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  • Black Mirror reboot in the works

  • john_silence 18/08/2017

    One of my favorites point'n'clickers ever. Reply 0
  • Dishonored 2 and the infuriating pursuit of perfection

  • john_silence 03/12/2016

    Reading this was akin to breathing a sigh of relief. Thanks for that and mucho +1s to Mr. Parkin. Reply +2
  • Our No Man's Sky review will be late, and here's why

  • john_silence 09/08/2016

    Right on, Oli! Reply 0
  • Scorn is H.R. Giger-inspired nightmare fuel

  • john_silence 01/07/2016

    From the end of the trailer I garner the first part is called "Dasein", not Dasien. It's a Gerrman word that literally translates to "being there". I feel that's an important notion given how physically involved the studio wants players to be. Reply +1
  • Face-Off: Homefront: The Revolution

  • john_silence 24/05/2016

    With an i5-4690 and on a r9 290, not an expensive GPU anymore, with 16 Gb of RAM and on a 7200 HDD, I get about 45 fps at 1440p, and had zeroed on the exact settings the Foundry selected, namely High with Very High textures, no regular AA but Temporal AA. Tearing is very minor and unobtrusive.

    The game looks great, ambitious, and feels competently optimised on my system - on an AMD card, I reiterate, which is rumoured to have trouble with this title. There are no great jumps in fps count during gameplay, no particular stutter, it's all quite fluid.

    It's also great fun after a few hours. Yes, the Ubisoft playbook was obviously referred to a lot, but the guerilla aspect is palpable in the way the game throws big, unmanageable numbers at you if you try to dig in. I felt Far Cry 4 was eerily repetitive and empty, and AC: Syndicate was mostly saved by its great environment. Homefront grates at points but still manages to go above and beyond the usual open-world formula. It's pleasingly intricate.
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  • That time I was blacklisted by Sega while editing a Sega magazine

  • john_silence 21/05/2016

    @JoelStinty Best of luck to your sis. Sometimes such jobs can be springboards to greater things. It's better not to stay forever though as other employers don't necessarily care.

    As for me I didn't stick around. I was mostly freelance so didn't have to crunch, just did it once and it was mostly fun to be involved.

    In the age of free information, too many readers assume the production of information is as facilitated as its consumption. That is not the case - at least not in the same proportion. Churning out free blog posts one after the other in the hope of turning out a few euros through advertising and paid editorials is the only thing I can imagine that is worse than pandering to advertisers in a print mag. It's still not the worst job in the world, but... well, let's just say I'm into sports now :D

    edit: also, @JoelStinty: we both have Wallace & Gromit profile pics. Just wanted to bring that up.
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  • john_silence 21/05/2016

    First-rate feature. I used to be a journalist and worked for a magazine that retails for just 1€. A luxury glossy magazine no less. So of course almost the entire revenue came from advertising. But they still needed a large circulation because that's how you sell expensive ads... And of course I worked for the art section, which didn't bring in any advertising money (not because it can't but because they didn't know how to or thought of it that way). Cue scrapped features and a totally schizoid editorial lead split between the "text" people who brought the interesting articles, and the visual/fashion team who courted advertisers relentlessly and whose editorilals were really glorified ways of paying back the ad money with magazine content.

    It all felt rather dispiriting, which is all the more reason to say: nice job to past you for being so resourceful in getting past these roadblocks! Quite the prowess; give yourself a belated pat in the back for me, will you? It'll also serve for that entertaining read I just had right now.
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  • My gruelling weekend at Witcher School

  • john_silence 09/04/2016

    And just like that, I wish EG would post reviews of real-world funfair attractions I otherwise don't give a damn about. Very entertaining read. Reply +2
  • The Sinking City is a promising-looking open-world investigation Lovecraftian game

  • john_silence 08/03/2016

    Some of the best Lovecraftian concept art ever. Too bad it's Frogwares, whom I don't trust with either writing, pacing, puzzle design or investigation coherence. If ever I longed for them to improve now is the time, Sinking City is a very exciting idea. Reply +3
  • Hard West review

  • john_silence 19/11/2015

    Very glad for this review. I was on the fence and even in the absence of a badge it tells me enough good things that I think I'll enjoy this. A fine read too! Reply +3
  • Everybody's Gone to the Rapture studio co-head departs, pens frank blog post why

  • john_silence 09/10/2015

    Quick how-to for Internet commenting:
    1. Read
    2. Think
    3. Write
    Next time try this out - in that order, I must stress.
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  • AMD's new R9 Nano - the ultimate GPU for small form-factor PCs?

