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  • Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker delayed until Jan 2015 in Europe

  • SuperSoupy 30/07/2014

    In terms of third-party titles, Wii U has Skylanders Trap Team, Pac-Man, Disney Infinity 2.0, SteamWorld Dig, Tengami, Sonic Boom, Just Dance 2015, Watch Dogs and Lego Batman 3 to look forward to.
    ...a couple of toy figurine cash-in games, a dance game, a sonic game (who lately hasn't had a good game outside of 'AllStars Racing: Transformed'), an iOS port, some mediocre platformers, and Pac-Man. Freaking.... pac-man.

    .....My god. It's that grim?

    .....Smash Bros' had better be worth it goddammit!!
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  • EA Access gives players access to triple-A games for $5 a month

  • SuperSoupy 29/07/2014

    @George-Roper Agreed. Look at movies. It used to be just Netflix, but now there's also Lovefilm, Amazon, NowTV, BlinkBox and that's just off the top of my head. And it's only going to get bigger, with exclusives divided across them all.

    Games will definitely go down the same route. I wouldn't be surprised if next year, Ubisoft use whatever 2015's edition of Assasin's Creed is, to push a similar service for their games.
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  • SuperSoupy 29/07/2014

    Actually seems kinda awesome *! Especially if you're into your yearly FIFA upgrades.

    I can't see us Brits paying 3 a month for it though. If it's $4.99 in the US you can guarantee it'll be at least 4.99 here, possibly 5.99.

    It sucks but companies like to take extreme liberties with conversion pricing.

    *(Edit: Until every publisher in the world catches on, Suddenly 4.99 across 10 publishers ain't so cheap on a monthly basis!)
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  • Your first glimpse of the new Hitman movie in action

  • SuperSoupy 29/07/2014

    Aleksander Bach is the director. His first movie
    Ah. Well, in that case...

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  • SuperSoupy 29/07/2014

    Don't matter who's starring in it. I wanna know who the director is, if there's an indication as to whether it'll be interesting or not... Reply +1
  • Platinum Games reveals Legend of Korra gameplay

  • SuperSoupy 29/07/2014

    It looks the part, but it doesn't move like the TV show at all. It moves like it's a 'Dynasty Warriors/ Dragoball Z' spin-off. And that's not what the Avatar series is.

    None of the flowing, well choreographed animation from the show is evident here. I'm fairly sure that it will turn out to be an ok game, being Platinum and all, but this certainly isn't 'feeling' uniquely like Avatar at all.
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  • Watch and absorb the entire lore of Warcraft

  • SuperSoupy 28/07/2014

    ...what about the Sword Of A Thousand Truths? Reply +7
  • Rust dev angers fans by announcing new prototype Riftlight

  • SuperSoupy 28/07/2014

    Money from Garry's Mod went into making Rust, remember. But why should Rust players be footing the bill for Riftlight?
    I'm sure the fans think they know how the industry works, since they're professional fans and everything. But that aside, they're simply not footing the bill. They gave their money to Facepunch in exchange for a product. So now it is Facepunch's money to do with as they please. They could use that money to build a paper aeroplane army if they wanted, it wouldn't be a good idea but they could.

    Anyone complaining needs to better learn two things: How games development works, and how basic commerce works.
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  • Shadow of Mordor release date moved forward

  • SuperSoupy 25/07/2014

    @Benno yeah, and more than that. Looks like they literally copy/pasted animation from Assassin's Creed too. How am I meant to see the main guy as unique when he acts like every other moody 'strike-from-the-shadows' hero?

    On the other hand the Orcs look fantastic. The idea of forming personal bonds with enemies makes this more interesting to me than AC: Unity.

    Yeah it's a game where the baddies will be infinitely more interesting than the guy you're actually playing as, and it seems to handle like every other game out there. But the design idea is fresh. If they can pull that off I just may pick this up.
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  • Titanfall reveals its second DLC pack Frontier's Edge

  • SuperSoupy 25/07/2014

    If there was a drinking game for every TitanFall story to pop up... I'd be completely legless by now. Reply +1
  • Google acquires Twitch for $1 billion - report

  • SuperSoupy 25/07/2014

    I can already see it, Please log on your google account to comment....
    Fine by me. Means that I can manage all my video activity from one source instead of having multiple windows of different accounts.

