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  • Metal Gear Survive review - surprisingly enjoyable horror spin-off

  • SuperSoupy 23/02/2018


    Konami can't find Kojima's thumbs-and-forefingers rectangle gesture

    Games company Konami admitted today that they couldn't find the famous film-making gesture that is crucial to the development of critically acclaimed video games.

    The gesture, made to imitate the frame of a movie screen, was apparently key to former Konami game director Hideo Kojima's developing technique.

    "We've tried everything" new director Yota Tsutsumizaki said. "Cupping our hands and bending our remaining fingers. But that just makes a kind of cube. Putting all 4 of our fingers against the tips of each other and looking down through our palms so that the gaps make a kind of burger? No luck."

    "You see, Kojima sat in his chair all day, all the time making this amazing shape. And when we presented him with the game we made while he did that, suddenly something happened and it was amazing."

    When asked for his input, Kojima reportedly instead made a strange new gesture, solely involving his middle finger.

    "Genius" Tsutsumizaki said.
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  • Norway says Nintendo is breaking the law over eShop refund policy

  • SuperSoupy 22/02/2018

    @MrTomFTW It's a skal-ding accusation! Reply +5
  • This year's BAFTA Fellowship award goes to...

  • SuperSoupy 21/02/2018

    Grand Theft Auto maker Rockstar Games
    Considering this award is more for the impact had on games as a whole, DMA Design should've got some love there.
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  • Kingdom Come: Deliverance review - history is a double-edged sword

  • SuperSoupy 20/02/2018

    Wow... this thread escalated quickly. Reply +4
  • SuperSoupy 20/02/2018


    Daniel Vavra is not historically accurate

    Game creator Daniel Vavra is not historically accurate to our timeline, it has been confirmed.

    Debates continue over whether or not his game 'Kingdom Come: Deliverance' is historically accurate due to its lack of persons of colour in 15th Century Bohemia. However this is just a footnote to the larger discovery that the game creator himself is is a relic from a bygone era. Archeologist Phil Murphy has more:

    "A European excavation team discovered a slab of ice under what was ancient Bohemia dating back to the 15th Century. Encased within was a frozen man. After they thawed him using super-cool Demolition Man technology, they sent him out into the world. We later confirmed his identity with a DNA trace, but how he got into games development is anyone's guess."

    The revelation has led to assurances that his new game is historically accurate since, I mean, he must know what he's talking about right??

    "Actually.." Murphy continues, "we should've known about him all along. Given his far-right political idealism, traditionalist pro-gamergate thinking and allegations of racism, it kind of all makes sense now."

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  • There's a Tomb Raider Barbie doll

  • SuperSoupy 19/02/2018

    ..she could use a steak or two. Reply +52
  • Sea of Thieves' kraken leaks

  • SuperSoupy 15/02/2018

    Obligatory Jonathan Coulton insert
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  • Crossing Souls review - pitch-perfect 80s nostalgia trip

  • SuperSoupy 13/02/2018

    ....looks alright this!

    Currently only £8-something on steam too!
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  • Here's Blanka electrifying Street Fighter 5

  • SuperSoupy 12/02/2018

    He looks ace! That side-swapping technique is going to look insane on the Pro Tour tournaments. Reply +1
  • PS4 exclusive Shadow of the Colossus tops chart

  • SuperSoupy 12/02/2018


    GTA 5 'ready' for a fight with Red Dead 2

    Popular crime-sim GTA 5 is ready to "totally have" charts newcomer Red Dead Redemption 2 when it arrives in October.

    While many had gotten used to it's presence, all eyes have been on GTA since it's return to the charts after it briefly escaped from them last November.

    "Chart Track won't see it coming" GTA 5 said. "He doesn't even pay attention to half of what goes on. And when Mario Oddysey is drawing his attention away with physical sales that's when I'll bust Red Dead with a blunted Vive controller".

    Warden ESRB stated "Violence between any of our inmates will not be tolerated! I will be watching them both regardless of whether of not Chart Track is looking."

