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  • Lucas Pope on life after Papers, Please

  • kiroquai 02/11/2017

    Sounds like a genuinely cool guy. Glad he's making a real success of it. Reply +2
  • Emily is Away Too review

  • kiroquai 09/06/2017

    High fives to everyone else who saw the cover image and recognised Black Holes and Revelations' artwork there o/\o Reply +12
  • Mighty No. 9 review

  • kiroquai 20/06/2016

    Thing is, wasn't this basically pitched as a spiritual Mega Man game to start with? (I genuinely don't know - I didn't back the Kickstarter). If so then the difficulty is to be expected - pretty much all of the review makes it sound exactly like a new Mega Man game.

    The key point for it will be if, amongst the difficulty, you can learn and get better. The original Mega Mans were bastard hard, but they always - well, almost always - gave players a lightbulb moment where they'd work out a piece of platform rhythm or an enemy pattern that would suddenly allow them to beat an area of the game they'd struggled with easily. They'd make you feel like you'd conquered a true challenge.

    If Mighty Number 9 does the same thing then that's fine by my book. As long as it is a fair challenge then no matter how difficult it will be my kind of thing. If not and some parts are just ridiculous for the sake of it (like the latter Mega Man X games at times) then yeah, not so great.
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  • Bastion and Transistor dev announces RPG Pyre

  • kiroquai 20/04/2016

    @Old_Books yeah, same for me really - I much preferred Bastion. Transistor wasn't a bad game, of course, but I found my interest tailed off pretty quickly. Reply +2
  • Radiant Entertainment acquired by Riot Games

  • kiroquai 09/03/2016

    @7M7 Heh, yeah. Could be worse I guess - at least the Shuttered stops us being blinded by the Sunsetting. Reply +2
  • Face-Off: F1 2015

  • kiroquai 14/07/2015

    Yeah, someone's spotted it; the Xbox One version isn't patched so not only does it not have any framerate tweaks that might have been made, but it's also pushing two less cars around the track too...

    ... I'd imagine it might have meant the results gained weren't like-for-like between versions.
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  • Ayrton Senna joins the cast of Angry Birds Go!

  • kiroquai 08/07/2015

    That Senna press conference from Estoril '92 is one of the most epic interviews in the history of F1. Well-reminded good sir :)

    Edit: one thing that video also does is remind me how hilariously ol' Nige wore his caps.
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  • kiroquai 08/07/2015

    a) They should have just had his helmet - that was his 'trademark' - that's what people would recognise. I watched the trailer and didn't realise the shaggy-haired bird thing was the Senna bit.

    b) There's probably a tie-in with the Senna Foundation going on where either Rovio have paid a chunk up-front or the Foundation will get a portion of any money generated by the game/the character.

    The Senna license is pretty well protected from stuff and is generally only used if it can bring funds to the Foundation, which helps kids in the shittier parts of Brazil get some kind of schooling. If that's benefiting from this then I see no problem personally, and I am old enough to have watched almost all of this guy's career as it was panning out.
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  • Fallout 4 PC mods can be played and shared on Xbox One for free

  • kiroquai 15/06/2015

    If it was console exclusive I'd imagine they'd advertise the hell out of it, so I am guessing (hoping) it'll be on both machines. Reply +7
  • Ubisoft developing first game that helps treat lazy eye

  • kiroquai 04/03/2015

    That's actually a really neat idea :) - love it when games companies try stuff like this. Reply +19
  • Eurogamer has dropped review scores

  • kiroquai 10/02/2015

    It's an interesting idea and I can understand the intention, but I am not sure the new system solves all the issues you think it will.

    Each review will still be getting a label - this time though, it'll be one of three rather than a number between 1 and 10. That label will still be given from the personal opinion of a single reviewer as would a score out of 10, and that single reviewer might not have tastes that match another reviewer or the reader.

    I don't really see it as that much of a change in that respect - people who are looking for sound-bites and something to justify their purchase will still skim the articles and see what label the game's been awarded. That said, I do appreciate that it's brave to distance yourself from Metacritic in this day and age.
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  • Sony confirms wheels that work with PS4 racer DriveClub

  • kiroquai 01/10/2014

    Thankfully I have a PC with racing sims installed on it, because that lessens the annoyance of my £500 Forza branded Fanatec CSR Elite not working on either current gen console.

