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  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is a world at war with itself

  • Merefield 06/11/2015

    But ... is Kevin Spacey in it?! Reply +2
  • The Witcher 3 is a masterpiece of world-building

  • Merefield 12/05/2015

    Got Witcher 2 on the recent Steam sale for ~£2.50. Bargain of the century, what a beautiful game! The 3rd outing is surely a must and I have no qualms paying full price as I'm in their debt already. Reply 0
  • $499 Virtuix Omni VR treadmill shipping September

  • Merefield 08/04/2014

    Good luck to them. I'm sure the follow-up version will be even better. Seems like the most practical attempt at cracking the hardest problem with VR. Is it just me or attaching two screens, one in front of each eye ISN"T really that hard? Fooling your brain into feeling you are actually running around a landscape whilst actually staying roughly still is MUCH MUCH harder a problem to solve. Reply +2
  • Total War: Rome 2 review

  • Merefield 03/09/2013

    @pedro3113 ' - 9'. Well to be fair, you'd have to interpret that with a pinch of patriotic salt! Why not 10/10, though, you have to ask?! ;) Reply 0
  • Sleeping Dogs Review

  • Merefield 03/09/2012

    7 out of 10?! Are you kidding me?! This is an absolute gem of a game! I absolutely love the way they've made the unarmed combat quite challenging such that once you start to get the hang of it its really rewarding. I also like the original theme. 9/10 in my book. Only the handling of the vehicles lets it down. (Playing on a PC equipped with a 560 Ti 448 on High) Reply +2
  • Merefield 03/09/2012

    @peterpeter24252627 totally agree Reply -2
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 doesn't need a new engine to advance graphics, Treyarch insists

  • Merefield 14/05/2012

    The whole off-the-shelf games market is governed (aka held back) by the tech in the current gen consoles. Save for very few examples to the contrary (e.g. the sumptuous BF3, Crysis), major leaps in PC gaming only occur when they start porting or co-developing games from or with the Next Gen consoles!

    Sure, its not an entirely one-way relationship and the consoles tend to benefit from interim development of hardware within PCs. But for software, it tends to be the other way around.

    Still, given the amount of money this series makes, it _is_ a bit disappointing they don't make more of an effort, even if the graphics are genuinely better than purely utilitarian ...
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  • Oil Rush Review

  • Merefield 09/04/2012

    @MarketZero - you don't need to - its on Steam! ;) Reply +2
  • Modern Warfare 3 has 12% more online gamers than Black Ops

  • Merefield 09/02/2012

    Hardly surprising and am very glad to see the return to form rewarded. Black Ops was clunky and alienating. MW3 is a return to the slick gameplay that made MW1 & 2 so compelling. Sure there are a few imperfections but at least you feel like you are driving a Sportscar again instead of a luke warm hatchback of a game Black Ops was!! Reply -1
  • EA claims FIFA 12 outselling PES 25:1

  • Merefield 19/10/2011

    It's even fantastic on the iPad! :) Reply -1
  • Sledgehammer boss dismisses BF3 rivalry

  • Merefield 10/10/2011

    Non-story, its all good, and agree - MW3's challenge is being at least as good as MW2 which was really really slick.

    BF3 is very promising, but they are sufficiently different to make both worth looking into ... vive la difference!
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  • FIFA 12 third biggest UK launch ever

  • Merefield 04/10/2011

    The iPad version of FIFA 12 is a masterpiece ... sublime in fact ... yes it's graphics are pretty limited, but wow, what a gem! The team who did the iPad version should be very proud ... probably one of the best pieces of software, let alone games, to appear on the slab ... Reply 0
  • Major PlayStation Home update tomorrow

  • Merefield 28/09/2011

    Stuff that sort out YouTube HiDef support, and get rid of the ugly default YouTube app!!!!!! Reply +5
  • Limited Star Wars Xbox 360 revealed

  • Merefield 21/07/2011

    Agreed! It's a geek fest and i love it! Reply +5
  • Black Ops: First Strike dated for PC

  • Merefield 21/03/2011

    "Is this the patch that makes the game fun?" Reply +4
  • Infinity Blade

  • Merefield 14/12/2010

    @septimus - yeah, parrying on iPad is hard, so i've learned to dodge well! Reply 0
  • Merefield 14/12/2010

    ... and they've only just started :)

    for me it's a 9/10
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  • Retrospective: Skool Daze and Back to Skool

  • Merefield 31/10/2010

    This so needs a 59 pence (pocket money friendly!) remake on the iPhone!