  • john_silence 27/08/2015

    Something is very wrong here. I basically am the exact market for this card: an enthusiast PC gamer with a Mini-ITX case. In fact I was looking forward to buying the Nano to replace my 290X Tri-X, which is so large it barely fits inside my case and poses temp and noise problems. The mini GTX 970 isn't meaningfully more powerful, and I was expecting a GPU that would bring both a small form factor and increased performance for 1440p gaming.

    But. They're advertising this based on a best-case scenario in which it beats a mini GTX970 by 30%. Which led some to speculate, not unreasonably, that it would share the same price point, at around $400 - where it would have been perfectly pitched to take over its target market. Now, $650? That's an insane hike. I get that it basically performs up to the highest Fury standards, so why should it cost less? I am forced to conclude that the Nano is the last part of the Fury puzzle, putting the entire range in perspective and painting it as as interesting technological proof-of-concept for HBM memory, as well as a promising inkling of the performance to come once AMD and Nvidia have transitioned to 14/16 nm in 2016; yet a deeply flawed commercial endeavor, with R&D budget and perceived exclusivity jacking up pricing to unreasonable heights.

    What's more, my build has made me acutely aware of the limitation of such a design. Basically, the Nano performs like a top-tier Fury as long as it's properly cooled. And what's the one luxury you have to renounce in a Mini-ITX case? You guessed it: proper cooling. This is where the mind boggles. The Nano operates in a manner contrary to its intended use.
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  • Face-Off: Batman: Arkham Knight

  • john_silence 27/06/2015

    @Illgameonanything Had to log in just to + you there Reply +2
  • Cara Ellison on: #Fortune

  • john_silence 30/03/2015

    It's difficult not to sound self-aware when your lifestyle epitomizes what's perceived and socially reinforced as the contemporary cool, as has been pointed out numerous times in these comments. That's not a reason to dismiss the content because of frustration with one's boring life - another common occurence in this thread. Painfully obvious envy mechanic at work there, trying to pass the author as boring when she's anything but (grating, self-absorbed, if you like - boring, no way).
    As Neoptolemus said, a happy sedentary life is fine too; much better than a depression-infused solitary trek around the globe, imo.

    I'm more concerned about the musical choices on display to be honest: for someone the entire developer community seeems to regard as "weird", Kanye West and Drake sound like particularly risk-adverse propositions; it's jarring like an indie trapwave DJ who'd play Call of Duty or a dude car game exclusively :-P

    Also, I am pretty appalled by the amount of people who dismiss this column because it's supposedly not gaming-oriented enough. It's a week-end column, for Christ's sake, have you no press culture at all? Any good magazine has that kind of off-topic, day-off articles. Their quality is not stable yet, but that will sort itself out. It's not like it isn't attracting page views, judging by the response here.
    It's Eurogamer doing a praiseworthy effort not to be restricted to games and smothered by exclusiveness. It's part of what makes the actual game content so pleasant to read too: it's written by people who have a life and interest beyond games and are therefore capable of producing a more interesting and astute commentary on them. Plus it's a different insight into GDC, which is one of the high points of the gaming year and the source of many of the novel, off-kilter and interesting ideas that make their way into our games down the line.
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  • Eurogamer has dropped review scores

  • john_silence 13/02/2015

    Not sure anyone is still monitoring the comments on this at this point.
    As a long-time reader I still wanted to chime in and cheer you guys on a brave, smart move, and already a major high point of Oli's tenure. Quite momentous too, but I'm sure others will follow suit.

    I have one gripe: it would have seemed like the ideal moment to introduce the concept of an evolving score - I mean recommendation of course :)
    Everything you announce sounds like it's meant to modernise the way you do things, and attune to the way games and websites are made now; to stop short of considering the post-release path of a game seems like a missed opportunity, a lingering in the past. How many games would go from Avoid to Recommended after a year on the shelves? I hope the re-reviews that you mention will be a regular feature.

    I'm looking forward to reading EG's liberated reviews - and it may clear the air ever so slightly in the comments section. Although we all know Essential = better than Halo
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  • Molyneux's broken promise to Curiosity winner honoured by Devolver

  • john_silence 13/02/2015

    @MeBrains Way to sound like the lamest lobbyist ever. I hope Sony has you on their payroll to warrant such dedication.
    It's always weird when people start giving pointers to professionals when they obviously don't have a clue.
    Btw "la rédaction" is French for a magazine's headquarters, so that must be it: he's French. As a Frenchman myself, I can see how that would explain the bizarre sense of entitlement :) although sadly that's widely shared the world over.
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  • Korea's fighting passion: The rise and rise of CafeId

