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Can the Clone War Ever Be Won?

A clamour of clones.

We all know the clones. And often, we welcome them. After all, you can't play Blizzard's World of Warcraft on a phone, so Gameloft's Order and Chaos seems like it fills a hole and doesn't hurt anyone. Cloning isn't new, either. From Pong, probably the most copied game on the planet and allegedly a copy itself, to Breakout, success has always bred various degrees of imitation.

Zynga boss addresses cloning accusations

"We don't need to be first to market. We need to be the best."

It's not about being the first to market, it's about being the best when you do finally get there - that's Zynga boss Mark Pincus' response to accusations that the social gaming giant has been cloning other developers' games.

Zynga blasted after launching Tiny Tower clone

Zynga blasted after launching Tiny Tower clone

Indie developer NimbleBit claims it refused Zynga buy-out.

Casual gaming behemoth Zynga has been blasted by Tiny Tower creator NimbleBit following the launch of new Zynga title Dream Heights.

Dream Heights appears to be a virtual clone of Tiny Tower, which tasks players with adding floors of shops and apartments to an ever-expanding towerblock.

"Dear Zynga, (all 2,789 of you)," an open letter from NimbleBit begins.

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Mobile Games Roundup

Mobile Games Roundup

Agent! Tower! Continuity! Angry! Zombies! Sonic! geoDefense!

It would probably get boring for you lot if every week was filled with top-rated games. In fact, I know that a lot of you kind of glaze over at some of the scores, and some outright moan that mobile games get routinely over-rated ("9/10? Better than Halo? ROFL")

Like any platform, it's important to judge mobile games in context. An inventive 9/10 puzzle game costing 59p can never be the same as a 9/10 epic action game on a home console. But nor would you necessarily want it to be.

Trying to somehow read something definitive into what a score 'means' is, a slippery subject, and yet we all debate them endlessly. But at the same time, as long as you're always dealing with like-for-like comparisons, you're on safer ground.

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