    Plus, maybe Youtube will finally stop recommending me lots of crappy 'Let's Play' channels because they will all have buggered over to twitch.

    I'm actually ok with this move.
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  • Batman: Arkham Knight's Red Hood Story DLC is a GameStop exclusive

  • SuperSoupy 24/07/2014

    @Ajent For what it's worth, I totally agree with you... as long as this doesn't compromise the main game experience by not having it.

    If I get my money's worth from the base game as a standalone piece of games software though, then I'm happy to pick any dlc up as a separate piece of content.

    I'm hoping the latter is the way it goes, because if Rocksteady's Arkhams have taught me anything it's that every bit of money I've spent on them, has been money well spent. I'm happy to buy the game and dlc, because the quality of the content being produced is totally worth it.
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  • SuperSoupy 24/07/2014

    @Leben I'm sure Warners would be happily to include it all on one release, but that would mean charging more for just the one product, and that would put this game up against difficult competition. They have to meet a specific price point for their game to initially sell. But if the main game has enough content on it's own, to justify a full retail price tag, then fine. I see no problem buying the standalone game and paying extra for this.

    Yeah I hate the exclusivity nonsense too. But in all honesty in this case, it doesn't look like content that's "carved out" from the core game. It all seems like supplemental or filler content that's been made outside of the framework of the main game. Were it actually part of the main story (like the Catwoman segments of AC for example), cut out and charged extra for, at separate retailers, then that would truly be bad. But this just seems to be standard add-on fare. Add-on fare that will available everywhere soon after the release anyways.
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  • SuperSoupy 24/07/2014

    @Leben Fine by me. Why would I even want DLC before I've even played the base game yet?

    The demand for DLC before a game is even released is nonsensical to me. How much does a consumer need to consume before realizing they have too much on their plate that they can eat?
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  • SuperSoupy 24/07/2014

    We've contacted GameStop to see if players who miss out on the Red Hood Story Pack will be able to purchase it later.
    Of course they will. They're not going to throw entire DLC's away by restricting them to the pre-order period, or to a single retail outlet.

    Gamestop likely has exclusivity to it, but ONLY for the pre-order period. This is exactly the same hubbub as the Alien Isolation pre-order dlc malarkey.

    You'll all be able to get your hands on it about a month or so after the release date guys, don't fret. And if that's too long to wait, at least you'll still have an entire game to play in the meantime.
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  • Yogventures dev to "dissolve" following Yogscast-backed project failure

  • SuperSoupy 22/07/2014

    Seems like a mutual lack of professionalism between both yogscast and those who worked at the dev studio.

    Then again the backers should know what they're signing up to when they use kickstarter. It ain't all smiles and green logos (anyone remember when Spike Lee kickstarted a movie, then simply took the funds and did nothing?)

    If by chance there's a case here, then those affected should band together and launch their own Kickstarter, to raise money to sue Yogscast and anyone who ran off with their pledged funds, and get them shut down.

    ...I'd pledge.
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  • Digital Foundry: Hands-on with Nvidia Shield Tablet

  • SuperSoupy 22/07/2014

    @Poncho_D I think that it's redundant in that it is oddly expensive, yet is in no way required to play android games and in the majority of cases won't even enhance the touchscreen experience since you have that on your phone or tablet anyways.

    It's certainly beneficial in a way, considering games that rely on virtual buttons. But then you have to wait for the developer to patch said games or apps to remove the on-screen clutter when you no longer need it. Or implement a shield controller design that benefits controller play, instead of just lifting the binary tap feel that you get from glass-based button pressing. That leans into the 2nd issue...

    At over 200 for what is essentially a controller, I can't see it taking off. And as such developers will be less inclined to spend their time and money on making their games compatible. If consumers are buying a Shield, they'd better hope all their other gaming friends are too otherwise official app support will be limited.

    Lastly, there's the streaming issue that, while all fine for the few, isn't yet good enough for the majority. And Nvidia are gonna need that majority if they want success from this thing. Like I said I really like the idea of it. But the fact that we're not all ready for it tech-wise, means the price is beyond justifiable.
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  • SuperSoupy 22/07/2014

    Being a tablet, I'm assuming this is Android?

