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  • Number of PSN users hits 20 million

  • ralphwolfenstein 25/02/2009

    This number is massively unrepresentative, as it's suggesting that close to 100% of PS3's are connected to PSN, whereas the actual figure is most likely to be much less than the % of 360's connected to Live. And the spin is invariably what gets reported as fact:

    "However, nearly all PS3 owners claim a PSN account."

    This is clearly bullshit.

    The point that many PS3's have multiple accounts also counts for MS, so that's not the issue. But anyone with a connected PSP (installed base - tens of millions) also counts towards the total PSN number - so Sony are drawing on about double the total hardware install base to reach a comparable number of 'connected' users

    But the real sneaky part is where they say "Includes 'website' accounts" - as anyone who registers on any Sony website - playstation.com, killzone.com etc - also has to create a PSN account. Microsoft might as well assert that anyone with a passport account / hotmail is an Xbox Live user...
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  • Rez HD

  • ralphwolfenstein 30/01/2008

    It doesn't suprise me that a lot of people don't 'get' Rez. The worlds of art and media are dominated by lowest common denominator material - the Sun sells more than the Guardian, Harry Potter sells more than The Unconsoled, Transformers: The Movie takes more at the box office than Lust: Caution...

    Part of the problem is comparing it against other games - yes the 'gameplay' is simplistic, but the 'gameplay' is not really what makes Rez what it is. In fact, calling Rez a 'game' is a category mistake - this is certainly one of the worst reviews I've even seen on the site, since it doesn't remotely describe what I consider to be the best gaming 'experience' of the past 20 years. It has elements of classic score attack shooters, albeit incredibly easy ones, and the basic mechanic is superficially that of an on-rails shooter, but the review makes no referecne to the fundamental Rez experience which is synching your actions to the music, playing for style rather than points

    Of course, if you're not musical (or missing part of a soul perhaps?) I doubt this approach would even occur, and even if it was spelt out to you I doubt it would make much sense. Simply play Rez like a 'game' and jot down the core mechanics, and it does little to distinguish itself from any comparable shooter, despite the seamless execution

    Naturally the typical counter argument is that this is all highly pretentious twaddle. Step forward, Daily Mail readers
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  • ralphwolfenstein 30/01/2008

    "Rez is a... game"

    stop right there young man...

    "And the music. The music is important"

    That Pope dude? Quite pious...

    "a wireframe Panzer Dragoon"

    oh behave
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  • Xbox 360 vs. PS3 Face-Off: Round Five

  • ralphwolfenstein 08/11/2007

    "Equivalent shots from both versions of each game are then extracted for your critical pleasure, both at 720p and if the PS3 version supports it, 1080p"

    I feel a delicious ripple of irony each and every time I read that bit
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  • Wii outsells PS3 by 3 to 1

  • ralphwolfenstein 03/09/2007

    The relative gap is narrowing, but in real numbers, Wii continues to pull further and further ahead

    But then it wouldn't be Eurogamer without a strapline that was sensationalist, obtuse, deliberately misleading or just plain wrong would it?
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  • Halo 3

  • ralphwolfenstein 06/08/2007

    Y'know, I don't think The Guardian's code of ethics lets you edit published articles on the fly without at least acknowledging the 'corrections' Reply 0
  • More 360 price cut talk

  • ralphwolfenstein 01/08/2007

    "fresh scans"

    Does 2 days old still count as fresh?
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  • SEGA Rally - Captured footage 1

  • ralphwolfenstein 31/07/2007

    Yup. Those skies are blue all right Reply 0
  • Xbox Live to charge for demos?

  • ralphwolfenstein 31/07/2007

    Heh, whislt I was composing that last post, the usual village idiots have chipped in with predictably stupid comments such as:

    the difference is that there is now a risk of more and more demos creeping onto the 'exclusive OXM' list for longer and longer, possible permanently. Its potentially the first step towards something quite horrible

    which misunderstands the relationship between MS, Publisher, Future and Consumer so spectacularly it's put a smile back on my cynical old face

    No Publisher is ever going to charge you for demos. No one's ripping you off. The only people being slightly greedy here are OXM for trying to get you to pay for their content online instead of via a store. But it won't work, as no publisher will give them exclusive content, and all this will be forgotten in weeks until some Sony executive spins it in their next outburst off corporate willy waving bullshit :)
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  • ralphwolfenstein 31/07/2007

    Let's discect this one shall we?

