Positive Traits

• Practical and prudent
• Ambitious and disciplined
• Patient and careful
• Humorous and reserved

Negative Traits

• Pessimistic and fatalistic
• Miserly and grudging

I take Music extremely seriously

I like putting parts of songs as my status, and crappy poetry

I'm a bit Misanthropic but I try to not let it effect me

If you don't like Yellow card we probably won't be friends.

I have rise against lyrics tatood on my back,

I am pretty reserved, I am kinda hard to get to know at first but i'm really a nice guy.

I have the same birthday as David Bowie

I am a capricorn plain and simple

I was born during the last weeks of the year of the dragon,

I can't spell

I pretend to have a short fuse but i'm honestly so overly apathettic about everything That i'd forget to exist if the people around me left me alone.

Anything else is just trim

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