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  • What Street Fighter 5 will - and won't - have at launch

  • SuperSoupy 12/02/2016

    @Dunnyone Technically you don't have to. You can unlock him by playing and overcoming near-impossible tasks, just like you unlocked stuff in games in the 80's. Reply -1
  • A single button press skips loading screens in XCOM 2

  • SuperSoupy 11/02/2016

    @the_dudefather I knocked 'speed holes' into my PC with a pickaxe.

    It makes everything go faster!
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  • Street Fighter 5's first DLC character, Alex, live in March

  • SuperSoupy 11/02/2016

    @Malesoun I don't mean that V is weaker because of character rosters, and certainly not it's online support (which is vastly superior to IV's).

    I do think that IV's mechanics are better than V's though... currently. The thing about SFIV's 'cheap tricks', is that they required a crazy amount of skill to pull off. Seeing players integrate the tricks into their combos ended up being more impressive than dismissive.

    With V it's like they've turned a focus onto tighter mechanics (which yeah ultimately is good) at the game's core to appeal to a broader audience. It feels good to play at the moment, but you don't get that same feeling when spectating like in IV.

    Like IV, V needs a good year or so to go through the community and get feedback. It should be as fun to watch as it is to play and in time I reckon it'll get there. Those barely mentioned free balance updates are going to end up being the game's saving grace.
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  • SuperSoupy 10/02/2016

    @alimokrane I'll give you that in it's current final state, SF4 is a better game than SFV will be on release.

    BUT, in theory SFV's retail price will be all you will ever have to pay for the game and it's subsequent content.

    That's not to mention all the amazing social content that actually does come with SFV on release, like following pro players and watching replays.

    I love watching the Capcom Pro Tour, but my god during SF4 it was a hell of an effort. Imagine not only having easy access to all of that through SFV's interface, being able to watch matches that are not streamed video, but are instead recreated using the game's assets, perfect quality in-engine on console, on your screen.

    That kind of spectating, for me, is completely worth admission, and more games should do it, not just fighting games.

    You can say SF4 has more characters, but 5 has waaay more online content.
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  • SuperSoupy 10/02/2016

    People in 2011: "I'm sick of all this Super Ultra Turbo re-release nonsense! I get paying for new characters, but the updates should just be free."

    This just in: Street Fighter V to receive free updates, all future character DLC can be unlocked in-game or optionally paid for.

    People in 2016: "I'm sick of all this 'announced DLC' nonsense. I get paying for new DLC a year after a game's release, but anything released within the first 6 months should just come with the base game... for free."

    Ladies and gentlemen: games consumers.
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  • XCOM 2 review

  • SuperSoupy 01/02/2016

    @kikimaru024 check metacritic. Pretty safe to assume this is a universally acclaimed game. Reply 0
  • SuperSoupy 01/02/2016

    Glad I picked up the DLC pass too.

    the thing that makes this astonishing game truly sing is the way in which it's managed to respond to the bad habits we picked up last time around. Move faster, it urges. Take more risks. Become a more interesting player.
    As I write this I'm watching their PAX panel from the other day where they go into the modding content that releases along with the game...for free (how's that for a deal all you season pass naysayers)!!! There's so much of it and the best part is that it's surprisingly accessible. Firaxis is essentially giving us the tools to make xcom the game WE want it to be if it's not already great enough. They want us to become better creators as well as players and that's just dandy.
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  • New Titanfall game and Mass Effect: Andromeda coming in the next 14 months

  • SuperSoupy 29/01/2016

    @Lepanto I'm hoping for some nicer (and more clearer) graphics this time around. The last game was a touch too grey and muddy visually that it got in the way of play for me.

    Despite that though, it was hands down the best shooter of its year so yes, looking forward to what comes next :)
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  • SuperSoupy 29/01/2016

    Maps take a bit of effort to make sure, but the time and resource cost to that is not reflected in the price
    Actually, it is. Maps take excessively more than a bit of effort to make. These days, dev costs (particularly on AAA titles from the likes of EA) are increasingly demanding with each new gen of games. One does not simply make a map or weapon set like they did in the good ol' days. Way more people, and their time are involved in its production and implementation now. And given the effort put in, the price of a typical meal at a restaurant is totally worth the work these guys put in.

    That said, of course there is going to be a price mark up on products that bear say, the Star Wars brand. But therein lies the high value of the product. Whether we like it or not it's a value that is very real and relevant to the market. If the customer wants everything that's additional for free or for the lowest possible price, because that's what the market was like 13 years ago, then from the seller's point of view that customer's value wouldn't be worth much at all. A customer's value is only as good as the amount they're willing to put up to meet the product's value.