    EG Headline screams: "Xbox Live to charge for demos?"

    When in fact, the article then points out that all demos marked for Xbox Live will in fact remain free. A bit like the OPPOSITE of the headline.

    This is an interesting one too:

    "Along with its British counterpart, its coverdiscs sometimes host playable demo content that's held back from general Xbox Live Marketplace release in order to stimulate sales"

    AFAIK, the only reason that some demos are exclusive to magazines before they appear on Live is because for logistical reasons, the publisher submits demo code to the magazine before they do to Marketplace, so it stands to reason that some demos will appear on a covermount first. No grand conspiracy, no under the table deals. I can't think of an OXM covermounted demo that wasn't also freely available on Xbox Live, and I can't think of any publisher who, if they had a great game demo, would be stupid enough to try and charge for it. Publishers fall over themseleves to promote their demos, whether that be via Maketplace or as a covermount - trying to extract revenue from it is not a viable strategy. If there are exmamples in the US, chances are they are the exceptions that prove the rule

    It looks like OXM are just trying to monetise that window of exclusivity, when they get it, on Live as well - which is their prerogative I guess, but will only succeed in pissing people off at best and cannibalising magazine sales at worst.

    The sugegstion that OXM will secure lifetime exclusives is, in fact, merely speculation on EG's part and if you look at the source in more detail you will see the OXM staff playing down the demo issue in a number of repsonses to the community by stating that exclusivity is likely to be timed only (for the reasons above). No sensible publisher is ever going to charge for a demo, since by limiting the potential audience it defeats the (extremely expensive) object of creating them
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  • Games definitely not art - Ebert

  • ralphwolfenstein 23/07/2007


    'moist games'

    hmm, moist...
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  • ralphwolfenstein 23/07/2007

    Teenage Capcom Fanboys vs. Critical Establishment debate the nature of art. 'Could go either way' says passing imbecile

    Okami, ICO, Rez etc. all expected to give evidence, defence's leaked notes suggest following lines of argument

    Rez uses stylised wireframe graphics therefore IS ART
    Okami is cel shaded and you use a paintbrush and IS ART
    ICO has haunting music and when i hear the gulls and see the horizon I feel sad and i cry so IT MUST BE ART

    FFS people
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  • Sony: "We don't buy exclusivity"

  • ralphwolfenstein 04/07/2007

    Just laughable. Every time someone senior at Sony opens their mouth, raw bullshit and/or mind numbing drivel tumbles out

    I'm sure Sony would love to have bought GTA exclusvity, even if just for a limited period, but the fact is they simply cannot afford to match whatever MS offer. The trailing platform owner needs to offer more upfront to secure exclusivity in order to offset the lost revenue the 3rd party publisher will incur by selling to a lower install base. Right now, the 360 market is where publishers' next-gen revenues are coming from - you'd have to stump up a considerable fee to compensate for that. If MS put in a counter offer for a 3rd party title, as they did for GTAIV, they quickly price Sony off the table

    Outside Japan, Sony could not afford to buy a meaningful 3rd party exlusive if they wanted to. Why they feel the need to put this painfully transparent spin on it just makes them look even more incompetent
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  • MS explains Halo viral campaign

  • ralphwolfenstein 18/06/2007

    To be fair, it's you the press that seem to insist on calling it a viral...

    And secondly, if it doesn't tell you what the product is about, then it isn't marketing full stop, let alone what you quaintly refer to as 'viral'

    From this side of the fence, it looks like another excellent grass roots campaign which you, the rest of the media, and every individual who posts below me are more than happy to blindly whip into a resounding success...

    And I do like the way you charge for advertising space, yet you're more than happy to stick this particular advert on the front page for free. Isn't that what the new media trade press is for?