    WONDERFUL game!
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  • Phone Home

  • Merefield 30/10/2010

    @jefranklin18: you must have a very attractive ruck-sack ;)

    seriously though, a separate e-reader makes sense - my iPad is a lot more comfortable to read than my phone. As for separate portable games machine and MP3 player, nah! Pointless clutter in your life.
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  • Merefield 30/10/2010

    Talk about being late for the party - its nearly over! Sony have a mountain to climb. iPhone (and iPod Touch) has an incredible library of games, a delivery platform that is incredibly efficient (you can buy and download a game standing on a railway platform!) and it has quite an impressive graphics capability (Epic Citadel anyone?). In my view the only thing the iPhone lacks is a good hardware joypad option. That's the only chink in their armour, apart from arguably the price of the unit in the first place, but given a good HTC phone is not much cheaper, I wonder if Sony can really undercut without some kind of tariff based repayment. Reply +4
  • Sony slashes UK PSPgo price

  • Merefield 25/10/2010

    Give me an apple supported 20 quid D-pad clip-on for my iphone and i'm done! Get with the new normal, Sony/Nintendo! Reply -4
  • Mafia 2's Joe's Adventures dated, priced

  • Merefield 25/10/2010

    If this game had a "Hail a cab" DLC it'd be 9/10 right there! Reply 0
  • Front Mission Evolved

  • Merefield 08/10/2010

    What a bunch of Wanzers!! Reply +5
  • Mafia II

  • Merefield 19/09/2010

    Just finished the game. Loved it. Twisting plot is excellent, and its all beautifully rendered. Haven't been this inspired to finish a game in years. Last time I enjoyed a game this much was when i played Max Payne II. Definite 9/10. Haters - away with you! Reply +5
  • Merefield 31/08/2010

    You can't apparently hail a cab though which is a bit of a shame ... Reply +5
  • Merefield 31/08/2010

    4/10 = miserable eurogamer review

    This game is at least 8/10, the graphics are gorgeous and there is massive attention to detail.

    Sure, it's a bit on rails but i can see that was a conscious design decision to keep the quality up on a limited budget. Good decision if you ask me, its a lovely game.

    Repetitive? I'm 50% through and its been extremely very varied!
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  • EA iPhone games in big sale

  • Merefield 23/06/2010

    pah, it's all about iPad these days, move on ... ;) Reply -2
  • Shogun 2: Total War

  • Merefield 12/06/2010

    TW doesn't need to hurry to the modern era, because there is already an amazing WWII strategy game called Men Of War, the multiplayer of which is sublime (you'd never guess from the rather old fashioned Single Player experience...) and its very, very cheap. Reply 0
  • Merefield 11/06/2010

    Aaaaahhhhh excellent. This was screaming for a remake with current hardware. NICE. I do like how they realise this. Back to proper wars where you did more than just aim and shoot in long lines! :) Reply +2
  • Civilization V gets release date

  • Merefield 11/06/2010

    No offence, but Steam has been telling us this for weeks ... (well ok, just the 'September' part) Reply +1
  • Sony: PSP "a disappointment" last year

  • Merefield 13/05/2010

    @jonsaan "PSP is a fantastic device"

    It was once. its not now - its outdated.

    slippysloppy is absolutely right.

    Apple looked at the market, and thought, if we invest a bit of money and create a phone with significant enough power, including great graphics hardware and tether it to a closed sofware marketplace, we can develop a huge market for mobile casual (and not so casual) gaming. They were spot on.

    The only thing which lets the iPhone down in this respect is the lack of a keyboard.

    This has lead to some interesting new game interfaces and types appearing, but makes it less suitable for some genres.

    Nonetheless its completely stolen the show.

    The PSPGo was a lazy rehash and this is the result.

    Sony is absolutely right it needs to totally rethink this.

    they missed the greatest opportunity they had - a strong mobile gaming device and a siginficant interest in mobile phone hardware.

    Clearly the two divisions did not talk to eachother enough!!

    It's clear Apple didn't need massive gaming expertise, the game devs did all that legwork for them.

    They just needed to ensure the hardware and O/S was good enough, with a reasonable API and let the market get on with it.

    Platform is king.
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  • Supreme Commander 2

  • Merefield 06/01/2010

    Hope everyone on this thread has played Spring:
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  • RACE On

  • Merefield 20/11/2009

    "Fiat 126"?!?!? Showing your age there! *blushes* ... or your grasp of automotive history! :) Reply 0
  • Tech Comparison: Modern Warfare 2 PC

  • Merefield 17/11/2009

    Am i the only one that loves this on the PC?

    I would never consider swapping mouse/keyboard for a gamepad on MW2 (to be fair though, i've never tried it)

    The P2P thing is really innovative, good for them for trying something new.

