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  • Eurogamer vs Tom Bramwell

  • gamingdave 28/11/2014

    Good luck in your future endeavours Tom, and thanks for your work on the site over the years. I've loved some of your pieces, and completely disagreed with others, but that's the sign of good writing, when opinion and personality elevates an article from being a regurgitated press release. Reply 0
  • The joys of GTA Online

  • gamingdave 19/11/2014

    Had a joy playing this on 360 with some other EGers in a crew. Whilst we did plenty of missions and other modes, a lot of time was spent larking about.

    Landing choppers on moving trains, trying to derail trains, jumping over helicopters on bikes from the top of the cable car, things like that.

    I had planned on getting it for the PC, but the rest of my old crew all have PS4s, and it really is all about who you play with. As a result I bought a PS4 yesterday. It's that good for me it's a system seller.
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  • The New 3DS XL unlocks the potential of Nintendo's handheld

  • gamingdave 19/09/2014

    @Eoin But if you bought it at launch that was 3 1/2 years ago, which is a fair chunk of time.

    I would rather have this version than my launch machine, but wouldn't wanted to have waited that long for it.
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  • The Xbook One is a $1500 Xbox One laptop

  • gamingdave 15/09/2014

    I have no desire to own one, but fair play to him for doing it, a fun project to work on.

    I notice one stat is missing from his site though, how much it weighs, I imagine it's rather a lot.
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  • gamingdave 15/09/2014

    @Spuzzell Unless it was a swiveling hinge (more expensive and prone to fail), then when folded down the screen would be exposed. Reply +3
  • The world's largest video game collection sold for $750k

  • gamingdave 18/06/2014

    @the_sas_man Nothing, it wasn't auctioned on eBay Reply +9
  • Video: Mario Kart 8's controversial Fire Hopping technique

  • gamingdave 05/06/2014

    One thing I would like to see patched in though is a return to showing lap times in races and on the leaderboard at the end. Some online races are incredibly tight and it would be great to see it.

    An option to have the map on screen would be nice too.
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  • gamingdave 05/06/2014

    You can't patch out hoping whilst boosting, as you need to hop to get into your next powerslide a lot of the time.

    I imagine changing the drag in the air wouldn't be an option either as it will affect the gliders, and some of the shortcuts only available with a boost and jump.
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  • Microsoft will refund your Xbox Live Gold subscription, post-paywall removal

  • gamingdave 14/05/2014

    My sub auto rolled over when I was still playing GTA Online, but I don't use it anymore really so will be taking advantage. No intention at the moment of getting a One (or PS4 for that matter) Reply 0
  • Eurogamer community members running 24-hour race for charity

  • gamingdave 14/05/2014

    Well done for sticking this on the homepage, missed it in the forum. Best of luck chaps. Reply +16
  • Don't call Eve Valkyrie a VR demo - now it's a game

  • gamingdave 09/05/2014

    I'm very much looking forward to both VR systems, and am sure to get one of them unless I suffer bad motion sickness.

    This is looking like a cracker of a game, but being built on UE4 is there any real reason this isn't coming out for non VR systems? I'm sure the immersion a VR headset offers will add to the game, but it looks like it would still be fun on a traditional display.
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  • "We're not evil villains building an empire"

  • gamingdave 14/04/2014

    It speaks volumes that they pretend to be part of the regular games industry, just like everyone else, and yet employ a "games guru". Shouldn't everyone at the company be one of those? Reply +15
  • Video: Dialling into Hotline Miami 2's Wrong Number

  • gamingdave 11/04/2014

    Very much looking forward to this, but found watching the video horrendously frustrating for the lack of lock on being used (assuming they haven't removed it) Reply 0
  • Why the PC version of Titanfall is a 48GB install

  • gamingdave 11/03/2014

    Most people seem to have not read the article properly. It's not a 48GB download, its a 48GB install. The audio is downloaded compressed and uncompressed during install to save the processor having to do it on the fly in game.

