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  • Why I Hate… Angry Birds

  • barbour99 04/04/2011

    Thought it was a good read. I can take it as the opinion piece that it is and gave me a new perspective.

    Just started to play the game and was overwhelmed with just how much content there is available in it.
    It's something that can pass time of 5 minutes or so as mentioned but I do like a sense of progression and it badly lacks that as no reward is offered.
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  • Why I Hate… Achievements

  • barbour99 09/01/2011

    I have a love/hate relationship with these little fuckers too.

    My typical gameplay scenario is to play through the single player as normally would, try multiplayer to see if I enjoy it and then check the achievements list to see what's left. If I feel that I can achieve it, I'll try and get it. If it seems ridiculous, I can stop.

    No way am I grinding to 10,000 ranked kills or some of these ridiculous ones, but knowing there was something in the game I was capable of doing but didn't achieve I can't let go of.
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  • Gears of War 3

  • barbour99 13/04/2010

    @Apostle - not new to the books. Those were the weapons used before the chainsaw was added, during the Pendulum Wars. Reply +1
  • Trials HD hits 1m sales across game/DLC

  • barbour99 19/03/2010

    Agree with number 6, Undertow was free and so the leaderboards will have high numbers but sales probably weren't so good. I know for a fact I didn't buy it... Reply +1