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  • RockyMotion 02/07/2015

    @fabio78 For the sake of my immersion, I've always interpreted Nate's regenerating health as a sort of regenerating "luck" instead. Whenever he gets hit, I imagine it's actually just a bullet flying past him really close. His cries could just as easily be him being startled by the sound of bullets whizzing by. The longer he sticks his head out of cover, the more he strains his luck. Eventually his luck runs out (evidenced by the fading colours and sound distortion) and he's killed by a single bullet.

    It fits with the recurring theme of Nathan being a lucky bastard, I think. And because the Uncharted series has never used the blood-splattered screen as indication of damage, and no gunshot wounds ever show up on Nathan's body, this is a pretty viable interpretation!
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