    If so, then it's redundant as a serious games device. This is because 99% of Android games are catered to touch screens. And yet while you can stream your PC games library, internet speeds are unfortunately not quite there yet, in a wide enough market, to produce smooth stream/cloud-based gameplay. Heck, look at how Onlive has been doing lately.

    This looks cool. But personally I'd rather wait 2-3 years for the network and software requirements to match the machine's ambition.
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  • Wii U system update lets you transfer data between consoles

  • SuperSoupy 22/07/2014

    Great. So when I gain the ability to see into the future and determine that my WiiU will die at an exact time, I can buy another one sooner, place it next to my old machine and do the transfer then?

    Nintendo. Just. Tie. Accounts. To. A. Cloud-based. Download. Service. Like. Everyone. Fucking. Else!

    I know you want to protect your games and keep them to the systems you want and such. But while you hog all the toys in the playpen like a greedy child, you inadvertently leave the rest of us account-holding kids with accounts that could become worthless at any time!
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  • UK changing approach to illegal torrents

  • SuperSoupy 22/07/2014

    I'm sure this will work wonderfully. As it in won't work at all. I mean who's to say you even received the letter in the first place?
    I'm sure they'll keep a record of everyone they send a letter to, and also the amount of letters they've sent out to that person.

    If said person exceeds their yearly letter cap, then they'll probably bring the hammer down.

    You are right though, it won't stop piracy, but then again this isn't a move to do that. They know they can't stop piracy, so the alternative is to convince people otherwise. Which is good.

    The only thing I don't like is that the ISP's will probably use this as a distraction: championing it in front of the public while behind the scenes they will ban any website they see fit, without telling anyone.

    You don't see Samuel L. Jackson's Nick Fury flogging Sky Broadband on TV, spouting how they protect their users, but mentioning that they limit the amount of websites that you can use.
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  • Assassin's Creed Memories card combat game announced for iOS

  • SuperSoupy 17/07/2014

    ...didn't even need to read the sub-heading to know that this was going to be free-to-play.

    The 20v20 model does sound intriguing, for sure. But if people want to spend loads on a dedicated card game, they're going for the likes of Hearthstone or Magic. Not this clear cash-in material.
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  • Microsoft announces 18,000 jobs to be cut in the next year

  • SuperSoupy 17/07/2014

    So Microsoft buys Nokia less than a year ago, and straight away they're making massive job cuts!? Meanwhile they recently hire a new CEO and pay him 1.2 million semi-monthly!?!?!?


    I'd expect this form the likes of Zynga, Microsoft. But not you. Come on!

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  • Ubisoft now employs a chief parkour officer for Assassin's Creed

  • SuperSoupy 17/07/2014

    The other way to look at it is that the games have kept the same level of consistent high quality....except for AC3.....bad Ubi....bad...**taps ubisoft on the nose and sends them to their basket**
    True. I'd prefer the same old good crap, rather than the same old crap crap. For sure.

    But they really need to shake things up drastically with the series. Or not. It makes money so what do they care?

    But there's simply no reason for me to consider buying Unity because I know I've already experienced what it offers. Gameplay is the same in each game. The story is the same in each game. Design is the same in each game. Once I get over the new location, all I'm left with is the same.
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  • SuperSoupy 17/07/2014

    How about a Chief Gameplay Officer?

    To stop the series becoming more monotonous and samey with each installment?
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  • Blurred lines: Are YouTubers breaking the law?

  • SuperSoupy 16/07/2014

    @Mun Yes. All of the yes. Reply 0
  • SuperSoupy 16/07/2014

    @Kaonazhie Out of curiosity, what is "YouTube MCN"? Reply +7
  • SuperSoupy 16/07/2014

    I recently had someone make an audio claim against one of my youtube videos, because it used 50 seconds of a copyrighted music track. (It wasn't a gameplay vid).

    I find it crazy that one person can come under fire for using 50 seconds of copyrighted audio, but someone else is completely fine to record a whole studio's ENTIRE copyrighted game.

    So yeah, I may seem a tad bitter about the subject because I've felt it's sting. But if I'm being called 'wrong' for something so small, then the regular youtube let's players are definitely doing that same 'wrongness' times 1000.
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  • There's a new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game for Xbox 360 Kinect

  • SuperSoupy 15/07/2014

    @el_pollo_diablo Likewise.

