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  • Fatal Fury 2 hits Nintendo Switch and PS4 tomorrow

  • JHuxley 22/06/2017

    You can pick up the original MVS cart for not much more than a tenner.

    Not that you'd be able to play it without an MVS, but not all Neo Geo games sell for crazy prices.
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  • Nvidia GeForce GTX 650 Ti Boost review

  • JHuxley 22/04/2013

    @Kostas Sorry man, sucks for you guys :(

    No idea why they're charging those kinds of prices for an XT. Their margins must be massive, greedy gits!
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  • JHuxley 22/04/2013

    @Kostas in that case I would agree, but in the UK you can pick up a 7870xt for around 200 euros. Only ~ 25 euro more than a standard 7870.

    The 7950 is closer to 300, which makes the XT a great value card. Guess its not the same for everyone though - it pays to do your research!
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  • JHuxley 22/04/2013

    No love for the 7870 XT? You can pick one up for around £170 and it offers performance closer to the 660 Ti/7950 than the standard 660/7870. In performance per dollar terms it's hard to beat. Reply 0
  • New NeoGeo handheld confirmed

  • JHuxley 15/03/2012

    Ahh...article updated. Not £500. Crisis averted. Phew! Reply 0
  • JHuxley 15/03/2012

    You can get a wooden MVS (ie, the real thing) for around £450: http://analogueinteractive.myshopify.com/ Reply +1
  • JHuxley 15/03/2012

    @McBradders Indeed. I see this article caught your attention too. I still have my NGPC and that's good enough for me. Reply +1
  • Wooden SNK Neo Geo CMVS

  • JHuxley 30/05/2011


    "I lent it out about 10-15 years ago to one of four people. A couple of years later I remembered that I'd lent it out, but had forgotten who to. Upon questioning the said friends they all flatly denied having it, citing each other as likely candidates..."

    Sounds like a Professor Layton puzzle ;)

    Sucks for you though. If it makes you feel any better, my dad left a copy of Spiderman #1 in a toilet in Amsterdam.
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  • JHuxley 29/05/2011

    Great article. Would buy if I could afford it, because I think my cab is on it's last legs :(


    I set myself a limit of £50 max per cart and there only a couple that escaped my grasp (notably Last Resort and Twinkle Star Sprites). That includes all the Metal Slugs, Samurai Showdowns, both Last Blades and all but one KoF. Most games can be had for around £30 or less if you're willing to buy a bare cart without a kit (I only have 1 kit).

    Basically I think that the ludicrous prices of rare AES games like Metal Slug have had an effect on the perception of MVS and Neo Geo collecting in general. I'm not going to say it's the cheapest hobby in the world, but I was very surprised that most games could be had for less than a new PS3 game.


    Duddyroar is spot-on, with a unibios there's literally no way to tell the difference. And if we're going to be really snobby, I'd have to say a genuine cab is the only authentic way to go ;)
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  • Takashi Miike to direct Ace Attorney film?

  • JHuxley 24/05/2011


    Yeah, Happiness of the Katakuris is one of those films that needs to be seen even if you're not a big fan of musicals. The Sound of Music was sorely missing some paedo sumo wrestler zombies if you ask me.

    Oh, and this is *probably* good news. Miike churns out so much stuff year on year it's amazing any of his films are even half decent. Hope this is one of the good ones.
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  • John Romero's new Facebook game

  • JHuxley 27/04/2011

    John Romero wants some of that internet money Reply +3
  • Dead Nation

  • JHuxley 01/12/2010

    "He didn't slam it because it had zombies, he slammed it because the developer didn't go above and beyond to dispell the "me too" approach"

    Which is surely still a criticism resulting from the choice of 'genre' (well, theme really), no?

    Like I said, Dan may well be spot-on and I'm not going to quibble with the outcome until I've played it, but bookending the review with this kind of stuff makes me wonder if he'd made his mind up when he saw 'Dead' in the title:

    Dead Nation's no-frills approach leaves it suffering from a severe case of over-familiarity. That's a pity, since there's a solid and satisfying shooter engine under the tired memes, and it's delivered with admirable attention to detail

    Or at the very least, Dead Nation was always going to have to be something genuinely spectacular to make any kind of impression.

    Personally I would have preffered to see more comparisons to other twin stick shooters than a few vaguely related zombie games. I have a feeling Dead Nation still wouldn't have fared that well, but...meh :P
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  • JHuxley 01/12/2010

    "to slam a game because it has zombies is so predictable with videogame journalists"

    Well put.

