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  • The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

  • mystic_mick 15/05/2006

    Am i the only person who thinks this game looks like the best looking game visually of the current gen? I'm really impressed i would take this games art direction and beauty over the latest shiny game. Good point.

    I thought the original Cube game-play video's were too good to be true, perhaps Ninty were fooling us with Wii graphics for Cube demo's?
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  • mystic_mick 15/05/2006

    Great article Mathew. I would like to add, Ninty fans are fooling themselves when they think old IPs with old gaming mechanics are the future. Using the Wiimote to slash. Haha. Reply 0
  • Wii gets Super Mario Galaxy

  • mystic_mick 10/05/2006

    Oh god, it's mystic meg. I thought I'd put that tard on ignore.

    Everyone together now: *click* I bet it would take more than a click with the stupid wiimote.
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  • mystic_mick 10/05/2006

    The gfx are the same as mario64. Reply 0
  • E3 2006 Nintendo press conference

  • mystic_mick 10/05/2006

    Just watched this presentation - I'm no Ninty fanboy, so I speak with complete freedom :D I didnt see anything that would make me want to buy this piss poor name of a console.

    I couldnt give a stuff about Mario and countless Jap style games. I dont want to swing my bloody arm around trying to play tennis... I am not asking for exercise when playing videogames!! Christ.

    Yes, good on them for trying something a little daring but it'd be nice to play some original and well crafted games, something none of the contenders seem to have hit on. As for the annoying corporate mumbo, please save me ;)

    If I loved the games Nintendo has been rehashing for the past billion years I might want to buy a new console and play them with a new controller and slightly better graphics. But I dont.

    I'm in total agreement with T4RG4 comment, the guy is spot on.
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  • mystic_mick 10/05/2006

    What idiot is going to play games with that stupid controller? The PS3 has already won the next gen race, by creating a dual shock controller with similar capabilities as the wiimote, "That was absolute genius." Reply 0
  • Nintendo talks WiiConnect24

  • mystic_mick 10/05/2006

    So the wii is open to downloadable virus's? And what if some clever shite visits your town on A/C and pinches all your fruit? Reply 0
  • GTA4 for PS3 and X360

  • mystic_mick 10/05/2006

    There's plenty of time for sony to give rockstar a bung to put a stop to the simultaneous launch. Will the PS3 be ready in 18 months? From what I've seen at E3 the PS3 is years from completion. Reply 0
  • PSP on track for 6m US sales?

  • mystic_mick 21/12/2005

    It's obvious that the PSP is leading the kiddy DS. Nintendo have stated the've sold 8.83 million DS systems worldwide, Sony say they have shipped 10 million. The rest of the PSPs that have been shipped will be sold before Xmas. Ninty fanboys say "The DS is whipping the PSPs arse." And when the PSP whips the DSs arse they'll say "But the DS isn't in direct competition with the PSP."

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  • Revolution to be '2.5 times more powerful than Cube'

  • mystic_mick 09/12/2005

    @kangarootoo, well I think the success of the rubbish DS has went to Ninty's head. You can get away with crap graphics on a handheld machine, but the next generation of consoles are geared to be used in our living rooms on HDTVs. Multi-media hubs is what the Xbox 360 and the PS3 will be (are) in the case of the 360, not just a gaming console.

    Everyone goes on about how Ninty make the best innovating games etc. Well my opinion is different, if we look at the 3 major console developers, I'd say that Nintendo were in the Stone Age, the Caveman of the consoles. Microsoft would be in Victorian times, the Industrial Revolution. And Sony would be way ahead and into the future of consoles.

    What will the Revolution offer gamers?

    Games with the same old IPs, where's the innovation? The Revolution controller will have to be something special to make people sit up and take notice. The Ninty fanbois use the fact that the Cube is more powerful than the PS2 when they argue about graphics, then they say "Games are all about game play." When it's a Cube verses Xbox debate.

    Ninty should pour all their resources into handheld gaming and leave the home console market to the people who know what they are doing.
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  • mystic_mick 09/12/2005

    @Malakhai, What's all this I thought we were going to ignore people like mystic_mick malarkey? Reply 0
  • mystic_mick 08/12/2005

    Ninty have been given a false sense of security with that dual screen thingamajig. I bet Micro$oft and Sony have been buying the machine to make Ninty think it's doing well. Making the Rev 2.5 X more powerful than the Cube only makes it on a par with the PS2 and Xbox, I bet this news has both Sony and M$ laughing their tits off. Who wants to look stupid playing last gen graphics with a remote control? I'm surprised that Ninty haven't come up with a little plastic toy telly to combat HDTV. Reply 0
  • Natasha Bedingfield: EA's latest Bond girl

