release Fable 2." You can build up stocks of cash with Keystone and then when you get to Fable 2 you can go and buy stuff. Woo.


"Let me just point out that I am a woman." You better not do all the same jokes you did when you showed me this stuff on Monday, Peter. I'm not rewriting the ones in my preview [embargoed until 8pm tonight, remember - Ed].


"I have been pregnant. There is no labour mini-game." Shame. He's going to get some help from a colleague of his, Josh Atkins, who's helping with the combat on Fable 2. Josh is going to show off the co-op, which he's now introducing.


Co-op is available throughout Fable 2 - you can pull in another player at any time in the game. Josh comes in and can use his hero from Fable 2. Up the top you can see Molyneux - "The Molynator" and his Gamercard, while Josh is there too. "Any experience and gold Josh earns while he's co-oping in my game, he can bring back into his game."


He's talking about the dog again. One thing he skipped over without anyone noticing too much - you can actually tax the people who play with you, nicking half the experience points or renown they accumulate while in your world. The counterpoint to that is something you'll read about later in our preview, providing Peter doesn't do it in this demo too. Gah.


Anyway, he's showing off the combat. X does sword, Y does guns, B does magic. Tap for quick hits, hold for big ones. Co-op combat requires coordination. He's now wandering down the hill to his family home. STOP RUINING MY PREVIEW, PETER.


Aaand Josh shoots Peter's husband. "That moment is real - it's not staged. That husband's not going to come back to life." "That's the drama I want," he says.


Everyone laughs and claps. Re-read all of that with better punctuation in about 20 minutes when the now rather moot embargo expires. There's a bit more on the combat and that. John's back on stage. He seems to be wrapping up. "Games by the people, for the people." That's their new motto.


Every bedroom programmer has the chance to become The Molynator, says John. "You are all the future of our platforms." Right, here it is. Big trailer finish. That music. Gears of War 2.


RIght then, so far it's not in-game. Chainsaw bayonet clashes above heads, like saberlock in Star Wars games, and Marcus flips the gun upside down and uses it to skewer the Locust. It's all on a bloody background, and now we have a skull outline. "Gears of War 2." Epic logo. The end.


And now for a bit more - Cliffy B [hooray for the hair! - Ed] busts through a door at the side of the stage with a real chainsaw bayonet. "It's a funny thing about rumours on the Internet - once in a while they're true."


"Gears 2 is going to be bigger, better and far more badass than the first one." This November, 2008.


"Thanks for your time, guys. I'm gonna go kill some Locust. Enjoy the rest of your GDC."


And that is the end. Lights come up. That's entirely it. Enjoy the rest of YOUR Game Developers Conference, Eurogamers! From all of us here - The Molynator, Itagaki-san, Bleszinski and John Schappert, that's your lot. See you again on Friday for LiveText coverage of Nintendo's WiiWare session and David Jaffe's thing. Bye!

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    seasidebaz 14 years ago
    yep hehe just been reading the tech specs, pretty good reading!

    and i now have an excuse to complain if i ever get a scratched bd from gamestation, as they have a scratch resistant coating that even wire wool can't scratch.

    thanks for the info seesthroughall, i would have been thinking forever that hddvd used red laser if you hadn't pointed it out :)
    SeesThroughAll 14 years ago
    Blu-Ray official website.

    HD DVD official website.

    One says 405 nm, and the other says 405 nm.
    seasidebaz 14 years ago
    from amazon:

    Because a Blu-ray player utilises a shorter wavelength blue-violet laser than an HD DVD laser, it can focus even more closely to read more densely packed data.

    SeesThroughAll 14 years ago
    Because they BOTH use A BLUE LASER!

    Comparison in Wikipedia.
    seasidebaz 14 years ago

    how can they have the same wavelength? red and blue are opposite ends of the light spectrum! blue light has a far shorter wavelength than red
    SeesThroughAll 14 years ago
    @old skool

    HD-DVD uses a red laser, blu-ray uses a blue laser. No software fix will make a HD-DVD drive play Blu-ray movies.

