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  • "I could do with a bit more money!": Yu Suzuki on the return of Shenmue

  • georgetm1 04/10/2015

    I was a huge fan of both Shenmue's when they were out on the Dreamcast and I am a huge fan of its spititual sequel the Yakuza series but there was something that didn't quite sit right with me with this kickstarter campaign. With Sony backing it, a record broken on kickstarter, probably a number of other unknown corporate backers and they still don't have enough money? If something doesn't make sense, it usually has an ulterior motive and there is things in this campaign that are too convoluted and do not make sense. That is why I did not back it.

    I hope i'm wrong, but I am suspicious as they weren't completely open about their plans and it seems to me they are playing on peoples want for Shenmue.
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  • Digital Foundry: Hands-on with Uncharted: the Nathan Drake Collection

  • georgetm1 27/09/2015

    Im getting totally fed up of these HD remakes of games that are only a few years old. Sony are the main culprits for this easy moneygrabbing cash in, its like they release a lazy remake every other week. I think i'll stick to my PC for now, until they release something worth buying a new console for. Reply -26
  • Assassin's Creed Syndicate has an achievement for shooting horses

  • georgetm1 22/09/2015

    Shouldn't you get that achievement anyway considering the amount of people you murder in these games? Killing humans good, shooting horse, may you burn in hell you scumbag. Bit stupid isn't it? Reply 0
  • Konami ceases triple-A console production on all but PES - report

  • georgetm1 18/09/2015

    Aren't they about 5 years too late to be just focusing on the over crowded mobile market? I am sure that ship has sailed, but then again this decision is probably taken with the Asian market in mind. Reply +3
  • Nintendo delays Star Fox Zero until 2016

  • georgetm1 18/09/2015

    I really have no problem with this, especially as the extra time will be used to make the game better, plus Fallout 4 is out that month, plus Yakuza 5 is going to be released around that time. Reply +1
  • UK tax watchers are furious with the "fairly undramatic" Ship Emergency Simulator

  • georgetm1 03/09/2015


    Just use their websites search engine and find the stuff they aren't showing false outrage about. Then you will see what they are picking and choosing what is a waste of taxpayers money.
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  • georgetm1 03/09/2015

    @arcam Just go on their website because they seem to be pushing a massive anti EU agenda, making me think that they are not what they claim to be. Search their website and you will find absolutely zero about us subsidising the Royals, but plenty of anti EU rhetoric and criticism of money wasted. They definitely have an ulterior motive and I don't think they are detached from the government like they claim. Reply +4
  • georgetm1 03/09/2015

    I hope this tax payers alliance are also complaining about other things our tax gets wasted on ie the Royal family, illegal wars, peers in the House of Lords getting £300 tax free expenses per day,the BBC and its government propaganda to keep us all in line, corporations not paying the tax they owe, the rest of the UK funding London etc.

    I don't know why they are singling out video games especially as its larger than the music and film industry put together and they get subsidised to fuck.
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  • ESL to test pro Counter-Strike players for cannabis use during Cologne tournament

  • georgetm1 12/08/2015

    But being an alcoholic is fine I take it. Weed is the last drug to enhance any sporting performance and I don't see how it can be seen as cheating. If anything its giving yourself an extra challenge. Reply +4
  • Angry Birds 2 review

  • georgetm1 04/08/2015

    Anyone remember a few years back when the head of Rovio was slagging off Nintendo like his company were beyond criticism? They got lucky with Angry Birds and have produced absolutely zero since and that includes this game.

    They have properly milked a highly average game.
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  • New article on Konami paints a bleak picture

  • georgetm1 03/08/2015

    Why would Konami try and fuck up their own company like that and why would they piss all over their history and just go for the mobile platforms that are already over crowded and not a guarantee of success? It seems to me that a lot of Japanese companies have twigged onto the mobile market 4 years too late.

    Goodbye Konami, its been nice knowing you.
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  • Resident Evil 2 remake pitched to Capcom by Resi HD producer

  • georgetm1 03/08/2015

    Anyone get the feeling that Capcom is milking the Resi series to death and it will get to the point where people will get totally fed up?

    By the way, they did release Resi 2 and 3 on the Gamecube as well as the Dreamcast.

