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  • Everything new in the Nintendo Switch trailer

  • thiswaynow 21/10/2016

    There's a lot of focus in the comments on pricing, but actually I'd rather pay £399 or even £450 for a premium device with ample power, that'll deliver great gaming experiences for 5 years, than £249 for an underpowered device full of cost-cutting compromises that will be obsolete in 2-3 years. Let's be honest, you'd need to pay around £400-£500 for a typical ipad. Reply +2
  • UK charts: Just Dance defeats MW2

  • thiswaynow 18/01/2010

    The only review I am going to trust on Lets Dance is Ellies. She's the only reviewer to know how to handle these sorts of games. Reply +1
  • Need For Speed: Nitro

  • thiswaynow 03/11/2009

    I was genuinely looking forward to this game, being a fan of arcade racers.

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  • We Sing to support four mics at once

  • thiswaynow 14/08/2009

    No mention of DLC.... it's a must-have for this sort of game, and no excuse to omit it (look at the Guitar Hero DLC on Wii). Hopefully it'll e there.

    There was talk last year of Hudson's Joysound on Wii, not sure what happened to that.
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  • Wii Sports 2 was Japan's June best-seller

  • thiswaynow 08/07/2009

    In one of the IGN podcasts it said several IGN editors where of the opinion that Sports Resort table tennis was the best game on Wii.... full stop. Reply 0
  • Two for WiiWare, one for DSiWare

  • thiswaynow 19/06/2009

    DSIWare: I've been enjoying the racing game a lot, Asphalt 4...

    also decent review here:
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  • Editor's blog: Grand Slam Tennis to be re-reviewed

  • thiswaynow 19/06/2009

    >Good on you for being honest and not just going "Pfft, fuck it, it can stay up."

    Makes more sense now in terms of the wildly different reviews elsewhere on the web.
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  • Virtua Tennis 2009

  • thiswaynow 19/06/2009

    Eurogamer says VT is better than GST, IGN say the other way around... confusing times. Reply -2
  • Wii sports games still lagging behind

  • thiswaynow 26/11/2008

    > I can't stand people who pose their own questions then answer them.

    Do I care about that? No.
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  • Nintendo DSi

  • thiswaynow 03/11/2008

    I have 2 DSL's, but both are pretty battered at this point, I think it's a 'probably buy' from me. Reply 0
  • Knowingly Undersold

  • thiswaynow 05/10/2008

    Good article I think. Regarding price point, I think most purchasers are happy to pay £180 for a console, and I'd rather pay that for an enhanced Wii model with better internal storage, etc, than have a £50 price cut. XBox360 is really not targeting the same sector as Wii, or not for most buyers.

    The truth is that Nintendo's business model has been far superior to that of Sony and Microsoft in this generation. Fun, accessible games, sensibly priced hardware, and very strong Apple-like design and marketing. They have massively ramped up their R & D departments since the Wii launch, so I expect Nintendo to come back with a HD Wii2, with substantially up-specced hardware, in 2-3 years.

    Regarding the predictable comments about "I haven't turned my Wii on for 6 months... dust...ebay...", etc, if the traditional Nintendo franchises don't work for you, there's a fair chance you'd be better off with another console. For people that love the types of games Nintendo has been making for years, the Wii catalogue is very healthy. Third parties are also getting the idea now. I'm a fairly 'hardcore gamer' (whatever that means), and play only Wii and DS (plus PC sometimes). I keep meaning to get a PS3/360, but look at the choice of games and don't see anything I'd be keen to buy.

    So... there's a good choice of diverse platforms and game types in this gen, we should all be happy. All three manufacturers are eventually going to make enough money to keep things going into the next gen, so where's the problem? I don't have shares in any of them, so get no real benefit from their balance sheets (so long as they keep in business).
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  • Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09

  • thiswaynow 02/09/2008

    The general consensus is that the Wii version is the one to get due to the far superior control system. Will that one get 10/10 then...? Reply 0
  • WiiWare Roundup

  • thiswaynow 26/08/2008

    Never heard of the cartoon, might give this a go, though, I love point and click games. Reply 0
  • EA unveils MotionPlus tennis game

  • thiswaynow 20/08/2008

    Can't wait for this... shame it's not coming until 2009 Reply 0
  • IK+ heads VC update

  • thiswaynow 25/07/2008

    The only thing I dislike about IK is the fact that you have to do the mini games. They get very tedious.

    I think you'd better get you coat...
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  • thiswaynow 25/07/2008

    IK+ = Best fighting game ever. Reply 0
  • Nintendo unveils MotionPlus accessory

  • thiswaynow 14/07/2008

    I wonder how many developers of near-complete motion-heavy games are crying at this news... Tiger Woods 2010 it is for me I think. Reply 0
  • Three new titles for Virtual Console

  • thiswaynow 30/05/2008

    > No Wiiware this week then? Or are they not going to be on the same day?

