Tom Champion (Venatio), one half of the Eurogamer Expo and expert at FIFA 10, has gone for Batman: Arkham Asylum.

"My game of the year is Batman: Arkham Asylum, for having an amazingly simple and very satisfying combat system and stealth sections that didn't make me want to tear my eyeballs out in frustration."

David Lilley, the other half of the Eurogamer Expo, said Assassin's Creed II was his pick.

"Have always loved the Prince of Persia/Assassin's franchises and the fact it's set in Venice and much better than AC1 makes it my favourite game of the year. Looking forward to finishing it over Christmas. Must also mention DJ Hero. It's nice to be the only person who played it in this country."

Barbara Loman, mother of the brothers and mother of Eurogamer, has picked Heavy Rain, even though it isn't out yet.

"My game of the year is the only one that I can remember, which is Heavy Rain, which I saw in Cologne. That looked good to me mostly because it was a like a film script and it was all about emotions and it wasn't a shoot-'em-up, because that's not my idea of fun."

It's not even bloody out yet! Farce. FARCE.

Paul Loman, Mario stunt double and godfather of Eurogamer, has also picked Heavy Rain.

"Well, Bertie, I've had the pleasure of recording a couple of [interview] sessions with David Cage about Heavy Rain and so I really got into that, and the fact that he comes to it from a storytelling/film/scriptwriting point of view appeals greatly. So I definitely want a copy of that when it comes out!"

Chris Ward (fatchris), our indignant but chirpy developer, hopped on the Trials HD bandwagon.

"It's a tough decision but my game of the year couldn't be anything other than Trials HD. I regularly got stuck in a loop, playing an extreme level for two or three hours straight, restarting the level the second I did something that wasn't perfect. Yet I was never frustrated at the game - it's too good for that. I just had to keep going until I go all those damn medals! I do feel the need to mention Drop7 [on iPhone] because I played it more than any other game this year."

Craig Munro (craigy), who's also a developer, zoomed in on FIFA 10.

"My game of the year is FIFA 10, purely because I've never seen the office be so animated! It's the one game that everyone's adopted to play at lunchtimes and the competitive aspects are being drawn out of people like I've never seen before. It's amazing. It brings the office to life."

Matt Styles, Eurogamer advert seller, put "closing" to one side to pay his respect to... Trials HD. Get a room!

"For me it has to be Trials HD. It hasn't been my favourite game this year but definitely my 'game of the year'. I have a real love/hate relationship with it. Never before has one game been responsible for me being late on so many occasions! Just one more try..."

Oh I give up.

Simon Downes, developer and the tallest man I've ever seen, went for Modern Warfare 1!

"Bit of a late-comer to this as I only started playing about six months ago. Here's a montage of my thoughts whilst playing the game: 'Only 10 more kills to unlock the next weapon, just one more game!' 'Only 500XP to the next rank, just one more game!' 'Can't end a session on that poor showing, just one more game!' 'I'll stop if I don't like the next map, ooh I love this one, just one more game!'"

Martin Taylor (mouse), designer and laughter/excitement machine, picked... Oh it's Trials HD for god's sake.

"Many games pushed buttons in places I didn't know I had this year: FIFA 10, Assassin's Creed II, Modern Warfare 2. But when pushed to pick one above the others then my heart will always belong to a sleeper hit about m070r81k35 from a small Finnish indie studio. And it truly did belong for a dangerous amount of time, as my better half would attest.

"At first it's the gloriously bonkers track design that compels, as you simply want to move on and see what kind of demonic rollercoaster your hapless Trials HD rider will be forced to traverse next. But soon it becomes about shaving fractions of a second from track times for REAL-LIFE GLORY amongst your peers. Once that life-destroying one-more-go mentality comes into play, Trials HD owns you. "

I was hoping everyone would be too preoccupied to remember about me. Craig wasn't. So I, Robert Purchese, told Craig Munro why I had fallen for FIFA 10 as well.

"My game of the year is FIFA 10. I know that's not very exciting, but the amount of drama bursting out of the [Eurogamer] games room is astonishing! There's a magic about each match before kick-off: it could be a belter, but it could also be a stale draw. Something is captured there, and I don't know if it's because I'm a football fan or a gamer. Martin Taylor's a case in point: he's not a football fan but he loves FIFA 10! There's a special quality about the game that ensnares all of the Eurogamer office."

Thanks everyone! That's almost it for our games of 2009. Join us tomorrow for one final burst - the Eurogamer Game of the Year!

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