    Actually, they both use the same exact wavelength for the laser. The difference is in the optics, Blu-Ray has additional focusing, which is what initially made it more prone to scratches before the coating got improved.

    But you're right about a software upgrade not being enough: one would have to replace lenses.

    This is also the reason why MS didn't release the 360 with a built-in HD DVD player: the same laser manufacturing problems would have affected it and it would have been released at the same time as the PS3.
    Xerx3s 14 years ago
    "gears of snore "

    You came in here just to post that?

    subtlesnake 14 years ago
    "Alan Wake is vapourware"

    Because we haven't seen it, it doesn't exist.
    Moonprince 14 years ago
    "When the Xbox 360 arrived, it connected gamers around the world"

    Shit, whatthefuck have I been doing on my PC for all these years then?

    This cunt really think people lap up this shit?

    Gears co op was good, 2 should be the same so worth a buy.

    XNA download crap - can't even be ass'd to dl the gear done by proper devs and I imagine its the same for others - there's so much content on live - why the fuck would I want to dl some half ass'd crap by some foo that thinks his a games designer? What a waste.
    VMerken 14 years ago
    Hmm , Sony's 2008 GDC Keynote:

    - Whoa Phil: nice tan!
    - Well what do you know: Home is coming fo'reals!
    - Well what do you know: LittleBigPlanet is coming fo'reals!
    - Well what do you know: MGS4 is coming fo'reals!
    - Well what do you know: GTA4 is coming fo'reals!
    - Well what do you know: Haze is coming fo'reals!
    - Well what do you know: Killzone 2 is coming fo'reals!

    Any new stuff beyond that is actually a sneak preview of Sony's 2009 GDC Keynote.

    /sarcasm and late-night venting :)
    GamesConnoisseur 14 years ago
    It seem that everytime there is a MS/Sony/Nintendo keynote speech people expect them to actually whip the gamers into frenzy with massive excitment to tide them over the rest of the year!

    Its Game Developers conference so big part of keynote speech was clearly focused on the game developing contents in form of XNA, useful academic routes and home hobbyists, then more of whipping devs to buy into the new extra features of Unreal Engine 3 by showing off the new processings that have been added on with GOW 2 to demostrate the improvements.

    You will see this improvement of UE3 come across to various titles for all platforms and not exclusive to X360, but the GOW 2 will be obviously the flagship to whip devs and gamers up. MS of course talk up their Live service and couple of the key titles but the real promotion of 2008 titles will come at E3 or earlier, depending how much PS3 catches up before then.

    XNA was not really promoted that heavily before today for ordinary gamers, so if it take off will be interesting to see how much reasonably good contents will be out there and how it will work to allow non XNA subscribers to access the created contents in an easy way.
    Nylkran 14 years ago
    So let me see if I understand, they want to make the equivalent of "You Tube Games", they didnt said anything about any new game, (we all knew about Fable 2 and GOW2). And no price cut?

    The first point is wrong in so many levels, I meant doenst teh Wii get accused of having all this crappy mini-games? Isnt the 360 the "hardcore" console? How does this actually help its fans?

    If you like have a 360 then you are probably a fan of Fable and GOW so, good they released sequels.

    But seriously no price cut?
    betahoven 14 years ago
    Alan Wake is vapourware
    Darren 14 years ago
    Well the Gears of War 2 announcement wasn't at all unexpected but a hundred enemies onscreen means it may actually really feel like Gears of WAR and not the Gears of MINOR SKIRMISHES of the first game. Not particularly excited about the game but I did enjoy playing through the original solo and in co-op. Hated the multiplayer mode though.
    captainrentboy 14 years ago
    Was GOW2 given a round about date? Did I miss that?
    Xerx3s 14 years ago
    Coop in Fable 2? Gow2 this autumn? User create games on live? NG2 this summer? Utter bliss!

