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AfterBurner Climax PSN/XBLA confirmed

Revival of arcade revival this spring.

SEGA has finally confirmed that it will release AfterBurner Climax on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade this spring.

AfterBurner Climax revived SEGA's eighties jet-fighting classic for the arcade in 2006, in much the same way as OutRun 2 had done for the evergreen racer. Unlike that game, however, Climax has not yet made its way into the home.

However, an XBLA and PSN conversion was suggested by both common sense and an Australian Ratings Board classification last year. The game was recently confirmed for release in Japan, and an ESRB rating earlier today promted SEGA's US and European arms into confirming the news.

They made up for the wait by posting a frankly dazzling trailer on YouTube, bless them.

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After Burner Climax

iOS, PS3, Xbox 360

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