    If they did re-re-re-re-release Resi 2 yet again with the graphics done up, I probably would bite though because it was a kickarse game.
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  • Resident Evil 4 Ultimate HD Edition finally gets the HD textures it deserves

  • georgetm1 03/08/2015

    So this is a hd remake of a hd remake. Looks like Capcom totally copped out on their version. Reply 0
  • Looks like Final Fantasy 12 HD Remaster is real

  • georgetm1 03/08/2015

    I am so bored of these HD remakes. Its a total cop-out by developers to make easy money on the minimum of layout. Reply -2
  • Lizard Squad hacker who helped bring down PSN and Xbox Live at Christmas avoids jail

  • georgetm1 09/07/2015

    Nice to see the English acting like their moaning arsehole government. Reply -27
  • The BBC is giving a tiny computer to every year 7 child in the UK - for free

  • georgetm1 07/07/2015

    Not exactly free when we are all forced to pay for a licence. I don't even watch that boring government propaganda channel and I still have to subsidise them and their kiddy fiddling royalist love in.

    They are already losing huge popularity for their lies and impartiality about the Scots last September and this is just a stunt to make them look relevant. As far as I am concerned they are an establishment mouth piece and need to disappear, and then I can spend MY MONEY on things I USE.

    I have had enough of them pushing British/English nationalism on everyone while ignoring the other nations.
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  • Bethesda confirms Fallout 4 1080p30 on consoles, unrestricted on PC

  • georgetm1 22/06/2015

    @arcam I used to work for one of these companies and Bethesda policing it is not enough. Both these companies have to give the go ahead for anything that is on their consoles so it is they that will presumably have to police it.....for free. They can't have an outsider companies deciding what to put on their consoles without their say so, or it is the console manufacturer who will get taken to court for IP infringements and sex mods destroying children's lives and all that crap. Reply +1
  • georgetm1 22/06/2015

    Who is going to police the mods on the consoles? Surely consoles have strict guidelines on what goes on their machines and I'm sure the naked mods or mods that have other companies IP would cause them a lot of problems.

    There are a lot of Nintendo mods on Skyrim and I can't see Sony and Microsoft wanting to put the time and money to police this type of stuff especially when these mods are free and do not generate profit for them.

    Or is this and the paid mods fiasco on Steam making a pathway to charging for mods in the future?
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  • Yu Suzuki wants $10 million to make a truly open world Shenmue 3

  • georgetm1 22/06/2015

    Sony aren't funding the development of Shenmue 3. They are funding the port to be made for the PS4 and the advertising of the game. Reply +3
  • Shenmue 3 returns, but has it already been left behind?

  • georgetm1 18/06/2015

    Has a release date for Yakuza 5 been announced? I love those style of games and it could be years before Shenmue gets released. Reply 0
  • What can we learn from The Witcher 3 "downgrade" fiasco?

  • georgetm1 26/05/2015

    Who in their right mind trusts any form of advertising anyway? Reply 0
  • The Mad Max game takes a different path to Fury Road

  • georgetm1 26/05/2015

    Couldn't they have gotten an Australian actor to do the voice? I could have done a better job fer fak saik. Reply +7
  • Rockstar launches BBC lawsuit over Grand Theft Auto drama

  • georgetm1 21/05/2015

    Why should anyone be forced to pay £150 per year for a handful of boring channels? It is thievery and forced taxation. What about their adverts promoting their tat in between their programmes anyway?
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  • georgetm1 21/05/2015

    The BBC, the paedophiles safehouse. I saw their "impartiality" during the Scottish referendum and they were basically the mouthpiece of the establishment and spread huge lies about what was really going on in Scotland. Fuck them, I hope they get screwed over because they don't deserve my money ever again. Reply -2
  • D4 coming to PC

  • georgetm1 28/04/2015

    Good, I loved Deadly Premonition but there was no way I was going to buy an Xbox for this game.

