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  • Virgin Media wants you to buy its "boss-mode level" broadband for gamers

  • SuperSoupy 31/08/2016

    @SeanBeansGravyBoat It's not the download speeds I meant. I was talking about the monthly download limit. Last I heard they cap it after a certain gb is reached, that or start charging more if you go over it.

    I can understand them capping upload speeds however. Helps stop people seeding lots of torrents (of which I heard about... in... the Independent... or something...)
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  • SuperSoupy 31/08/2016

    Isn't Virgin's 'unlimited' broadband one that kinda caps you after a while anyways (or charges you more if you do go over it)?

    That big fat asterisk next to their 'unlimited' advert is what's kept me away from them for the time being.
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  • There's a new report about those NX detachable controllers

  • SuperSoupy 28/08/2016

    @Dijon no idea. Fair enough if they do. But saying that, I've not heard of any instance of Xbox using their fancy rumble to their advantage. Just for basic rumble functionality. If Nintendo are making a point that they have rumble (which in this day and age ain't too big a statement), then I'd imagine they must be cooking up something unique to integrate it into games-wise. Reply 0
  • SuperSoupy 26/08/2016

    If each controller has it's own rumble in it then that would be quite interesting.

    Having Link get knocked from the right side of the screen in smash bros, and feeling the 'impact' specifically in your right hand,the force of which dependant on the heaviness of the attack, would be cool.

    (Edit: force feedback really is the 'next-gen' of rumble technology. It's bloody brilliant and about damn time for it to come to consoles.)
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  • Virginia, one of 2016's most promising games, is coming to Xbox One, PS4 and PC next month

  • SuperSoupy 25/08/2016

    Can't wait to try this out! Reply +2
  • Kingsglaive isn't a great movie, but it's a good intro to Final Fantasy 15's fascinating new world

  • SuperSoupy 25/08/2016

    @FadetoBlack23 IIIIVANREIIITMANN Reply 0
  • Here's the first trailer for the new Toejam & Earl game

  • SuperSoupy 25/08/2016

    Looks, and feels, brilliantly early nineties!

    Half expected De La Soul to pop up while watching that!
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  • PlayStation Now is coming to PC tomorrow in the UK

  • SuperSoupy 24/08/2016

    Hmm. I currently pay for an internet connection. Also pay for PS Plus. This as well, is too much.

    You're not getting to own a game. Not even getting a drm license to 'virtually' own a game. You're renting a space in which to play games that only work well depending on you're internet connection, and the titles of which are interchangable at any time.

    A nice addition, mind. But considering the PS Plus price hike happening soon, this should be included as part of PS plus for sure.
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  • Metroid Prime Federation Force review

  • SuperSoupy 19/08/2016

    Not to be mean on the graphics and such, but this really comes across as something not particularly suited to the strength of the 3DS' specs.

    Would have liked to see this type of game on the Wii U. Could have been an interesting multiplayer take to fit alongside the occasional round of Splatoon.
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  • 3DS sales nearly doubled last month in US retail following Pokémon Go craze

  • SuperSoupy 19/08/2016

    @Bergeton Yep. I have the odd gripe with my PS4 on occasion, and especially the WiiU. But I've never had a fault with my 3DS.

    M2's 3d ports of Mega Drive games are so damn good they're worth the price of the console alone. They really are the best versions of those games ever ported. Even if you don't like the 3D, the 2D pixeles really seem to fit with the console's resolution well.
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  • It looks like Assassin's Creed 2, Brotherhood, Revelations are headed to PS4, Xbox One

  • SuperSoupy 18/08/2016

    @Ryuke They are making new games. Lot's of 'em. The problem was releasing a whole new wave of next-gen consoles and not having enough new products at the time to go with them. So the re-release wagon got rolling (rather than making the consoles themselves backwards compatible, because where's the profit in that?) and it's a trend that stuck. Reply +2
  • Watch 15 minutes of gameplay from Sea of Thieves

  • SuperSoupy 17/08/2016

    I'm not sure Microsoft knows what it wants from all this. Well, it wants money, that I'm sure of. But I get the feeling across all of their franchises (not Rare, mind, those guys are doing a damn good job here!) they're just throwing IPs at a wall and seeing what sticks. The only thing they seem to be sure of is that they want to be able to sell a huge brand, the game attached to it is secondary. Whereas other companies tend to build a cohesive, great game and launch a brand from that.