    My wallet :-C
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  • For the first time in ten years, Madden won't be getting a free demo

  • kiroquai 12/08/2014

    Don't get the issue here, although a lot of it has been blown up by the original article being somewhat unclear on things.

    1) The 'early access' that EA Access subscribers get is early access to the full game if they've fully paid for the thing. Which is fair enough - basically just a sweetener for those who've pre-ordered in that they'll get a week's headstart. It isn't a demo locked behind a subscription service.

    2) Doing demos does cut into a studio's time, no matter how big or how many resources they have. If they decided to save that time on giving the finished product a bit of extra spit and polish then fair enough, can't complain.
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  • Animal Crossing: New Leaf spoilercast

  • kiroquai 24/06/2013

    I got the GameCube one on American launch (imported) and loved it, but by the time it'd hit Europe I'd played it so much that I was a teeny bit sick of it, so it went back into its box.

    A few years later - after moving away from my home - I returned for a weekend to find out that my mother, who's in her 60's bless her, had found my GameCube, somehow worked out how to plug it in and make it all work, and was addicted to Animal Crossing. Spent the evening fielding questions about Tom Nook!

    She still plays all the AC games as they come out. She's currently pretty excited about getting herself a 3DS and New Leaf (she'll be even more excited next weekend when she finds out I've bought her the AC 3DS bundle for her birthday!).

    Perfect example of how this game spans gender and age ranges brilliantly.
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  • Molyneux signals end to Curiosity - and we could find out what's inside the cube on the day of the next Xbox reveal

  • kiroquai 01/05/2013

    Whoever hits the inside first will have the new Xbox named after them.

    'Pre-order the brand new Xbox Barry today!'
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  • Real Racing 3 review

  • kiroquai 28/02/2013

    Free to Play is fine as long as the developer makes sure you can have enough of a game to play without paying that it remains enjoyable. Games like Tribes and stuff get the balance right; you can do crap tonnes of stuff in it and not pay a cent if you don't want to, and it still moves along at a decent pace.

    It's all about balancing and developers getting it right/being allowed to get it right by their publishers. In this case, they've obviously got it wrong.

    I'd probably highlight the repairing mechanic as the main problem. A F2P game should never put up such barriers so players can't regularly do what the whole game is based around (in this case racing). Payments should just be about skipping costs for getting new stuff. If they took the repair system out and people were actually allowed to race as much as they want and just pay if they wanted to skip saving for new cars and upgrades it'd be much more palatable... as long as they got that balance right and you weren't stuck grinding away for too long.

    Whether EA will listen to the criticism and learn from it (or, more pertinently, whether it puts enough people off that they don't get a huge wad of cash) is another matter.
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  • F1 2012 review

  • kiroquai 17/09/2012

    @LLJaf Yeah, but remember that as opposed to Forza and GT, F1 2012 is pushing 23 AI cars around the circuit at the same time as you, and they do have (to what degree is arguable ;) ) some sense of intelligence, whilst Forza and GT look lovely but have less cars on the circuit at the same time and have somewhat rudimentary AI on display ;) Reply +3
  • kiroquai 17/09/2012

    Why not, though? Formula One fans want to play a game against the latest driver and team combinations as much as footy fans want to play against the latest team/horribly overpriced striker combinations. There are usually different rules and circuits, too.

    To me the handling is very different to 2011. Not really sure it's a step in the right direction as it's bought back a few of 2010's skeletons in the cupboard, but hey - am sure it'll be belting online against the right people as the previous couple have been :)
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  • Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends Review

  • kiroquai 13/07/2012

    Heh, kudos for the very appropriate tag line on the front page :) Reply 0
  • Square Enix will only remake Final Fantasy 7 after it betters original with a new Final Fantasy

  • kiroquai 26/06/2012

    I have a sneaking suspicion I know how this comments thread is going to go... Reply +24
  • IT Crowd's Douglas Reynholm doing a voice for Worms Revolution

  • kiroquai 28/05/2012

    I'm a worm-track lover. Reply +29
  • Free Radical vs. the Monsters

  • kiroquai 10/05/2012

    Heh, I know the guy who put that last video together. Didn't realise just how screwed up it all was. Reply 0
  • Codemasters unveils F1 2012

