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  • Marble Blast Ultra

  • gtevans 08/03/2006

    How do you power off the xbox with the controller? Reply 0
  • AV Control Center 1 and 2

  • gtevans 08/07/2005

    Something I noticed mine doesn't do is switch automatically between 16:9 and 4:3. And it is a bit of pain that the phono audio outs aren't wired to the scart audio in.

    Otherwise very good.

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  • Itagaki bemoans 360 disk format

  • gtevans 06/07/2005

    My 2p worth:

    1. For gaming, the increase in capacity is only really relevant for in-game FMV. Anybody who buys a game and/or console on the strength of FMV needs a slap.

    2. Games consoles being used to do anything other than play games (eg a "media centre") is just a gimmick, IMHO. I'll probably end up owning all them, plus some other bit of kit. I don't want a toaster that makes coffee ffs, especially if I have a really cool dedicated coffee making machine, and my toaster's coffee tastes of wee. Sure MS are talking bollocks when they say that xbox360 ushers in the HD era. They all do. It's just hype. Happens before every console release. Move along, nothing to see here.

    3. Most people really couldn't give a toss. The number of people who watch composite TV pictures in the wrong aspect ratio is statement to this. The Great British Public don't know HD, and they don't care. I realise this is different in other bits of the world.
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