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  • Red Dead Redemption

  • Oldtrusty77 17/05/2010

    8/10 is no-where near a bad score. I think it's time for us all to grow up a little and use a little common sense when looking at review scores. Reply +46
  • French mag points to Red Steel 3

  • Oldtrusty77 29/04/2010

    Can Ubisoft not pump some of this sequel cash into Beyond Good and Evil 2? Like Red Steel 2, the first one didn't sell well, but unlike Red Steel 2, Beyond Good and Evil was actually great. Just a thought. Reply 0
  • Image hints at possible XBLA Shenmue

  • Oldtrusty77 27/04/2010

    Speaking as a guy who is just completing the third disc of Shenmue 1 for the first time, the idea of a XBLA/PSN remake of the second game would be cool, and maybe could stand as a way for Sega to properly gauge not just interest, but the willingness of consumers to hand over some cash. If the new Sonic title can be in downloadable chapters, and games like the Half-Life 2 episodes, why not Shenmue installments? I do agree with JoeGBallad further up the page though, Sega may not be making the massive games that they became famous for, but games like Yakuza 1, 2 and 3 and Valkyria Chronicles are just cracking and hard to fault in my mind. Reply +1