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  • Sting a pre-order bonus for WWE 2K15

  • SuperSoupy 15/07/2014

    Every pre-order you take, he'll be watching you... Reply +7
  • Oculus VR clamps down on eBay Rift re-selling

  • SuperSoupy 15/07/2014

    "If you buy on eBay you are on your own."
    According to Oculus' site, they don't offer refunds once a purchase is final.

    They may offer replacement parts if your kit comes with a cracked lens or something, but even if they have to send you out replacement parts, you'll likely be stuck with the shipping tax bill.

    Financially, you're on your own regardless of where you buy from.
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  • New Fire Emblem characters playable in Super Smash Bros. Wii U and 3DS

  • SuperSoupy 14/07/2014

    @Shoozle Ahh that'll explain it then :-) Reply +2
  • SuperSoupy 14/07/2014

    @BluesClues That... must have been made very quickly. This only just got announced. Damn. Reply +1
  • Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker is the best Nintendo spin-off in years

  • SuperSoupy 14/07/2014

    From what I read when reviews of SM3DW were going around, the Captain Toad minigames were...meh. Certainly not spinoff material. Still this looks to be inventive, specifically from a level-design perspective.

    It also looks like it would be way more suited to the 3DS. You can see why they went WiiU though: the small levels mean they can really push it graphics-wise.

    ...I really don't know what to make of this. On one hand I'd rather play this as a demo of 3DS minigames. But if the game is properly fleshed out as a single player campaign, and lifted from its mediocre Mario 3D World status, it could be this generation's Pikmin on the home console front.
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  • The Evo fighting game tournament has a new champion

  • SuperSoupy 14/07/2014

    Is there any chance of updating to include vids on the Ultra Street Fighter matches EG? I really wanna see Snake Eyez's Zangief kick some ass.

    EDIT: Actually, here for SFIV vids:


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  • Civilization Revolution 2 review

  • SuperSoupy 11/07/2014

    I can't stand Civ Rev 1 on iOS. It's a hollow shell of what Civilization should be.

    Besides, mobile platforms are surprisingly powerful now (and the specs are only going to go up). With games like XCOM: Enemy Unknown now out on mobile, I'd rather they put time into porting Civ 5 instead of this 'meet-at-the-halfway-mark' business.
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  • Alien: Isolation's Ripley DLC isn't just for pre-orders

  • SuperSoupy 11/07/2014

    @jonc24 The Ground Zeroes DLC isn't free. You will have already paid for that, buy purchasing Ground Zeroes in the first place. Reply -6
  • Grim Fandango revamp confirmed for PC, Mac

  • SuperSoupy 10/07/2014

    Awesome. No way were they going to release a point-and-click game, and have it NOT be on PC.

    Missed it the first time round so it'll be a day one buy for me.
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  • Sigourney Weaver and original Alien cast to star in Alien: Isolation

  • SuperSoupy 09/07/2014

    Great-looking DLC = YAY!

    Only accessible through pre-ordering the game = :-(

    To be honest, I can't see them just taking away this dlc post-launch. DLC that people have been hard at work on, and paid the actors stupid amounts for their voice work. No way are they going to chuck that away after pre-orders have ended.

    My money's on them doing a 180 on themselves and releasing all the DLC 2 months after launch anyways.... just in time for xmas.
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  • Samsung's Gear VR headset revealed in leaked image

  • SuperSoupy 09/07/2014

    I'm all for VR at home, but mobile VR? Really?

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  • The real story behind The Sun's "Gaming as addictive as heroin" headline

  • SuperSoupy 08/07/2014

    ive never woke up with withdrawel from holding my ps4 controller lol
    I know right? Likening it to class-A drug use is flat out stupid. I've never seen someone lose half their body weight and scratch their needle-ridden arms because they haven't played Street Fighter in a week.

    This is offensive to both games players and drug addicts.
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  • Free-to-play Zoo Tycoon Friends announced for PC and Windows Phone

  • SuperSoupy 08/07/2014

    there will be at least one in-game currency to buy with real-world money
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  • PS4 fails to boost Japan console market

  • SuperSoupy 08/07/2014

    There are no games for it.

    I don't even know why it's been selling over here to be honest, let alone Japan. At least wait until a great exclusive title comes out for it before you splash out 400 on something! Same goes for Xbone too.
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  • Kinect 2 for PC costs 159

  • SuperSoupy 07/07/2014

    Just goes to show how applicable Kinect is outside of the console world.