    The unlocks and challenges system is perfect and makes for a very addictive experience.

    It deserves the review scores, and would have even if it had only shipped with the multiplayer!

    If it had had lean it would have been a 10!
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  • Crackdown 2

  • Merefield 02/10/2009

    Crackdown TWO??!?!? Praise the Lord!!!!!! Reply +3
  • New GTAIV DLC gets release date

  • Merefield 23/07/2009

    Will these things ever see the light of day on the PC? Reply 0
  • LucasArts announcement later today

  • Merefield 07/07/2009

    From Steam:

    The complete list of games to be released on July 8 via Steam includes:

    Armed and Dangerous™
    Indiana Jones® and the Fate of Atlantis
    Indiana Jones® and the Last Crusade: The Graphic Adventure
    LEGO® Indiana Jones: The Original Adventure
    Star Wars Battlefront® II
    Star Wars Republic Commando®
    Star Wars Starfighter™
    The Dig®
    Thrillville®: Off the Rails™
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  • Battlefield Heroes

  • Merefield 07/07/2009

    6!?!?! That's an utterly mean score!! I think with a lot more content and a tad more variety it could be a 9, but as it is, possibly 7 ... and a half. But you have to admit its charming! Reply 0
  • Call of Duty: World at War

  • Merefield 14/11/2008

    COD4 mulitiplayer would have been an 11/10 if it didn't have that stupid martyrdom perk :(

    COD5 is just a lazy skinning of COD4 - NEXT!!
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  • Fable II

  • Merefield 27/10/2008

    I agree - the consequences for dying are too insignificant - it should at least force you back to loading the point at the start of the quest or something similar. The tension is therefore not built up enough. In the case of the crucible, perhaps make you start again with depleted Renown and Experience - risking losing so much Renown you are forced to make up for it by doing more side quests. I think the main impact of this is the game will be completed in a much shorter time scale that it would otherwise be.

    I think the digging for treasure is ok but too frequent.

    You have to forgive the loading times (its a system being pushed to its limits here) and i like the option of skipping the ardour of having to manually travel.

    The dialogue "system" (read "Expressions") or lack of it is a bit odd but adds character and is fairly original. Of course it is hardly realistic. However, i'm sure a more sophisticated system would have taken up resources and who knows, space on disk for other things.

    All in all, i think the game is fantastic and it definitely FEELS like a 10/10.

    I don't expect 10/10 games to be perfect and some game imperfections actually add character.

    Fable 2 is a fantastic achievement
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  • Saints Row 2

  • Merefield 05/03/2008

    Well, i might say that imho the current benchmark on the 360 is not GTA, its Crackdown.

    And i just hope its not as good as Crackdown or i'll lose days of my life to it ... again

    Never was there more of an appropriate title for a game ...
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  • Nokia delays N-Gage revamp

  • Merefield 28/12/2007

    I agree, 20 quid is too much, a tenner though is more reasonable for a mobile game. However, must say the "platform" was launched ages ago - its Series 60 v3. And some games already support the 3D chip built into the N95/N81.

    Mobile games can be fantastic. Best one i've played on my N95 is K Rally which is simply fantastic and devilishly addictive
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  • Bungie explains Halo resolution

  • Merefield 02/10/2007

    /looks forward to playing the PC port in super hi-res on his dual core 8800 Ultra rig :p Reply 0
  • PGR 1 and 2 now 360 compatible

  • Merefield 13/07/2007

    Is there generally any improvement in the visuals on these things? Reply 0
  • EA boss slates yearly updates

  • Merefield 09/07/2007

    Yeah, but imagine the outcry if they DIDN'T update FIFA with the latest and greatest graphics tech, ball dynamics and new season teams?!?!?!

    eh EH EH?!?!?
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  • Xbox 360 vs. PS3: Multiformat Face-off

  • Merefield 23/03/2007

    An article like this was EXACTLY what i was waiting for, thanks EG!!!

    (I don't own either)
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  • Supreme Commander demo

  • Merefield 08/02/2007

    How does this compare to Spring? Reply 0
  • UFO: Afterlight

  • Merefield 05/02/2007

    Even the excellent free 3D TA remake, Spring has a workable default view, despite having a "full" 3D engine (ok, it doesn't support bridges or tunnels)

    In fact the Spring community is so good and its mods so well developed, i've hardly any time to buy and play strategy games that cost money!

    EG, correct me if i'm wrong, but an article here on Spring is long overdue.
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  • Supreme Commander

  • Merefield 18/01/2007

    Go here. End Of. Reply 0