    Just what I was wondering...
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  • GTA IV still top of the UK charts

  • thiswaynow 28/05/2008

    I wonder how much money Nintendo are losing because people want WiiFit but can't fine it anywhere. Maybe the stock shortages last week are because all the available stock was pushed to the US launch.

    Nintendo are taking a bit of a gamble that people will still want WiiFit in months to come, when they can walk into a shop and actually find it on the shelves. Ok, maybe that's a pretty safe bet, but you have to wonder about their inability to ever produce enough stock of the most popular hardware/software. I still can't find Mario Kart Wii, even.
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  • Paradroid arrives on Virtual Console

  • thiswaynow 23/05/2008

    > I reckon the speccie quazatron version was better myself

    Why is it there can't be a thread on any games website without some Speccie fanboy trying to start a flame war?

    Oh, hang on...
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  • thiswaynow 23/05/2008

    I once had a go at writing a online/networked version of Paradroid in Java. Never quite got around to finishing it, but it was a great idea, lets hope something like that makes it's way onto Wiiware or something.

    One of the best games ever for me, without a doubt. Probably only Elite and Lords of Midnight pip it from that (or maybe any) era for me.
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  • thiswaynow 23/05/2008

    I know it's fun to slate the VC pricing structure every week, but put your cynicism away for once, it PARADROID for heaven's sake. A true classic and worth £3.50 of anyone's money.

    /Waits for everyone to go on about free emulators and how much it cost in the 80's
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  • Wii Fit already selling out in the UK

  • thiswaynow 08/04/2008

    >it's 136 kg - 300 lbs
    > Should be able to get a bloody hippo on there :)

    .. And I'm back in the game.
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  • Shantae developer signs up for WiiWare

  • thiswaynow 06/03/2008

    Sounds interesting... Reply 0
  • Zack & Wiki Flash demo

  • thiswaynow 05/03/2008

    Top game, Zack + Wiki 2 please Capcom!! Reply 0
  • Wii Fit price for Europe

  • thiswaynow 27/02/2008

    Very good price I think... they'll sell millions in the UK alone. Reply 0
  • Wii gets firmware update

  • thiswaynow 26/02/2008

    The recent update allows the Wii to play Blu-Ray disks. Nice, huh? Reply 0
  • C64 Channel coming to Virtual Console

  • thiswaynow 21/02/2008

    £3.50 is a bargain for some of the epic/classic games from the C64; just avoid the rest!

    Top 10 most anticipated games anyone? Just off to think this through myself... but for starters:

    Iridis Alpha
    Little Computer People (Disk Version)
    Thing on a Spring (Anyone else wanted to play this again since Spring Mario in Galaxy?)
    Lords of Midnight
    Defender of the Crown
    Iball I/II
    ... off the top of my head
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  • Wii Fit also here in April

  • thiswaynow 20/02/2008

    Wait, you jog on it? That thing better be made of fucking diamond considering the types of hambeasts that are undoubtedly going to wreck these things otherwise.

    The jogging part of Wii Fit doesn't actually use the Balance Board; you put the wii remote in your back pocket and it maps your motion to the character on screen running through parks, etc, against other runners at your target pace.

    So just need a strong floor then.
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  • thiswaynow 20/02/2008

    'It should help you and your family train and stay fit, according to the website. '

    Didn't Miyamoto come out and say it DOESN'T keep you fit recently? It mkaes you aware of your body apparently..

    They probably have to point out that it might not keep you fit unless the rest of your lifestyle is also fairly healthy. I guess it also depends on how fit you are at the start. Since it has you doing press-ups and jogging it'll make me fitter since I currently do almost no exercise. If you're already fit it's probably too gente to make any difference.

    As for going to the gym, it's never going to happen. I can actually see myself using this though.

    Incidentally, I'm already fairly aware of my body, that's how I know I need to do this!
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  • thiswaynow 20/02/2008

    Great, well done Nintendo, the USA release date is probably a little later so they can reinforce the Balance Board to cater for small elephants. Reply 0
  • Frontier unveils LostWinds for WiiWare

  • thiswaynow 20/02/2008

    Looks great! I was expecting much simpler looking games on WiiWare. Very promising! Reply 0
  • Sony US responds to HD-DVD demise

  • thiswaynow 20/02/2008

    I have no doubt 2008 will be a massive year for PS3, the sales figures are all on an upwards trend and the Blu-Ray inclusion is starting to make sense now. PS3 is dead-cert for second best selling in this gen for me.

