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  • Switch clicks in the hands, but on paper, it's in trouble

  • Ienjoysquid 14/01/2017

    This comes out about a month before my son's birthday. He's 7 and desperate for a console but we aren't ready to let him monopolise the family TV, or let him fester in his own room stuck in the cynical yearly franchise gravy train ecosystem that Sony and Microsoft have turned gaming into.

    This seemed like the ideal solution and I had every intention of preordering but...

    280 for an apparently quite underpowered console
    75 for a second controller
    60 for one game (One. Game.)
    Another monthly fee for online

    So the console, two games that two people can play and online set up is going to cost nearly 500.

    They are quite simply mad.
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  • Sunless Sea's first expansion to release in October

  • Ienjoysquid 17/08/2016

    @LaurencD Exploring is quite fun but if you play it in Merciless, like they tell you to, death comes very unexpectedly. It then turns into a lot of dull water carrying to try and get back to where you were.

    I personally couldn't face reading anything else about guinea pigs and having to spend hours sailing back and forth to bring them things, so gave up.
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  • Ienjoysquid 17/08/2016

    I await this with no enthusiasm whatsoever.

    I was enjoying Sunless Sea, even after several deaths. Then finally doing well, hours into the game half my crew died in random interactions in a far off port, the rest threw themselves overboard. Then I received a pop up window informing me that I had thrown myself overboard too.

    Tried half heartedly to start again but a few minutes of reading about guinea pigs made me realise that life, mine anyway, is too short to waste on this type of thing.
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  • Directly to you: Nintendo wins E3 on its own terms

  • Ienjoysquid 16/06/2014

    The problem, as ever, isn't that Nintendo cant come up with good ideas, its that their console is too weak to run a lot of good ideas.

    Why oh why they didnt spend a few more dollars on some better hardware I cannot understand.
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  • It looks like there'll be a Mario Kart 8 Wii U bundle

  • Ienjoysquid 18/04/2014

    They better pray this works or this will be the end of this console. Personally I would like to play it, just not on the Wii U, and it has to be said, it doesnt look much different to the Wii Mario Kart. Reply -5
  • Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem retrospective

  • Ienjoysquid 09/03/2014

    Absolutely loved this game. Easily one of the most atmospheric titles I have had the pleasure to find, and finding it 2nd hand in Gamestation with no idea what a treat lsy in store was all the sweeter. Reply 0
  • PlayStation 4 UK launch sales hit 250k

  • Ienjoysquid 15/12/2013

    Looks like they misjudged the market quite badly this time. I think what they misjudged is that while they, obviously, don't care about hardcore gamers - you do rather need them to help create a buzz of innovators around your machine before launch.

    Shame as I thought a proper next gen Wii with working motion controls could have been pretty good.
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  • Blockbuster to close all remaining UK stores

  • Ienjoysquid 15/12/2013

    Really sorry to hear that. Awful for the staff.

    Ironically there is an independent dvd rental place around the corner from me, which looks pretty much exactly like the ones that used to exist before Blockbuster killed them all off in the 90s.

    Scuzzy faded posters, 'Wacky Wednesday' promotions, guaranteed to have no more than 2 copies of any big new release and shelves rammed with titles like 'Invasion USA'. It opened before Blockbuster. It endures after Blockbuster.

    It is a long game.
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  • Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini review

  • Ienjoysquid 21/10/2013

    The laggy bloatware infested, plasticky mess, that is the S3 Mini is my first and last Samsung smartphone(unless work insists on giving me another one). Every Samsung product I have ever owned is great on paper, but hamstrung by variable build quality and a poor UI that is never fixed through updates.

    Don't even get me started on their vulgar television.
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  • Nintendo 2DS review

  • Ienjoysquid 12/10/2013

    Nokia, Blackberry, Sega, Ericsson, I doubt it will be long before Nintendo joins the list. You can only keep selling people hardware they don't want to buy for so long. Reply -45
  • Final Fantasy 7 retrospective

  • Ienjoysquid 02/06/2013

    I adored FF VII, but I never got to the end of #8, mostly for the reasons given in the article.

    I think the fact of the matter is that really great games are few and far between. Japanese RPGs are also rather heavily influenced by Japanese anime, which can be great, but is also frequently a turgid load of unbelievably self important cod philosophy about the nature of consciousness and identity.

    Japanese people however, like this sort of thing, and at the end of the day its predominantly they who these sorts of games are made for.

    We got lucky with FF VII that all the stars and planets aligned to give us a game pretty much everyone loved (its the only game my wife has ever played through, and every single one of my flatmates did too), but thats not the norm.
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  • Parents refused refund by Apple after son spends 1700 on free iPad game

  • Ienjoysquid 28/02/2013

    Its disappointing so many people on this site seem to think that anyone who hasnt delved into their menu settings to add an extra password and disable in app purchases on their iPad is an 'idiot'. I can think of a lot of examples of idiocy, but this doesnt rank particularly highly among them.

    Carelessness probably, but Apple markets its products to be easy to use for families who dont know a lot about computing and are perfectly content to not know a lot about computing.

    This is why they are such a successful firm, at the moment. If people start to think that they cant leave the iPad out unless they've read a lot of tech sites, to figure out settings they dont care about, to ensure Junior isnt going to bankrupt them, then they simply won't buy one.
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  • Wii Mini out in the UK on 22nd March

  • Ienjoysquid 27/02/2013

    I hope people dont buy this by mistake. The actual Wii doesnt exactly inspire awe with its features, this would be a right letdown on Christmas day. Reply 0
  • PS4: PC-like architecture, 8GB RAM delight developers

  • Ienjoysquid 22/02/2013

    The thing I like about the idea of the PS4 is that if you get one near launch you could very well get years out of use out of it. The gaikai integration looks really interesting and Sony seem to have ambitious plans for it with cross platform integration.