    Lol @ those boasting that the 360 was finished.
    Killdare 14 years ago
    Well colour me underwhelmed. All that "big secret" stuff for GOW2? Which everybody knew was going to turn up soonish? Is it just me or have MS presentations really gone off the boil since they stormed (and Sony sank) in '05?
    captainrentboy 14 years ago
    Nothing too exciting huh? I guess ole Alan Wake is still aaaages away. Let's see what the other big 2 come up with, Sony's will probably consist of all the company bigwigs circle jerking over a big pile of Toshiba HD-DVD players. ''Fuck yeah, who's the bitch? Raaaa''
    seasidebaz 14 years ago
    why no mention of xna3?

    and the uploading is all well and good, but i will agree that xbla will be full to the brim with tripe by the end of the year. need to re-buy myself an xbox now :(
    Turambar 14 years ago
    That sucked.
    captainrentboy 14 years ago
    Let me get this straight, GOW 2 wasn't announced was it? They were just showing how far the Engine has come along yes?
    And Fable 2 is co-op? How long as that been public knowledge? I had no idea, it's pretty cool though.
    Stoatboy 14 years ago
    @Xerx3s - yep, that's right :D
    Xerx3s 14 years ago
    Wait, do I understand this correctly: Am I now allowed to upload my XNA fumblings to live, let it be reviewed by some sort of community review board and then publish it (for free or for money)?

    If so.... \0\ /0/ \0/ XD

    That's what I have been wishing for for years! It's user created content to the limit! Please tell me I read it correctly.
    _Price_ 14 years ago


    Mother f***ing democracy!

    Good coverage though....
    Scimarad 14 years ago
    "Games looks excellent actually, jog on Sony fanyboys..."

    Oh don't spoil it, idiot child...
    Monkey_Puncher 14 years ago
    Games looks excellent actually, jog on Sony fanyboys...
    Xerx3s 14 years ago
    Remember people: This stuff will end up on
    XBL marketplace streaming thing (login on us account, select the icon below your gamercard)
    old_skool 14 years ago
    10 million people on Xbox Live get to play your game." This means there'll be a thousand games on XBLA by the end of the year, Chris reckons.

    Live=shovelware by the end of the year
    old_skool 14 years ago
    Nice, dish water, that one is sure to sell Xboxes...
    MilkYMoO 14 years ago
    Dish washer sounds like a promising game. I doubt it'll be as good as wii ironing though.
    Laika 14 years ago
    An "epic circle jerk." Nice
    rauper 14 years ago
    Chris Satchell! Muscleman!
    JediMasterMalik 14 years ago
    The ACTUAL gabbly link
    betahoven 14 years ago
    "we have more titles rated 80 or 90 or above than the other main consoles put together,"

    apart from the PS2, obviously
    Danoxth 14 years ago
    250 USD, not including gold memberships

    Christ =/

    Edit: Million obviously
    old_skool 14 years ago
    Typical spin...
    captainrentboy 14 years ago
    Stop talking shit and announce exciting things, bloody hell man.
    betahoven 14 years ago
    HD-DVD does not use a red laser.
    old_skool 14 years ago
    HD-DVD uses a red laser, blu-ray uses a blue laser. No software fix will make a HD-DVD drive play Blu-ray movies.
    GiantHaystax 14 years ago
    These are just no fun anymore without Mr Moore. Its like the boring bits are the whole thing now.
    Monkey_Puncher 14 years ago
    Tell this wanker to shut the hell up and get his Fable 2 out!
    GiantHaystax 14 years ago
    AWW no Tatoos may as well stop reading now.
    captainrentboy 14 years ago
    ArcMonkey 14 years ago
    Why the James Bond theme????
    AHiFi 14 years ago
    What? You've never read Lion's articles? Classics like "rawr" and "rawwr raaaawr!" show Lion's true depth of perception.