    EA may be charging more than the game is worth in some cases, sure. But they're not charging above the product's value. If you wanna play Star Wars, you gotta pay Star Wars money in today's market. Simple as that.
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  • SuperSoupy 29/01/2016

    "Mass Effect Andromeda from the team at BioWare will launch later in the fiscal year"

    That's 2017 then!

    Also, yay Titanfall. Genuinely loved that game. Looking forward to what they do with it moving forward.
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  • Funcom announces Conan multiplayer open-world survival game

  • SuperSoupy 28/01/2016

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  • End of an era as Evo, the world's biggest fighting game tournament, ditches Street Fighter 4

  • SuperSoupy 27/01/2016

    There's also the suggestion that Super Smash Bros. Melee and Wii U are different enough to justify their inclusion at the tournament, whereas the difference between Street Fighter 4 and 5 is less pronounced.
    Whaaat? Maybe as far as character rosters go then Smash is a bit differnt. Hell, Smash WiiU was developed specifically to replace Melee's eSport standing. It took the same game and just added bits here and there.

    SFV on the other hand, could not be more different than SFIV. I reckon swap Melee for SFIV and keep SFV as the main event. SFIV has been, after all, the crowning achievement of fighting games for the last 7 years. It's something of a shame to simply chuck it away into the attic now.

    ....SFV better live up to this pedestal it's being put on, dammit.
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  • Portal fan film director helming surprise Cloverfield sequel

  • SuperSoupy 15/01/2016

    Looks bloody good, that. Reply -1
  • Zelda: Twilight Princess HD has a new dungeon

  • SuperSoupy 14/01/2016

    Zelda: Twilight Princess HD has a new dungeon

    But you need the Wolf Link Amiibo to unlock it.
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  • Alton Towers announces first VR rollercoaster

  • SuperSoupy 12/01/2016

    Fantastic idea!

    But the queues for this are going to be insane. Will probably have to wait about 3 hours even with 'pass' ticket.
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  • Steam's sale changes were a huge success

  • SuperSoupy 12/01/2016

    @Ashby678 Same here. I used to buy lots of games during a sale and never got round to them. But this time I didn't go for it.

    If I want to play a game so badly these days I'll just buy it anyway, sale or not. Money that would have gone in the sales is better spent on something you'll actually give the time to, and you end up supporting the developers more this way.
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  • Oculus founder Palmer Luckey: "We don't make money on the Rift"

  • SuperSoupy 07/01/2016

    ...cue comments section containing people with no intention of buying a Rift, declaring how negative this all is.

    (abeit with a few true comments strung in, 'nickbonkersperry' for example makes a fantastic point!)
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  • Oculus Rift costs 500

  • SuperSoupy 06/01/2016

    Meh, fair enough really. More than twice the power of the DK2 for only twice the price.

    Besides, people spend more on bloody iphones every year anyways!
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  • The 50 most exciting games of 2016

  • SuperSoupy 06/01/2016

    @Acidizer Firewatch. Reply +3
  • SuperSoupy 06/01/2016

    American Truck Simulator: Release date: February 3rd!!
    Whaaat?? THAT soon?? Cannot wait :-D

    Edit: Also, XCOM2, Firewatch and Street Fighter V... that's my main lineup of games for the whole year and they're all hitting in February. JOY!!! (Except for South Park: The Fragile But Whole. Anybody have any word on when that's happening??)
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  • Steam winter sale live now

  • SuperSoupy 23/12/2015

    @retr0gamer That's fine by me. So much work goes into these things that to pay so little for them is a bit of an insult to the developers. And even so, 7 for Game Of Thrones or 12 for Mad Max is a damn good deal.

    Hopefully this will help raise the value of games, even if it's just by a bit.

    And another good thing is that I don't have to check Steam every 6 hours to see what the next deal would be. It's all just there.
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  • SuperSoupy 23/12/2015

    Knocking off the daily deals in favour of just one big one where pretty much everything gets a discount??

    Pretty darn good, that is!
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  • Hacker group Phantom Squad launches DDOS attack against Xbox Live

  • SuperSoupy 18/12/2015

    Are these guys aware of what went down exactly this time last year, on boxing day?

    A bunch of fools want to show everyone they're big and clever. They cause millions of people an extremely mild inconvenience for about a day or so, by temporarily hacking the PSN. Shortly afterwards they now face lengthy prison terms.

    These guys are clever enough to keep up with current events right? They can't be THAT stupid, surely??
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  • Rare and the rise and fall of Kinect

  • SuperSoupy 16/12/2015

    They love playing on the PS2 and N64 (my eldest is just discovering Final Fantasy so he's working through X on PS2, not the HD remake on PS3) as much as they love playing on the Wii U, PS4 or their 3DS's.
    That, is awesome. Good job dad :)
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  • SuperSoupy 16/12/2015

    @abeeken That's a good point you made about the pricing for all this fare. Thing is, if 'casual' customers are more than happy spending more then 300 on a new phone every year or so (especially with the new deal Apple have got going), then I'd say the idea of hobbyist doing the same on gaming gear isn't going to die down anytime soon.