    I dont have a PS3 or 360 but most people I know who do say the graphics are perfectly fine and the power of the console is up to the games they want to play so the real next gen with good graphics and the power to open up AI in NPCs and so forth could be great.
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  • Ienjoysquid 22/02/2013

    I havent bought a console since the Wii, which pretty much put me off game consoles, but I may actually get this. It looks like it might be very good. Reply +11
  • Wii U sold around 55K during January in the US

  • Ienjoysquid 20/02/2013

    The thing which is frustrating is that with the immense pile of cash Nintendo were sitting on after the DS Lite and the Wii they could easily have afforded to bring out a wicked next gen console 18 months ago, but no, years pass and its another underpowerd console with no games. Reply 0
  • Wii U graphics power finally revealed

  • Ienjoysquid 10/02/2013

    I was once a hardcore gamer, but kids and full time work put me now squarely in the casual gamer camp.

    The Wii U doesnt appeal to me. Why? Because people like me that don't understand what most of the article above means respond to two things, price and bells and whistles. The Wii U is expensive, and it looks underpowered. When people like me go to buy a new telly or pc we try and get the most pixels, gigabytes and what have you, even though we don't know what they do.

    So its not cheap and its lacking bells and whistles, and the games dont look very good. So why should I buy it?

    If I held Nintendo stock I would be offloading it about now.
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  • UK government's cultural test for video games revealed

  • Ienjoysquid 11/12/2012

    I am really excited to see the following upcoming thoroughly British gaming adaptations:

    Ken Loach's 'Kes', a first person shooter where the player has to navigate the streets of a grim northern town shooting kestrels and unlocking side quests to do with social inequality.

    My Left Foot, which will be coming to the Wii as a compilation of mini party games.

    Four Weddings and a Funereal, the beat'em up.

    Coronation Steet: Turbo Edition; drive a selection of performance sports cars very fast around the streets of a Northern mining town, choose from any one of a selection of famous British co-pilots (Hilda Ogden will be an unlockable character).
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  • Wii U has 1.24GHz CPU, 550MHz graphics core - report

  • Ienjoysquid 29/11/2012

    Out of interest what does everyone think would be a fair price for the Wii U? It seems 300 is too much really.

    Nintendo generally always deliver with their games, but 300 is quite a significant "tax" to play them.
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  • Ienjoysquid 29/11/2012

    It seems to be a warmed over Wii with a touch screen. And the Wii was a warmed over cube. This meal has been on the warmer altogether too long and is liable to give someone salmonella. Reply +77
  • How Powerful is the Wii U Really?

  • Ienjoysquid 04/09/2012

    People complain about the Wii having a gimmicky controller. But if they don't have a gimmicky controller there isnt much point them making a console, they may as well just become like Sega and release Mario on multiple platforms.

    Unless they can make a really powerful console, which apparently they don't want to do.
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  • The thorny issues of sexual assault and race in Prison Architect

  • Ienjoysquid 10/07/2012

    Hahah, look at that guy in the photo. I wonder how long he would last in prison himself. Reply -4
  • Nintendo hits back at Wii U power concern

  • Ienjoysquid 14/06/2012

    This is all about economics.

    I would live to buy a Wii-U this year, play it for a year or so and then upgrade to a next Gen console for Xmas 2013, but this is austerity Britain.

    Most people don't have the money these days, and rightly or wrongly what most "traditional" console gamers look forward to in a new console is upgraded tech. Nintendo's core market for the Wii are families who are less likely to have cash to splash on extra consoles than Sid Singleton who will buy a console to play a couple of exclusives.

    This just all seems wrong. Nintendo fans have supported the big N through long years in the wii wilderness. We have waited and we have waggled and we have waved our wands, we have missed out on nearly every multi platform game going while Nintendo became one of the biggest companies on the planet. The Wii U just doesnt seem worth the wait.

    Nintendo could easily have afforded to put more power into this console but they have pursued the same rock bottom-line economics as before. So while Xbox and Sony owners are playing delicious HD 3d games in 1080p, Wii owners will be back to waggling, balancing and and poking their touch screens waitig 9 months to a a year for Nintendo to bring out a new exclusive.
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  • Digital Foundry vs. Wii U at E3

  • Ienjoysquid 12/06/2012

    There is one reason and one reason only Nintendo are releasing another underpowered console. Its all about the bottom line and they made a killing with the Wii, which was basically a repackaged Gamecube with an innovative controller.

    I'm far from convinced reading this that the Wii-U can match the 360, a console which won't be too far from a decade old by the time the Wii-U hits shelves.

    I think Nintendo are pursuing a risky strategy here. Every casual gamer that wanted a wii already has one, sitting unused under their tv, and this won't entice any but the most hardcore.

    Much as I would love to play a new Mario Kart or SMG, (if there is one ever), I am not buying an entire console just to do so.
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  • GAME "has two weeks to turn its fortunes around"

  • Ienjoysquid 10/03/2012

    Game seem to have found themselves in the same position as Waterstones, another retailer that has employed a regional strategy of opening next door to an independent counterpart, and then using their resources to vastly undercut them until they go out of business.

    This is only really sustainable if you then go on and sell things that people want to buy, sold by people who know what they are talking about.
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