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  • John Riccitiello out as CEO of EA

  • meanmrmustard 18/03/2013

    @Acquiescence More likely fired because of TOR. Reply 0
  • Saints Row 4 release date announced, debut trailer revealed

  • meanmrmustard 15/03/2013

    Yay, more Kinzie! Reply 0
  • Microsoft's 64GB Surface Pro has just 23GB usable storage

  • meanmrmustard 30/01/2013

    @hippyjump Advertising a device as having almost 3 times the space than what it actually has, I'd say that's pretty good grounds for hate. Reply +10
  • Behold the amazing unlicensed Chinese World of Warcraft amusement park

  • meanmrmustard 16/01/2013

    Fun fact, It's actually an unlicensed Warhammer theme park. :P Reply +2
  • Borderlands Legends iOS shooter revealed, out this month

  • meanmrmustard 23/10/2012

    @MrTomFTW Good point, still feel sorry for Vita owners like yourself, hardware wise I feel it's some of the best and well priced (considering the manufacturing consts) out there, shame it's getting so little love. If you gave me a portable Demon's Souls, a portable fallout and portable Borderlands 2 would be enough to get me to buy that thing and not be too fussed even if no other games came out for it. Reply 0
  • meanmrmustard 22/10/2012

    "I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of Vita-owners suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. I fear something terrible has happened." Reply +3
  • Quake 4 UK PC and Xbox 360 re-release details revealed

  • meanmrmustard 25/04/2012

    I'd be happier if they just let me register my cd key from the original release with steam. Reply 0
  • PETA condemns brutal Battlefield 3 rat stabbing

  • meanmrmustard 09/11/2011

    Just wait till they hear about the attack dogs strapped with C4 in MW3 Reply +1
  • Sony: stolen user/pass info not from us

  • meanmrmustard 13/10/2011

    Lastpass, use it, love it. Reply 0
  • Sony Ericsson: No need for Xperia Play 2

  • meanmrmustard 06/09/2011

    I'm perfectly happy with the Xperia Play 1 as it is anyway, I have it as my portable emulating device and a bit of galaxy on fire but apart from that hopefully the Vita will serve any other portable gaming needs I might have. Reply 0
  • Skyrim Collector's Edition detailed

  • meanmrmustard 06/08/2011

    If it was a pewter statue I'd be all over it even at £130, but PVC that's crazy price and this is coming from someone who both collects dragon statues and bum loves the Elder Scrolls games hard Reply 0
  • Five mins of Final Fantasy Type-0

  • meanmrmustard 20/07/2011

    I think I'll get the digital edition in preparation for my PSVita I just hope it isn't stupidly priced on the playstation store. It will be stupidly overpriced on the playstation store. Reply 0
  • PC exclusive cyberpunk FPS Hard Reset

  • meanmrmustard 14/07/2011

    Looking forward to not finally having a new FPS game where I don't have to dig into the .cfg/.ini file in order to de-consolise it. Reply 0
  • Wii U a "natural match" for Angry Birds

  • meanmrmustard 14/07/2011

    Or you could buy a copy of boom blox and play a better older and yet somewhat familiar game instead Reply +2
  • Ubisoft "extremely limited" by PS3, 360

  • meanmrmustard 07/07/2011

    Hardware limitationd don't excuse their shockingly mediocre sound design for most of their games.Also doesn't really excuse the bad PC ports. Reply +5
  • EU PlayStation Store update 6th July

  • meanmrmustard 06/07/2011

    Seems like with that pricing publishers don't want to have a digital download only future as much as us customers don't want it, good on them! Reply +2
  • Why Xperia Play isn't the next N-Gage

  • meanmrmustard 05/07/2011

    I have one and I use it to mainly play 15+ year old snes/megadrive games so I don't know about young but having "SEGA" shouted out by my phone followed by the green hill zone soundtrack back from a time before sonic had heard of this whole 3D nonsense seems pretty cool to me. Reply +1
  • Zynga: "Games should be free"

  • meanmrmustard 02/07/2011

    Games should not piss off those not playing them through constant self promotion. Reply +1
  • Cancelled Square Enix shooter leaks

  • meanmrmustard 30/06/2011

    Looks a hell of a lot more tempting than FFXIII turned out to be..... Reply +1
  • Lionhead has "super secret second project"

  • meanmrmustard 30/06/2011

    Dungeon Keeper 3 for the PC! .........or not :( Reply +2
  • More on Tales Xbox 360 exclusivity claim

  • meanmrmustard 28/06/2011


    Not really, at least if such things were made public I would know to pick up a copy while it was still in stock instead of waiting for an enhanced version to come out on another console that will never happen in my region.

