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  • Jelly Deals: Some early Black Friday offers are going live

  • dopeonthetable 09/11/2017

    Aw man, the strap line made me think the new Twin Peaks was on offer! Reply +3
  • Mario Odyssey encourages curiosity - and what higher praise is there?

  • dopeonthetable 02/11/2017

    Articles like this remind me that Christian Donlan really is the Dale Cooper of games writing. Reply +4
  • Say hello to Eurogamer's new Reporter Intern

  • dopeonthetable 26/06/2017

    Congratulations, and good luck! Reply +4
  • Hearthstone fans aren't happy with UK price rises

  • dopeonthetable 11/03/2017

    Two pack shocker. Reply 0
  • Meet the man camping for a month to get the Nintendo Switch

  • dopeonthetable 24/02/2017

    @zepekit If only there was a way for you to find out! Eurogamer should write an article about it or something. Reply +6
  • Horizon Zero Dawn review

  • dopeonthetable 20/02/2017

    Friendly reminder: the review is not "wrong."

    This is one person's opinion of the game. The opinion is well-explained and backed up by examples.

    Comparing reviews on Metacritic is a smart thing to do. It shows you the breadth of responses to the game. However, having a minority opinion does not make an opinion "wrong."

    I hope to disagree with this review when the game comes out but have nothing but respect for Eurogamer for always having the backbone and integrity to free their reviewers from toeing the line.
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  • The space that isn't

  • dopeonthetable 29/09/2016

    This is a wonderful demonstration of what happens to a virtual world when you're not looking: Reply 0
  • Sony Tokyo Game Show 2016 conference live report

  • dopeonthetable 13/09/2016

    That had the feeling of someone creating a distraction while his mates made off with a van load of PSVRs. Reply 0
  • The first post-Kojima Metal Gear is a co-op survival game set in an alternate reality

  • dopeonthetable 17/08/2016

    This is a much steeper nose-dive than I ever anticipated. Wow. Reply +81
  • What's your #BestBrexitGame?

  • dopeonthetable 29/06/2016

    Borderlands Reply +7
  • dopeonthetable 29/06/2016

    Titanfall Reply +5
  • Texan gunmaker comes under fire for NES Glock

  • dopeonthetable 11/04/2016

    Some of your very best pun work. Well done, Eurogamer, well done. Reply +5
  • PlayStation Plus' March Instant Game Collection includes Galak-Z, Broforce

  • dopeonthetable 24/02/2016

    Galak Z is an ABSOLUTE GEM. You've got your money's worth right there.

    That said, I've already got it.

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  • Street Fighter 5 beta returns today

  • dopeonthetable 20/08/2015

    UPDATE: I'm in. Chun-Li's boobs are stupid. Reply +1
  • dopeonthetable 20/08/2015

    @ChiefGB Me neither!
    *tries to balance sense of entitlement with reasonable thinking*
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  • Microsoft Gamescom 2015 conference live report

  • dopeonthetable 04/08/2015

    Is this really 'generic'? 'Another' cover based shooter? I think you're being a little harsh. Reply 0
  • Jon Blyth on: Barks

  • dopeonthetable 11/01/2015

    How can anyone say there isn't such a thing as 'EG humour'? Clearly the site has a certain brand of wit; no doubt it's one of the reasons many of us keep coming back here. It would take a little bit more time than it's worth to try and define it here but wordplay would be one of its hallmarks for a start.

    This article was *not* EG humour, which isn't to say it wasn't funny- in fact, I thought it was. The reason I'd say it wasn't very 'EG' is the same reason I'd say Cara Ellison's work isn't very EG- it's surreal, highly subjective and self-indulgent (note: there is not anything automatically wrong with self-indulgence; it often makes insightful reading).

    It is also unusual to see 'the columnists' referred to as such- it makes EG feel less like a family affair and something more like The Guardian. I have no idea what the EG office is actually like but I always imagined a humble little place in Brighton with a couple of pot plants and a lot of tea, maybe even a cat. Now I just see a place for Twitter personalities to mingle and cross-pollinate each other's blogs.

    This is all coming out very negatively and there's no overarching point I'm trying to make here. The site is changing and it feels kind of awkward at the moment. I hope it finds its groove again.
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  • Editor's blog: Festive greetings from the Eurogamer team

  • dopeonthetable 20/12/2013

    So much love for Eurogamer right now X Reply +4
  • Dark Souls 2's closed beta begins this October on PS3

  • dopeonthetable 23/08/2013

    They left out the bit where he spent three hours farming Darkwraiths for a Titanite Slab. Reply +1
  • Microsoft, Molyneux question Wii U GamePad

  • dopeonthetable 07/06/2012

    I'm not surprised to hear people respond this way to Nintendo's new controller, but I am surprised to see it coming from Peter Molyneux.

