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  • Retrospective: Quake

  • FooAtari 09/10/2011

    There's something that says a lot about how good this game was, it is afterall the longest surviving multiplayer fps game, considering bit over a year ago i droped in and saw my age old clan playing tournaments still and there's still most likely some servers running.

    Some, still plenty when I last checked a few months ago and plenty Doom servers still running as well which are pretty busy. Great fun.

    Quake 1 was the best! Bring back Romero for Doom 4 and a true Quake 1 sequel!

    Thats the thing people forget. Carmack is probably as good as he has ever been, but he id the engines, he wasn't the designer, that was Romero. If it only had it hadn't all gone to his head.

    Everyone should go read Masters of Doom, great insight to id. I'd love to see them work together again. 90's PC gaming was my favorite games period. So much new ideas, and advancements happening non-stop.

    Nothing has held my interest in gaming as much since. Probably why I spend most of time playing 90's - early 2000s PC games. Still beats the hell out of the crap we get these days. And don't need anywhere near the latest tech to play them.
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  • Face-Off: F1 2011

  • FooAtari 07/10/2011

    Codemasters should be sued for their continuing sloppy programming. Better looking racing games like GT5 and Forza 3+4 runs far smoother and in 60fps. Why can't F1 still not manage to run in 30fps without frame drops and tearing?

    There's a reason why GT5 and FM4 don't model 24 cars on the track at the same time.
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  • Retrospective: Formula One Grand Prix

  • FooAtari 03/10/2011

    I have F1GP, but it was GP2 that started me off with sim racing and I had it before I got F1GP, and didn't play it much.
    Crammonds games were stunning. The GP2 community used to be fantastic with countless tracks, liveries and even new cars/mods released for it. There used to be one painter who was really good, but I forget his name. I downloaded his new paint schemes and performance stats for GP2 for the coming season for several years. GP3 was also great although more of an incremental upgrade to GP2. Although as it was based on the 98 season, where F1 really started to go tit's up with the introduction of grooved tyres (and it's never really fully recovered from that), I didn't really enjoy it as much GP2.

    So when can we expect a retrospective of Grand Prix Legends. And while on the subject of sims it high time we got a decent article on iRacing.
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  • Foo Fighters to close out BlizzCon 2011

  • FooAtari 28/09/2011

    The link to the live stream is wrong;

    Might want to take the EG address out

    As for the live stream. 25 bloody quid?? Their havin' a laugh...
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  • Garriott "open" to working on new Ultima

  • FooAtari 02/09/2011

    He needs to tell them his new idea is to turn it into a medieval FPS with a twist. The twist being guns and lots of OORA!
    They will be all over it then.

    I think they should let him do it, give him full creative control and see what he comes up with

    Of course, fat chance of that happening...
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  • Populous and Ultima land on GOG

  • FooAtari 28/08/2011

    Not likely to ever happen. GOG wil only ever release the commercial version of the game with any official updates or expansions. So unless the game got an official update to improve the controls your not going to see a release with different control scheme

    Of course if there are fan updates or mods that fix the controls our improve the, nothing stoping you using them. I've applied a few unofficial patches and mods to Baldurs Gate to improve the game visually and fix bugs. And you have the files needed for the likes of the engine above.

    Also, if you don't know, there is an updated version of system shock with mouse look.
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  • FooAtari 28/08/2011


    For games you already own, have a search on getting them to run.

    For DOS games, Dosbox is your friend. For Win 95 - XP games there are often patches and workarounds to get them running.
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  • FooAtari 27/08/2011

    I thought they had Underworld 1&2... Obviously not.

    They won't update(other than official patches) the game or add unofficial mods or patches. They release the commercial version of games, what you get is the game you would have bought at retail.
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  • FooAtari 27/08/2011

    not sure about populous. But for the ultima games that works out at $1.49 per game. Or in real money 91 pence! Pretty reasonable if you ask me, especially because GOG usually include extras, such as for example, soundtracks, art work, wall papers. And usually get PDF's of all manuals and documents that originally came with the game. They put in a lot more effort than other digital distributors on both PC and console. And of course once you buy the game, it's yours. No DRM to talk of.Doesn't even require a client.

    I love GOG. My digital distribution service of choice. I spend more time playing PC games of yesteryear than anything else now.
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  • Face-Off: Deus Ex: Human Revolution

  • FooAtari 27/08/2011

    Agree there Rack. It's great seeing how the game performs on a higher end PC and all, but what about something in the mid range like an i3 or i5 with a gtx 460 for example. Reply +16
  • Serious Sam 3: BFE release date

  • FooAtari 24/08/2011

    This being Eurogamer, the Steam preorder thing isn't really applicable. It's certainly not on the UK store, anyway.

    It is now. Just took a while.
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  • FooAtari 23/08/2011

    Between this and Deus Ex feels like I'm finally getting some decent FPS games to play for the first time in a long time. And ones that have been properly developed for the PC too. :D Reply 0
  • Carmack offers his next-gen wishlist

  • FooAtari 23/08/2011

    kassmageant your missing the point they are exclusive to the Sony console so they will not be on PC weather it can run them or not.

    Um, that's what he said isn't it;

    only reason why it won't appear on PC's is because it's made by internal Sony studio
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  • FooAtari 23/08/2011

    Isn't that what you get paid for Fred? Or is that an admission that EG is now slumming it as a non-value-add poster of second hand news?