    So making it public would be more likely to gain them sales than lose them just because everyone would know that they had the exclusivity.

    "the PS3 version was released in september 2009 in Japan. That hard on had pretty much died by then. "

    If your Hard-on for JRPGs Persists for more than 3 years please consult your GP ....or play Final Fantasy XIII, that'll kill any JRPG boner.
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  • meanmrmustard 28/06/2011

    Where the fuck is her apology to European PS3 owners? Reply +1
  • Microsoft blocked PS3 Tales of Vesperia

  • meanmrmustard 21/06/2011

    I'm not so much pissed off that this happened what pisses me off is that there was no fucking announcement of this happening, if namco Bandai had came out and said "sorry guys we're not bring the ps3 version to the west" then I wouldn't have held out on buying the 360 version until the point where all shops were sold out and the price of second hand copies had skyrocketed. Also another thing that pisses me off is that in the west we don't have access to any of the extra content AT ALL, why the fuck if it was a 360 exclusive outside of Japan couldn't they make the extra content available for the 360 version either via DLC or a special edition re-release? Reply +4
  • Next Xbox, PS4 will be 10x as powerful

  • meanmrmustard 16/06/2011

    I just hope they don't cheap out on the RAM (who am I kidding?) Reply +2
  • meanmrmustard 16/06/2011

    Don't worry console fans I'm sure the developers will find someway to push as many particle effects and whatnot as needed to get them running at sub 30fps so we can keep that console-like experience that we have all grown accustomed to. Reply +2
  • Devil May Cry 10th Anniversary Collection art

  • meanmrmustard 16/06/2011

    Hasn't this already been debunked? Reply -3
  • Microsoft: Xbox 360 sales up to 55 million

  • meanmrmustard 03/06/2011

    35,36,37 just own all platforms: gaming heaven. Reply +4
  • NGP Hands On

  • meanmrmustard 02/06/2011

    Would love to see this thing have good media support too like MKV and divx I would hate to see the potential of that glorious OLED screen go to waste. Reply +5
  • Beyond Good & Evil HD PSN release date

  • meanmrmustard 02/06/2011

    @Parablax It's also easy for a dev to put the option to invert into a game there really is no excuse for it these days...... Except maybe the difficulty in patching an upscaled version of an old PS2 era game when the original programmers have probably moved on to other studios.

    But EXCEPT for that exception, any new game released will not get my business if they neglect to include the option.
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  • meanmrmustard 02/06/2011

    I was just looking at the playstation plus banner on the psn store and I think I noticed a thumbnail saying 20% off beyond good and evil to playstation plus members (that 30 free days of ps plus just came in very handy)

    Also they seem to be pushing the ps plus thing hard, giving subscribers Burnout Paradise free makes it hard for some to cancel their subscription after the free 30 days are up.
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  • Shogun 2 Ikko Ikki warrior monk clan DLC

  • meanmrmustard 27/05/2011

    In most other games £2.99 dlc would be a gun or some armour or maybe something that would have been a cheat code last gen. Reply +1
  • Gamers' Voice slams Keith Vaz

  • meanmrmustard 23/05/2011

    I'm a "pale skinned recluse who shuns social interaction" not because of video games but because there are so many Keith Vaz-like reactionary twunts in the world. Reply -1
  • Game: Pre-owned "good for the industry"

  • meanmrmustard 23/05/2011

    I agree Pre-Owned is good for the industry.........

    When I buy direct from the previous owners on amazon marketplace or an outlet that prices pre-owned games at a reasonable price.
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  • Oblivion 5th anniversary edition spotted

  • meanmrmustard 23/05/2011

    I'm pretty sure the GOTY edition only included the Major expansions, no Horse Armour, No battlehorn castle or any of the other plugins.