    Maybe I'm just talking a load of balls and if so fair enough (hey, my morning coffee hasn't kicked in yet). But with MS buying up temp-exclusivity rights to IPs like Tomb Raider, trying so hard to make Peggle relevant, and pushing Sea Of Thieves as a AAA big deal when there hasn't been a great amount of actual gaming to go on, that's the ideology that the corporation gives me. God knows what they're going to do if people ever get bored of Halo.
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  • The first post-Kojima Metal Gear is a co-op survival game set in an alternate reality

  • SuperSoupy 17/08/2016

    Well, visuals-wise it's looking as nice as the last one. But with that said, there go my hopes of Metal Gear actually making more sense post-Kojima. Reply 0
  • Titanfall 2's open beta won't be on PC

  • SuperSoupy 16/08/2016

    Looks amazing. Reply -1
  • PS4's next big update adds folders

  • SuperSoupy 15/08/2016

    Any beta testers out there have an idea of how this affects the PS4's 'restore' function? Whether having a new folder structure makes it harder (or easier) to accomplish?

    I plan on using EG's fancy hard drive upgrade guide in the near future and hoping, while seemingly all well and good, that this new system doesn't throw any spanners in the works.
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  • No Man's Sky review

  • SuperSoupy 12/08/2016

    Will hold out for the PSVR version ;)

    (Gotta be getting adapted for VR, this? Surely!?)
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  • Over a million UK players have spent money on Pokémon Go

  • SuperSoupy 12/08/2016

    Mmm Bop. Reply +5
  • Pokémon Go earns eight times what Candy Crush Saga did in its first month

  • SuperSoupy 08/08/2016

    @George-Roper I bought a lure so that I could use a stop with an extra person. Both had some fun and can't complain for around 89p. That said, I refuse to spend any more money until some of those crazy crashes are fixed. Reply +4
  • Buzz! developer Relentless shut down

  • SuperSoupy 05/08/2016

    :(. If any relentless staff read this by chance, all the very best to you moving forward! Reply +14
  • The man behind one of Steam's most controversial games is back

  • SuperSoupy 05/08/2016

    Already can't wait for Shattered Skies' first expansion pack:

    "No Sky's Man"
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  • Street Fighter 5's Balrog is not the Balrog I know and love

  • SuperSoupy 04/08/2016

    @BigDannyH Yeah. TBH Snake Eyez is crazy scary at higher tournament levels. I'm not sure why he's dropping Gief when he's one of the few guys who can actually make that character work. But the fact that he is dropping Gief speaks volumes that something needs to be done about the character. Reply +2
  • SuperSoupy 04/08/2016

    Balrog and Zangief. To me two of the most interesting characters, particularly to spectate ('cos I'm rubbish at it). And yet somehow they got the shaft when it came to SFV.

    I love that SFV is a different breed of fighting game, so so different to SFIV (whether or not it's better though is another argument entirely). I love how SFV's characters have been overhauled now after years of same old same old formula.

    But to me Rog and Gief are two of the most high damage output characters in SF. And it seems like the developer relied on that high damage output a bit too much that they got nerfed everywhere else. Not good.

    And yet I'm not sure how they can get the balance right anyways. Alex, for example, is another high damage guy yet he has all the tools that Rog and Gief lack. But I reckon he's really overpowered as a result. All 3 of these characters needs a middle ground.
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  • Yes, Final Fantasy 15 has a season pass

  • SuperSoupy 03/08/2016

    @riceNpea Absolutely.

    But another point that sways me into the 'fair enough it's a season pass' camp is that in the past, cosmetic items would have been included in the base game because they were easy to knock out. Change Cloud's costume? On PS1 graphics? Sure, swap a colour and paint a strip across it and it's done. These days on today's tech, entire teams of devs plus outsourcers can be known to collaborate on a single character's appearance. So making cosmetic changes is no longer a minute undertaking that can be easily added to a game. It's a big deal dev-wise so understandably it comes with a price attached.

    Ultimately though, it adds as much to the game as Cloud's little PS1 palette-swap. So (understandably) why should we as the comsumer pay extra for it? Simply because it costs more to build these days.

    Totally agree about the expansion part though. My worry about that is that it won't be a Ł20-worth expansion as there's a bunch of other trinkets included in that price too. The expansion part may only be worth around Ł9-worth of content at most for all we know.
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  • SuperSoupy 03/08/2016

    Goddamn, a LOT of whining going on here!!

    I for one will NOT be buying the season pass, nor the game for that matter if the hype is just hype and the game actually turns out to be pants (*cough*FFXIII*cough*). But that's not to say the season pass is bad.

    All this pass is, is optional content. You don't need it. A couple of skins and a sidequest is not going to change the game in any huge way. And given the hours of gameplay in the base release, chances are that less than 10% of players would reach this content anyways if it were included as a 'complete' version. Optional. That's all. If people really want some extra guff in their FFXV then they can buy more. That's actually a choice we didn't have back in the good ol' days before DLC.

    ...and oh God now I'm whining! This article of comments is contagious!
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  • The new game from Sir, You Are Being Hunted devs takes a sci-fi twist

  • SuperSoupy 02/08/2016

    @Frosty840 On the contrary, I got SYABH on Steam early access and was pleasantly surprised. Granted, the finished result wasn't perfect by any means but I found it to be a damn fun and pleasantly fresh (a welcome change from the many other copy/paste fps games out there) game.