  • mystic_mick 10/11/2005

    She's a dog, i'd rather shag her brother. Reply 0
  • SmackDown! Versus Raw 2006

  • mystic_mick 10/11/2005

    Bea smith & steve bruce arn't in smackdown Vs raw. Reply 0
  • mystic_mick 10/11/2005

    I agree with most of EG's reviews, but I feel that they just hate wrestling games. I wouldn't go as far as calling them crap. Reply 0
  • mystic_mick 10/11/2005

    7/10 This game is worth at least a 9/10. Why do you guy's hate WWE games? Reply 0
  • Nintendo gives away TV remote

  • mystic_mick 10/11/2005

    Soon nintendo will be giving their consoles away cos nobody wants them. Reply 0
  • 360 price cuts promised

  • mystic_mick 20/09/2005

    360 price cuts promised? " Christopher Columbus " I think I'll just wait for the first price cut. Europeans are subsidising the 360 so Microsoft can get a foothold in Japan. An Xbox 360 with the Live 'Gold Package' a wireless Ethernet bridge, an extra pad and a few games will cost the best part of 500. And what do Microsoft offer us? A couple of games from Rare Whoopy Doo! Rare are so last generation, sorry the generation before that. I say " Boycott the 360 unil it retails for 99.99. " Microsoft will never be skint, they can afford to lose billions. Reply 0
  • Revolution controller - not remotely what we expected

  • mystic_mick 18/09/2005

    Let's get back on topic, topic is my girlfriends nickname as she loves the chocolate, nougat and hazelnut bar.

    Toonster, I was only being sarcastic, I think the Rev controller is great. In all honesty I didn't think we'd see the Revolution. I thought the Gamecube would have been Nintendo's last home console. What I can't understand, is that Sony and Microsoft have went head to head battling it out, fighting for supremacy over which console will have the best graphics, more power etc. And Nintendo create a bigger stir by showing a controller, no games, no hardware specs, just a controller. Bloody amazing.
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  • mystic_mick 18/09/2005

    How did you do that Kami? :) Reply 0
  • mystic_mick 18/09/2005

    Does it have a rumble? Reply 0
  • mystic_mick 18/09/2005

    Was Kami working on the Revolution controller? Or did he go ahead and get the penis enlargement he's alway been promising himself? Which ever one it was, the good news is, they both use extensions. :) Reply 0
  • mystic_mick 18/09/2005

    So Nintendo's new controller for the N6 " Wait for it " Is a piece of dog turd. And the fanboys gather and say....

    NintyBob: At first I thought it was a piece of shit, but now I've seen the video I think it's very innovating. \o/

    Mario_Smith: Those crazy guy's at Nintendo have done it again, who'd of thought of using the sense of smell to work a gamepad. :)

    Yoshi-Man: No way man, this won't work, was my first reaction. But what better way to play EA games than with the Dog Turd Controller. The N6 will shit on the PS4 and Xbox 720 from a high height.

    Arthurbraincell: i can't wait to get my hands on it, i was so excited when i heard the news, i picked up a fresh dog turd in the street and began shooting people with it. Well done Nintendo, very brave.
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  • mystic_mick 17/09/2005

    Revolution? 'REVOLTING' more like. What a load of rubbish. Reply 0
  • X360 Oblivion benefits from HDD

  • mystic_mick 22/08/2005

    The irony?
    /wanks at tengu
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  • mystic_mick 22/08/2005

    We can thank tengu, for bringing to the attention of the mods. Now we've lost one our bestest posters in the comments section. :o( Reply 0
  • mystic_mick 22/08/2005

    Xavier_B_OXford, The Xb360 will be the gayest console ever. It will retail for 99 before the PS3 is launched and still nobody will buy it. Well only the gay-gamers will. The PS3 will sell more units in the first week of release than what the puffbox has sold in all the previous months. Even the Fisher Price Ninty machine will have more power than the M$ junk box. Reply 0
  • Proper widescreen for PS2 Resi 4

  • mystic_mick 15/08/2005

    If ever was a comment asking for a fight, that was it. My advise to everyone is - ignore the git. He clearly knows nothing.