    The obvious downside is that it doesn't come with any particular software (or hardware) that makes it different from the console version you can get for 20.

    Plus, having this:

    It only works with applications developed for Kinect with Windows v2
    ...kind of defeats the point of it being so applicable if you severly limit its compatability like that.

    In short, great idea making a kinect solely for developers. But MS's marketing procedure may just be dumb enough to kill it dead unfortunately :-(.
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  • Halo 2's Coagulation remastered for Halo: The Master Chief Collection

  • SuperSoupy 07/07/2014

    So, Nintendo, you know that Microsoft is re-releasing HD versions of the Halo series? Well how about a 'Metroid Prime HD Trilogy Collection'?

    ...what?.... Yes, HD Wind Waker is nice but it's like full price for just the one game. What do you mean Pullblox is now available on the eWiiU Shop? I said Metr... oh forget I asked :-(
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  • Miyamoto: Nintendo "gradually changing the structure" of The Legend of Zelda

  • SuperSoupy 04/07/2014

    @scuffpuppies That it was. But from what I've heard the release of the n64 was put on hold until this game was ready to launch along with it. Waiting for Mario 64 meant waiting for the n64, and my god what a great console that was :) Reply +6
  • SuperSoupy 04/07/2014

    This is basically the top of my list of 2015, I'll enjoy other games but will always waiting patiently for Zelda to arrive.
    You'll be waiting patiently for a while. I reckon this won't be out till 2016 at least. Going on previous games, it's taken around 18 months from a new zelda game reveal to its eventual release.

    None of this is bad. The best Nintendo games always turn out to be the ones that have lengthy wait times. Mario 64, Ocarina Of Time, Wind Waker. It will be good game if it comes out next year. But if it's out after that, it will probably be amazing.
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  • SuperSoupy 04/07/2014

    In the sense of 'open world' as we know it, it really isn't much of a deal to take a game that is pretty much open world anyways, and make it more so.

    But on the other hand, it will be very interesting to see how Nintendo of all developers, interpret the theme of 'open-world'. It will likely be something very different to what we're expecting. Currently I'm imagining a GTA/Skyrim structure where you can obtain quests or missions from various parts of a grand map, at any time. That alone is enough to shake up the 25-year old tired Zelda formula. But the likelihood is that Nintendo have something more unique in mind. And I can't wait to hear more.
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  • Video: Why Superman will never have a good game

  • SuperSoupy 03/07/2014

    I vaguely remember a side-scrolling Superman arcade game from back in the day that was pretty decent.

    Superman does seem pretty cursed these days movie-wise though. Man Of Steel was complete tosh and I worry that the curse of Superman will bring down the Batman v Superman and Justice league movies.
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  • Upcoming Assassin's Creed game will be the first not headed by Ubisoft Montreal

  • SuperSoupy 03/07/2014

    OK, no-one's mentioned it yet so I will...

    Does anyone know if this has anything to do with the recent tax hike that Montreal has found itself subject to?

    I'm not sure if the recent tax increases are something that affects all of Canada or just Montreal's region. If it's all of Canada, then sure, this is probably a move made to expand the already stretched-out IP some more. But if the tax increases are regional, this might just be a way to avoid those tax costs.

    Like I said, unsure as to the exact details. Maybe someone else knows?
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  • Virginia is a first-person interactive drama inspired by Twin Peaks and X-Files

  • SuperSoupy 02/07/2014

    I really don't like the art style used here at all
    A lot of people said (and still do say) the same about Minecraft, yet that is considered one of last-gen's most defining games.

    The Lego games get repeated high reviews despite their minimalist art styles.

    Thirty Flights Of Loving is a neat little indie game that uses a similar art style to create a dramatic artistic statement while introducing a neat piece of game design that many AAA titles cannot even manage.

    South Park: The Stick Of Truth is a great RPG and possibly the funniest game ever made. The art isn't intense by any means, that doesn't mean it's off-putting or isn't incredibly clever.

    All-in-all, graphics aren't everything. Personally I think this games is visually very cool, in fact, I get put off by more realistic drama-based games: walking the uncanny valley line with cliched characters that distract from what should be an involving narrative. But this, this looks promising to say the least! I can't wait to see more. Go Variable State!!
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