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  • Dawn of War 3 starts over with traditional RTS mode, turrets, and free skins

  • HyperShadow 13/06/2017

    I may be wrong, but hasn't relic always promised that more game modes would be coming? So I'm not feeling that this is a backtrack, also, regardless of the spin put on the decision, more content is definitely welcome, and variety is the spice of life. Reply +3
  • Brexit blamed for incoming UK App Store price rise

  • HyperShadow 17/01/2017

    Has no-one found out that we are still in the EU? This is just a poor excuse for Apple (amongst others) to grab money and deflect the blame to others. Heaven help us when the UK *actually* leaves the EU at some point in the future. Reply +2
  • What do the creators of Dear Esther think about the term Walking Simulator?

  • HyperShadow 06/10/2016

    The thing is, I call them walking simulators too, I got this and Proteus in a Humble Bundle, and enjoyed the layered story of Dear Esther and piecing together what was being told to me. I enjoyed Proteus for it's low res soundscape and discovering what each new block of pixels sounded like, and what they could represent.

    But on the other side, Dear Esther gave me 61 minutes of gameplay, and I have played Proteus for 37 minutes. Dear Esther especially has no hooks for wanting to bring me back into the game, I know what happens, I've read the story, and unlike, say, a movie or book, there are no standout or "wow" moments that I would like to experience again. They are one and done games that really offer nothing after the initial playthrough.

    In the end, I have no problem with the term "walking simulator", it is a game world simulating the character walking through it. Whether the extra seasoning you add on top is a story, or a landscape to explore, the problem I have with them is that they can only really be experienced once, and you have to decide for yourself whether you are going to invest in this finite and limited experience.
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  • Pokémon Sun and Moon get release date, starter Pokémon revealed

  • HyperShadow 11/05/2016

    But the big question is, are Nintendo going to realise that it's 2016 and stop trying to trigger people by asking them if they are a boy or a girl? Reply 0
  • Fire Emblem Fates is a smash hit - despite localisation controversy

  • HyperShadow 24/02/2016





    I'm pretty sure there was more to the controversy than just what was mentioned in the article, but it would be such a pickle to put yourself in to try and find out really, I mean the internet is super-dupity dangerous after all.
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  • Fire Emblem: Fates controversial scene changed for Western launch

  • HyperShadow 21/01/2016

    I wonder how many people who are celebrating this change were actually interested in buying the game in the first place, or even are considering buying it now that this change has been made. I also wonder how many are simply virtue signalling by jumping on the latest offence bandwagon. Reply +3
  • Dead or Alive Facebook page says Xtreme 3 won't head west

  • HyperShadow 26/11/2015

    @MrTomFTW Offence is never given, only taken. Just because a handful of noisy people are uncomfortable with virtual bikini's doesn't mean they have to put a developer in this situation.

    All this does is draw attention to the "problematic" games, and I wouldn't be surprised if DOAX3 goes on to blow previous sales figures of the other games out of the (swimming pool) water. When did we stop celebrating gaming, and start turning on it? Rather than having the opportunity to buy games we like and leave the ones we don't on the shelf, we have to put up with opportunistic chancers preaching at us about how everything we like is sexist, and to be quite frank it's getting a bit tiring.
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  • HyperShadow 26/11/2015

    @MrTomFTW Most of those headlines are referring to games being misogynistic or sexist and directly referring to DoA. Nothing to do with the game being canned for release here, or anything to do with Play Asia.

    Japan has a culture of honor and saving face, I would say this would have had more of a say on bring a game like this to the current toxic western culture crybullies.
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  • HyperShadow 26/11/2015

    Must be all to do with sales, I mean there is absolutley no evidence to back up their claim about "issues happening in video game industry with regard to how to treat female in video game industry".

    Nope. Nothing at all. It's sales (even though this game apparently has English localisation already).
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  • HyperShadow 25/11/2015

    The sales of the previous DOAX games were highest in the USA and then Europe, Japan only ranked in third. You can try and convince everyone it's sales based, but i'm not. Besides, along with the "adjustments" being made to Xenosaga Chronicles and SFV, i'd be more inclined to believe it actually does have more to do with the West's increased Gender Senitive Press and Gamers. Reply +3
  • So, how much do Steam Machines cost in the UK?

  • HyperShadow 11/11/2015

    I can definitely see myself getting myself a Steam Link. Especially as I'll be getting Street Fighter 5 on the PC, and it'll solve the problem of playing people when they come over. Reply 0
  • Zoe Quinn's memoir Crash Override picked up by Ghostbusters reboot producer

  • HyperShadow 08/11/2015

    Have you ever had a breakup go so bad, that you had to turn to the UN to censor the entire Internet?