  • kiroquai 18/03/2012

    @GrizzleBoy possibly, although given that the article was written some 48 hours before qualifying even happened... Reply 0
  • Capcom opens restaurant, shows off absurd menu

  • kiroquai 26/01/2012

    Excellent. I'll have a plate of 'RELEASE THE NEW MILES EDGEWORTH GAME IN THE WEST YOU BASTARDS spaghetti' please. Reply +4
  • Face-Off: Skyrim

  • kiroquai 16/11/2011

    @kopykatt same situation for me. It's a bit of a pain, but manageable.

    Only worry for me is that as the file size increases the frequency with which we'll have to reset will go up too. If it's just a matter of turning the PS3 off for ten minutes or so every three hours then that's fine - if it starts getting to the stage where I am having to do it every fifteen minutes then it's going to be really disappointing.
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  • Editor's Blog: In Memory of Allie Fraser

  • kiroquai 08/11/2011

    As with many I only knew him from his posts on Eurogamer, but this is truly sad. Rest in peace, and condolences to his family, loved ones and friends. Reply +1
  • Retrospective: Formula One Grand Prix

  • kiroquai 03/10/2011

    Myself and a mate ran through a couple of seasons on GP2 and GP3 - first one was with some weird red livery we made up, the latter was with an amazing custom Thundercats colour scheme that I really really wish I still had a picture of. It goes a long way to explaining the magic of the Crammond Grand Prix games that I can remember intricate details about both seasons, some ten years after they happened.

    Truly magical stuff :-).

    Oh, and I think I live reasonably close to that same Banbury pub...
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  • FIFA 12 video talkthrough

  • kiroquai 28/09/2011

    I see at 0:24 that Dirk wants to follow Torres and Miereles out the door to Chelsea :-\ Reply 0
  • Gran Turismo 5 patch 1.11 released

  • kiroquai 30/08/2011

    By Jeff Brown do you mean Jeff Gordon?

    In any case, I am off to race F1 2010 against Jenson Blue, Sebastian Violet and Michael Silver ;-).
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  • Speedball 2 iPhone, iPad now free

  • kiroquai 01/06/2011

    I actually went to the trouble of borrowing a work iDevice so I could get this* and wasn't disappointed. I agree that initially the controls felt a little fiddly, but after a while I found myself doing all the things I did on the Amiga version back in the day with little trouble.

    * I had to go to the trouble as the planned Android release doesn't seem to have happened. Anyone know what the score is with this?
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  • Bizarre staff recall Activision closure

  • kiroquai 11/04/2011

    The other day a friend of mine who owns a 360 popped around. He doesn't really follow industry news, so when I told him that the guys behind Project Gotham (of which we've played to death throughout the series) and Geometry Wars (which were were playing) had been closed his reponse was 'what the fuck, what did they do? Piss the money up the wall on staff hammocks or something?'

    When I informed him that they hadn't and that Activision had shut them down, his response was somewhat shorter.

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  • Rockstar releases Max Payne 3 pics

  • kiroquai 30/03/2011

    @CaptainQuint: if said Funhouse level involves a brief go kart Grand Prix, ten minutes in a cupboard with the twins and getting to shoot Pat Sharp at the end then I'll also consider it an insta-buy! Reply +5
  • Mobile Games Roundup

  • kiroquai 07/03/2011

    Am waiting patiently for Speedball 2 to hit Android. Very, very patiently...

    ... ARGH PLEASE RELEASE IT SOON! Good news to see they've done a super job with it :).
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  • Speedball 2: Evolution release date

  • kiroquai 17/02/2011


    Yay, thanks for bringing that to my attention :).
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  • kiroquai 17/02/2011

    Please, please, please make an Android version of this. SB2 is possibly my favourite game of all-time and I just got rid of my iPhone! Reply +5
  • FFXIII-2: Keep your FFXIII save handy

  • kiroquai 28/01/2011

    Wonder if, when it detects your FFXIII save game, it points you toward a web link in which SquareEnix say 'you bought it? We're really, really sorry'.