    What would be nice is if the PC edition of this included an extra disk with the unofficial patches and a selection of the developers' favourite mods in a nice simple installer, I have a feeling that would be do-able if they had asked for permission from the original creators of the mods and gave them credit for their work.
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  • Who is to blame for LA Noire crashes?

  • meanmrmustard 20/05/2011

    I think it's the problem of a big release in the summer coupled with people who don't know how important it is to keep a console well ventilated, they just can't come out and call the idiots, idiots. (Yes I do know there will be some who will say they have their console well ventilated in an air-conditioned room, but consoles die all the time and coincidences will also happen.) Reply 0
  • PS3 exclusive Starhawk announced

  • meanmrmustard 13/05/2011

    It would be a really smart move for sony to offer Warhawk as one of their choice of free welcome back PSN games, build up interest in Starhawk and all that. Reply +4
  • "No concern" at Xperia PS1 game sales

  • meanmrmustard 12/05/2011

    Doesn't seem surprising as the only psone game I can find available is Crash Bandicoot and that came pre-installed, are there any other PSone games available in the UK or am I looking in the wrong place (the playstation pocket app.)

    Aaaaanyway *insert favourite Psone emulator here* works just fine ;)
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  • O2 to offer Xperia Play from June

  • meanmrmustard 11/05/2011

    If you have ever used an android phone you will know pretty much what to expect from it, performance wise as a phone it's a pretty similar experience to using a HTC desire for better and worse (things like too many apps using too much memory the downside of being able to truly multitask but if you use an app like android booster it can be easily overcome.)

    As a gaming phone though it is in a class of it's own, I am able to pull off hadoukens and shoryukens at will in street fighter 2 turbo which is more than I can say for touchscreen controls (I realise a true test would be to do some of Zangeif's grapples but I have never been able to do them even on any home console.)

    If you are into emulation this phone is pretty damn perfect (legal greyness issues aside.)
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  • No PS4 or new Xbox until 2014 – report

  • meanmrmustard 20/04/2011

    "Nintendo to have next gen to themselves?" Are you talking about 2020? Because with the Wii 2 they have only just entered this gen. Reply +1
  • Xperia Play games priced from £1-10

  • meanmrmustard 22/03/2011

    I'd pay £10 for a mobile phone game...... If it didn't feel like a mobile phone game which I am hoping is what they are talking about for £10, something that could just as easily been seen alongside chains of olympus or Tactics ogre.

    Oh well I have just pre-ordered mine not expecting there to be any good games for it but purely for emulation if any games turn out to be actually worth picking up well that will just be an added and unexpected bonus.
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  • Crysis 2: Crytek defends DRM

  • meanmrmustard 21/03/2011

    "What are we supposed to do?"

    Ask CD Projekt,
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  • Sony: "They're in trouble" - ngmoco

  • meanmrmustard 21/03/2011

    @homerramone A good tip to remember on the internet is to never ever try sarcasm ever, there is no level of stupidity that your sarcastic post can sink to where it will become obvious that it is sarcasm. Reply +2
  • meanmrmustard 21/03/2011

    If sony has learned their lesson and makes their next home console a tad easier to program for (they seem to be beginning to learn this lesson with the PSP2.) then I honestly think they could be in a stronger position for the next gen.
    Well at least in capturing the hardcore audience, think about it, if there was parity with multiplatform games performing so similarly on both platforms it needn't be considered the only distinguishing feature would be exclusive first party games and Microsoft has spent the past few years shutting down most of it's 1st party developers.

    The price point is another big thing for Sony to overcome, I don't think people would mind paying maybe £50 more if the gap in build quality is enough to make it worthwhile knowing they are getting a console that probably won't break within 2 years.

    As to address the point of Xbox live VS PSN hopefully sony will have invested PS+ membership fees into better infrastructure for patches and downloads, and it seems 99% certain that cross game chat will definately be in the new Playstation if it isn't brought out in a firmware update for the PS3 before then.

    Though having said all of this I think this makes too much damn sense to be Sony's business plan going by the past 5 years.
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  • Xperia Play date, launch games unveiled

  • meanmrmustard 13/03/2011

    @Tomo It doesn't need to be a massive success for sony, it only needs to do well enough that other mobile phone companies take notice and offer real controls as well, then sony can make money taking a cut of everything sold through playstation suite.