    Crash Override: Only in Cinemas.
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  • SXSW adds Online Harassment Summit after canceling panels due to threats

  • HyperShadow 31/10/2015

    Help! Help! I'm being harassed by the misogynist @SteadyBarker! His language is triggering me and I am clearly in fear of my safety.

    Mods need to ban him, he is clearly GamerGate and needs to be ejected from the community forthwith.
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  • HyperShadow 30/10/2015

    @ziggy_played_guitar If any "side" has been able to speak freely, it's the "SJW's".

    It wasn't GG that got free money from Intel. It wasn't GG that got invited to Google. It wasn't GG that sat in the UN protesting their want for restricted speech because harassment.

    If anything, it's GG that gets shut down each and every time, they get bomb threats and thrown out of conventions. Why are they never given the opportunity to address their accusers? Why are they silenced, or the other side back out whenever opportunities to voice their side appear?
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  • HyperShadow 30/10/2015

    @SteadyBarker The narrative gets broken, the insults start flying. Does that language you are using constitute the harassment of @bestius? Reply +8
  • Here's the official, Halo lore explanation for why Cortana is naked

  • HyperShadow 30/10/2015

    I can come up with a better reason in the time it took to read that article:

    A.I.'s in the Halo universe are basically functional programmes, they have no need for clothing, personalities or any such frivolities. However, they are portrayed as human to make them more familiar to the crew, part of the crew even, rather than a tool.

    Cortana retains her default look, because neither Captain Keyes, nor Master Chief see any benefit in customisation that has no effect on her performance or efficiency as an A.I.

    Other A.I.'s look like WW2 Pilots or Wizards because they have been customised by their C.O.'s as they feel this would help integrate them into the crew.


    Besides, lets face it, Cortana is only "problematic" now, because of the designs of the newer A.I. characters, there would be no problem if they all maintained a mannequin-eqsue physique regardless of gender.
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  • SXSW considers harassment conference after pulling game panels over threats of violence

  • HyperShadow 28/10/2015

    I find it cute that the immediate assumption is "Gamergate did it" when after SavePoint was announced, it wasn't those that side with GamerGate that spilled their spaghetti over it and started being vocally threatening over twitter. It's also only GG events that get targeted by bomb threats too.

    If you are naive enough to see this whole ordeal as "good vs evil" then I feel sorry for you, it's clear that this is just various shades of grey going against each other.

    Too many people who stand against GG profit both financially and by e-fame by the continued assumption that it is full of misogynists, white supremacists and other such evil folk to ever let that viewpoint be challenged. Gamergate has nothing to lose or gain to continue slogging along with the labels that have been attached to them for over a year, the opposing side has plenty to lose if those labels are challenged and possibly overturned.
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  • Tale of Tales is sunsetting its studio following Sunset

  • HyperShadow 23/06/2015

    I guess despite what their consultants thought, gamers *do* have to be your audience. Reply 0
  • Resogun gets WipEout ships

  • HyperShadow 10/06/2015

    @GajKnight Or more accurately, "Feisar is fair". Reply +2
  • WildStar is going free-to-play this autumn

  • HyperShadow 28/05/2015

    I was looking forward to playing this, but was put off by the subscription. Given the current climate, I felt it was only a matter of time until it went F2P and it looks like the waiting paid off.

    What's daft is that they thought the subscription model would still work these days.
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  • Assassin's Creed: Syndicate is the Victorian AC adventure

  • HyperShadow 09/05/2015

    @Phear_Trigger Same here, twice I have tried and failed to get through that game, and I loved all the prior entries. Reply 0
  • World Bank exec discovers son spent $4500 on FIFA packs

  • HyperShadow 18/03/2015

    Something that strikes me as odd is when he said his son tried to buy a $100 player pack, but it wouldn't go through. I spent £45 on online content about 6 months ago, and it was immediately flagged as suspicious and I was contacted by the bank, it only went through after I confirmed it was myself who was performing the transaction. So did the bank try and contact him during this time and he just negligently allowed the transaction to continue?

    At the end of the day it's not Microsofts job to police card fraud, although they may notice something, in the end it is down to the banks to notice strange transactions and act accordingly and......oh wait. "World Bank Director", guess that's cleared up then.
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  • Target pulls Grand Theft Auto 5 from sale in Australia

  • HyperShadow 03/12/2014

    3rd December 2014: The day a group managed to do what Jack Thompson couldn't and get GTA pulled from sale.