    I'll agree it does seem strange not to have the option at install to decide whether to take the performance boost (if needed) of storing the audio uncompressed, or the space saving option of compressed. If it's unpacking all languages that's a bit stupid too.
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  • The new Strider has a speed run mode

  • gamingdave 05/02/2014

    Hope they get this one right. Was a firm favourite, and first import game, when I got my Genesis.

    Shame no Vita version as it would suit it very well. I'll be sure to pick it up on one of the platforms though (assuming reviews aren't terrible).
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  • Dogfighting multiplayer epic Strike Vector launches next week on Steam

  • gamingdave 22/01/2014

    Had forgotten about this but it looks great. Can see myself picking this up though my backlog at the moment is rather large. Reply 0
  • Valve has no VR headset, it's backing Oculus Rift

  • gamingdave 17/01/2014

    I think this is very positive news, been excited about the OR for a long time now. The thought of Valve entering the space did concern me as for this to take off we really don't need lots of competing devices, at least not to different specifications.

    Competition is good, and drives things forward but these will not be cheap, like most peripherals (excluding high end wheel/pedal setups) and for consumers to jump in they need to be confident the games will support what they are buying.

    It would be even better if Sony were to announce they weren't building one either but working with Oculus to ensure compatibility.
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  • Rockstar threatens to ban "game-breaking" GTA Online money cheats

  • gamingdave 16/01/2014

    It's a shame they have made so many mistakes with this, as when in a group of like minded players its a superb experience.

    The cash exploit appears to have been ridiculously easy to do, it's quite amazing it wasn't spotted by Rockstar as a problem before launch.

    I haven't played online for a while because of all the cheating, but will happily return when its sorted out.
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  • Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance PC doesn't work offline

  • gamingdave 10/01/2014

    @Widge I'll not +/- either way as I don't go offline regularly, but I do at times.

    My home PC is always online, bar a drop out from my ISP, which is very rare.

    I do however play games on my laptop sometimes on a 3hr train journey that I make twice a week. I could always tether with my phone for a simple initial connect, but any sustained online requirement would be a problem as the signal is patchy.
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  • Fan-made Shining Force Online enters free beta this week

  • gamingdave 26/11/2013

    In what universe are "we will never sell in-game content which makes you better than the other players" and "you will get two skill points per day instead of one" not conflicting statements? Reply +17
  • Nintendo's now-discontinued Letter Box service used by alleged child predators

  • gamingdave 06/11/2013

    Sega did the same when they pulled the message boards and chatrooms from the Dreamarena. There was concern it was being used not just by bullies but by pedophiles and a lot of far right extremism. They didn't have the resource to moderate it so took the sensible option of removing it.

    Nintendo have always had concerns about child safety which shows in the limited functionality of their online services. It's absolutely the right approach though.
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  • Microsoft explains Ryse micro-transactions: "There's nothing sinister, we promise"

  • gamingdave 23/08/2013

    "The message is very simple: it's optional and it doesn't give you really any major benefit," he replied.

    If it doesn't bring a benefit, no one would pay for it. If it does then it's unbalanced for those that don't.

    Mucrotransactions can exist in a FTP model, but in a AAA title costing 50 they have no place.

    I'm not a huge fan of unlocked DLC but in some cases like whole new modes or maps it goes to pay for the development that has been undertaken because of demand. When it was always there then it's just an extra cash grab.
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  • Full list of FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Legends

  • gamingdave 20/08/2013

    No Shearer, no Gazza, no Tino, no Beardsley? Can't assemble a Toon dream team then (Owen and Campbell don't count though Gullit could have been a player/manager I suppose).

    I assume they just get what they can through licensing deals, but it's a shame it's so limited.
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  • Nintendo's first free-to-play game will be Steel Diver

  • gamingdave 19/06/2013

    Whilst I am generally not a fan of the free to play model, lets see what they do first before panning it.

    I doubt it will be what I want though. Silent Hunter on the WiiU! It's the perfect match as far as I am concerned as you could put all the interface and controls on the pad, use it as a periscope, and have the full screen just displaying all the action. Of course it would probably only sell a handful of copies.
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  • Live: Nintendo Direct E3 Conference

  • gamingdave 11/06/2013

    These games are exactly why I bought a WiiU. Shame its been gathering dust for months but this xmas is going to be a cracker if you like pure games. Reply 0
  • gamingdave 11/06/2013

    I know its a remake, but I have so many happy memories of WW and can't wait to play it again. Reply 0
  • gamingdave 11/06/2013

    EG stream down again. Just like the MS one was for me yesterday.

