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  • Dark Souls 2 to receive three-part episodic DLC

  • rechercheone 05/06/2014

    The trailer with high texture maps looks good...and misleading. The PC guys may get the high res maps but we console plebs would probably have to suffer lower res. to keep in line with "a consistent look and feel". I hope for a patch that increases resolution along with the DLC but it is not going to happen as the consoles are underpowered. Oh well.

    212 hours in, I still have not finished NG. Stopped at Demon of Song and I can't be arsed to carry on. I am tired of it at this stage as it is starting to plod on and be a grind fest. So, I am not chuffed by news of the DLCs. Stick a fork in the game and turn it over; it is done.

    I played and replayed Demon's Souls 5 times. Played and replayed Dark Souls 5 times. Although I mostly love Dark Souls 2, once it done, it is done. Time to move on. I didn't get the DLCs for Dark Souls. I don't support DLCs. Can anybody imagine reading a great novel or a great movie and then finding out at the end of it that the publisher means to add an epilogue to it? Kinda spoils the whole great oeuvre. When the story ends, it ends. Or else make the added-on chapters part of the original work to begin with.

    DLCs are a cynical way to squeeze out even more money of the fans of the property. If the original was lacking in anyway and the DLCs fill in the holes and make it better, then they should be provided for free or at minimal cost to the fans for supporting the work. At this price (EUR 24.99), it is price gouging.

    I don't have to buy it and I won't. It is a shambolic way to treat fans of the franchise.

    If this is the way to come for Project Beast, I am going to hold off on the first-day purchase until the air clears.

    Sorry for the rant.
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  • New iPad sells three million in three days

  • rechercheone 20/03/2012

    Spare a thought and a prayer for those overworked Chinese slaves at Foxconn. Do you think they will each get a fat bonus from their slave-driver Taiwanese-Chinese bosses? Not a chance in hell.

    3 million iPads translate to a production of 50 000 iPads a day over 60 days or 100 000 iPads in one day over 30 days. That's a lot of iPads.

    As Apple guns for sales and profits, I hope that it will be responsible and see to it that its sub-contractor, Foxconn, is treating its workers humanely and ethically.

    Share your profits with your workers, you money-grubbing Foxconn bastards.

    Rant over.

    P.S. I refuse to buy into the iPad frenzy. What does it really do?
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