    That aside this is different from the N-gage situation, back then every phone had it's own operating system and so users were pretty likely to stick with phones they knew how to operate, also at that time people were only used to playing snake and couldn't really imagine using a phone for anything other than making calls and playing snake. Right now though we have android which is pretty similar no matter what device it is on making it easier for people to take the plunge on a phone from a different manufacturer, also people have grown used to the idea of playing more and more complex games on their mobile whilst portable consoles have started to seem too bulky when comparing them to the small form factor of current mobile phones. I still think portable consoles have a niche and I will be buying a PSP2 but their niche now is more getting out of your bag on the bus rater than, pulling out of your pocket whilst waiting for the bus, that's where mobile phones have taken over.

    If this is marketed just right it could do very well indeed, IF this is marketed right.....
    And if this doesn't do very well indeed, if it gets others to pay sony for a "playstation certified" license I don't think they will be crying too much about it. Either way I don't really care if the hardware gets supported well or not, there's already more than enough games it can play: Every NES, Master system, SNES, Mega Drive, Gameboy, GBA, PSX, Saturn, SCUMMVM and N64 game ever made as well as any android game.
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  • meanmrmustard 12/03/2011

    @Jamieb87 As far as I know the hardware specs of both the Desire S and the Play are pretty damn close both use 1ghz snapdragon processors but the Desire S has 768MB ram compared to the Play's 512MB. The Play has a slightly higher Resolution sceen but that is more to do with aspect ratio than anything else, the play is also a slightly bigger phone than the Desire S but not enough that you'd notice that much maybe the thickness of it but at 16mm thick it's not exactly huge (my current phone is a w850i so any modern phone is gonna feel considerably thinner than that thing). Both phones use the same version of android just using different skins, HTC's sense skin is supposedly pretty good but looking at youtube videos of the Play the User interface is certainly usable. The Desire S has 1.1GB of internal storage compared to the Play's 400MB (but I am 99% sure you get a free 8GB sdmicro card in the box with the xperia play.).

    So yeah in summary both phones are very similar on specs the only differences you should know is the Play being thicker, and the Desire S having more RAM. I am not sure how much you'd notice that difference considering an iphone 4g has 512MB of RAM and that seems to do ok (I don't know how resource hungry android is compared to iOS but the PS3 only has 256MB of RAM just for context.)

    I dunno if that has actually helped or made things more confusing but I am pretty set on the Play after seeing the potentially great game of "Galaxy on Fire" being ruined for me by inadequate controls.
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  • meanmrmustard 12/03/2011

    Well this is just right for me, I am getting sick to death with my dumbphone/ iPod touch combo (having to replace the data cable every couple of months is starting to grate on my nerves). Plus the possibility of emulators makes this phone rather appealing though I wouldn't pay £520 for it, looks like it's gonna be a £30pm contract for me Reply +3
  • Mario Kart creator defends blue shell

  • meanmrmustard 10/03/2011

    The blue shell problem is why I have moved over to the criminally overlooked gem that is modnation racers. In that game when you've powered up your weapon to max there is a homing move to take out the leader of the race but if you are in the lead and have saved up enough boost you can convert it into a shield that blocks the attack. That plus user generated stuff makes it my personal choice over any mariokart of this decade.But yeah if they have to insist on the blue shell then it should be toggle-able. Reply 0
  • Kaz Hirai to inherit Sony from Stringer?

  • meanmrmustard 10/03/2011

    Being promoted April 1st? Would anyone else be a little nervous having their first day in a new job on April fools day? Reply +8
  • AC Brotherhood: The Da Vinci Edition

  • meanmrmustard 01/03/2011

    ALL of the content had better come on the disc and not just a download key, because the only people I can see willing to pay that price for it will be people without Internet access Reply +3
  • PS3 Mass Effect 2 gets free launch DLC

  • meanmrmustard 06/01/2011

    Am I the only one who is happy about this. At least it's a step up from store specific pre-order bonuses, it allows us to shop around for the best deal and it's not content that will never be available to those late to the party. Still, offering what effectively is cheat codes/ side missions as DLC does suck major balls. If final fantasy 7 had been released this generation I could see the weapon battles being paid-for DLC. Reply 0