    The Lion is the future of the internetz! I'll be the first to welcome in Lion's reign of power! May Lion live long, die hard and write interesting pieces that are notoriously over-looked by the general animal-kingdom I like to call the blogsphere!
    mkreku 14 years ago
    I have a feeling this will be boring.
    Psychotext 14 years ago
    Get Gabbly with EG!
    Danoxth 14 years ago
    James bond theme!

    le gasp!

    *flash backs of 4 player FFA Facility level with proximity mines*
    Brogan 14 years ago
    Quick question from a noob. would it not be possible to turn the HD-dvd into a blu-ray drive through an dl update? don't they both use same lazer and disc speed? surely it's all down to software? i'd be happy to chuck down a bit of cash for it as sony and things will need paying but not sure i'd bother with a whole new drive. i'd just wait until the ps3 hit 150-200qiud.
    Bertie 14 years ago
    Might as well wait and see if it's true now, Psycho. Probably is, but meh
    GiantHaystax 14 years ago
    Free xbox 360 for every household ala sky digital!!
    Kyle 14 years ago
    Take that, Loudspeaker man!



    Mine just updated AS IF BY MAGIC in a nice shade of light green.
    Spielo 14 years ago
    Given the title of the Keynote, I'm expecting a focus on XNA, or on UGC at least.
    Xerx3s 14 years ago
    "@Xerx3s: MS Italy made a mistake and sent out the press release early. It's confirmed (wait and see). "

    Sorry to be the eternal sceptic but I'll do just that: Wait & maybe see.

    EDIT: Besides, when was the last time the Italians said something credible?

    Danoxth 14 years ago
    "Seriously, don't press the 'refresh button'!"

    But the comments aren't displaying in real time!!!!

    Hits F5 like a rebel *ties old school tie around his head*


    Me either, does he have a smooth peanut butter center like the chocolate bars he shares his name with?
    Kyle 14 years ago
    "Evry1 harts lionz."

    Except for me, who doesn't know who he is.
    Psychotext 14 years ago
    @Xerx3s: MS Italy made a mistake and sent out the press release early. It's confirmed (wait and see).
    AHiFi 14 years ago
    Evry1 harts lionz.
    Xerx3s 14 years ago
    Psychotext: I doubt that it will be this year. If it was, the internet would melt down. I hope it is though. One of the best coop games I've played in a very long time.
    agparrot 14 years ago
    There's green flashlights probing the walls and a big screen with developer nonsense floating around it: Nurbs, Breadcrumbing, Binary triangle tree, Trapezoid corners, Gouraud shading, Inverse kinematics. Brilliant.

    Aww... there is some paint I have to watch drying.... now I can't decide which to go for!
    old_skool 14 years ago
    My predictions...Something about Live, probably similar to HOME. That's really Microsoft's strength and they should bring that more to the forefront. I don't think they'll announce anything about a Blu-ray add-on, it's too soon and at the GDC it'll have very little relevance.
    Xerx3s 14 years ago
    Bertie: Well it wouldn't necessarily need to be live, you could just record, edit & upload it as egtv clips.

    On the other hand, fly me in in a suitcase and feed me jaffa cakes and I'll do the typing for you. :D
    Danoxth 14 years ago
    Seeing as there were magazine scans showing the GoW2 logo I wouldn't be surprised at all if its mentioned.

    Fingers crossed on some Banjo though, of course, Goldeneye wouldn't go amiss either, failing that, any new games will do!
    AHiFi 14 years ago
    Ah - bliss. I was nice and cozy in the flat, studying away...checked EG and some good old LiveText is arriving! Forgot all about this. =)
    Psychotext 14 years ago
    Gears of War 2 is announced now. November 2008.
    agparrot 14 years ago
    I hope they don't bring Jeff Bell out, keep that guy in his box.

    They are saving him for the finale!

    It will be a Jeff Bell End.
    agparrot 14 years ago
    I'd like to be excited about it, and I'll love it if there is some quality gear anounced, but in my water I feel it will be XNA, sales figures, graphs lah, dee, dah.... zzzzzzZZZZzzz

    and GTA IV! It has exclusive content on the 360 dontchaknow?