    GTA later said "It's all a ruse. Me, Mario Kart and COD are planning a massive escape. COD's on library duty so he can steal the computer cords for rope. Kart's laying bananas outside security to slow them down. When everyone is expecting a fight, we'll be escaping through the downloads chute... the one place no-one thinks to look."
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  • Civilization 6: Rise and Fall review

  • SuperSoupy 09/02/2018

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  • For the first time, Evo won't have a Marvel game

  • SuperSoupy 07/02/2018

    @IronCladChicken They would love for Arms to be included (it was recently included in the EVO Japan event). But as far as wiiU Smash goes, it's the more current version so they'd much prefer people to use that than Melee I think. And with their current plans on porting WiiU games to Switch they're definitely not shying away from that console. With Mario Kart out now, and DK and Bayonetta 2 to come, they're very much committed to re-selling wiiU games that might have missed the audience first time round. I wouldn't be surprised if they announced a wiiU Smash port for the Switch.

    That's not to say I wouldn't like a version of Melee on the Switch though. A graphically-updated version of that with online play and I'd buy a Switch tomorrow! But the fact that the FGC haven't taken to future Smash games as well since Melee (they get left behind but Melee is always a mainstay) could be interpreted as Nintendo not making a Smash game that's as good as Melee since it's release all those years ago.
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  • SuperSoupy 07/02/2018

    @patchbox360 Never forget. Reply 0
  • SuperSoupy 07/02/2018

    I wonder if Nintendo are happy or embarrassed at Melee is still featuring heavily all these years later.

    I get the feeling that if Evo had to choose just one Smash game it would be Melee over the Wii U version. It's almost like they're being made to include wii u smash.

    In any case it'll be interesting to seeing how many numbers of people go in for DBFZ this year. It looks amazing.
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  • Evidence of new Sonic Racing game mounts

  • SuperSoupy 06/02/2018

    SART was so good I bought it twice in the same console generation. And I can't say I've done that with Mario Kart before. Reply +1
  • Why the founder of Traveller's Tales released a director's cut of an old Sonic game 25 years later

  • SuperSoupy 05/02/2018


    Jon Burton to star in detective TV show with Hideo Kojima

    In a recent interview, game studio founder Jon Burton revealed that he is to play the lead role in a new TV series. The venture is no surprise given his impressive resume of game and film production.

    "It's called 'Jack Foley & The Synth-Man'" Burton said. "It's an 80's flavoured cop show set in Malibu where me and Kojima bust heads and solve mysteries. One of us is a Hawaiian-shirt wearing hard-case cop, the other a hustling musician with a knack for hiding in boxes and stuff. We're a right odd couple!"

    "And Kojima's a diamond, mate. He's the Murtaugh to my Riggs. The Kato to my Green Hornet. Actually, the show is partly based on a true story where we met up after E3 and went on a bender round my neighbourhood looking to solve a crime. I don't remember if we actually did but the next morning there was a body so we must have!"

    "We've even got a villain lined up; a madman obsessed with encasing Malibu in a giant box! We're getting Peter Molyneux to play him and his catchphrase is 'What's reeeaaallly inside the cube?'".

    Netflix have reportedly signed for 3 seasons already.
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  • Kaz Hirai to step down as Sony boss

  • SuperSoupy 02/02/2018

    Well done Kaz. Thanks for some amazing console times.

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  • Raging Justice is a nostalgia-fuelled trip down the Streets of Rage

  • SuperSoupy 01/02/2018

    The choppy animations are intended. Looks fine to me!

    I'd love for this genre to come back in a big way.
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  • SNES mini sales pass 4m

  • SuperSoupy 01/02/2018


    Student who sold 4 SNES Mini's at inflated price thinks he's the Wolf Of Wall Street

    A student who reportedly sold four SNES Mini's at £150 each likens himself to infamous American stockbroker Jordan Belfort.