    Halo 3 marketing campaign: better than Halo ;¬)
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  • Gears' new Achievements in full

  • ralphwolfenstein 14/06/2007

    Nice to see their achievements are about as inspired and original as their character design and art direction... Reply 0
  • Elite Beat Agents out next month

  • ralphwolfenstein 06/06/2007

    "Only eight months after the US"


    Honor - honour

    Localized - localised

    It all takes time y'know...
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  • GAME refuses Oblivion PS3

  • ralphwolfenstein 27/04/2007

    heh, classic handbags, probably to do with piles of Ubi stock that GAME can't shift that Ubi are refusing to accept returns on

    I hate retail :)
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  • Earth Defence Force 2017

  • ralphwolfenstein 05/04/2007

    oh and FAO Gillen

    Company of Heroes sequel announced, in case you didn't know

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  • ralphwolfenstein 05/04/2007

    Review of the year so far

    Not that I feel good about inflating that smug canute's ego any further..
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  • Wii beating PS3 2-to-1 in Japan

  • ralphwolfenstein 04/04/2007

    This made me chuckle - according to the original article on GI, "It would appear that the gap between Sony and Nintendo is narrowing" because, "previously... the ratio of Wii to PS3 units sold was four to one"

    So the gap is actually still widening, just not as quickly ;)
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  • PS3 sales down 82 per cent

  • ralphwolfenstein 03/04/2007


    deary me - the chart track figures are official. A massive opening weekend followed by a sharp drop-off is absolutely in-line with industry expectations of the PS3 launch, especially given the bountiful stock situation - there's no 'conspiracy'

    and thanks to the big N's reluctance to release hardware this FY, it means the PS3 is still 2007's best-selling home console in the UK after just two weeks on sale...
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  • ralphwolfenstein 03/04/2007

    Chart track is an interesting beast. In its weekly commentary it 'officially' declared PS3's opening weekend sales of 165,000, but this figure was in fact an extrapolated figure based on Chart Track's assumed market coverage (only 85% when it comes to hardware, less than the 90% they boast on software)

    (Before you cry 'foul' - Chart Track historically do this at console launches - they afforded Microsoft and Nintendo the same favour with the 360 and Wii respectively)

    Nonetheless, if you look at the 'official' figures in the Chart Track hardware report, you'll see the PS3's actual recorded opening weekend sales (I'm sure you can do the maths - what's 85% of 165k?)

    The 82% drop actually refers to the drop in recorded, not extrapolated sales - so, PS3 sales this week were actually 18% of that recorded opening weekend figure (the one that's already quite a lot less than 165,000)...

    Of course, the point of extrapolating figures is... well, so you get closer to the actual true figure. So in fact, PS3 almost certainly did sell 165,000 in the opening weekend, shifted another 30k odd this week, and is close to 200K mark already. It's already outsold the 360 this year for instance

    If ongoing weekly sales of the two formats stay the same as last week's, PS3 will overtake 360's install base in about 80 weeks time (or around Christmas 2008). In reality, PS3 sales will most likely drop over successive weeks before settling at a point similar or lower than the 360’s, at least until the price comes down

    But of course, Microsoft can afford a price drop this summer as they re-align the Core and Premium editions with the arrival of the Elite (£170, £220, £270 respectively?), so one would expect the 360 to increase the weekly sales gap from this point onwards

    PS3 will not be able to compete this Christmas at a £425 price point, since GTA IV is available on the 360, and MGS4 is not a sufficient mass-market killer APP (if it even remains exclusive). PS3 will almost certainly drop to £300 by October, maybe £325 or £350 with some kind of bundle. I suspect this price cut plus the advent of rumbling, wireless, sixaxis pads as standard at the same time will irritate the PS3 early adopoters almost as much as the Elite 360 has irritated the Xbox faithful ;)

    just my two pence mind ;)
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  • Colin McRae: DIRT - Trailer

  • ralphwolfenstein 29/03/2007


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  • MotoGP '07 announced

  • ralphwolfenstein 27/02/2007

    Climax are developing it, albeit for the last time due to the BVG buyout. Hopefully (as a swan song for the series) they'll make this the best yet... Reply 0
  • Record US sales for Sony in Jan

  • ralphwolfenstein 22/02/2007

    Ooh, we can all play this game... how about

    PlayStation: 3rd

    PlayStation 3 Falls Further Behind

    Plentiful Stock Fails To Drive PS3 Sales

    'At least we did better than Japan' say Sony top brass through gritted teeth
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  • Ikaruga on Live Arcade?

