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  • Kinect was amazing - in a museum

  • gamingdave 04/01/2018

    Treachery of Sanctuary was amazing (I flew, but can't remember how), and half the fun was watching other people experiment. The scale really helped though, it wouldn't have had the impact on a TV in the corner of the room.

    We still use 2 Xbox Ones with Kinect to setup a constant Skype link between 2 of our offices, and it works great for that, but at home, for gaming, I simply had no interest.
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  • FIFA 18 fans are using terrible players to "exploit" the AI

  • gamingdave 10/11/2017

    Might not be an "exploit", but in the same highlighted sentence in the ToS it mentions "design errors". Does it not sit under that? Reply +7
  • EA announces Star Wars Battlefront 2 loot crate and progression changes

  • gamingdave 01/11/2017

    Still not convinced, before the beta this was a launch day pick up for me, but now I will be waiting to see how it pans out. The fact they could tweak it later isn't reassuring, they could make it worse not better.

    I'm fine with DLC if done well, adding a big expansion IF the launch title is also still worth whatever the asking price is, and it isn't content held back that should have been in the initial release. But I dont like microtransactions in games via crates, and simply don't play anything where that is required.

    The old giving players who don't want to grind excuse is laughable. Make an engaging game and I will stick with it, and end up where I need to be. If your game is that dull that people don't want to put the time in then you have simply failed to make a balanced game.

    If you need to support your multiplayer game over the years, simply charge a nominal monthly fee.
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  • Nintendo's incredible year continues, but not without a few minor casualties along the way

  • gamingdave 27/10/2017

    I simply don't have the time to game that I used to, and I'm struggling to keep up with the Switch.

    Picked up ARMS and Splatoon recently when Amazon had a deal on, but thanks to Zelda and Mario + Rabbids I still haven't even booted them up. And now Mario is here. And for some reason I have an Xbox One X on order.

    It's a great problem to have, and there should be some time to catch up over the xmas holidays, but I can't remember the last time I had such a backlog, especially all on a Nintendo console!
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  • Xbox One X won't include Xbox One S' offer of free Kinect adaptor

  • gamingdave 10/10/2017

    Clever tech, but tech for the sake of it, rather than a gaming need.

    Did find one use for it though. We link our Newcastle and London offices every day using an Xbox Ones and Skype running on 50" TVs in each office. It's a nice way to get a window between the two offices and connect them. The Kinect camera gives a lovely clean image with a nice wide angle, and it compensates for lighting conditions well.

    Far cheaper than a pro video conferencing system and it's relatively stable.
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  • Polybius review

  • gamingdave 12/05/2017

    Had forgotten this was coming. Really pleased it turned out well.

    NIce gameplay with Jeff narrating. "It may look slightly chaotic at first, but when your in there, it's surprisingly relaxing"

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  • GTA Online getting Tron bikes and battle mode

  • gamingdave 08/11/2016

    Despite all the fantastic updates they have added in recent months, it's been a long time since I fired up GTAO. Looks like that's going to change! Reply +2
  • UK shops are selling original PS4 bundles for £150

  • gamingdave 29/09/2016

    Argos still have stock Reply 0
  • You can play PS4 games on your PC or Mac from tomorrow

  • gamingdave 05/04/2016

    @MR-BUGGLES If your 1440p monitor doesn't upscale 720p well there is something seriously wrong with it, seeing as all it needs to do is double everything. Reply 0
  • Pinball FX2 VR is coming to Oculus Rift this month

  • gamingdave 10/03/2016

    Pinball in VR makes a lot of sense. At different times you need a different view of the table, as frequently elements will obscure your view, especially if the ball is in the top section of the table.

    Whilst most modern pinball games have let you adjust the view to an extent, it's either been via an analogue stick, or just by switching views with a button. Both methods have their flaws. This is far more intuitive and natural enabling leaning forward or a little to the side.
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  • Club Nintendo signs off with Goodbye Coin

  • gamingdave 02/09/2015

    Completely forgot about this, and not registered anything in a long while. Logged in to find 2050 stars though, so thanks for the heads up EG. Reply +3
  • The unlikely story behind YouTube's most-viewed gaming video

  • gamingdave 12/08/2015

    Great article, cracking read. More like this please @wyp100. Reply +5
  • Oh, Deer! It's the last PlayStation Mobile game

  • gamingdave 12/06/2015

    That looks very much like a Wagon Queen Family Truckster.