    I'm not saying Dan is right or wrong because I've not played Dead Nation myself yet, but I must admit I rolled my eyes as soon as I'd read the first paragraph. The rest was inevitable.
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  • MS: No game is bigger than Halo

  • JHuxley 13/09/2010


    You should see the original Neo Geo games. They were massive. The cartridge alone was bigger than Halo.
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  • 3D Super Stardust boosts 2D performance

  • JHuxley 12/06/2010

    Honestly, that's pretty damn impressive.

    It was a very nice looking game to begin with, but true 1080p and 60fps...wow.

    Very much looking forward to their zombie shooter...
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  • Retrospective: Zone of the Enders 2

  • JHuxley 17/05/2010

    "I still have ZoE2 incomplete on my shelf."

    Same. The game has some ridiculous, almost controller-hurling difficulty spikes that threaten to spoil things at times.

    I really should get around to completing it though, because I was a big fan of the original and in *most* ways the sequel is better.

    Also the anime (TV series) isn't bad if you like that sort of thing.
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  • Retrospective: Another World 15th Anniversary Edition

  • JHuxley 25/04/2010

    Great game, one of my lasting memories of the Amiga days.

    And Chahi is a dude...a few years back he gave permission for homebrew GP32 coders to release an entirely freeware version of the original game. It worked surprisingly well, but was still ridiculously difficult :x
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  • God of War III: demo vs. review code

  • JHuxley 09/03/2010


    I suspect that's the motion blur or some depth of field effect coming in to play.

    It looks a lot better in motion, anyway.
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  • God of War III

  • JHuxley 08/03/2010

    Unnngh. Couldn't wait so I bought the GoW Collection from Canada the other day (stupid SCEE).

    This review makes me glad I have my copy on pre-order, though. Enjoyed reading it, good job Mr Donlan.
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  • Just Cause 2 performance showdown

  • JHuxley 06/03/2010

    Since this is Vista/7 only on PC, I tried the PS3 demo instead. Fairly impressive stuff, and it was a lot of fun messing around. Unfortunately I'm not sure it's much more than that, because the actual shooting aspect seemed fairly average at best.

    PS3 version: Video record mode.

    360 version: No video record mode.

    Given the sandbox nature of the game, that's a fair point. It's a very nice feature to have.
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  • Valkyria Chronicles DLC this week

  • JHuxley 22/02/2010

    Great game. Still my favourite RPG of the generation so far (J, S or otherwise).

    Only bought the Selvaria pack because the others seemed a little steep/not up my street. I'll get this one if it's at the right price, though.
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  • PSN Update: Yakuza 3 demo tops bill

  • JHuxley 20/02/2010

    I had a little wander around, streets look alright and the cutscenes look okay, all going quite well so far. No obvious technical deficiencies and it had a nice Japanese atmosphere.

    I was then directed to a nightclub where I had to have a fist fight. This is where it took a nosedive. The sub-tekken combat was dull as dishwater. After smacking the boss around for about 5 minutes I got bored and switched off.

    Shenmue fans should lap it up, then :P

    Seriously, I was pleasantly surprised by the demo. I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would, and the combat isn't nearly as dreadful as some are suggesting. I think the slightly clumsy, pub brawl style combat suits a game about Yakuza perfectly. And I was glad to see some proper Mr T style head bashing in there, too.

    Quite a generous demo too. The only bit I really didn't like was the karaoke, but that's probably because I hate rhythm action games in general.

    Does anyone know if you can read the magazines in the full game? It would be pretty neat to read weekly manga in game...assuming it's translated!
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  • PC version of Alan Wake officially binned

  • JHuxley 12/02/2010

    OK but the piracy rates of a singleplayer 360 game are nothing compared to piracy rates for singleplayer PC games

    True, but a high-profile PC game - even a multiplatform one - will still sell millions. And although some of those will buy this on 360 instead, I'd imagine they're losing the majority of that potential audience.

    Personally I (and others) think that MS are trying to push the 360 by tying down more genuine exclusives, and hopefully Alan Wake will live up to the hype and shift consoles in the process. In the long run that's *much* more profitable for MS than a few hundred thousand PC game sales.
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  • JHuxley 12/02/2010


    I understand the complaints, but Remedy and MS couldn't have a stronger platform to stand on after their last game, Max Payne 2, was pirated to hell and back

    So releasing it exclusively for 360 will help sales? Aside from the flawed logic, the 360 isn't exactly a secure platform. They may as well release it exclusively on Pirate Bay :/
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  • JHuxley 12/02/2010

    This isn't new for MS - Halo itself was orginally a pc title but then MS bought it up and delayed it for years until the orginal Xbox turned up

    Now they're not even releasing these games a year or two later on PC. They're 360 only.