  • john_silence 12/05/2014

    There IS a bit of a problem for the average reader figuring out exactly what CafeId is, it took me quite a few paragraphs to get that. But the writing is great and appealing enough that you keep reading until you figure out the mystery; and the ending is BRILLIANT. So the structure's fine ultimately.
    I'd argue the accessibility issue lies with the lack of a short editorial presentation, a lay-out addition which EG would do well to consider if they keep publishing these left-field, essay-like papers that resemble what you'd read in the finer mainstream press. The usual review/preview/news features don't need introduction, you know what you're reading before you even start, but for papers that range beyond that some reader-steering would be well-advised I feel.
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  • The next Call of Duty is a Modern Warfare game - report

  • john_silence 15/11/2012

    Oh Infinity Ward - the lies! The lies! Reply +4
  • Minecraft, architecture and the trouble with children

  • john_silence 15/11/2012

    Also, what almost nobody picked on because they were so busy telling their own stories (some of which are actually worth being told): that was a great read, made me chuckle! I think it bears mention since Keith's story is, well, a story and not a Youtube comment.
    Nicely done, and the kind of slightly out-there editorial content that keeps me visiting EG daily even when I have no interest in the current games being reviewed.
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  • CryEngine 3 shown off in new Sniper 2 tech demo

  • john_silence 22/03/2012

    Looks a lot like Far Cry 1. Reply -2
  • Obsidian Fallout New Vegas deal with Bethesda meant bonus payment only with 85+ Metacritic

  • john_silence 15/03/2012

    What? Why not give them a progressive bonus, starting when the game's scores enter Metacritic's "green" zone and scaling up from there? Reply 0
  • Assassin's Creed creative director jumps ship

  • john_silence 12/01/2012

    From art director to marketer? OK, "creative director" at a marketing company?
    That says a lot about the kind of "art" the big publishers expect in their games. Hey, I'll shape a S like this: $ - see, I made a dollar, I must be creative. An artist, even. Pathetic.
    @TazerFan: EG stirring the pot? Probably. Tabloid? I'd say that's pushing it.
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  • Borderlands 2 in-game teaser

  • john_silence 16/08/2011

    Whoah, was that meant as a definition for "more of the same"?

    @Faramis: it'll probably work the same way it does in a hundred other shooters: shoot the left-hand gun with the left mouse button, shoot the right-hand gun with the right mouse button.
    Now triple-wielding would involve one more limb but I shan't go into that.
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  • NeverDead

  • john_silence 18/07/2011

    I can't wait to read the Achievements list for this one.
    "Finish off 100 enemies with chest bumps"
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  • Why Second Sight 2 wasn't made

  • john_silence 22/06/2011

    Second Sight was miles ahead of Psi-Ops in terms of storytelling. I would definitely buy a sequel - on the PC. It's a franchise I remember fondly. They even nailed the gunplay although it was a game about psi powers.
    Psi-Ops was available for free for a time from Fileplanet and such, I had to quit playing after the first couple of levels because of the atrociously clichéd script and so-so gameplay.
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  • Red Orchestra 2 release date announced

  • john_silence 21/06/2011

    Can't wait to play this! Reply +2
  • Publisher Bethesda confirms hack attacks

  • john_silence 13/06/2011

    If I had the know-how I'd so hack LulzSec right now.
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  • Deus Ex: Human Revolution

  • john_silence 28/04/2011

    "The looks of Human Revolution's Adam Jensen are based on its art director Jonathan Jacques-Belletete."
    Haha, which begs the question: does he have a "belle tête"?
    Sorry, I'm French.
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  • iPad 2 sold out in the UK

  • john_silence 29/03/2011

    Reluctant as I am to buy anything so heavily advertised to the mainstream by a mainstream corporate piece of industry like Apple, I got an iPad2 on the day of release, after getting an iPad1 on the day of release last year. It fills a niche, and has made my everyday life noticeably easier and nicer. It's now closer than ever to behaving like a proper handheld console as far as gaming's concerned. So there.
    On the other hand I'll never use an iPhone. Not my lifestyle.
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  • Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad

  • john_silence 29/03/2011

    @cheeky_pete:+1. Charlie Sheen is indeed fearsome. You do NOT want to steal the man's dog.

    Anyway, I'm so pumped about Heroes of Stalingrad I reinstalled RO: Ostfront a week ago and have discovered some great new maps. The amount of content in Ostfront is unbelievable, and the craft involved in the level design and general artistry is amazing in spite of how creaky it is technically by now. Sheer mod goodness, in a sense. I'm just not fond at all of the immense tank/arty maps, so I'm glad Heroes of Stalingrad is shaping up to be a more focused/close-quarters affair.