    "You think you hate it now, wait 'til you drive it"
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  • Grand Theft Auto 5 PC 60fps gameplay footage

  • gamingdave 02/04/2015

    I thought it was epic on 360. Even better on PS4 and play it nearly every night. Looks like ill be getting it on the PC now as well.

    I wish you could play cross platform though. I know it would have an effect on the competitive modes, but playing with like minded others in a crew really makes the online shine. I've not replayed the main story on PS4 so will probably do it on PC, and stick with PS4 for GTAO unless I find a good crew on PC,
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  • Valve-approved Half-Life 2: Update headed to Steam

  • gamingdave 26/03/2015

    Never managed to get far into HL2 as the Source engine always gave me rotten motion sickness. Will have to try this and the Cinematic Mod and see if either lessens the effect. Reply 0
  • Apple Watch prices range from £299 to £13,500

  • gamingdave 10/03/2015

    @trisclark But it takes seconds to wind a manual up, and an auto just needs a shake to bring it to life. Non of my autos are on a winder, and setting the time is part of the enjoyment when I take another one out the box.

    I charge my phone every day, but it sits in a dock on my desk at work so is always charge. I would clearly forget to charge a watch daily and need a charger at home and work to ensure it was kept alive.
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  • gamingdave 10/03/2015

    @kristianthornblom I prefer it too, as an OS and as I am an Android phone user. But all those shown are massive watches, far bigger than most traditional watches.

    IMO one thing Apple certainly has right is the form factor.
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  • Video: Let's Play OlliOlli2

  • gamingdave 04/03/2015

    Original was great, will be getting this for sure. The video shows exactly why it can be so frustrating though. Failure is always your own fault and often as a result of being greedy or just trying too hard. Reply +2
  • Hotline Miami 2 has an official free digital comic

  • gamingdave 19/02/2015

    Excellent, very much looking froward to HM2, the first is one of my favourite games of recent years. Reply +4
  • DriveClub free update adds Japan track

  • gamingdave 16/02/2015

    I'd had very high hopes for this, and was going to buy a PS4 for it, the review here among others stopped that. Picked it up after the weather update, having bought a PS4 for GTAO, and have not regretted it one bit. Glad I didn't play the original release as have had nothing but fun with it and may have been put off long term if I had played what sounds like a terrible initial release.

    Also very impressed with the free updates they have been adding, though the private multiplayer lobbies should have been a priority.
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  • Molyneux's broken promise to Curiosity winner honoured by Devolver

  • gamingdave 13/02/2015

    If I was ever to have anything published I'd want it to be by Devolver. Not only have they released some of my favourite games recently they seem to do it in the right way. Reply 0
  • Did you know Gaming? runs through the Sega Dreamcast

  • gamingdave 12/01/2015

    I was lucky enough to work with Sega for a couple of years, starting just before the Dreamcast launched in the UK. I worked for a web agency and we built the Dreamarena for them. On my first day working there, a couple of weeks before UK launch, I took home a Dreamcast with Soul Calibur along with a pad and a fighting stick. Felt a bit nervous carrying them home on the tube, whilst most people were oblivious to what was under my arm, some people were giving me very jealous looks.

    Got it home, plugged it in, and it completely blew me and my flatmate away. Don't think I have ever had a console have such an immediate impact.

    I ended up based in Segas UK HQ for a year and a bit, working on v2 of the Dreamarena as one of the lead devs, and still have loads of white labels of pre-release and test disks. Favourites have to be the test disks for ChuChu Rocket. Over three weekends we tested the infrastructure in a closed beta and to my delight I smashed the high score table. Probably my best gaming achievement.

    It's such a shame it was discontinued, so many great games and a lovely piece of hardware. Probably the console I own the most amount of peripherals for too.

    One fact a lot of people don't know is that the browser was fully 3D. Outside of Japan (and that may have only been a test disk) it was never utilised but one of the reasons the browser was slow was that it effectively rendered a webpage as a texture on a cube, positioned perfectly away from the camera as to appear fullscreen. This may have changed in a later release but I remember it coming as a shock when we first found out.
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  • Linx 8 review - exploring the sub-£100 Windows tablet experience

  • gamingdave 04/01/2015

    Very tempted to get the 7" for £60. Kids broke my launch Nexus 7 and although I used it infrequently, preferring my phone, the kids did use it for some basic games and YouTube.

    My worry with these is despite the tablet form factor the battery life appears to be very poor. 3hrs media playback could get annoying. Reportedly loose 20% of charge on standby overnight too.