    It's pretty clear where MS stand with regards to PC gaming :(
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  • JHuxley 12/02/2010

    Not that surprising, see as Microsoft as not published a pc game since Gears of War in November 2007.

    What a ridiculous state of affairs.

    Very very disappointing despite having a 360 :(

    Exactly. I love my consoles and I love my PC, the option to play on either/or would be nice.
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  • Tech Analysis: Final Fantasy XIII

  • JHuxley 06/02/2010


    Perhaps, but that would be assuming that the compression method they'll use for the 360 version won't have an adverse effect on the picture quality. You don't have to have a 1080p set to see the benefit of high quality compression. Of course we're not really going to find out until we get our hands on the 360 version.

    That said, 1080p is one of the most misunderstood and abused marketing terms I've seen in a long while. I won't go in to specifics here, but unless you have a MASSIVE TV or sit very, very close to it, the benefit of 1080p over 720p will be minimal.
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  • Number of Steam accounts hits 25m

  • JHuxley 01/02/2010


    Agreed, although the second point is exactly why I love Steam.

    That and the convenience.
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  • Samurai Showdown Sen here in spring

  • JHuxley 25/01/2010

    KOF XII's backgrounds were vomit inducing and distracting from the actual gameplay.

    If you say so...personally I think it looks a lot nicer than Samurai Showdown Sen here.
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  • JHuxley 23/01/2010


    I'd rather have 4 beautiful looking backgrounds than this vomit-inducing mess.
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  • JHuxley 23/01/2010

    "Dear god no. Have you played KOF XII? It's pretty much a half cocked abortion."

    Huh? I'm pretty sure he's talking about the graphics. If you think this looks better than KOF XII...I honestly don't know what to say.

    Unfortunately SNK forgot to include a game along with XII's pretty visuals :(
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  • JHuxley 22/01/2010

    It also looks absolutely awful. I'm more of a Last Blade fan myself, but I still hate to see Samurai Showdown dragged through the mud like this. Reply +3
  • Brand new God of War 3 shots

  • JHuxley 19/01/2010



    This is a picture of a big blue flaming spider-horse rising out of the arm of giant so big that Kratos is just a tiny speck. If you're not at least teeny bit impressed by that, there's something wrong with you :P
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  • Picross 3D dated for March

  • JHuxley 15/01/2010


    If it's the one I've played, the rules are exactly the same apart from the fact that cubes have a number for each side (hence 3D). Maybe less rules than some versions of Picross, but not the vanilla version.
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  • JHuxley 15/01/2010

    Seriously? If this is the game I'm thinking about this has been out in Japan for ages.

    And it's chuffin' brilliant, by the way.
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  • Games of 2009: The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks

  • JHuxley 29/12/2009

    We could already see that in Phantom Hourglass, but Spirit Tracks is the better game - it's just better designed, and doesn't force you to repeat its central dungeon every time you make progress, which forced me to give up on Phantom Hourglass in the end.


    Both games have their faults, but ST has much better dungeon design. I do kinda wish the Zelda games would go back to the single, cohesive world of Link to the Past, though. All this train/boat/field hub-world crap is getting tedious.
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  • Ju-On: The Grudge

  • JHuxley 24/11/2009


    Maybe, but that doesn't mean that all J-horror is now redundant.

    Ju-on might seem a little cliched today, but what it did it did very effectively. It's just a pity the director decided to make the same film over and over again with different actors.

    As for the game...meh.
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  • Uncharted 2: Mastering the Cell

  • JHuxley 20/10/2009

    I'd say this is roughly the pinnacle of current gen gaming from a purely technical standpoint, but honestly I'm intrigued to see what Team ICO can come up with. They pushed the PS2 harder than any other dev, I think. Reply +1
  • Retrospective: Bushido Blade

  • JHuxley 18/10/2009

    I guess I love Bushido Blade a little bit more than the next man

    Not if that next man is me.

    I remember distinctly the elation of winning a match against the odds, hobbling around on a busted leg waiting for the unlikely chance to strike back.