    Aysir, my friend. " I've forgot more than what you know. " :)
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  • mystic_mick 15/08/2005

    I'm really excited about this game, with all these extras it makes me think!!!! Just how shit was the gamecube version anyway? Reply 0
  • MediEvil: Resurrection

  • mystic_mick 11/08/2005

    I'm getting a bit sick of people comparing the DS with the more superior PSP. I enjoyed playing on my Master System more than I do playing my PS2, but that doesn't make the MS a better machine. Ok the DS has a better catalogue of games at present, but just you wait. Soon the PSP will rule, Rockstar will rock it and Konami will kick it, as for the DS you can stick it. :o) Reply 0
  • Japanese adults prefer DS to PSP

  • mystic_mick 28/06/2005

    Why all the anti comments? Nintendo have been feeding us the same shit for years. Stupid cute characters with Crayola colours. It's time Nintendo introduced new IPs, there's been 118 Mario games and you could count the ones that's been any good on one hand. Nintendo have lost their inovation, cute graphics don't put me off games. I'm currently playing Conker on the Xbox, which is too mature for an Nintendo console. Reply 0
  • mystic_mick 27/06/2005

    This proves that HANDHELDS are for kids. Reply 0
  • mystic_mick 27/06/2005

    The NDS has only sold 1 million more units than the PSP in Japan and it's been out a lot longer. The PSP will wipe the floor with the NDS when it arrives in England. Reply 0
  • Glamour models rides 187

  • mystic_mick 27/06/2005

    I'd still have a wank over badly rendered babes. :/ Reply 0
  • mystic_mick 27/06/2005

    I see the game is too adult for the Cube. Reply 0
  • Halo 3 rumours emerge

  • mystic_mick 20/06/2005

    Split arse reporting of the highest order. Eurogamer ='The new SpOng'. :( Reply 0
  • MS warns of X360 shortages

  • mystic_mick 07/06/2005

    You silly people, this is the 360 that we're talking about, everybody wants one. This isn't a publicity stunt like M$ pulled with the Xbox, I believe that M$ will achieve their goal of a Billion Xbox 360 sales worldwide. Reply 0
  • FIFA Street

  • mystic_mick 23/03/2005

    This game rocks, it's much better than Sega Soccer Slam and it's got real players. Fifa Street and NFSU2 are my favourite EA games at the moment, why does everybody complain? I think you're all nutz. Reply 0
  • UK Charts: NFSU2 continues record stint at No.1

  • mystic_mick 25/01/2005

    NFSU2 is great, it should be at the top. Reply 0
  • Resident Evil 4

  • mystic_mick 25/01/2005

    Laugh at me when I'm playing Resident Evil 4 as Dante. And to be labelled thick from someone that comes from Doncaster, has to be a joke. andrewfromdoncaster aka andrewfromdumbcaster. Reply 0
  • mystic_mick 25/01/2005

    I don't think it's worth the embarrassment of owning a Gamecube for 1 decent game, I'll be waiting for the PS2 version. The PS2 will be the best version, the PS2 has more power and Capcom will put extras into the game. I'm surprised Nintendo didn't insist on Mario getting the lead role in Resi 4, the Presidents daughter could of been Peach. This game won't make the top 20 in the UK games chart on the Cube, most of the 10 people that own a Cube will have imported it by now. Reply -3
  • Cube Games To Watch in 2005

  • mystic_mick 09/01/2005

    One thing I can thank the cube for, is not selling enough Capcom games. I can't wait for Viewtiful Joe 2 and Resi 4 on the PS2. Better graphics and faster loading times, 2005 is yet another year to own the PS2. Reply 0
  • mystic_mick 06/01/2005

    I have alreay predicted the death of the Cube, the same games with the same names isn't going to change things. Joe public wants new games with new names, mature titles not kiddie rubbish. Just take a look at the Xbox titles, HL2, Doom3, Far Cry, even the clever guy's at eurogamer are telling us that the cube needs Forza Motorsport and Doom III. " Wake up Nintendumb and smell the ashes. " Reply 0
  • EA plans Xbox 2 versions of Battlefield and Black

  • mystic_mick 18/11/2004

    I think it's Nintendo who want to stop bringing out old games, who would want to play another Mario or Zelda....? Reply 0
  • PlayStation Portable pricing, launch line-up, battery life unveiled

  • mystic_mick 28/10/2004

    Keep it up IronGiant, your not far behind. Reply 0
  • mystic_mick 28/10/2004

    Flying Pig Wrote: Hopefully now all the Tards'll keep stop winging about the battery life and price.

    That will be the day, when pigs fly.
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  • mystic_mick 28/10/2004

    Ok Kurbster enlighten us, what can that heap of shite do? Reply 0
  • mystic_mick 28/10/2004

    I can't wait for one of these beauties. The price is fantasic it makes the $149.99 for a DS (dip stick) look ridiculous. The European launch is in march according to IGN. Reply 0
  • Nintendo's Q1 line-up for Cube, GBA

  • mystic_mick 28/10/2004

    Another case of doom and gloom. I agree Kengro the PSP can do a lot more than the silly little Cube. Reply 0
  • ATI comments hint at progress on Xbox 2

  • mystic_mick 09/09/2004

    Well the Xennon is bound to have the best graphics chip. Just look at the shit one that Ati put in the Cube. Reply 0