    If the studio can turn out another similarly refreshing game experience, but this time with the visual polish of say, Firewatch, then I'm well on board for it.
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  • HTC Vive price hike for UK - blame Brexit

  • SuperSoupy 01/08/2016

    It makes me speculate if any of the the super-rich 1% who will actually profit massively from Brexit, might also have a few shares in HTC...

    On a topical note though, if it is true that the price hike is actually higher than the shitty falling rate of the quid, then clearly it's a greedy hike. It might not be because of brexit in that direct sense, but it certainly is as a knock effect. It simply wouldn't have happened at all if not for the meteoric decline of our currency.
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  • Watch Yooka-Laylee Toybox demo's hidden ending

  • SuperSoupy 29/07/2016

    Dat Grant Kirkhope soundtrack tho! :)

    Right down to the transition when above/under water. Everything about this game is looking mighty fine indeed.
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  • PlayStation Plus' August freebies unveiled

  • SuperSoupy 28/07/2016

    Look at it this way, you've got roughly 15 quid's worth of games for four...
    Fair enough, can't say there's no value in it. But that said, I'd happily say no to two Ł7.50 'try-em-and-forget-em' games favour of one really decent Ł15 critically acclaimed-level game.

    (It's just a shame ps4 doesn't port many last-gen games very well. Some quality last-gen games like the PS3 is getting would be great.)
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  • SuperSoupy 27/07/2016

    I paid for PS Plus for this!? Reply -1
  • Sega announces two new Sonic games

  • SuperSoupy 24/07/2016

    3D sonic thing can do one.

    Sonic Mania: Yay!
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  • Paedophiles, lures and susceptible children: the UK tabloids take on Pokémon Go

  • SuperSoupy 12/07/2016

    The UK's newspapers, amid the maelstrom of the biggest political turmoil of modern times, have found a page or two to take on new mobile phenomenon Pokémon Go.
    Says it all right there really. What? A nose-diving economy in the face of the biggest European fallout in decades? A new PM that 0% of people voted for? Nah, it's gotta be about Pokemon Go and Gazza's mental health.

    "Meanwhile in other news, Gazza's off the wagon again in shameful pictures too dispespectful to show to the world, which we will now show you! Yeah, look at that, poor bugger. This must be so embarrassing for him. Stay away kids, I don't care if there's a Pikachu nearby, he's gonna get a pik-at-chu if yer not careful! Did we mention Pokemon is bad?"
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  • Watch: 6 unexpected side effects of Pokémon Go

  • SuperSoupy 12/07/2016

    @spekkeh I gave in and got the APK last night. I actually really dig it (so far at least). My morning commute has never been quite so fun! Walking out of a train station into a boosted-up PokeStop, and taking notice of local landmarks that I've never noticed before playing this game is something quite special. Reply +1
  • SuperSoupy 11/07/2016

    @LazyDan Finally, a critical opinion of some sort! (With all the EG articles about this game I would've thought there'd be a review on here by now).

    I just want to know if it's genuinely a solidly good game or not. Sounds intriguing for sure. Some flaws but it seems the social innovation pros outweigh the cons.
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  • Splash Damage bought by Chinese chicken meat company Leyou

  • SuperSoupy 11/07/2016

    If they can hendle such an eggcellent acquisition then all the breast to them. Reply +2
  • Yahoo News uses Destiny screenshot to illustrate story on Saturn

  • SuperSoupy 11/07/2016

    Journalist gossip piece inside a journalist gossip piece inside a journalist gossip piece?

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  • Pokémon Go is a phenomenon that's pushing people together

  • SuperSoupy 10/07/2016

    But is it any good? Reply +2
  • Evolve goes free-to-play, devs discuss "DLC s***storm"

  • SuperSoupy 07/07/2016

    Good move. Actually quite excited to give it a go now :) Reply +5
  • Exposed YouTube star says sorry you didn't realise he owned gambling site he promoted

  • SuperSoupy 07/07/2016

    If he's using youtube to breach actual laws, is it possible for YT to delete his account? Or at the least get banned?

    Would love to see this turd flushed away.
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  • Yakuza 5 currently free if you have PlayStation Plus

  • SuperSoupy 05/07/2016

    Got it. YAY! (Nice one EG ;-)

    Can't access it through my ps4???

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  • Things fall apart: Looking back at Resident Evil 5

  • SuperSoupy 04/07/2016

    Fantastic game. Played through it co-op all the way with someone and was easily one the best co-op games I've ever played. Managing and trading in the resi-patented inventory was handled beautifully, as was relying on your team-mate during heavy combat segments. Puzzles were fun, characters never grated, and the feeling of being back up against a wall with your buddy shooting down waves of oncoming baddies was just as intense as resi 4. Except now it was more fun, because your friend was right there with you.