    Still, at that price it seems very good value and the prospect of full windows is very tempting.
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  • Ghost cars may soon become a reality

  • gamingdave 15/12/2014

    @distantlurker I'm sure if the car in front was to break suddenly a car fitted with this sort of tech would also be able to detect that, hide the ghost, and flash up a warning. Similarly side sensors at junctions for cyclists.

    It's all very clever, though would need phenomenally precise GPS and road mappings.
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  • PS4 20th Anniversary Edition consoles are already on eBay - for thousands of pounds

  • gamingdave 12/12/2014

    "But in each and every case, the way you get hold of one of these consoles requires some fan knowledge"

    No, it required following instructions in a video. Had that instruction been bring in a photo of yourself with a PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4, PSP and Vita you might be in a different situation. I expect most people trade old consoles in, but the diehard Playstation fan would have them all. I'm sure there would be more than 94 people in London that could achieve that.
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  • The Crew review

  • gamingdave 10/12/2014

    Reviews of driving games really do need to include a mention of the actual handling of the cars (or in this case due to microtransactions, car).

    Watched the EG stream last week and it looked decidedly dull and lifeless. It reads as if the reviewer is more impressed with the gameworld than the actual gameplay.
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  • Ralph Baer, inventor of the first home console, dies aged 92

  • gamingdave 08/12/2014

    Never had a Odyssey, but I (along with nearly everyone from my generation) did have an MB Simon, another of his wonderful inventions.

    I have boxes of old consoles, peripherals and other gaming related items, and one of my favourites has to be my Computer Perfection. The game itself may be very basic, but the hardware is a joy to use.

    RIP Ralph and thanks for everything
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  • The case for 30fps PC gaming

  • gamingdave 30/11/2014

    My gaming PC is in my living room connected to both a 50" 1080 set and a projector. Both can take a 50hz signal. That should be offered too. Reply 0
  • Eurogamer vs Tom Bramwell

  • gamingdave 28/11/2014

    Good luck in your future endeavours Tom, and thanks for your work on the site over the years. I've loved some of your pieces, and completely disagreed with others, but that's the sign of good writing, when opinion and personality elevates an article from being a regurgitated press release. Reply -3
  • The joys of GTA Online

  • gamingdave 19/11/2014

    Had a joy playing this on 360 with some other EGers in a crew. Whilst we did plenty of missions and other modes, a lot of time was spent larking about.

    Landing choppers on moving trains, trying to derail trains, jumping over helicopters on bikes from the top of the cable car, things like that.

    I had planned on getting it for the PC, but the rest of my old crew all have PS4s, and it really is all about who you play with. As a result I bought a PS4 yesterday. It's that good for me it's a system seller.
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  • The New 3DS XL unlocks the potential of Nintendo's handheld

  • gamingdave 19/09/2014

    @Eoin But if you bought it at launch that was 3 1/2 years ago, which is a fair chunk of time.

    I would rather have this version than my launch machine, but wouldn't wanted to have waited that long for it.
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  • The Xbook One is a $1500 Xbox One laptop

  • gamingdave 15/09/2014

    I have no desire to own one, but fair play to him for doing it, a fun project to work on.

    I notice one stat is missing from his site though, how much it weighs, I imagine it's rather a lot.
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  • gamingdave 15/09/2014

    @Spuzzell Unless it was a swiveling hinge (more expensive and prone to fail), then when folded down the screen would be exposed. Reply +3
  • The world's largest video game collection sold for $750k

  • gamingdave 18/06/2014

    @the_sas_man Nothing, it wasn't auctioned on eBay Reply +9
  • Video: Mario Kart 8's controversial Fire Hopping technique

  • gamingdave 05/06/2014

    One thing I would like to see patched in though is a return to showing lap times in races and on the leaderboard at the end. Some online races are incredibly tight and it would be great to see it.

    An option to have the map on screen would be nice too.
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  • gamingdave 05/06/2014

    You can't patch out hoping whilst boosting, as you need to hop to get into your next powerslide a lot of the time.

    I imagine changing the drag in the air wouldn't be an option either as it will affect the gliders, and some of the shortcuts only available with a boost and jump.
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  • Microsoft will refund your Xbox Live Gold subscription, post-paywall removal

  • gamingdave 14/05/2014

    My sub auto rolled over when I was still playing GTA Online, but I don't use it anymore really so will be taking advantage. No intention at the moment of getting a One (or PS4 for that matter) Reply 0
  • Eurogamer community members running 24-hour race for charity

  • gamingdave 14/05/2014

    Well done for sticking this on the homepage, missed it in the forum. Best of luck chaps. Reply +16
  • Don't call Eve Valkyrie a VR demo - now it's a game

  • gamingdave 09/05/2014

    I'm very much looking forward to both VR systems, and am sure to get one of them unless I suffer bad motion sickness.