    Steven Bradley, 21, from Hull University, made the money before Nintendo addressed the stock shortage of the console. A GAME employee commented on Steven's initial purchases from them:

    "I thought it was a bit weird when I asked if he wanted to insure them with our reward programme and he was just standing there, making sexual spanking gyrations like he was on the phone to me or something. But I was like, standing right there."

    On the subsequent Ebay sales Mr. Bradley said "This is how it starts. Today, I'm ebaying SNES Mini's. Tomorrow, it's doing pills with hookers while flying my private jet to Luxembourg to grab my tax-dodge money before flying back to gut-punch Margot Robbie."

    His student colleague Rachel Jones commented on his success saying "So he made £550 after ebay fees? So what? At the end of year 3 he's still coming out of uni £40000 in debt like the rest of us."
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  • Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite flops

  • SuperSoupy 01/02/2018

    Meanwhile, at Arc System Works:

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  • Here's February's PlayStation Plus games line-up

  • SuperSoupy 01/02/2018

    Worth it for Rime alone. Reply +4
  • Nintendo announces Mario Kart Tour for smartphones

  • SuperSoupy 01/02/2018

    Asphalt 8 convinced me F2P racers can work on touchscreens. That said, Asphalt is design-wise closer to F-Zero than Mario Kart. This will be interesting to see. Multiplayer Mario Kart anywhere could be great. Reply +3
  • What EA is and isn't saying about microtransactions returning to Star Wars Battlefront 2

  • SuperSoupy 31/01/2018


    EA to bring back loot boxes while holding off on microtransactions to allow for the release of lucrative post-launch IAP's

    Games publishing giant EA will bring back microtransations in Battlefront 2 while delaying the launch, DLC and IAP's of Anthem so that they can release microtransactions and a season pass for the new Battlefield, it has been confirmed.

    EA Money Bags Mcgee, or Blake Jorgensen as his job title reads, said "to be honest mate it's a fucking juggling act. Between the loot crates we had to take out and the DLC we left in, the other 'other' premium skins in Anthem, the new Battlefield post-launch DLC and the delayed season pass launch for all 3 releases, I don't know how we're going to manage all of this. I suggested to our CEO Andrew Wilson that we just make a straight-up get-what-you-pay-for game. Anyway that's how I got this black eye."

    Further details can be found on Dow Jones Newswire provided of course that you sign up to the paid subscription.

    Mcgee later added "Actually, I think if we give Titanfall 3 a card-based monopoly, it might all even out".
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  • PUBG, Fortnite Battle Royale and the question of how new genres form

  • SuperSoupy 31/01/2018

    To quote Mark Pincus of Zynga from a few years back:

    "I don't fucking want innovation, you're not smarter than your competitor. Just copy what they do and do it until you get their numbers"

    Can't speak for how new genres form, but when they do, the one game that kicks it off is usually a risk for the developer. New genres flourish however, because of that one game in a thousand that rolls the lucky dice and makes a million instantly. Happened with cutesy 3D platformers in the late 90s, FPSes later on, happened at the time of the above quote with Farmville, and then subsequently match-3 games, happened with Minecraft, briefly with Flappy Bird, and now again with PUBG.
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  • Assassin's Creed Origins is getting new game plus

  • SuperSoupy 29/01/2018

    Best AC I've played in a long time. Might even be the best. Reply +12
  • Dragon Ball FighterZ review

  • SuperSoupy 26/01/2018

    I have no idea what the hell is happening in those videos, but my God it does look lovely.

    A good time to be a fighting game fan!
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  • RollerCoaster Tycoon fans hit out at Atari over controversial Switch port crowdfunder

  • SuperSoupy 24/01/2018


    Mafia 'respect' Atari Inc.

    Italian mobsters running regular scams out of Brooklyn, New York's east-side have exclusively revealed their utter awe and admiration for Atari Inc.

    Wiseguy Sonny Carmine stated "I thought shaking down some mook for protection money was a sweet deal in and of itself. That's when my brother Frankie turns me on to this games company. Says they got billions! And yet they're scamming regular mooks into funding their stuff!"