    @SixPackPete: ?? Maybe grab a 6-pack and "chill out" (I suppose it's an activity you're fond of).
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  • Ed's blog: Christmas is cancelled

  • john_silence 23/12/2010

    Merry Christmas you British quality website. Reply +3
  • Lara Croft gets App Store release

  • john_silence 15/12/2010

    Joysticks. Goodbye. Reply -1
  • Users demand PS3 Black Ops refund

  • john_silence 24/11/2010

    Was the petition initiated by chuckling Xbox fanboys? Reply +4
  • 2K backtrack on PC BioShock DLC

  • john_silence 28/10/2010

    Yoohoo! Minerva's Den WILL BE BOUGHT. Reply +1
  • Get Games stabs prices for Halloween

  • john_silence 26/10/2010

    See, beemoh? You don't have a clue!
    Anyway, I guess when you need to know what the readership thinks, asking for comments on EG will invariably get you feedback tilted towards the negative.
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  • john_silence 25/10/2010

    Bioshock 2 for 15 euros is nice though! I for one don't mind EG doing a bit of self-promotion; actually a real post is better than the ads for Ecco the Dolphin that pop up between gallery screens - although I can live with that too, as can anyone that has a clue how Internet economy works. Reply 0
  • Planescape: Torment re-released at last

  • john_silence 28/09/2010

    Gestalt was Bobby Kotick's pen name! Reply +5
  • COD creators "betrayed" me - Kotick

  • john_silence 27/09/2010

    I'm aware Bobby Kotick isn't responsible for EG's editorial policy, thank you :D Reply +3
  • john_silence 27/09/2010

    Then SPAM the news headlines about how your former friends THEY SUCK! Reply +2
  • john_silence 27/09/2010

    "When you're betrayed by your friends, what do you do?"
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  • Call of Duty: Black Ops

  • john_silence 19/08/2010

    Well ZizouFC, a Farmville fan indeed; there may be something weird there, but actually it's just the right type of person to underline how ludicrous the CoD scenarios play out. MW1's story nailed something of the intimate and something of the epic, the tone made it possible to gloss over the gross exaggerations. MW2 threw balance out the window and incredibly weakened the franchise; multi was alright, although barely as good as WAW's and far inferior to BC2's.
    Someone with a bit of distance and irony in mind is able to blow up the entire pretense to seriousness and manly valor the CoD games have devolved into.
    This very morning I received an e-mail linking to the "Prestige" edition of Black Ops, including... a toy car. What am I, 7? And then an AGE GATE to access the trailer (I wanted to see how far they'd taken the joke). Suddenly I had to be 18 - and still think this toy car was "awesome", I guess.
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  • APB and Crackdown dev collapses

  • john_silence 18/08/2010

    APB is one of the few MMO's I ever gave a try - something about it could have appealed to a new crowd beside the usual MMO market, I'm sure - well, something about it appealed to me, for one. But the beta was so all over the place... There was no way I'd buy this upon release.
    I would have loved to play Crackdown 3 on the PC, though... Not owning a console I never got to sample the professed delights of Crackdown, and it seems I have to forget about that now. Expanding over to the PC was a great idea, but the MMO mechanics really let this down for me - gameplay-wise, I mean. The social side could have grown bustling and fun (yeah, past tense - I just don't believe the game can recover from this; it lacked direction from the off and now the design will wander even more).
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  • Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days

  • john_silence 17/08/2010

    Does it say something about me or the game that I was looking for a review of this and typed "dos gays" instead of dog days?
    Oh heck, I'm sure I can guess your answer =|
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  • Crysis 2 - Central Station commentary

  • john_silence 17/08/2010

    @Tiresias: my stance exactly. Reply 0
  • No Ubi DRM system for PC R.U.S.E.

  • john_silence 12/08/2010

    It wasn't that hard, Ubi, was it... Reply +3
  • Next OpFlash "takes on board feedback"

  • john_silence 06/08/2010

    "remote YET beautiful"
    Also, is the co-op focus a cheap way to opt out of integrating decent allied AI?
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  • Activision announces Apache: Air Assault

  • john_silence 19/07/2010

    I also wanted to state that I am a PC snob, alive and well, and I had to write a separate post to state that. Reply 0
  • john_silence 19/07/2010

    Hey, no one is reading this anymore so I may now indulge in a resounding ROFLCOPTER Reply 0
  • john_silence 15/07/2010

    Can't wait for the improved PC version that will inevitably come out a few months after the console one, as with Wings of Prey. Hopefully the terrain will look as good as with Wings of Prey - Black Shark's terrain looks so 90's. Reply 0
  • Join Medal of Honor's Wolfpack

  • john_silence 30/06/2010

    That video, decrypted:
    We, the people responsible for marketing the next Medal of Honor video game, solemnly pledge our belief that you, buyer of video games, are a feeble-minded moron with psychotic delusions that playing video games can somehow turn you into a real-life veteran.
    What's more, we harbor no doubt that you will feel admiration, and even seek some kind of psychological identification, with a thick grunt whose macho, consensual mentality make him a perfect candidate for running Le Tour de France.
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