    A lot of it comes down to branding I guess, because for a consumer to buy something only to replace it in a year is to completely miss the value of the awesome piece of tech they hold in their hands.
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  • SuperSoupy 16/12/2015

    To be honest, Kinect is still widely used.... outside of games. And that's great. The world couldn't get access to such technology without it generating huge amounts of profit in some sector. The fact that it was developed, integrated, and subsequently profitable inside the games industry was just the springboard it needed to become accessible in broader markets. Doctors use it during procedures. Creatives use it as a motion capture tool, and more.

    And tech-wise, it is coming back to games! Depth sensors are being developed further in VR technology. The exact situation exists in the Wii remote too. No-one's using that anymore. But again, its motion sensors are now commonplace in mobile phones. And whats more, it's coming back to games in the form of VR controllers.

    It's almost like gaming is the global R&D department for these devices before they go off into the world for further use. And it's only a matter of time before the tech returns to gaming for further development before having its impact in the world all over again.

    What does this mean for VR though, Gaming's next big R&D adventure? If the record is anything to go by, it will generate a hell of lot of profit and impact initially in games, before apparently "dying". But at this point it will be out in the world, helping opticians perform eye tests, connecting people in the next generation of Skype calls, and more. And eventually, in a good few years, the tech will come back to games as integral parts of the 'next big thing'.

    The Kinect, like the Wii-Remote, Rumble Pak, and even going back as far as your standard games controller, is here to stay. And that's great.
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  • Watch: Almost everything that we played during the XCOM 2 demo

  • SuperSoupy 15/12/2015

    @VGC_Groover It'll be fine. Looking at the page on Steam, its specs are pretty agreeable even on minimum settings. And seeing as it is PC only (for now), they're not about to let the gameplay experience be so divided because of spec limitations. It's the only place you can play the game after all! Just being able to run the game will be enough to ensure you get the intended experience. Reply 0
  • SuperSoupy 15/12/2015

    With expert commentary - don't leave Muton.
    I'd Ranger you had a damn good time playing this. To Mech us wait another 2 months for release is torture! I Carapace myself to wait any more!!!!
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  • Eurogamer readers' top 50 games of 2015 voting

  • SuperSoupy 11/12/2015

    Arkham Knight
    3D Streets Of Rage 2
    Game Of Thrones
    80 Days
    Block N Load

    Yeah. Liking that. And my predictions for 2016 are:

    Street Fighter V
    South Park: The Fractured But Whole
    XCOM 2

    Bring 'em on!
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  • XCOM 2 is a faster, more urgent sequel

  • SuperSoupy 10/12/2015

    .....when this comes out, I'm not going to need to play another game at all for a loooong time, aren't I? Reply +1
  • Total War: Warhammer developer "disheartened" by pre-order DLC reaction

  • SuperSoupy 03/12/2015

    Soo.. 3,095 likes and 41,186 dislikes. So what!?

    That leaves out 460,258 views that are pretty much "oh, ok then".

    Not only are the people who voted on the video less than 10% of the viewers, but those who actually down-voted come in at around 8% of viewers. And no matter what product you're selling, there's always going to be 8% of people who feel so self-entitled that they just have to bitch about it online. Talk to me about a video's impact when a sizable chunk of viewers are voting on it.

    That's the problem with the Youtube voting system: it's incredibly mis-representative of a video's actual audience. All that its current form seems to accomplish is the social buzzing in the comments section (which is probably Google's plan all along, really).

    No worries CA, this game is looking ace, DLC included.
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  • Rainbow Six Siege is like a hardcore Home Alone

  • SuperSoupy 30/11/2015

    Kevin from Home Alone, that cherubic icon of sadistic childhood, grew up to be the Saw series' own, slightly less loveable lead, Jigsaw. It all makes so much sense: the parental neglect, the nasty traps and the love for a very stagey kind of pain - of course it's all true
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  • Steam Thanksgiving sale goes big on Star Wars

  • SuperSoupy 26/11/2015

    7.81 is good for Ultra Street Fighter 4 (but Cammy be trusted?
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  • Gauntlet and King's Quest are your PS4 PS Plus December games

  • SuperSoupy 25/11/2015

    What happened to the PS Plus 'vote' thing from September?

    They still doing that or what?
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  • Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival review

  • SuperSoupy 25/11/2015

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  • Xbox 360 at 10: Gears of War versus Tool

  • SuperSoupy 24/11/2015

    sigh... right, that's it... (opens up youtube) let's have a Tool day... Reply +4
  • A guide to the best Black Friday gaming deals

  • SuperSoupy 23/11/2015

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  • Futurama to be resurrected as a mobile game

  • SuperSoupy 23/11/2015

    "Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff" is a horrible, horrible game.

