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  • GTA5 takes on Trackmania in new GTA Online DLC

  • rechercheone 12/07/2016

    @GrimCreepr Naaah, 'stunning stunts' for me all the way. Bunch of cunning cu...furry kittens. Reply -1
  • Watch someone complete Dark Souls 3 without getting hit

  • rechercheone 05/07/2016

    Fair do to him but do guys like that have girlfriends? Reply 0
  • BioShock: The Collection finally announced

  • rechercheone 30/06/2016

    @prometheusnx You're not alone. I was close to finishing it but it got punishingly hard throwing everything at me...

    This generation has got so many remasters of last generation games. I guess all the good ideas got used up...I got 5 new games for the PS4: Bloodborne, MGSV. Witcher 3, FO4 and Dark Souls 3. Where are the new IPs?
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  • Characters from The Witcher, Zelda, Mario, Metroid and BioShock - beautifully re-imagined

  • rechercheone 29/06/2016

    Great stuff! Reply 0
  • Make sure to download Uncharted 4's 5GB patch

  • rechercheone 10/05/2016

    @riceNpea Keeping me lolly in me pocket for other games.

    And I don't own too many games. Something about choice, you know.

    My nose is pretty much intact, thank you.

    PS You can't install the second smaller bug fix patch without first installing the %Gb patch. Weapons Selector is pretty integral to SP gameplay, no? I don't know. It seems as if I am being punished for supporting the game. Based on my past few brushes with %Gb patches (Witcher 3, anyone?) I am folding.
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  • rechercheone 10/05/2016

    @dogmanstaruk Not complaining about the online MP aspect of it that I am not arsed about. 5Gb include SP campaign fixes. We don't have a choice. 5Gb or nothing. When you have a slow line you will know what we go through. It is agonising. Reply -2
  • rechercheone 10/05/2016

    Well, thanks for the warning. Order cancelled. With my slow line 5Gb data are going to take me 168 hours and right at the end, Your Update failed to update. Start over......

    Not gonna reward publishers with this sort of practice. Finish it or don't ship it. 5Gb is ridiculous when one is not on fibre.
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  • Dark Souls 3 guide

  • rechercheone 15/04/2016

    @Belmont135 If you're talking about FK there are 3 flames you need to extinguish before the door opens. Reply 0
  • Fallout 4 Wasteland Workshop DLC out next week

  • rechercheone 06/04/2016

    @ubergine My thoughts exactly. This and Automatron feel as if they are parts of the original content but trimmed just before release so that they can be resold to us as DLCs months down the road. They are not big enough to be DLCs.

    We paid full price and received 90% of the game.
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  • Fallout 4: Automatron DLC release date revealed

  • rechercheone 18/03/2016

    Did anyone notice the new trophies/achievements added for the DLC? Reply 0
  • Uncharted 4 release date delayed another two weeks

  • rechercheone 02/03/2016

    It's Dark Souls 3 stealing the march on UC4. Probably wise to space it out to give the launch the necessary impact or it would be lost in the wake of DS3. Reply -8
  • Fallout 4's new Survival difficulty sounds brilliant, doubles down on encumbrance

  • rechercheone 24/02/2016

    Should be able to customise the Survival Mode experience that the player wants. Survival features should be individually selectable. Not everybody likes all features of the ramped up Survival Mode. I'd like to keep Fast Travel While Encumbered Perk!

    Just saying that it should be as hard as you want Survival to be. Present level of Survival is fine by me. I would like to choose some aspects of the new Survival Mode but not all of them. Certain aspects may make the game tedious for me. But they should be selectable for those who want them all.
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  • Watch: Bloodborne's The Old Hunters is too hard for me

  • rechercheone 29/11/2015

    I watched someone complete it on YT. It is A LOT of DLC for the money. Certainly, I felt buyers got their money's worth and more. The DLC looked like it distilled the essence of Demon's Souls, Dark Souls and Bloodborne and stuffed them in a compact dense chockful of meat package. The Fisherman's Hamlet reminded me of the 5th Archstone of Demon's Souls, the Valley of Defilement. Lovely level design.

    But it looked crazy hard, harder than the base game as said in the posts above mine, and I doubt if I have the wherewithal for it. I'm fairly worn out by the environment of Bloodborne. Never completed it; couldn't beat Gehrman after more than 50 attempts. Deleted my character and promptly regretted it. Couldn't be arsed to begin all over.