    "What's more, any money these shmucks do give, don't even have to be used making the game! Atari can use it to fund requests made to Todd Shallbetter on the day of his daughter's wedding! And any monetary return is a grey area. It's a good racket before you even get to in-game microtransactions!

    When asked for clarity, Atari CEO Todd Shallbetter quoted:

    "Our crowd-funding is totally above board. If any potential funders do have questions, we'll simply make them an offer they can't refuse".
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  • Xbox Game Pass just got a lot better

  • SuperSoupy 24/01/2018

    Does the Game Pass include xbox live online play? Or do you have to buy that on top? Reply -1
  • SuperSoupy 23/01/2018

    @Pirederas Reply -4
  • Here's an incredible look at Nintendo's first HQ back in 1889

  • SuperSoupy 24/01/2018

    @joshuakittle I don't think it was him. But that said, I think I may have heard this story out of context. Going through the history of Tetris on wiki, even without a falling-overboard mention, it actually still is a really interesting battle for business. This story alone would make a decent movie:
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  • SuperSoupy 23/01/2018

    Crazy interesting history Nintendo has!

    A personal favourite point of mine was how they won the Tetris deal for the GameBoy; their competitor fell off a boat on the way to the meeting. (Well, that's the story, I like to think Yamauchi used his mafia connections to "take care of business"). And thus, Tetris made the Gameboy a global, multi-million making, decades-spanning success.

    Everyone thinks videogame movies suck, but an honestly-made film about Nintendo's history would be well worth watching.
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  • Street Fighter 5 Arcade Edition review

  • SuperSoupy 22/01/2018

    @Shahid646 You can unlock them ingame by building up Fight Money (the in-game currency). You get that by completing various modes. But chances are you can't build up enough FM to unlock all 12 characters.

    Otherwise you can buy them individually with real money (about £5 each I think), or buy them via the previous character passes (about £11 for 6 characters, a better deal). Thing is, if you're spending £22 on 2 character passes on top of buying the base game, you may as well just buy the Arcade Edition disc and save some £ there.

    If you are buying the base version though, and want to unlock some stuff for free, another commenter (Jynxa) recently just linked a handy guide for building up Fight Money:
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  • SuperSoupy 22/01/2018

    @Shahid646 Hi! It's up to you...

    Buy the base Street Fighter V to get just the older version of game with no extra DLC for about £12-£15. If you do get this, you'll have to connect to the internet and download the Arcade Update for free (Arcade mode, other new modes, new balance tweaks, etc)

    If you buy the new Street Fighter V Arcade Edition (about £30), that gets you the base game, plus 12 extra DLC characters plus DLC costumes, on top of the Arcade Update itself.

    In short, they're both identical once updated. Only difference is one comes with a bunch of extra DLC codes.
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  • SuperSoupy 22/01/2018

    I can't play as the extra 12 characters advertised on the box, because they're locked to my husband's profile, because it's classed as DLC as opposed to being a core component of the game DESPITE BEING ADVERTISED AS SUCH?
    I love this game and I support it's business model, but even I think this is a dick move on Capcom's part. On one hand I get it: Sacrifices need to be made if it means fighting games can be marketed in the 21st century DLC age. The problem there is that it's also a couch-multiplayer game and they don't fall into that marketing bracket so easily. It's like shaving pieces off a jigsaw piece before forcing it into the puzzle.

    Even if they have to make their theoretical jigsaw this way, which is ultimately fine, saying on the box that all pieces are included within is naughty.
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  • SuperSoupy 19/01/2018

    @bonito He's a DLC character for this season. Following Sakura he's the next one to come. He'll likely be in the game in March.

    Edit: For the most part PS3 sticks should work on PS4 SFV provided they are the official Mad Catz ones. Here's a handy list of what does work to be sure:
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  • SuperSoupy 19/01/2018

    Expected the Arcade Edition update to be completely superficial but it's the real deal. Everything in it feels refreshed. If I had to complain I would have liked some animated arcade mode endings like SFIV had, but it is fun unlocking all the artwork. And they nerfed my beloved Balrog :(, but he can still hand out a whuppin'. All round it's an incredibly rewarding experience.