    I'm not against F2P because F2P can work when done right. But that game is everything that's wrong with F2P and gaming in general. If this turns out to be another one of those build your own area/ multiple in-game currencies/ cheap graphics and UI/ timers at every opportunity/ crash-fest things, that has zero game design in it at all...

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  • Eurogamer's PS2 emulation wishlist

  • SuperSoupy 23/11/2015

    @BellyFullOfHell Do it. You won't be disappointed! Reply 0
  • SuperSoupy 22/11/2015

    Def Jam: Fight for New York

    One of the best brawlers of it's generation. It took everything that made "WWF:No Mercy" on N64 great, and implemented numerous fighting styles (that challenged you to play in different ways), fantastic interactive fighting venues, carefully timed brutal combat with wonderful animation, and bombastic finishing moves way before Street Fighter IV arrived.

    On top of that, it had a map-based campaign with a wonderful cinematic flair that hands-down beat the story mode structure of Mortal Kombat X.

    And hey, even if pumped-up stereotypical portrayals of rappers isn't your thing (like it wasn't for me), you're still left with the option to create a pretty spot-on version of yourself and stomp Busta Rhyme's face into a jukebox. Or throw Sean Paul into an oncoming train. That alone is GOTY material.

    (Edit: runner-up games I'd also like to see are Vice City, Jak 2 Renegade, and the SSX series (even the one with skis).
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  • Watch: Overwatch is different - and really, really good

  • SuperSoupy 20/11/2015

    But does it have hats???

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  • Matchmaking, microtransactions and Street Fighter's comeback: Yoshi Ono on V

  • SuperSoupy 20/11/2015

    I swear this game is going to be to number 4, what number 3 was to number 2.
    I agree. In that it'll be a game that the pros will eat up for it's in-depth qualities, but less experienced or more casual players will be left out feeling a bit bored.

    It's kind of putting layers over the top of the previous game and evolving it to the point that you can barely see the identity that made it so brilliant in the first place.

    After playing the beta that's the impression I get, and I sincerely hope I'm wrong, because I bloody love SF4.
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  • Looks like Halo 5 microtransactions are doing the business for Microsoft

  • SuperSoupy 20/11/2015

    In comparison:

    I've been playing Hard West lately. Great game, and it has a card-based design system. IF the developer decided to make those cards IAP, it would ruin the game's design and eventually collapse the game's positive reviews.

    Point being, card-based IAP serve no game design purpose. Any game with them, is a better game without them.

    Halo never needed them for it to be a great game, but they may just make it a worse one.
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  • Cyberpunk adventure Read Only Memories confirmed for PS4 and Vita

  • SuperSoupy 20/11/2015

    Yes please! Also, make an adventure game of this!!:

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  • Resident Evil 6 PS4 and Xbox One listings spotted on Korean ratings board

  • SuperSoupy 20/11/2015

    Terrible game. I literally felt robbed after playing it. Reply +2
  • Star Wars Battlefront review

  • SuperSoupy 20/11/2015

    Looks lovely, but doesn't seem to play as good as it looks (the beta wasn't so hot either).

    Not that it's bad! It does seem to play 'good', then. Just not 49.99 plus 39.99 season pass 'good'.
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  • Hard West review

  • SuperSoupy 19/11/2015

    I might wait until a Steam sale or something.
    That's the big problem with Steam sales: While initially attractive, they cheapen the value of the entire industry.

    12 isn't a good enough deal for this game as it is?

    Also they're an indie dev. Not getting AAA funding and still managing to turn out a product that isn't far off XCOM is a fine achievement as far as I'm concerned. Well worth it's current price tag if not more.
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  • Fresh Star Fox Zero footage shows graphical upgrades

  • SuperSoupy 16/11/2015

    Don't mind the graghics at all. Hell Starfox 64 is still a brilliant game, better than many current aerial combat games.

    I just want to be able to play it with a regular controller if that's an option. No WiiU gimmickry please.
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  • Sonic Twitter account taken over by Dr. Eggman

  • SuperSoupy 14/11/2015

    "That intolerable blue hedgehog has been running amok on Twitter long enough!"
    He's been running amok in games long enough too.
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  • Steam Link and Steam Controller don't work with Macs - yet

  • SuperSoupy 13/11/2015

    @SpaceMonkey77 I googled it (should've done that first in hindsight:p)

    For anyone else wondering the same thing:

    "Supports Steam Controller (sold separately,) Xbox One or 360 Wired Controller, Xbox 360 Wireless Controller for Windows, Logitech Wireless Gamepad F710, or keyboard and mouse".
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