    I have a Wii currently, but will probably make the decision to go Wii-PS3 this year, and I think a lot of other people will do the same. THe big question is how far behind will the 360 be by 2010, when the next machines are slated for release? I suspect 360 will go the way of the Gamecube and fall off by the wayside within 18 months .
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  • Three more for Virtual Console

  • thiswaynow 21/12/2007

    I seem to remember liking Skate or Die way back when. Reply 0
  • Amusement Park game for Wii

  • thiswaynow 13/12/2007

    This looks fantastic

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  • Rising Star on censorship claim

  • thiswaynow 13/12/2007

    Less gore is the way to go, if the Americans need to see masses of blood to enjoy the game, that's their problem. Perhaps Europe and Japan are slightly more civilised places. Reply 0
  • Mario & Sonic tops Charts

  • thiswaynow 11/12/2007

    Is it just me, or is Galaxy just really hard to find right now. In my part of the country it seems to be sold out everywhere, which I guess is why it's not charting.

    My Mario & Sonic is wrapped ready for Christmas day, btw
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  • GH3 Wii replacements in 2008

  • thiswaynow 07/12/2007

    I wonder how many people actually use their audio equipment in this way, versus the tv speakers. I only ever use my tv's speakers, but will probably hold off buying this until the new versions have the corrected sound in any case. Reply 0
  • Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure

  • thiswaynow 30/11/2007

    Really hope this sells 1 million copies plus, it'll make a huge difference to the future success of the Wii if third-parties start developing GOOD exclusive games Reply 0
  • Japanese Wii gets DS downloads

  • thiswaynow 27/11/2007

    Hopefully this'll hit the rest of the world soon... I can see why they're doing it in Japan first, since practically everyone in Japan has a DS, and Wii sales seem to be a bit slower there right now. Reply 0
  • Lara Wii in December

  • thiswaynow 23/11/2007

    > Lara Wii - The search for the Golden shower.

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  • Zack & Wiki gets delayed

  • thiswaynow 13/11/2007

    Yep, good move, nice to see Nintendo supporting third party titles by moving them out of the congested pre-Christmas rush into a quiet period where they can market it effectively.

    More sales for Zack and Wiki = More Wii exclusives from third parties. Looks like a great game, by the way.
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  • Mario Galaxy romps Japan

  • thiswaynow 08/11/2007

    This game will sell phenomenally in the US and Europe, as well as probably maintaining prolonged sales in Japan. Everyone* that buys a Wii in the next 2/3 years will probably pick up Galaxy, as the best game on the console for the forseeable future.

    I also think everyone with a Wii game in development ought to take a good, long look at this game before they release their last-gen-looking efforts. This is what the Wii can do.

    * Ok, everyone except the Grannies..
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  • Midway cross with Wii shortages

  • thiswaynow 02/11/2007

    Silly excuse for not having good games for the Wii.. Nintendo have shipped more hardware than anyone thought they would (due to the sky-high demand).

    Incidentally, I believe Nintendo have now increased production from approx 900,000 units/month to 1.8Million units/month. It's not really their fault if it still isn't enough... if they ramp up production too high it'll hurt them if and when demand subsides later in the product's life-cycle. How many extra factories do they build?
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  • No Wii hard drive planned - NoA

  • thiswaynow 02/11/2007

    >>i'm sure there's one in development just not ready to announce yet. biggest problem is not ruining the wii's style

    Regarding not ruining the style, someone suggested replacing the stand with an external hard drive... it could look just the same.

    In any case I'm already well past the point of struggling for space, I must have 25 VC games downloaded, and it's a real pain moving them from the SD card to play them. The transfer seems to take forever. I'm amazed they still haven't opened up the SD card access, this seems like the most pain-free option all round (at least for starters).
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  • Reggie likes Halo, BioShock

  • thiswaynow 30/10/2007

    >>Yes, more games for people with brains please.
    >>And less guns.

    The problem with that is the largest worldwide market is America. Famous for the opposite attributes.
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  • Wii Remote Jacket available now

  • thiswaynow 02/10/2007

    I'll be in my bunk. Reply 0
  • Deal or No Deal heading to DS

  • thiswaynow 20/07/2007

    I agree with all the above, this game is going to be fantastic. I'm off to pre-order now... Reply 0
  • Potter spells chart success

  • thiswaynow 03/07/2007

    The Wii Harry Potter game is actually not bad, not a classic, but there's some fun to be had levitating things about with the wii remote/wand Reply 0
  • Paper Mario and others dated

  • thiswaynow 21/06/2007

    Excellent news, really looking forward to RE4 (obviously), Trauma Center and Super Paper Mario. Still playing Mario Strikers all the time so the schedule fits me really well... the games I'm looking forward to are about 5 weeks apart, meaning I get good time with each. Perfect. Reply 0