    A decade ago, Mr Thompson's behavior has ill-informed and ridiculous and the gaming media rallied against his views, now, this is seen as progressive in the eyes of "equality for women in gaming" and championed by the media.

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  • After Burner 2, Fantasy Zone, OutRun and more remastered for Nintendo 3DS

  • HyperShadow 04/11/2014

    Is it Super Thunder Blade that is getting released? If so, I hope they keep the "feature" in it where you are invincible if you hug one of the top corners. Reply 0
  • We cannot let this become gaming culture

  • HyperShadow 17/10/2014

    @stryker1121 How difficult is it to parse the voices? If you consider the first post I made saying the two sides are the same, the reporting media could do a fine job. Haven't they done a good job of bringing to the front of the masses the voices on the 'Equality' side that only bring reasonable discussion points to the table, and ignored those that sling threats and insults at those that don't agree? Haven't they also done a fine job at bring to the front, the voices from the 'Ethics' side that are prone to irrational behaviour and uncondonable threats?

    At XOXOfest, Anita asked the audiences to 'Listen and Believe', but if we are only listening to a reporting voice that paints only a certain picture of events, then how is that fair? Wouldn't it be more reasonable to ask that we 'Listen then decide', but only when we are confident that we have all of the rational facts at our hands?
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  • HyperShadow 17/10/2014

    @stryker1121 What's even more ridiculous is if you consider what would happen if both sides got their way:

    A diverse selection of games made by anyone with varying and different stories brought on by developers with varying life experiences, and those games reviewed for the public in an honest manner without any doubt that the score at the end has been paid for.

    I would happily back both horses in the race, but for some reason, the focus is on those that would damage the community rather than on those that would strengthen it.
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  • HyperShadow 17/10/2014

    @stryker1121 The thing is, the relationship between gamer and journalist has been very strained for a while, it would have started with the Jeff Gerstmann ordeal back in 2007, but there wasn't a smoking gun at that time, when this came up, it looked like the smoking gun was found and the whole thing exploded.

    Besides, you could argue that feminism is also a way for people to get their jollies in the same way, is the feminist tree poisonous?

    I have no preference to either side at this moment in time, but I do feel that both sides are more similar than you would believe.
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  • HyperShadow 17/10/2014

    The difference between GamerGate and Feminism?

    The media portrays the woman hating GG'er as the rule, but the man hating feminist as the exception.

    Someone (possibly associated with GG) sent a death threat to Anita Sarkeesian, but an "Anti-GG'er" sent a syringe full of a mystery substance to Milo Yiannopoulos through the post.

    The fact remains that both sides have a reasonable and an unreasonable side and are just as bad as each other, but you wouldn't know that as the gaming media keeps on reporting on the subject in a biased manner.
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  • Anita Sarkeesian cancels university speech following school shooting threat

  • HyperShadow 15/10/2014

    This will probably be missed as it shows up to far down the list, but, the e-mail doesn't mention GamerGate at all, yet because it is an attack on feminism and one of the threats received mentioned GamerGate they are all labelled.

    How did the connection between this threat and GamerGate happen? Simple, it was engineered. Just so you could all have a bash at a group you don't agree with. The people backing GamerGate have a point, the people supporting Equality in Gaming have a point, in fact, you could argue that they are both fighting for the same thing. But, nothing is ever going to come from it, because both sides only engage with the idiots from the other to create a smear campaign.

    You are all as bad as each other.
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  • Leading creators back latest Tropes vs Women video

  • HyperShadow 27/08/2014

    The thing which gets me, at least from most of this (lengthy) diatribe, is how people will freely accept what is put in front of them by the Feminist Frequency videos, but straight up renounce the Thunderf00t videos.

    Both of them use selective examples to put across their point, and both taken at face value can be classed as factual, but one is fronted by a female and one by a male. Are we getting to the point where only points in the discussion put forward by females and male sympathizers are valid and any counterpoints are invalid?
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  • Peculiar Skullgirls message confuses, catches those who pirate the game

  • HyperShadow 10/07/2014

    @Merdalor One of its feet is both the same Reply 0
  • Suda 51 defends Killer is Dead's controversial "Gigolo Mode"

  • HyperShadow 04/07/2014

    My girlfriend got me this for my birthday last year and sat with me as I played through it, even through these Gigolo missions. Even after I finished this game, we still laugh at these missions more than anything else, especially the hilarious first person creepy hands.