    I also remember the disappointment of finding out that Way of the Samurai was nothing at all like Bushido Blade when I had secretly hoped it was just a free-roaming version with more of a plot. How awesome would that have been?
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  • Professor Layton and Pandora's Box

  • JHuxley 08/09/2009

    you get the impression he used his very best ones in the first game, with a lot of repetition of ideas here

    Exactly. It's still a lot of fun, but I can't escape the feeling that about 50% of the puzzles are filler/not very good. It doesn't help that they're almost comically shoe-horned in there, either.

    I don't hold much hope for the third game after this, although the movie does look interesting in a 'pretend you're getting this for your nephew' kinda way.
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  • Bayonetta demo "coming soon"

  • JHuxley 02/09/2009

    Sounds like this is either using a lower res on PS3 and/or that horrible quincix AA. Bit baffled by the lower framerate though, the least you'd expect from a lower res is a decent framerate! And that's what really matters with this type of game, so I hope they fix it before release.

    DMC 4 was almost at parity on both systems

    True, but Capcom's Framework system is pretty impressive for multi platform stuff. Sega obviously couldn't give a flying f...

    the ps3 isnt even capable of anti -aliasing,never mind 1080p 60fps gameplay

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  • Blue Toad Murder Files

  • JHuxley 01/09/2009


    I know the puzzle you're talking about but I found it annoying for different reasons. I'd figured out that one candidate would need at least 51% of the votes to secure victory, but I didn't assume that all those candidates would vote for themselves. It's the information they don't give you that makes the puzzle, which can sometimes feel a bit cheap when it relies on assumptions.

    They definitely went for a quantity over quality approach with the puzzles, though. For every 10 puzzles I'd say there about 4-5 that either feel too familiar or just don't work as well as the others. That Penny Arcade strip still feels apt.
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  • JHuxley 01/09/2009


    100 I think. A lot of rehashed block puzzles and stuff that just feels like filler, though. I think that's what they were hinting at when they said their puzzles were more tied in to the story.

    EDIT: just checked, it's 120 actually :|
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  • JHuxley 01/09/2009

    Sounds like it could be fun. Playing the Layton sequel ATM and enjoying it a lot...could go for more of the same on the old plasma, and multiplayer to boot.

    Not a big fan of these soul-less 3D models

    That's pretty harsh IMO. Sure, it doesn't quite match up to the presentation of a Layton game, but what does? They don't have the resources or experience of Production IG! Personally I think it looks quite nice though.
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  • System Failure: Why PS3 and 360 drop dead for the same reasons

  • JHuxley 29/08/2009

    "specialises in extended warranty work with the likes of Argos and catalogue companies"

    I got an extended warranty on my PS3 from Argos, so I'm glad to know it'll be sent to experts if it ever did go bang. And before you laugh at me for buying an extended warranty, it was a special offer, something like £20 for 3 or 4 years. Hard to refuse.

    I think consoles are becoming increasingly like buying new TV's - I won't buy one unless it has a decent warranty. I know MS can't exactly boast about their 'warranty' because it's limited in scope and born out of a situation entirely of their own making, but this kind of thing is seriously going to effect my buying decisions in future.
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  • Home gets new MotorStorm functionality

  • JHuxley 30/07/2009

    Your reward will be a virtual throne for your Home apartment

    I hope that's what I think it is.

    On topic, I haven't visited Home since it launched. I should give it another chance.
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  • WipEout HD: Fury

  • JHuxley 28/07/2009


    No idea why your comment has been buried. It's correct. In fact Ridge Racer is more 1080p than Wipeout, which uses a varying resolution to keep the framerate up.

    This is a better game though.
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  • Mirror's Edge DLC is free on PS3

  • JHuxley 14/07/2009

    Didn't know that. I picked up Odin Sphere on PS2 for £5 but they didn't have any 360/PS3/Wii games I haven't already got. Looks like I was too late. :( Reply 0
  • JHuxley 14/07/2009

    They had this in the bargain bin in Morrisons for £6. Reply +1
  • XBLA King of Fighters '98 tomorrow

  • JHuxley 30/06/2009

    That said, their sprite work was always gorgeous to look at, especially on the Guilty Gear series

    I hope you're joking. My head almost exploded in a nerd rage reading that. :P

    Last Blade, Art of Fighting 3 and Garou: MOTW are probably their best sprite work during the Neo Geo era. Only really starting to surpass that with the new KOF.

    EDIT: beaten
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