  • ralphwolfenstein 14/02/2007


    There are, in fact, six reasons why it probably wouldn't/couldn't happen (and you listed none of them)

    But there is one very good reason why it will
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  • ralphwolfenstein 14/02/2007

    I've said it [link=http://www.eurogamer.net/article_discussion.php?article_id=63550&comment_start=0">once

    I've said it twice

    I've said it
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  • Microsoft responds to Watchdog

  • ralphwolfenstein 14/02/2007

    I'm on my 3rd 360 in 12 months and it needs replacing


    I've lost 3 of my last 12 months of Xbox Live Gold because the damn thing's been in the repair shop
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  • S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Last man standing

  • ralphwolfenstein 12/02/2007

    Some proper gameplay footage of actual combat at last - and that looks awesome! Reply 0
  • Halo 3

  • ralphwolfenstein 12/02/2007

    Wow, he tried to remain tight lipped, but that brutal, incisive questioning broke him in the end...

    How did you come up with the new weapons?

    "Our game designers decided what they did, and our art designers decided what they looked like"

    And will there be a good story?

    "Yes. Yes there will."

    And what about characters? Can you tell us more?

    "We will have characters too."

    oh and:

    "You do leave footprints that can be tracked for a few seconds before they fade away"

    teh real next gen!
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  • THQ wavering on 23rd March Stalker date

  • ralphwolfenstein 08/02/2007

    Er... there has been no official release date announcement for Stalker, I just checked their press site. I'm not sure Amazon.co.uk counts as an official source...

    They've probably just moved it away from the PS3 launch in Europe, so I'd guess either the 16th or 30th. THQ's FY ends in March, and if it slips out of the quarter they'd have to inform the 'city' (or whatever Americans call it)

    Plus all the recent previews have been pretty positive, there's even a review(!) in a magazine in Luxembourg and their online ads are bloody everywhere

    Hmm... crossing my fingers - my 2002 Play.com pre-order still stands at least - do NOT want this to be delayed though

    Still, I'm feeling a bit smug as I just just got my Beta key today, which apparently starts sometime next week :)
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  • S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl

  • ralphwolfenstein 05/02/2007

    According to IGN's preview of (I assume) the same build, you can equip various artifacts in 5 belt slots which affect your character's stats - e.g. boost health at the expense of accuracy etc. and there are a load of different types of body armour with variable attributes, so some RPG elements are still there by the looks of things Reply 0
  • Crackdown - Achievements

  • ralphwolfenstein 02/02/2007

    This is my most wanted 360 game of 2007 Reply 0
  • MS states rules for gamerpoints

  • ralphwolfenstein 02/02/2007

    How much you care about your gamerscore is how you will be judged come the revolution. The more MS do to regulate them, the more meaningful they will become, and therefore less useful as what they currently are - a barometer for obsessive compulsive disorder

    Please let publisher's continue to offer the full 1000 points for merely booting up a kids title. Let the gamerwhores froth their rage acrosss the internet, and as they do so, let them glimpse their own reflection in the monitor and ask themselves where their lives went so wrong...

    If unbalanced gamerscore thresholds make people buy crappy games just so they can harvest points, I'd say those people deserved to be robbed of every last little penny
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  • Supreme Commander - Smack talking Devs

  • ralphwolfenstein 25/01/2007

    Arf! Reply 0
  • Metaboli to offer MMO

  • ralphwolfenstein 24/01/2007

    GOD is different to D2D. GOD is subscription based, D2D is a digital purchase Reply 0
  • Supreme Commander - Opening Cinematic

  • ralphwolfenstein 10/01/2007

    "TA intro!"