    Time will tell whether the tablet design actually enhances gameplay/ particular forms of gameplay, but for the time being can we not at least speculate that developers will consider this as they become more experienced with the hardware? Of course, it doesn't make sense to occupy yourself with two screens while playing a twitch shooter online, but if that's all the Wii U can offer then it's a failure in another respect, right?

    Canny developers will exploit the benefits of a second screen or minimise its level of distraction depending on the nature of the game in question.

    I am surprised that Molyneux can appear so hung up on something like this the same day he announces £/$(?)50 000 DLC for a phone app. Can't we all just give each other the benefit of the doubt for 24hrs?
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  • Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition

  • dopeonthetable 16/06/2011


    Well, I suppose I am making some assumptions here about what is and isn’t difficult to pull-off. It was my understanding that putting out updates (on XBL in particular) is a bit of a hassle, so even if they don’t need to create new material it’s still costly getting it out there.

    Now Capcom did release an update allowing AE and non-AE players to compete with one another, but in this instance the game reverts to Super mode. You say you can think of no reason for this but don’t you think it would a shame for AE to just completely wipe out Super? Or to make everyone who wants to play the game online anymore download a mandatory 600mb file?

    I dunno, maybe in my rush to defend Capcom in the face of what I saw to be overly-harsh criticism I was myself over-generous with praise. Nevertheless I stand by saying that this was not primarily a profit-motivated action. Sure, the designers had to convince the executives it was going to turn a profit before getting the green light but it was them who fuelled the project, not the profit motive.

    Again, IMHO x
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  • dopeonthetable 15/06/2011

    Hello everyone,

    a Street Fighter glossary can be found here:
    I think many of you are being slightly ungenerous with your appraisals of Capcom's actions here. The AE DLC has been released after very strong petitioning by fans who play the game competitively for the sole reason that AE has now become the standard edition played at competitive-level; people want to practise at home.

    Think of it like this: the DLC was released as a very real obligation to the hardcore, not as an insult to the casual. This is a rare example of company bigwigs actually taking a financial risk for those who love their games and if we start accusing them of greed now then we're just encouraging them to make blander, less passionately designed games in future.

    IMHO. x
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  • Live Microsoft E3 Xbox conference

  • dopeonthetable 06/06/2011

    The horde what? Reply 0
  • Portal 2 in orphan insult row

  • dopeonthetable 18/05/2011

    So are you saying adoption should be off-limits for comedy? Or maybe just that the age-rating was too low?

    Ooh, you're putting me on the spot.

    I don't think it should be off limits for comedy and I don't like to inflate age ratings. I suppose I just didn't think the joke was appropriate in that setting. I would have just scrapped it and saved it for later! I admit it's a tough decision but I that's what I'd go with.
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  • dopeonthetable 18/05/2011

    I have to agree with the criticism actually- I work with an adopted child for whom the trauma of rejection has been unbearable and it conditions every relationship she has with people. She sabotages any hope of having a positive relationship with anybody to diminish the power rejection can have on her. I thought of her immediately when I heard those lines and thought they were really unnecessary- the game is funny enough without them. I agree also that it is hard to imagine- when you don't suffer this yourself or spend time with people who do- just how painful something like this is.

    I know a lot of you here think that they (and me!) are being over-sensitive, but I think this is a scenario where sensitivity is called for i.e. we're not talking blue homosexuals making love here.
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  • SEGA Rally Online Arcade release date

  • dopeonthetable 10/05/2011

    Yes! Let not the corpse of UK:R rest! Let it re-open weekly to froth at mouth of news! Reply +2
  • GoldenEye 007

  • dopeonthetable 15/09/2010

    That Diana comment was fucking out of order. Reply +7
  • Scott Pilgrim - first 15 mins

  • dopeonthetable 26/08/2010

    @whoyouknow- yes you can! All the fightstick does is pretend to be a normal controller, the console doesn't know the difference :) Reply 0
  • New Street Fighter III game announced

  • dopeonthetable 26/07/2010


    I've tried but hakan't think of any! Maybe refreshing my knowledge of the character rose-ter might remy-dy the situat-chun?
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  • Super Street Fighter IV unveiled

  • dopeonthetable 29/09/2009

    There is a video interview with Yoshinori Ono on the front page of EventHubs.

    "Here's a summary of what Ono had to say.