    The PC is rapidly becoming the "console of choice" with all these Japanese games getting released on it.
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  • Ubisoft deactivating keys it says were "fraudulently" obtained and resold

  • georgetm1 26/01/2015

    Looks like my copy is safe. It would be nice if I could even start it without it completely fucking up and not being able to play the game I paid good money for though Ubisoft. I have always been a fan of their games, but never again after this. They have lost a customer by rushing their product through and not fixing the mess they have sold me. Reply +1
  • Video: Hatred, and why it wanted that 'Adults Only' rating

  • georgetm1 22/01/2015


    No this is a discussion in a closed group, so nobody on the comments section is actually promoting it to the wider world.
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  • georgetm1 22/01/2015

    Ugh, a puerile murder simulator for kids who haven't broken their voices yet and think this type of crap is mature. After all the amazing indie games that are being released, up pops this shit and gets more media time than games that actually deserve it.

    Its the way the game glorifies murdering people that are begging to be spared while your character is furiously stabbing them that means those wierdo developers will not be getting my money in a million years.

    I have played some really violent games in the past, but none of them have disturbed me so much because those games weren't just about murdering innocent bystanders.
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  • Retro first-person shooter Strafe® parties like its 1996

  • georgetm1 21/01/2015

    WTF did I just see. That is mental. But in a totally rad way dude. Reply 0
  • Did you know Gaming? runs through the Sega Dreamcast

  • georgetm1 12/01/2015

    Why can't the narrator pronounce Sega properly? Reply 0
  • Eurogamer's Game of the Year 2014

  • georgetm1 01/01/2015

    The only online game that doesn't make me want to put my fist through the tv. This game is superb, polished to hell and those online races are amazing fun. Reply -1
  • Student-made Ukip parody game upsets Nigel Farage

  • georgetm1 22/12/2014

    @dogmanstaruk London has got the whole of the UK 1.4 trillion in debt, and you are banging on about how the the Scots won't be able to look after themselves. Are you kidding me? Reply 0
  • georgetm1 22/12/2014

    @IronSoldier So your idea of saving the UK economy is by putting Farage in, who is an ex stock market trader and the type of greedy arsehole that got us into this shit in the first place. That's like putting Hitler in charge of race relations. Reply 0
  • georgetm1 22/12/2014

    @The12thMonkey That's the one, the one that attacks immigrants every other page. Reply -1
  • georgetm1 22/12/2014

    You have to be a special kind of fuckwit to vote for these fuckwits. I wish people would actually read up on them because they are a Tory splinter group who thought the Tories weren't right wing enough IN THE 80'S!! Farage is an ex Tory activist. Their MP's have defected FROM THE TORIES and 90% of their financial backers are EX TORY FINANCIAL BACKERS!!

    You couldn't make it up or whatever other bullshit soundbite hate filled people love to use.

    By the way, I don't vote Labour, they are just as big a arseholes as all the other major Westminster parties.
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  • Controversial mass murdering game Hatred appears on Steam Greenlight

  • georgetm1 17/12/2014


    The one where the government banned face sitting and women jizzing in UK porn films. (sorry about the language, I can't think of another word for it)Mumsnet is a website that is basically the Daily Mail for mothers, and they start a lot of ridiculous campaigns with a lot of mis-truths and the government is shit scared of them because it could be a vote loser. Whenever anything gets censored, its usually they who got the ball rolling.
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  • georgetm1 17/12/2014

    @arcam People have the right to criticise tasteless things like this. And this game has not only crossed the line, it has shat on it. By the way, it was Valve that gave this game the free huge media coverage, not me complaining about it on a website that only a few hundred people comment on. Reply 0
  • georgetm1 17/12/2014

    @bad09 I take it you have never heard of Mumsnet. Why do you think that the porn law was brought in last week? They have huge sway over our politicians and have got a hell of a lot censored in the past. Once they get a sniff of this, the politicians will be quaking in their boots and will be desperate to be seen protecting children, right before an election year aswell. Reply 0
  • georgetm1 17/12/2014

    How much of a fuckwit do you have to be to think that this game helps you blow off steam? Is grabbing a woman, sticking a gun to her head while she is begging for mercy before blowing a hole in her head anyones idea of "blowing off steam"? Sounds more like some fucked up power fantasy to me.

    And comparing this to any other violent game is ridiculous. In most other violent games there is a narrative and you tend to be shooting people that shoot back.Even that bit in COD where you could massacre a load of bystanders at the airport had a reason for doing so and was part of the plot, but this one just takes the biscuit in the worse way it can. 30 years of playing videogames and I have rarely seen a videogame cross the line in such a way.