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  • Eurogamer's Top 50 Games of 2006: 40 - 31

  • ralphwolfenstein 26/12/2006

    CoH was the highest scoring game on Metacritic this year... It's like missing Apocalypse Now off a '100 Best Films of All Time' list because no one on the panel had ever heard of it... I understand the 'this is our top 50, it's not meant to be definitive" position, but then if you're saying your role as self-appointed videogame critics is based on nothing more than a cursory knowledge of the output you're supposed to be writing, and informing, about; or that your opinions are so subjective they can't be given any real weight anyway, why bother scoring and reviewing games in the first place? Why expect your readers to bother reading those reviews?

    Can you imagine a panel of film critics sitting down to talk about the films of the year, and failing to mention Pan's Labyrinth because only one of them had seen it, and even though it was hyped to high heaven and praised by everyone who'd seen it, the remaining critics had decided that they weren't going to waste time watching it for fear of eating into valuable 'Happy Feet' reviewing time?!?!

    hell, why not ask your office cleaner, or the bloke next door what their GoTY was if it's just an 'opinion' thing?

    usually I'm all in favour of the argument for subjectivism in reviews, but I should probably add the condition that it's only okay to be subjective so long as you've done your sodding homework...
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  • Christmas number one!

  • ralphwolfenstein 19/12/2006

    I guessed :)

    forgot to place bet though :(
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  • 325k Wiis sold in two days

  • ralphwolfenstein 13/12/2006

    "Well done, Nintendo!"

    Er, no. Shame on them for shipping barely half the number of consoles to Europe as they did to the US, despite the territories being virtually the same size. They hate you, and don't you forget it ;)

    "Europe now has the largest DS user base in the world at 8.5 million, in fron of North Amreica at 8 million."

    13 million in Japan...
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  • XNA launches fully

  • ralphwolfenstein 12/12/2006

    An idiots guide to this would be muchly appreciated... Reply 0
  • Wii Launch UK photos

  • ralphwolfenstein 08/12/2006

    An almost stalker-like photo-document of one shaggy-haired individual from every conceivable angle there... did you develop some kind of wierd crush Pat? Reply 0
  • Gears to become a trilogy?

  • ralphwolfenstein 21/11/2006

    OMFG! Succesful game to spawn sequel! Scoop of the century guys...

    Here're some more for you:

    Halo: Prelude - 'We're stopping at 3"? I don't think so!

    Final Fantasy: XIII (actually, this may have been announced... actually, this may even be out... I lose track, but fuck it, you get the point)

    Next Gen Zelda! (I mean the REAL next gen)

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  • Gears of War to do a million?

  • ralphwolfenstein 17/11/2006

    Gears will do about 200,000 in the UK - highest seller to date is PGR3, just shy of 200k, followed by Ghost Recon, CoD 2, Saints Row and Oblivion (in that order)

    It will do a million in the US alone
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  • The 12 Games of Xbox

  • ralphwolfenstein 15/11/2006

    Where is Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath? Alongside Halo, Rez and Ico, my favourite game of the past generation, and one of the most technically and aesthetically stunning games ever made - obscenely beautiful

    Its '9' scores in Edge and gamesTM were well deserved - if you're looking for a real lost treasure on Xbox, this is it
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  • Call of Duty 3

  • ralphwolfenstein 09/11/2006

    "Actually I think it's just a mistake, we don't do reviews that are more than 2 pages..."

    I was more referring to the other offenders ;)
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  • ralphwolfenstein 09/11/2006

    "3 pages? is that so we see more call of duty 3 ads?"


    To be fair, EG are one of the least offensive sites in this regard. IGN typically spread big game reviews over 5- 7 pages, and each screenshot view counts as a page view

    It's all designed to butter up the site stats in order to fool media buyers who haven't done their research properly by actually looking at their target media...
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  • Gears of War

  • ralphwolfenstein 07/11/2006

    An EG 8 is as good as any of those scores

    I think criticising a game for 10 hours solo playtime is odd though - I want to be able to finish it!"
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  • Zelda: The Twilight Princess

  • ralphwolfenstein 03/11/2006

    wow! Reply 0
  • Supreme Commander - Chris Taylor interview

  • ralphwolfenstein 23/10/2006

    Well, it has a bit more info at least (+ Chris Taylor getting excitable) but the E3 trailer is the daddy

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