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Has the Resistance developer left PS3 exclusivity behind?

Eurogamer: Why no PC version?

Ted Price: At this point we're focusing on the console audience because that's what we know best.

Eurogamer: Is it better suited to console as a leisurely experience?

Ted Price: I wouldn't say leisurely. This is definitely a high-action game. Hopefully the trailer demonstrated that. Those moments in the game where you are fighting as a team are pretty over-the-top.

Eurogamer: Is Overstrike being made by a new Insomniac team, or an existing one?

Ted Price: We have a lot of teams at Insomniac. We're pretty quiet about our size and how we've grown over the last 17 years. We've gone from a one team company back in the PlayStation 2 days, to a multi-team company working on many different types of titles, whether it's Resistance, Ratchet, our Insomniac Click team or the Overstrike team.

We've put together the team from a number of individuals who are passionate about the particular direction this game was heading.

Eurogamer: Is this the beginning of what you hope to turn into a franchise?

Ted Price: Absolutely.

Eurogamer: What's your vision for the brand?

Ted Price: A brand is really important to us. In fact, we would like this universe to extend beyond games, as most developers probably do with their franchises.

It's an Insomniac-owned franchise, and so we have control over how the franchise itself is exploited. The first and most important goal, though, is to deliver an amazing multi-platform game. From there, we hope to go even broader.

"We're focusing on the console audience because that's what we know best."

Eurogamer: Can you talk about the ways you'd like to broaden it out?

Ted Price: We'll keep that to ourselves for now.

Eurogamer: How did the deal with EA come about?

Ted Price: We work with EA Partners. It has been extremely successful working with the top independent developers who also own their intellectual property.

For us as a company, owning and controlling our intellectual property has been a goal of ours for many years. Now, working with EAP we have that opportunity, especially since EAP is a multi-platform publisher and does a fantastic job of marketing and promoting its titles.

Eurogamer: Why is it so important for Insomniac to own its own IP?

Ted Price: From the very beginning we've been adamant about creating content at Insomniac and not using or adopting other folks' ideas. We don't make licensed games. We make stuff that's generated from within Insomniac.

For us, we've loved having Sony as a partner for many years, and we're continuing to work with Sony. However, Sony owns the IP. That's great. We've wanted to be able to control our destiny a little bit more in a more solid way. Owning one's IP gives you even more latitude when it comes to how your IP is taken beyond games.

Eurogamer: Is Kinect and PlayStation Move a good fit for Overstrike?

Ted Price: It's a good question. The jury's out until we get further into development.

Eurogamer: How far into development are you?

Ted Price: We're not talking about how far we are into development.

Eurogamer: Does Overstrike mark the end of PS3-exclusive development for Insomniac?

Ted Price: It's important to say never say never. Everybody's been constantly surprised at how quickly the industry changes, so I would never want to say anything that locks us into a particular path because it'll be brought up and dusted off and used against us at some point. It pays to be open-minded.

Eurogamer: What about in the near-term?

Ted Price: In the near-term we've got two big PS3-exclusive launches with Resistance 3 and Ratchet & Clank All 4 One this fall. We're super excited about those.

Eurogamer: Are you open to making more games in those series?

Ted Price: We have a history of being pretty quiet, as most developers do, about our future releases, so I'm not going say anything about that.

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