    Looking forward to Blanka!
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  • Sonic Generations revisited: better than Forces, runs beautifully on PC

  • SuperSoupy 22/01/2018

    It tries to be 2D Sonic but the physics are just off. Doesn't feel good to play. Making the graphics run better won't change that. Reply +2
  • Jelly Deals: Nintendo Labo pre-orders are now live

  • SuperSoupy 19/01/2018

    Kids are gonna have a great time playing around with this oh shit they spilt water on it. Reply +1
  • Nintendo Labo costs at least £60 in the UK

  • SuperSoupy 18/01/2018

    £60 upwards but kids are gonna love it.

    Then again, kids also love standard videogames that cost about £40, action figures that cost £15, stickers and trading cards that cost £3, and iPad games that cost fuck all.
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  • Nintendo has announced Nintendo Labo, a bizarre new interactive cardboard toy line

  • SuperSoupy 18/01/2018

    It looks great.

    Also looks pricey for a bit of software and paper.
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  • A new House of the Dead is heading to arcades

  • SuperSoupy 15/01/2018

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  • A voice from the past

  • SuperSoupy 15/01/2018

    Jesus that was amazing!

    Also I imagine quite emotional to put into words. Thanks a lot Ian for writing this. Just beautiful.

    I know somewhere back in my childhood home cupboard, there's one of those old 'Talkboy' cassette recorders (a popular toy when 'Home Alone 2' was released in cinemas in 1992). This is first moment in nearly 25 years that I'm hoping there's a well-used cassette still tucked away inside it.
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  • Join us for the first Eurogamer Community Pub Quiz

  • SuperSoupy 12/01/2018

    @PlugMonkey Bit of a trade down if he did. Always had him down as a 1963 Volkswagen Beetle man myself. Reply 0
  • SuperSoupy 12/01/2018

    Great idea guys all the best with it.

    In Brighton you're also liable to bump into Chris Eubank riding around randomly on a bike. The town surely deserves props for that.
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  • Third series of Dara O Briain's Go 8 Bit TV show begins February

  • SuperSoupy 12/01/2018

    Gave up after the first couple of episodes in season 1. Promising in theory. Poor in execution. Reply +11
  • Gorgeous nature-themed platform adventure Fe is launching in February

  • SuperSoupy 12/01/2018

    "Gorgeous" isn't the word I'd use to describe this. Looks different, sure. And very indie. But the graphics don't do much for me. Reply +1
  • Overwatch League launches with a bang and dominates Twitch viewing figures

  • SuperSoupy 11/01/2018

    Loving how the commentators have in-game tools to pull up schematics and info at any moment. That's awesome and is really something other pro-commentary could use. Would love to see that sort of thing in Street Fighter for on-the-fly replay analysis and such. Reply +1
  • Overwatch, Pokémon dominated Pornhub's most popular game characters of 2017

  • SuperSoupy 10/01/2018

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  • Bankrupt Mad Catz is somehow back from the dead

  • SuperSoupy 04/01/2018

    Good to hear. I always thought that they made some of the best arcade sticks in the business. Their Street fighter 4 sticks in particular were legendary.

    I always thought that if they focused on one area of peripherals they could continue quite well, instead of spreading themselves thin to cover alll the stuff. From the looks of things they're focusing on premium high-end eSports gear, which sounds like a good fit for them. Just don't mess it up trying to cover everything this time, guys.
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  • Fans have created a full 80-level sequel to New Super Mario Bros DS

  • SuperSoupy 03/01/2018

    Currently re-playing New Super Mario Bros Wii U. Bloody marvellous.

    Why the hell Nintendo haven't made one for Switch yet I don't know. Would be perfect playing with a friend on the joycons.

    Hopefully this unofficial game will give them reason to dip back into that well.
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