    I appreciate that they were brave enough to introduce co-op to 5 after the near-perfect resi 4, while applauding that they actually pulled it off. But how they balls'd it up massively in Resi 6 I'll never know.
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  • Today's big Street Fighter 5 update is actually two separate massive downloads

  • SuperSoupy 01/07/2016

    @Jackie_Chiles @Jackie_Chiles
    They've toned her down out of fear.
    This is the same game that has an 85% exposed blonde buxom wrestler in it. A game where pretty much every female character has their ass out in some way. If they don't have their ass out (i.e. Chun-Li) then they make a "sexy" costume that can be swapped out on her.

    Point being: Capcom ain't scared of flashing the flesh at all (just look at Urien's upcoming costume in his budgie-smugglers). It's simply a design aesthetic choice. Anyone looking into it for more than that is looking into it too much.
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  • Zelda: Breath of the Wild needs to sell 2m copies to profit

  • SuperSoupy 01/07/2016

    @Reedo I'm not doubting the quality of Nintendo's employees in the slightest. I know they'll do an amazing job. I'm simply curious as to the sheer manpower of talent going into this, and whether 100 is enough for a title of this scale.

    Witcher 3 must have had more than 100 people working on it, while Rockstar North famously had 1000 working on GTA. Considering the sheer size of this Zelda, if anything I hope that its devs aren't being worked to the point of dropping!
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  • SuperSoupy 30/06/2016

    100 staff members are currently at work on the game
    For Nintendo's biggest AAA game (if not biggest brand IP), that... ain't a huge number of devs. Here's hoping the guys over there can make it work (looks quite tasty so far).
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  • Twitch lets you buy cheers

  • SuperSoupy 28/06/2016

    It's pointless, a waste of money, and does nothing to change the mongoloid hell that is twitch chat.'s going to make millions.
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  • Fatherhood isn't the shortcut to emotional complexity games wish it was

  • SuperSoupy 28/06/2016

    I don't think E3's been a theme of parenthood for parenthood's sake. Games have recently been able to convey such empathy where it was tougher to earlier. Not that it's been impossible until just now, which I ain't saying at all. But with each passing year tech and storytelling techniques are really becoming more impressive tools to achieve such a thing. Some of the games other commenters have listed here is a testament to that.

    That said, I doubt the Death Stranding bit is about parenthood at all. Knowing Kojima it's probably Reedus hugging a clone of himself from another timeline or some malarkey.
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  • Surprise! Street Fighter 5 gets Balrog alongside Ibuki this week

  • SuperSoupy 27/06/2016

    @Sagara_Sousuke_x No worries. It's simply down to support from Capcom for the game. If it isn't selling then future support and development is not going to be a priority for them. And future fighting games won't be on the toip of their to-do list. This would be a shame because SFV is widely touted as the go-to fighting game as far as pro tournaments go. It's the main event at EVO this year, and has the most promising prize pool in fighting games with the capcom pro tour. Even EG are hosting it at EGX this year. As well as this SFV has a great little social element in the game where you can follow your favourite fighters and view/learn by watching their replays.

    But even Diago has been saying lately that he's unsure of SFV's future next year. When one of the best players ever in the game is saying that, something needs to be done. It would be a shame to see such promising social development in the game dry out because of a questionable business model. But ultimately, the only way a company is going to take notice of what people want more of is if those people take notice of their product.
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  • SuperSoupy 27/06/2016

    @Sagara_Sousuke_x I'd be ok with it if the base game wasn't full price. They release half a game you should only pay for half for it.

    With that said, if it means raising awareness of the FGC in this the era of Twitch then I'm willing to pay for a piece of DLC or two. Other games out there have shadier marketing polices. I been looking forward to Balrog for ages so glad I can get a hold of him soon.

    Besides, there ain't going to be a season 2 if people don't support season one. And beneath the terrible lack of product presentation, SFV is a flipping brilliant fighting game.
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  • You can buy Street Fighter 5's Hot Ryu next week

  • SuperSoupy 23/06/2016

    Fat Freddie Mercury for the win! Reply +4
  • South Park: The Fractured But Whole lets you play as a girl

  • SuperSoupy 21/06/2016

    @Bloodfont And just as important, will this new game be cut on consoles in Europe too? Reply 0
  • South Park The Fractured But Whole out this December - here's gameplay

  • SuperSoupy 14/06/2016

    @ghostgate2001 Well, you know how important it is to bring a towel right?

    :P In all seriousness though, I don't mind a season pass so long as it's for extra content that's worth making use of (currently loving XCOM2's pass). Personally I was all over Stick of Truth and wanted more when it was done. So I'm happy with this.
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