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40. Test Drive Unlimited

(Eden, Xbox 360) - Xbox Gamepage -PC -PS2 -PSP

Kristian (no relation): I know this game is flawed in many ways, but I cannot help but love it. It's a game that really hits the spot for me because of one simple thing: it allows me to get in a supercar and cruise around in a beautiful environment. That right there describes the game I've wanted for the last 10 years or so. Sure the handling model is so-so and sure there are some glitches. When I'm blasting down the highway in a Lambo listening to Freebird that doesn't really matter. It's totally awesome.

Steven Jackson: Not since the original NFS has driving like an lunatic on public roads been so much fun. The risk/reward of 200mph+ overtaking into oncoming traffic is sublime.

Nicholas Kydland: How about the fact that Eden actually reinvented what has turned into an incredibly stale genre? Minor mistakes and errors are, of course, completely forgiveable when so many interesting ideas are represented. The fact that every cause has an effect, both for good and for worse, results in a driving game that feels like you're actually driving, right down to every risk and chance you take. And let us not forget the online mode: Although somewhat less intuitive than hoped, it still offers an online experience pretty much unparallalled. Innovative and remarkable, this truly is the start of the next generation of gaming.

39. Dark Messiah of Might & Magic

(Arkane, PC) - Gamepage


gulag: Finally, a First Person Sword-Swinger (See what I did there?) that gets sword-play right. Be you a light-footed Errol Flynn fencer, or a Conan clone axe-man, the game gives you a chance to pull off all the right moves, and being able to bring the Source-powered environment into the fight is magic. A nice selection of unusual levels and lots of nooks and crannies to explore lend it a certain 'Ooh-I-wonder-what's-over-there' factor that I haven't really felt in an FPS since Thief, and for some reason, the over-the-top story and characters just made my manic grin even wider. Dark Messiah reminded me why they called these things 'adventure' games. A really engaging hack-fest from start to finish. Did I mention that it's rewardingly tough when played on 'Hard'? 3 on 1? You're stuffed my son! Put in the boot!

Markus M.: Flawlessly working first person melee combat, a better dungeon crawler than Oblivion, attention to detail we haven't seen since Looking Glass shut down, fantasy locations that feel real. It's the ultimate adventure game.

38. Project Gotham Racing 3

(Bizarre Creations, Xbox 360) - Gamepage

(I can't believe none of you wanted to comment on this. It's brilliant! You can play it with the Wireless Racing Wheel too. You know, the one that needs wires. It'll make you forget. Also useful for giving up smoking, believe it or not.)

37. Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence

(Kojima Productions, PS2) - Gamepage

AcidSnake: Snaaaaaaake! Over the top storyline and the PS2 pushed to its limits (anyone saying SotC shut up!) The only game that makes me want to crawl through grass to slit people's throats.

Keith Phillips: By fixing the awful camera contained in MGS3, they made a great game into an excellent game. The fact that the online mode is so superbly balanced, fair and enjoyable to play, is the icing on the cake!

Pikkewyn: Last year I voted for Ninja Gaiden Black, as it refined an absolute classic. This year Kojima and company did the same with MGS3. A great game transformed into a perfect game.

36. Football Manager 2007

(Sports Interactive, Multi) - PC Gamepage -Mac -PSP -Xbox

Ben Watts: It's the game that made me fall in love with the series again, insomnia, late for work and failed exams all over again!

Jon Are Dahl: What's not to like? It's the same incremental update I've been playing for the last ten years. Besides, it's probably the only game series besides Zelda and Resident Evil I'm willing to plonk down full price for. Although, as usual, I just borrowed it off a mate.

35. Tomb Raider: Legend

(Crystal Dynamics, Multi) -PC Gamepage -PS2 -Xbox 360 -Xbox -PSP -DS -GBA -Cube

(Amazingly nobody's game of the year, despite reaching this position. Perhaps it's a guilty pleasure.)


34. Prey

(Human Head/Venom, PC/Xbox 360) -PC Gamepage -Xbox 360

Mark Hansgate: Interesting and varied locations, innovative gameplay and not a bad (if basic) storyline. Online multiplayer good fun too. Not too hard (which I like) and I enjoyed playing it through to the end.

Ideal: It is good.

33. Kingdom Hearts 2

(Square-Enix, PS2) -Gamepage

Rob Simpson: It may have been easy and basic, but people who hate this game or magazines that have marked this lowly have no soul. IT'S DISNEY with FINAL FANTASY, and lordly lord do some of the moments in the game work beautifully, to the extent where I'd more than likely smile like an idiot. Donald Duck dancing and singing in a underwater musical tips that iceberg. Plus the game itself ain't that bad, an RPG without the pretentions? I'm there.

32. Need For Speed Carbon

(EA, Multi) -PS2 Gamepage -Xbox -PSP -PS3 -Xbox 360 -Wii -GBA -DS -PC -Cube

(Also nobody's game of the year. Less surprisingly.)

31. FlatOut 2

(Bugbear, Multi) - PC Gamepage -PS2 -Xbox

Tanz: Keeps me playing it for hours on end, it's the only game I still play even though I have completed the career. Lots of different things to do and great graphics for the power it needs.

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