BONUS ROUND: Out Now on Windows Phone 7

You could have counted the number of genuinely new Live-enabled Windows Phone 7 on the fingers of one withered hand these past few months. But while it's arguably not worth forensically reviewing certain well-known titles for the third time of asking, that doesn't mean we shouldn't bring them to your attention anyway - so here's a quick 'bonus round' of the latest offerings that you should check out.

Top of the list is undoubtedly PopCap's genius tower defence classic Plants vs. Zombies. It might be more than double the price of the iOS version, but when you're getting 50 levels, 20 mini games and four game modes for your money, it feels wrong to moan about having to pay £3.99 for one of the best games of the past few years. 9/10

The only surprise about the arrival of Angry Birds is that it took so long. Less surprising is that it's a pixel perfect port, is still horribly addictive bird-flinging nonsense, and comes with those lovely Xbox achievement points for four times the current price on iPhone. But you knew that. 7/10

Plants vs. Zombies: Probably best to play it the other way around.

Once upon a time, the mere idea of Sonic The Hedgehog 4 being available on mobile phones would have blown our tiny minds, but the spiky blue one's recent arrival on WP7 passed without comment. Again, it's a perfectly serviceable port, but playing Sonic on a mobile has always felt like nailing jelly to a wall to me. But if you like the sound of that, it can be yours for a mere £5.49, but the free trial should be enough to let you know whether it's for you. 6/10

As Radio One DJs used to say in the 1980s, it's an oldie, but a goodie. Critical Thought's geoDefense predated our roundups by a good couple of years, so there's a very good reason why it's being ported to WP7 three years on from its original iOS release. Although the idea of yet another Tower Defence variant might not quicken the pulse, this Geometry Wars-styled take on the genre is easily one of the best around. Don't believe me? Then try out the numerous free trial levels, and slap down your £2.49 soon afterwards. 9/10

And if you're really determined to spend your spare cash, then far be it for me to stop you from shelling out £2.49 apiece for seminal Atari arcade classics Lunar Lander and Asteroids Deluxe. But what passed for wild-eyed white-knuckle excitement in 1979 doesn't necessarily translate into compelling mobile entertainment 32 years later. Download the free trials, sigh wistfully with nostalgia, then move swiftly on. Both 4/10

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