    Working fine on
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  • Sony unveils PlayStation 4 console design

  • gamingdave 11/06/2013

    It looks to be a decent size which is a plus as long as it can remain cool without too much fan noise. The eye is nice and compact to which is a plus.

    I don't like the angled back though. Once it's in on the TV stand with everything else if I need to reach round the back and flick the power switch its going to be a bit more awkward.
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  • Live: Microsoft E3 2013 Conference

  • gamingdave 10/06/2013

    Minecraft: "Played in over 66 countries"

    Does that mean 67?
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  • Watch Gran Turismo 6 at 60FPS

  • gamingdave 20/05/2013

    Flash doesn't particularly like running video at high frame-rates - we recommend using the Chrome browser or an iOS device for the best experience.
    Flash is fine at high frame-rate content. But Eurogamer are using a video player that uses the old Video object and not StageVideo which offloads rendering to the GPU instead of CPU.
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  • Death Inc. dev Ambient Studios closes down

  • gamingdave 25/04/2013

    Big shame for all involved. Wasn't aware of the paid for alpha, would have jumped on board if I had known. Death Inc was looking really promising. Reply +1
  • Windows 8.1 will revive the Start button, reports suggest

  • gamingdave 23/04/2013

    I installed Classic Shell when I rebuilt my work laptop with Win8. It boots into desktop mode and has the start menu as before. I never see the Metro interface. Reply +4
  • New Strider game in the works

  • gamingdave 19/03/2013

    Strider was my first console game. Got it for my import Genesis for Christmas when I was a young lad. It blew me away having previously only gamed on Speccies and Commodores. Reply +1
  • Crackdown 2 developer shows first Tribal Towers gameplay

  • gamingdave 15/03/2013

    Looks like it could be a lot of fun, and nice to see a news item about a non AA game in development which isn't on Kickstarter. Reply +9
  • PlayStation 4 Press Conference Live Report

  • gamingdave 21/02/2013

    Only thing that looked really interesting was Watch Dogs, think i'll just get a new card in the PC and play it on that. Reply 0
  • gamingdave 21/02/2013

    Have MM just made Wii Music? Reply 0
  • gamingdave 20/02/2013

    That KZ intro only made me more sad they closed the Wipeout studio down Reply 0
  • gamingdave 20/02/2013

    episodic and free to play, sounds expensive Reply 0
  • gamingdave 20/02/2013

    As we are all on the choice whisky I've gone for a drop of the 2008 bottling of Lagavulin distillers edition Reply 0
  • Hotline Miami for Vita and PS3 this spring

  • gamingdave 19/02/2013

    One of, if not the, game of last year for me. A perfect match for the Vita so it's a definite purchase. Reply +3
  • Razer Sabertooth review

  • gamingdave 17/01/2013

    Certainly looks a nice bit of kit but too costly for this gamer as it stands.

    If it was a universal controller and worked with the PS3 and WiiU as well then I would be very tempted though.
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  • Ex-Battlefield developer Ben Cousins unveils The Drowning, the iPhone and iPad FPS you can play with just two fingers on one hand

  • gamingdave 06/12/2012

    It's positive they are trying to find new control methods, but it's not really one handed.

    You still need to hold it in one hand and play with the other else (unless you have two thumbs) you aren't going to be able to shoot or do any of the other two finger gestures.
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  • Wii U hardware back-compat penalises PAL gamers

  • gamingdave 05/12/2012

    @Phoenix_Chipset it really isn't that hard to understand. Limited RGB is THE standard for video and what is sent to your TV from your Sky or Freeview box, your DVD or Bluray player, and all your other consoles (including the 360 and PS3 which have an option for both).

    A TV that doesn't support limited range RGB will incorrectly display content from all those devices and I don't know why anyone would buy one.