    All DLCs should be made this way. Great value for money. It should be a 40-hour slog for me, given me pitiful skills.
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  • Huge 9GB patch paves the way for Bloodborne's expansion

  • rechercheone 21/11/2015

    I hope you all have fun with the DLC. I'm done with Bloodborne; there's nothing new in it for me that would excite me. I'll watch you folks play it on YT.

    I'll save the pounds and put them towards Dark Souls 3 in 2016.
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  • Yes, Fallout 4 can take a while to install on PS4 and Xbox One

  • rechercheone 13/11/2015

    @Mr.Gordons Hmm, I have a 500Gb Crucial MX100 SSD (a leftover from an unrealised laptop upgrading exercise) and I got halfway through Agility; took about 15 mins for a full installation. Perhaps you got a newer machine? Got mine back in March 2015. Reply 0
  • Does Metal Gear Solid 5's Eva costume DLC really have a "tactical advantage?"

  • rechercheone 21/10/2015

    Little better than horse armour then Reply 0
  • Xbox One gets its own limited edition Fallout 4 controller

  • rechercheone 21/10/2015

    Foogly oogly. Reply +1
  • Diablo 3 third anniversary adds cow level on PC, PS4, Xbox One

  • rechercheone 15/05/2015

    These puns are pretty cheesy. Gouda we get there? Reply +4
  • Bloodborne patch 1.03 released

  • rechercheone 26/04/2015

    @MrPomeroy I got a Crucial MX100 500Gb SSD from a laptop upgrading exercise that didn't materialise. So, I said What the hell and put it into the PS4 that I just got to play Bloodborne.

    I would suggest that you save your lolly and get the Seagate 1Tb SSHD hybrid drive for it. With the latest 1.03 patch the 500Gb SSD isn't palpably faster than the 1Tb SSHD hybrid, comparing the times to those posted by DF.

    The only advantage is that the PS4 seems to run quieter and cooler.

    If I hadn't already got the Crucial MX100 500Gb I would have upgraded the PS4 with the Seagate SSHD hybrid 1Tb.
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  • Dark Souls 2 to receive three-part episodic DLC

  • rechercheone 05/06/2014

    The trailer with high texture maps looks good...and misleading. The PC guys may get the high res maps but we console plebs would probably have to suffer lower res. to keep in line with "a consistent look and feel". I hope for a patch that increases resolution along with the DLC but it is not going to happen as the consoles are underpowered. Oh well.

    212 hours in, I still have not finished NG. Stopped at Demon of Song and I can't be arsed to carry on. I am tired of it at this stage as it is starting to plod on and be a grind fest. So, I am not chuffed by news of the DLCs. Stick a fork in the game and turn it over; it is done.

    I played and replayed Demon's Souls 5 times. Played and replayed Dark Souls 5 times. Although I mostly love Dark Souls 2, once it done, it is done. Time to move on. I didn't get the DLCs for Dark Souls. I don't support DLCs. Can anybody imagine reading a great novel or a great movie and then finding out at the end of it that the publisher means to add an epilogue to it? Kinda spoils the whole great oeuvre. When the story ends, it ends. Or else make the added-on chapters part of the original work to begin with.

    DLCs are a cynical way to squeeze out even more money of the fans of the property. If the original was lacking in anyway and the DLCs fill in the holes and make it better, then they should be provided for free or at minimal cost to the fans for supporting the work. At this price (EUR 24.99), it is price gouging.

    I don't have to buy it and I won't. It is a shambolic way to treat fans of the franchise.

    If this is the way to come for Project Beast, I am going to hold off on the first-day purchase until the air clears.

    Sorry for the rant.
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  • New iPad sells three million in three days

  • rechercheone 20/03/2012

    Spare a thought and a prayer for those overworked Chinese slaves at Foxconn. Do you think they will each get a fat bonus from their slave-driver Taiwanese-Chinese bosses? Not a chance in hell.

    3 million iPads translate to a production of 50 000 iPads a day over 60 days or 100 000 iPads in one day over 30 days. That's a lot of iPads.

    As Apple guns for sales and profits, I hope that it will be responsible and see to it that its sub-contractor, Foxconn, is treating its workers humanely and ethically.

    Share your profits with your workers, you money-grubbing Foxconn bastards.

    Rant over.

    P.S. I refuse to buy into the iPad frenzy. What does it really do?
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