    This is looking like a cracker of a game, but being built on UE4 is there any real reason this isn't coming out for non VR systems? I'm sure the immersion a VR headset offers will add to the game, but it looks like it would still be fun on a traditional display.
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  • "We're not evil villains building an empire"

  • gamingdave 14/04/2014

    It speaks volumes that they pretend to be part of the regular games industry, just like everyone else, and yet employ a "games guru". Shouldn't everyone at the company be one of those? Reply +14
  • Video: Dialling into Hotline Miami 2's Wrong Number

  • gamingdave 11/04/2014

    Very much looking forward to this, but found watching the video horrendously frustrating for the lack of lock on being used (assuming they haven't removed it) Reply 0
  • Why the PC version of Titanfall is a 48GB install

  • gamingdave 11/03/2014

    Most people seem to have not read the article properly. It's not a 48GB download, its a 48GB install. The audio is downloaded compressed and uncompressed during install to save the processor having to do it on the fly in game.

    I'll agree it does seem strange not to have the option at install to decide whether to take the performance boost (if needed) of storing the audio uncompressed, or the space saving option of compressed. If it's unpacking all languages that's a bit stupid too.
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  • The new Strider has a speed run mode

  • gamingdave 05/02/2014

    Hope they get this one right. Was a firm favourite, and first import game, when I got my Genesis.

    Shame no Vita version as it would suit it very well. I'll be sure to pick it up on one of the platforms though (assuming reviews aren't terrible).
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  • Dogfighting multiplayer epic Strike Vector launches next week on Steam

  • gamingdave 22/01/2014

    Had forgotten about this but it looks great. Can see myself picking this up though my backlog at the moment is rather large. Reply 0
  • Valve has no VR headset, it's backing Oculus Rift

  • gamingdave 17/01/2014

    I think this is very positive news, been excited about the OR for a long time now. The thought of Valve entering the space did concern me as for this to take off we really don't need lots of competing devices, at least not to different specifications.

    Competition is good, and drives things forward but these will not be cheap, like most peripherals (excluding high end wheel/pedal setups) and for consumers to jump in they need to be confident the games will support what they are buying.

    It would be even better if Sony were to announce they weren't building one either but working with Oculus to ensure compatibility.
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  • Rockstar threatens to ban "game-breaking" GTA Online money cheats

  • gamingdave 16/01/2014

    It's a shame they have made so many mistakes with this, as when in a group of like minded players its a superb experience.

    The cash exploit appears to have been ridiculously easy to do, it's quite amazing it wasn't spotted by Rockstar as a problem before launch.

    I haven't played online for a while because of all the cheating, but will happily return when its sorted out.
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  • Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance PC doesn't work offline

  • gamingdave 10/01/2014

    @Widge I'll not +/- either way as I don't go offline regularly, but I do at times.

    My home PC is always online, bar a drop out from my ISP, which is very rare.

    I do however play games on my laptop sometimes on a 3hr train journey that I make twice a week. I could always tether with my phone for a simple initial connect, but any sustained online requirement would be a problem as the signal is patchy.
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  • Fan-made Shining Force Online enters free beta this week

  • gamingdave 26/11/2013

    In what universe are "we will never sell in-game content which makes you better than the other players" and "you will get two skill points per day instead of one" not conflicting statements? Reply +17
  • Nintendo's now-discontinued Letter Box service used by alleged child predators

  • gamingdave 06/11/2013

    Sega did the same when they pulled the message boards and chatrooms from the Dreamarena. There was concern it was being used not just by bullies but by pedophiles and a lot of far right extremism. They didn't have the resource to moderate it so took the sensible option of removing it.

    Nintendo have always had concerns about child safety which shows in the limited functionality of their online services. It's absolutely the right approach though.
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  • Microsoft explains Ryse micro-transactions: "There's nothing sinister, we promise"

  • gamingdave 23/08/2013

    "The message is very simple: it's optional and it doesn't give you really any major benefit," he replied.

    If it doesn't bring a benefit, no one would pay for it. If it does then it's unbalanced for those that don't.

    Mucrotransactions can exist in a FTP model, but in a AAA title costing £50 they have no place.

    I'm not a huge fan of unlocked DLC but in some cases like whole new modes or maps it goes to pay for the development that has been undertaken because of demand. When it was always there then it's just an extra cash grab.
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