    Oh... wait... that was last year, wasn't it?
    Deacan 14 years ago
    I hope they don't bring Jeff Bell out, keep that guy in his box.
    Monkey_Puncher 14 years ago
    Banjo Kazooie and more Fable 2 please!
    ShakaCarnage 14 years ago
    I'm going for Gears of War 2, because I have a strong feeling that it's going to happen. We'll see mentions of games coming up this year, including Fable 2, which Shappert will mention si getting a keynote of its own, rather than dragging on.

    Then, we'll get XNA stuff too. Most probably mentioning the student giveaway, and possible giving creators a place on the dash to show and sell their wares.

    Finally, I'm not sure they're ready to announce a Blu-ray addon, or internal drive. Great if they do, but I'm thinking they might announce some price cuts...I could be wrong, I could be rightahhh.
    Nick 14 years ago
    Also, these things are boring as hell - its just that Tom and co. make them sound fun and exciting!
    Bertie 14 years ago
    Bertie & co: Why don't you people do a video stream/report from events? The benefits are fantastic! We get to see it, you just have to press play and then boot up pictochat, hot babes love people with camera's, etc.

    It's a bit expensive and difficult to do. We'd love it if we could; GameSpot did an amazing job covering E3, erm, last year or the year before - had direct feeds into the trailers and all sorts.

    I'm sure more would do it if it was as easy as it sounds. There's getting the live feed from the US to Europe, too. It's difficult enough getting a stable Internet connection.

    You need proper television channel beef to sort that kind of thing out.

    Text is MUCH MUCH better anyway, and I can say that with absolutely no bias whatsoever!
    Britesparc 14 years ago
    I think they'll either remove the limit on XBLA downloads, or announce another strand of "big" games, bigger than 150mb. And the first of which will be a hi-res remake of GoldenEye, the second of which will be Quake III.

    And if they're announcing big retail games, too, then there'll be GoW2 and another Perfect Dark.
    Xerx3s 14 years ago
    Bertie & co: Why don't you people do a video stream/report from events? The benefits are fantastic! We get to see it, you just have to press play and then boot up pictochat, hot babes love people with camera's, etc.
    El_MUERkO 14 years ago
    1 SKU that has flame stickers on the side, water cooling and a Blu Ray drive ... and alex kid installed inside the console
    rhinoxious 14 years ago

    The hardware may have issues, and there could be more imagination and variation in the line up. But from a GDC point of view Micorsoft have delivered an excellent development environment by all accounts, so all kudos to them.
    Psychotext 14 years ago
    Nothing will come of this...

    ...other than some entertaining EG livetext as always! =)
    L42yB 14 years ago

    I'm gonna be commuting during this... oh well, will have a look once I get home then *sigh*
    JediMasterMalik 14 years ago
    /throws up

    Edit - @ the rhinoxius comment
    rhinoxious 14 years ago
    They need to announce something,

    I'm starting to tire of the steady succession of well designed, great looking, and enjoyable titles for the xbox 360. ;)

    (seasonal variations aside)
    bdaggers 14 years ago
    But I *TOLD YOU* I don`t care about these Live Text things during the survey.

    Surely you are planning to implement all of my recommendations forthwith ?
    DrDamn 14 years ago
    So which game is gonna feature then eh?

    I think part of it is going to be Live becoming a free service. If they want cross platform gaming (PC & 360) then the PC crowd ain't gonna pay for it, so how can they justify the 360 players paying?
    JediMasterMalik 14 years ago
    Excellent timing for us, hopefully some big new games, or something about free online play on XBL.

    Hope they talk about the PC as well.

    /crosses fingers
    Bertie 14 years ago
    We've made words appear by magic. Sorry about that, there was a piece of ham stopping the cogs from turning.
    mcmonkeyplc 14 years ago
    This is the best journalism ever!
    Nylkran 14 years ago
    That is a very complete report so far...
    Danbojones 14 years ago