    I honestly reckon this game will do more damage to the type of games we can play than anything else, because once this is released then watch the media go crazy and get pressure groups to pressure politicians into doing something about the videogame violence we currently have. Releasing this game could end up pushing more censorship onto the medium we love so much.
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  • georgetm1 16/12/2014

    @Dajji77 Really? So why do I see that toad faced fuck Farage on tv every 10 seconds. The UK media is giving them a platform to spread their lies and people are falling for their rubbish. Reply +2
  • georgetm1 16/12/2014

    @Dajji77 That doesn't work. This is why those racists at UKIP are polling so well in the UK. Reply -1
  • georgetm1 16/12/2014

    @Thrice87 Type the developers names into Facebook and look at what they follow. Plus they dress and look like white power skinheads. Reply -1
  • georgetm1 16/12/2014

    Did I just see the games main character stab a child in the stomach? This game cannot be compared to GTA. By the way Rampage in GTA is a shoot out with other people with guns, this on the other hand is killing innocent unarmed bystanders because that is the main point in the game. Its fucking sick!! Plus what makes it worse is that the developers have fascist tendencies which means that other scumbags like that will be encouraged to buy this turd. I studied in Poland about 15 years ago and had a load of African mates and these scumbags would think it was acceptable to attack us. My mates because of their colour and me because I was apparently a traitor to my race. You will happily hear that these cowardly fucks got the shit kicked out of them every single time, and people with this type of mindset deserve everything that they try and dish out. I am 100% with Valve on this one. Who in their right mind would want their business linked with a bunch of white power arseholes? Another thing, how can any Pole support fascism after what happened to them in WW2? Reply -2
  • Ubisoft delays Assassin's Creed: Unity's next major patch

  • georgetm1 17/12/2014

    I have just bought Far Cry 4 on the PC a month after its release and it still won't let me use my controller without it wrecking the game. As much as I love their games as a developer, as a publisher they are a joke and this is the reason why I will never ever buy another game off them until its 3-4 months down the line and patched so it bloody works in the first place. Just by rushing their games out on release, I refuse to pay full price for a broken item. Reply 0
  • Super Smash Bros. for Wii U release date changed in the UK

  • georgetm1 31/10/2014


    Really? What about the free game when buying Mario Kart.
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  • Prey 2 is officially dead, Jim

  • georgetm1 31/10/2014

    It must have been extremely shit if Bethesda thought it wasn't good enough. Apart from the Fallout and Elder Scroll games their publishing history is pretty dire. Reply +2
  • Nintendo earnings improve, but Wii U and 3DS sales still slow

  • georgetm1 29/10/2014

    I got my WiiU about 6 months ago and I have to say the console is brilliant and I have really enjoyed the games Nintendo have released, even though 3rd party games barely exist on it. I also got myself an awesome gaming PC so I just don't need to get a PS4 or a Xbox One I can already get most of the same games on the PC. Even the exclusive titles on these next gen consoles aren't worth the capital outlay. Reply +1
  • The problem with video game guns

  • georgetm1 25/10/2014

    Turok had the best weapons. As mentioned before the Cerebral Bore, then there was that awesome laser gun that bullets would bounce off the walls until it hit someone and the the mine gun that mines would jump up in the air and blow up cutting the bad guys in half. Plus not a gun, but that massive ninja star boomerang type weapon than would come back to you covered in blood. I actually think the problem is that most shooters are set in modern times and online multiplayer forces guns to be boring as sin. Reply +2
  • More Assassin's Creed Chronicles spin-offs planned

  • georgetm1 21/10/2014

    Doesn't matter which part of the planet they set these games in, they are still all the same and its getting boring really quickly. Reply +1
  • UK gov changing law to get tough on internet trolling

  • georgetm1 20/10/2014

    @Plugmonkey. Its called setting up precedences and then using that law as a way of installing new even more unfair ones. They have been doing this for hundreds of years. Small insignificant laws, build up to much larger ones.

    This type of offence will be dealt by a magistrates court and not crown court anyway.
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