    -Super Street Fighter 4 is tentatively set for a spring 2010 release.
    -The update will be released on a disc, and won't be available as DLC (Downloadable Content) — but the game will be priced as an upgrade — not a brand new title.
    -As this time, they're thinking of adding about 8 characters to the game. (Rumors currently have this pegged at 10 fighters total).
    -Capcom is planning on adding more features to the online modes. Things so people can enjoy playing as a group. (Sounds like lobbies are in).
    -There will be tweaks and balance changes, along with more online stuff and new features the developers are adding in.
    Bonus Stages aren't 100% confirmed, but it sounds very likely they'll be making it into Super Street Fighter 4.
    -You won't need the original disc to play this update, but fans who have a copy of SF4 will be, "happy to have held on to it," as they'll be receiving something nifty.
    -Juri is a Korean Tae Kwan Do fighter and is very important to the storyline.
    -They skipped "Champion Edition" and "Turbo" and jumped straight to "Super" for the name of this upgrade because of the scale and size of what they're planning. "
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  • dopeonthetable 28/09/2009

    I think that for most people who play SFIV quite regularly as I do, adding something such as a second Ultra, much less an 'Air Ultra', really does constitute a totally new game. If every character receives a secondary Ultra, as far as I'm concerned we'd have to start from scratch in terms of our character/ match-up knowledge.

    Whether or not the changes will improve the game is another matter entirely, all I'm saying is that the scope of these changes should not be trivialised as some people here are doing.
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  • Modern Warfare 2 costs GBP 55

  • dopeonthetable 17/07/2009

    First of all, publishers cannot set prices, they can only recommend them, hence "Recommended Retail Price". Retailers however can sell anything they want for any price they want.

    Second of all, recognise that this is an increase of £5 on the current RRP for CoD4L:MW i.e. £49.99. So the RRP has only been increased £5 and we don't know yet what retailers will charge once the game is released. I seem to remember buying Fable 2 last Christmas for £20. Today, Fable 2 is being offered at £17.99 on Amazon, yet the RRP remains to this day £44.99. Eurogamer's headline "to cost 55 quid" is sensationalist and misleading.

    Thirdly and lastly, a note on 'greed'. If you think this price increase is greedy (despite fluctuations in the currency market, despite the fact that standard RRPs have not increased with inflation since the release of the current generation consoles) then I believe your problem is not with Activision but with capitalism i.e. the principle that personal greed creates public benefits in the form of job and commodity generation. I very much doubt that the money any Eurogamer buys his or her games with comes from any more reputable a source than Activision. Even the public sector works via more or less the same mechanism. So unless you generate an income from some magical offshoot of the economy that doesn't operate like all other businesses do, I don't think you're in any valid position to criticise Activision for what, in the context of the current economy, is a pretty reasonable RRP increase.
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  • Stringer: Kotick "makes a lot of noise"

  • dopeonthetable 08/07/2009

    "stop Stringering us along"

    Yes. Yes.
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  • White Stripes man slags off music games

  • dopeonthetable 23/06/2009

    Normally, when ‘dumbing down’ is afoot, I would happily lead the charge. I believe that we live in a world where our personalities are being systematically sanded down and our autonomy reduced for the sake of profit and that we should fight this trend wherever, whenever possible. Contrary to Jack White’s opinion, I think one way of if not reversing this trend, stemming the blood loss, would be to engage in more activities like Guitar Hero, and less activities like listening to The White Stripes on your iPod. They play rock music for office workers. They write soundtracks to commutes. I think games like Guitar Hero offer a genuinely new way of interacting with music that is somewhere between passive listening and active playing. I say genuinely new because this has literally never happened before in the history of the universe and is pretty sweet.

    As for it being a distraction from playing ‘real instruments’ (a distinction that needs to be readdressed in the light of this new interaction), this is the exact opposite argument usually squared at videogames i.e. playing GTA turns you into a murderer. So which is it? Do videogames sap or bolster our behaviours? At any rate, however much a ‘distraction’ you believe Guitar Hero to be, it is certainly no more of one than simply listening through your stereo. So even live music purists will have to admit, ‘real instrument’ > Guitar Hero > passive listening.
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  • Shadow of the Colossus movie in works

  • dopeonthetable 08/04/2009

    I don't really see why anyone would be interested in making a SotC film, from a business or artistic perspective. How powerful is the licence exactly? I don't know how many copies the game sold but it's hardly a household name, much less likely to draw in punters than the Street Fighters and Resident Evils of the world. Then from an artistic perspective, to turn this game into a mainstream blockbuster is going to mean changing the plotline so significantly that they may as well not bother with the licence. Surely Sony haven't copyrighted "small guy takes down massive guy". Couldn't they just be 'inspired' by it? Keep it in their private log of influences? Like the Silent Hill team didn't make Jacob's Ladder: The Game, they made Silent Hill. Leave the props and the shout-outs to the special features menu.