    Of course there are those users that use a PC monitor, which may not support limited range, but surely they are a very limited audience.

    Having it as an option would be preferred, but it really isn't a major issue and certainly not one that "takes the cake".
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  • gamingdave 05/12/2012

    oops, thought my comment hadn't posted, so wrote again, and now I cant delete or edit either. Don't mean to be all shouty about it but it does seem like being negative for the sake of it. Reply 0
  • gamingdave 05/12/2012

    Why does the DF commenting on the RGB issue repeatedly come across as if the WiiU is doing something wrong by outputting limited range. It's the standard for video be it broadcast, digital download or physical disk.

    Anyone with an HDTV that doesn't support limited range RGB will be getting an incorrect image from their DVD/BR player, Sky/Cable/Freeview box and just about anything else they connect to it (including all games consoles bar the PS3 and 360 which have a full range option).

    Some PC monitors may only support full range signals, but are there realty any TVs out there that don't?

    I would expect the vast majority of Wii U consoles to be plugged into limited range compatible displays and those using monitors to be a very small percentage.

    Sure it would be great to have it as an option, but it is far from wrong to output a limited range signal.
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  • Face-Off: Trine 2 on Wii U

  • gamingdave 04/12/2012

    I notice DF are pointing out the fact the WiiU outputs limited RGB again, and HDTVs that don't support it. What proportion of sets out there don't? I know monitors are generally built for full range, but I would have though the vast majority of people using a WiiU, including those on a gaming site, would be using an HDTV.

    Considering limited is the standard to which all TV and film content is created, and served, I would be very concerned buying a set which didn't support it.

    That's not to say Nintendo shouldn't support it, they should, but it's better that the default is limited as apposed to full for most people.
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  • Wii U day-one firmware update to come with consoles next spring

  • gamingdave 04/12/2012

    It's ideal at all, and they really should have worded the install screen better to let you know cancelling will still download it in the background and install at a latter time.

    On all the games I have played so far you can jump straight in whilst the update is downloading and it does so in the background as well.

    Not sure why Eurogamer aren't reporting that as it would save people a lot of frustration.

    The menus are slow though, and not what I expect from a Nintendo machine. One of their strong points has traditionally been a snappy interface. I miss cartridges.

    My PS3 is no better though as I use it rarely (do most of my cross platform gaming on the 360). It seems every time I get a new game for that I need a system update, then a game install, then a day one patch.
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  • Pro Pinball dev struggling to revive series via Kickstarter

  • gamingdave 21/09/2012

    Zen/Pinball FX wins on terms of the whole package, but for me Pinball Arcade wins as the tables are IMO so much better.

    Table design is the most important factor. It doesn't matter how much polish the interface has (PA has very little) or what online features you have if the table doesn't flow and have a great feature set. For me non of the Zen tables have eclipsed the best of the real tables, though some are very fun to play.

    The most exiting prospect here is having Pat Lawlor on board to design the new table. The new lighting engine looks sublime too. Only one (new) table is a shame, but I'd pay $10 for it.

    @Eldritch, Not really fair to compare the costs next to the Kickstarter costs Farsight were asking for as they were really just to cover the excessive licensing costs for those tables. They already have the engines built across all the devices.
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  • Microsoft, Molyneux question Wii U GamePad

  • gamingdave 07/06/2012

    As much as I like the potential of SmartGlass it wont be as useful a second screen for gaming as the WiiU controller. The very fact you have to put down your controller to interact with a SmartGlass connected device instantly renders it useless in many situations.

    Factor in the massively varying screen sizes and ratios and designing useful content is going to be a challenge. It will require a lot more thought than designing for WiiU where everyone has the same hardware by default.
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  • Sony pulls back the curtain on LittleBigPlanet Vita

  • gamingdave 25/05/2012

    @dadrester That's what I would be looking for, then non platform game levels. It just frustrated me to much as in my mind a platform game should be pixel perfect.

    Not saying that is the games fault, but the reason I didn't get on with it. To me the controls were wrong, but then that may be like a racing sim fan complaining about the controls in Outrun.
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