    I don't get the hysteria about this kind of thing, I mean, it's not like it's an instruction manual to life, it's not called bar pickup simulator 2013, it's an optional set of missions in a game that if you would have played it for any time at all would clearly see that it is set in the surreal. After all, these women are still better dressed than David.

    It is kind of odd how the games industry/journalism will defend the depiction of violence ("No Russian" for example) and criticise the depiction of sex. It's an odd world we live in.
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  • Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark review

  • HyperShadow 30/06/2014

    Drift has been redesigned for the latest movie. He's a Japanese drift car, so of course he looks like a samurai.
    He's a Bugatti Veyron, which is both non-Japanese and not a drift car. One of the oddest decisions ever.
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  • Nintendo's E3 digital event

  • HyperShadow 10/06/2014

    If you announced Star Fox, I would have bought a Wii U that second Reply 0
  • Ubisoft's E3 conference

  • HyperShadow 10/06/2014

    BG&E2 no show again Reply 0
  • HyperShadow 09/06/2014

    plink plink plink plink, it's like chinese water torture the game Reply 0
  • HyperShadow 09/06/2014

    I like these parts where they pretend to play the game live. Reply 0
  • HyperShadow 09/06/2014

    Assassins Creed: The Four Musketeers? Reply 0
  • HyperShadow 09/06/2014

    A multitude of buildings with more than 2 floors: Instantly better than AC3 Reply 0
  • HyperShadow 09/06/2014

    le Creed du l'Assassin Reply 0
  • HyperShadow 09/06/2014

    Well, the camera is focused on the top half of his outfit for the most part.... Reply 0
  • Soul Calibur: Lost Swords review

  • HyperShadow 07/05/2014

    I had to stop playing this game after it contained my number one complaint in all gaming: The loading screen for a loading screen. Reply 0
  • Storm of Vengeance is Warhammer 40K meets Plants vs. Zombies

  • HyperShadow 25/02/2014

    @Dizzy GW are offsetting reduced sales by upping prices and it's getting to the point where even the hardcore customers are getting fed up. The pricing structure is nonsensical, the Riptide was released at £50, two months later, a similar kit, the Wraithknight is released at £70, and now, another similar kit, the Imperial Knight is released and is £85. Even last year the Dark Elves saw the release of a 10 model kit at £20, and another at £35, then another at £30.

    Not to mention that there are that many rules going about at the moment it is not enough to have your army book and the rule book to be able to play.
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  • Sega petitioned to release more games on PC

  • HyperShadow 28/01/2014

    -18 votes for suggesting they should release Border Break?

    I assume that no-one has even heard of the game then?
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  • HyperShadow 27/01/2014

    Everyone has already played those games to death, so I doubt they would make much of an impact.

    Now if they released Border Break (which is probably what the fans are REALLY clamoring for), well that would be a different matter.
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  • This is Spinal, Killer Instinct's next new character

  • HyperShadow 20/01/2014

    Give rage quitters a half hour time out. Blocked from ranked for a minimum of 30 minutes. If you are not rage quitting and it's your internet at fault, well, you now have 30 minutes to sort your issues out. Reply +4
  • Here's a look at some more of Velocity's sequel

  • HyperShadow 25/10/2013

    @FuturLab It's a shame, because that back touchpad seems so underused in games on the Vita.

    I would have thought that it may have worked in Velocity as (personally) I don't like my hand covering the screen when playing any game, and using the back pad to bring up the cursor to aim your teleport (like the square button) may have worked better. But then I have big hands, so stretching fingers isn't a problem :P
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  • HyperShadow 17/10/2013

    I ran into the first game at Rezzed, where I had a lengthy chat with some of the staff there. I must admit the game was fun and the guys there were really great to talk to and most probably because if them I was sold on the game.

    I still think that the teleport mechanic for the ship should have used the back touch pad.
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  • Hawken art prank changes CEO's mind about scantily clad women

  • HyperShadow 15/05/2013

    who has so obviously taken a break from her important welding to offer me a piping hot cup of coffee and/or a vigorous hand job?
    Can someone point out to me where she is doing this? Is there a second picture?

    It's one thing to be offended by something, but another completely to blow it completely out of proportion.
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  • Valve announces third DOTA 2: The International

  • HyperShadow 26/04/2013

    @illage2 Sarcastic answer: It's a game that has had this pro tournament for three years now, despite not officially being released.

    Official answer: Think of an RTS, but with no base building, and you only control one unit. The whole point of the game is to work with up to four other players to push the advancing minions into the opponents base to take down the control structure. It's hard to explain, but you get the idea once you play a few games.
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