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  • Gravity Rush Review

  • muddyyfunster 25/05/2012

    what is it with the Japanese and crap fonts? It's like everything is written in notepad. Reply -10
  • Cute iOS app Childhood's End back online after Pedobear mix-up

  • muddyyfunster 07/04/2012

    @soviet_ Yes! This is exactly what I first thought of. Yet another Brass Eye parody of the 90's actually comes to pass.

    I hear they smell like hammers.
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  • Mythos Global open beta date

  • muddyyfunster 09/01/2012

    Mythos is a Greek larger. Now if it was Carlsberg on the other hand... Reply 0
  • Digital Foundry vs. PS3 Skyrim Lag

  • muddyyfunster 03/12/2011

    Fantastic article and exactly the sort of consumer advice DF should be doing. My only (though significant) complaint is why didn't you directly contact Bethesda for comment? A major industry website will always exert more pressure than a 1000 posts by 'normal' gamers on their forum.

    I have both consoles and originally bought the PS3 version. After 30hours I saw identical serious lag issues. I would have persevered but the original DF face-off was published the same day I hit problems. Subsequently reading reports of PS3 gamers having identical problems with the Fallout games convinced me it wasn't going to be easily fixable. Frustrated at losing 30hrs I traded in my PS3 copy for the 360 version instead (first use my xbox has had since New Vegas). Glad I did, now 75hrs in and no issues - do you still want a copy of save?

    Please don't let this die, the fact that the PS3 version was released so broken and STILL reviewed so highly is symptomatic of serious issues in the industry at the moment.
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