    Can anyone explain this to me? I ask sincerely.
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  • GDC: Hideo Kojima Keynote

  • dopeonthetable 26/03/2009

    I disagree I disagree, this speech is very un-dude. Metaphors are such a strain! Why can't he just talk about the thing in question? Is this meant to be for three year olds? Is anyone "really glad they went to Kojima's keynote" because they "learnt so much"? Okay, no one has said this, yes, yes, but come on! Game development is sort of like an onion. It is has many layers. You need to let it grow. It needs nutrients. These are playstations. It needs water. Water is the love of a good woman. You need soil. This represents the market. ET CETERA. Boo to Kojima! Reply 0
  • Mad Catz claims big demand for FightStick

  • dopeonthetable 14/01/2009

    strelok- that's excellent, thanks very much. I'll look these up and see what's best for me. Reply 0
  • dopeonthetable 14/01/2009

    Could anyone who has some expertise when it comes to arcade sticks tell me what the second best stick will be once the FS:TE is released? Would it be the regular the FightStick or something by Hori?

    For 360, please!
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  • Spielberg: films are looking like games

  • dopeonthetable 10/12/2008

    I don't think there are any "haters" here- a lot of his recent films have had nothing remarkable about them other than their budget and now he's made some fairly strange remarks about games and film that seem less informed than they should be considering his position.

    In other words: I think there are some reasonable criticisms being made in this thread, and "reasonable criticism" is radically different to "hating".
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  • dopeonthetable 10/12/2008

    Assuming that I'm right in thinking he means "cut-scenes"- it's a weird description, right? As though one particular section of a videogame would suddenly turn analogue. And I'm not sure that "introductory" or "teaser" accurately describes the relationship between cut-scenes and gameplay. I know we call the opening cinematics "intros", but they are just one of many stages of preface the player must get through before taking control of the action, each of which might -perhaps should- be considered as legitimate parts of the final "experience", not mere introductory content. "Teaser" has similar problems- sure, they build momentum and excitement, but it might not be fair to think of them as separate to the "main event". Reply 0
  • dopeonthetable 10/12/2008

    I don't think he is calling anything ""digital introductory teasers""- I think it's clear that he is talking about the way in which action films are borrowing stylistically from typical cut-scene choreography, whatever such a thing might be. Reply 0
  • Square Enix to charge for FFXIII demo?

  • dopeonthetable 02/09/2008

    RazorObsession: I'm not sure how your analogy refutes what I've said. Your argument seems to run:

    1) No one empathises with rapists
    2) SE are rapists "in this scenario"
    = No one empathises with SE in this scenario.

    How do you make the leap from rapists to SE? A rape is when someone has sexual intercourse with someone without their consent. I don't see how this relates to SE's postion on charging a fee for the demo. Are they 'raping' the consumer, taking without giving? No, they want to take money in exchange for their product. Are they doing this against the consumer's will, taking money directly from their bank account and uploading the demo to their console without permission the consumer's permission? Again, no; however they decide to distribute the demo, I think the consumer will accept or decline the offer as they see fit.

    To make my position clearer, I think the demo should be treated like any other commodity in that people should decide whether or not to buy it depending on how much it costs and how much they are likely to enjoy it. If you won't enjoy it as much as another similarly-priced commodity, then you should buy it. If the price is extortionate, SE should be criticised, but until we know how good the demo is, how long it will last and how much it costs it is senseless to be offended by the idea of someone charging for a product.
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  • dopeonthetable 02/09/2008

    "There is no justification for releasing a demo that isn't a free download"

    I think there quite plainly is. When you play a demo, whether it's free or not, you're experiencing the product of someone else's labour. People are so accustomed to paying nothing for a demo that they devalue what they're getting: entertainment value for free. This is actually very generous of developers and a risk on their behalf. For example, I was interested in Dark Sector's game mechanics, and after playing the demo I felt that I had had as much fun I was going to get out of it and I didn't need to purchase. Dark Sector's developers therefore made a loss off their labour- I enjoyed their product but they received nothing for it. What price would I pay for the time I spent with the game? I'm not sure, somewhere between 50p and a pound I guess; it kept me entertained for fourty five minutes so that would be pretty good value, better than whatever happens to the 50ps and pounds that just seem to disappear from my wallet. Anyway, there is a blatant justification- someone laboured on an object, you used that object, they should get some money for it,

    The situation becomes more complicated when you consider how demos are also advertisements. When we are exposed to adverts, we are selling our attention to the marketer; they are buying our awareness of their product. In this sense, a demo should be free because we have in effect already 'payed' for it with our awareness of the product as consumers.

    Basically, I think we need to be a bit more humble about the situation. We shouldn't assume that paying for a demo is necessarily inappropriate or beneath us since it would be unfair to moan about paying to enjoy someone else's labour. On the other hand, the pricing of a payed-for demo needs to be carefully considered because the developer is already getting some value out of us by forcing us to consider buying their product.
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