    I tried to like it, I really did. Completed it too (took me about 8 months) just to give it a proper chance, but... nah. Then bought Final Fantasy 8 off PSN and it confirmed that it wasn't just a case of me wearing rose-tinted specs; I really do much prefer 7, 8 and 9 to 10, 12 and 13.
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  • Ace Attorney Investigations 2 footage

  • kiroquai 17/12/2010

    I wonder if one of the cases in the game is to find out whatever the heck happened to Apollo Justice? Reply 0
  • Rebellion announces Evil Genius: WMD

  • kiroquai 08/12/2010

    It's actually pretty addictive stuff - decided to while away a couple of minutes on it this afternoon and ended up clicking away for well over an hour. There's something particularly *fun* about being an evil git.

    Don't see what the complaints are about this really - I think it's a pretty good sign that Rebellion are exploring new markets. Gotta move with the times.
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  • Sakaguchi posts old FFIX dev memos

  • kiroquai 29/11/2010

    Loved 9 - the atmosphere was top-notch in places like that city where it was always night (Treno?). Really tempted to go back and give it a proper play again :-). Reply +6
  • FlingSmash

  • kiroquai 18/11/2010

    That thing in the image on the front page reminds me of Clean Your Teeth from Stopit and Tidyup.

    Now that was a wicked cartoon, wasn't it?
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  • Castle Crashers dev's next pushed to 2011

  • kiroquai 18/11/2010

    Might possibly be like Castle Crashers mixed with Four Swords I'm guessing. In any case, looks good fun from the trailer! Reply 0
  • Football Manager All-Star XI

  • kiroquai 11/11/2010

    My friend is dead chuffed you mentioned Tommy Svindal Larson - that guy got him a bucket of trophies back in the day!

    Mine would be a regen called Aboubacer Guel in Champ Man '97 - '98 - think he was probably George Weah re-incarnated. Bought him for £7k for my championship-winning Liverpool squad and then saw him score something like 198 goals in 185 league appearances.

    Possibly the greatest player of all time. Think we went unbeaten for four years!
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  • UK chart: F1 dethrones Halo: Reach

  • kiroquai 27/09/2010

    There's also a bug that, if you have used the R&D bit of career, could potentially corrupt your save game at the end of your first season.

    Lovely game in places, but it does need a few fixes.
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  • FIFA 11 demo out now

  • kiroquai 15/09/2010

    " far the greatest team the world has ever seen Chelsea"

    By far the worst spelling mistakes I have ever seen on Eurogamer. It's spelt L-I-V-E-R-P-O-O-L.

    *hides in the corner*
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  • Silent Hill 8 formally announced

  • kiroquai 08/09/2010

    Origins - technically I guess it is number 1 in terms of story progression, but I believe it was the fifth game released in the series. Reply +2
  • kiroquai 08/09/2010

    @mattparselle: So, if you were in a whole room of monsters, you would have to beat them all off?
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  • Realtime rumoured to want to sell APB

  • kiroquai 13/08/2010

    The other point to make is that it tends to be the poor bastards considered 'lower down the food chain' who get the axe, most of whom have no creative call or business decisions to get wrong but merely come into work every day and work their arse off on a project, often seven days a week.

    It's a harsh situation. Really, really unpleasant.
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  • kiroquai 13/08/2010

    @Crea - Plus fucking 1.

    I've been through the situation too (I didn't lose my job, but a number of good friends did) and yeah, although you can understand the reasons it happens and lay the blame at something not doing as well as it was intended, gloating on gaming forums (which, hey, we do look at) isn't really on.

    Oh, and I don't work at RTW just in case the above gave the impression I did.
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  • Test Drive Unlimited 2 delayed

  • kiroquai 12/08/2010

    Aye. Has also taken away the slight issue of this and F1 being released on the same day too, so hurrah. Reply +2
  • Rare responds to fan site closure

  • kiroquai 30/07/2010

    @Mogs: I agree, but that's the way the industry seems to be headed sadly. Smaller, more inventive teams seem to be plying their trade on Xbox Live - developing anything for retail is so expensive that you're going to have to get a decent publisher, and they're not going to want to take risks with their investment.

    A sad state of affairs. Rare are, to my mind, a standout symptom of the modern industry's ills.
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