    Over the last month or so I've felt EG's editorial quality has taken a huge nose dive. They seem to be turning into a bit of a red top. Only bother posting about the biggest games and headlines (the ones that get most clicks). I know they need those hits, but why not have the smaller news as well instead of, for example, taking some quotes from an interview and making several news items from it.

    Some of the reviews have been pretty awful. The Deus Ex review was terrible. After only the first two paragraphs it felt rushed and disjointed. Read more like a user review than one from a professional journalist.

    They are increasingly console focused. There is regularly interesting news and articles on the likes of RPS and Blues News that show PC gaming to be in a much healthier position than many EG readers believe, that never get a mention here. But the moment there seems to be something new that paints consoles in a positive light over PC's EG are all over it. This is supposed to be a MULTI platform site, covering all gaming platforms. Thats why I read it.

    And you say, you have things like this with no attempt from EG to expand on what was said elsewhere.

    Really not sure what might have happened recently, but the worst of it has only happened over the last couple of months or so. It's on a fast track to getting removed from RSS feeds anyway.
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  • Nintendo preps huge 3DS overhaul: report

  • FooAtari 23/08/2011

    Bloody hell. Why are those who read games sites such knee jerking, gullible irrational idiots??

    This is just a RUMOR at the moment. IF it turns out to be true I'll be pretty bloody annoyed, especially after the large price cut just months after I bought it.

    But, it seems way more than half the people posting comments are taking this as fact. Why? At the moment there is no substance to the claims other than a "source". This is just rumor and speculation that could turn out to be total bollocks.

    Grow up...
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  • Official Ferrari racing wheel for Forza 4

  • FooAtari 22/08/2011

    Looks like it's just a piece of cheep tat to me. Reckon it will cost 50 - 70 and even that would be over priced as the quality does not look good from the photos and the specs are pretty crap too. Reply 0
  • Deus Ex: Human Revolution

  • FooAtari 22/08/2011


    Try Ars Technica or Rock Paper Shotgun reviews. Both were well written I thought

    I want to buy this because, well it looks good, but mainly to show a developer and publisher support for showing how games being released on both console and PC should be done. I really really hope it sells well on the PC

    BUT, I'm stuck in bloody hospital for the foreseeable future so bugger all point in buying it now :(. Doesn't help that Im a bit skint due to the amount of time ive been off work as well

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  • Shoot Many Robots for XBLA, PSN, PC

  • FooAtari 22/08/2011

    Shove it right up your arse Ubisoft. Reply 0
  • EA: physical media still has a future

  • FooAtari 22/08/2011

    Both will co-exist for several years to come. Digital distribution currently works well for some media, not quite so well for others.

    Never mind other less developed countries, the network infrastructure isn't that great here in the UK!!. I live in Aberdeen and can only get a 4mb connection. That's a pretty long wait for an 8Gb download of a game or hi def film, and for something that is sometimes more expensive than the retail copy.

    My folks who are out in the sticks a bit, but not exactly anything you would call remote and only get 1.5 - 2.0Mb connection. Unless you want to abandon a sizeble chunk of your customer base physical copies are going no where soon for that reason alone, along with many others listed above. I have no doubt digital distribution will eventually dominate over retail, but it's not going to happen over night. And why does it need to? Most media is available via both now so everyone is happy.
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  • Ubisoft considers tablet add-on - report

  • FooAtari 20/08/2011


    Here's one. The authentication servers are taken down for some reason (like a DDOS attack) or they take servers down themselves because they no longer whish to support the game anymore.
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  • Razer's 7.1 surround headset pics

  • FooAtari 17/08/2011

    Thease 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound heads a lot of crap, at least on PC

    A good set of stereo headphones and dolby virtual surround sound does a much better job.
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  • F1 2011 gets safety car

  • FooAtari 17/08/2011

    "Really looking forward to this. If you want realism, this is a great addition. "

    If you want realism, get iRacing.

    Bloody hell safety cars have been in others sims for years. About time other serious racers that try and be realistic got with the times.
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  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive official

  • FooAtari 13/08/2011

    Very interested in this. But amazes me how people can get so excited by a reveal which only reveals the logo. Reply -2
  • 3DS Ambassador entry still possible

  • FooAtari 13/08/2011

    Since I saw Tesco doing the 3DS for 115 a few days ago, I'm not pretty pissed off at what I paid and these games don't really age the pain much. Reply 0
  • GOW Origins HD cinematics in full 1080p

  • FooAtari 13/08/2011

    I don't really get the point. The HD footage is working with the source footage so there is only so much you can do to improve the image, and I'm not seeing much of a difference in the video above. Reply -1
  • Skyrim Collector's Edition detailed

  • FooAtari 06/08/2011

    Just realised that if this is $150 dollars in the US, that works out around 95 or something.

    So we are getting shafted on the price, paying 30 quid more than the US. Making it an even bigger rip off...
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  • FooAtari 05/08/2011

    How the hell buys this crap? Some mugs must be otherwise they wouldn't release them. Reply +20
  • Blizzard "surprised" by Diablo 3 outrage

  • FooAtari 05/08/2011


    "I'm not as concerned as most over the apparent control over the game that developers retain as it's much the same argument that has been had about digital distribution in general. "What if Steam/PSN/XBLA were to shut down tomorrow!?""

    Well if nothing was put in place to somehow backup your games there is going to be some problems. But at least you can still play those game as long as they remain on your Xbox.

    "For example, if your character is stored server-side then you don't have to worry about losing all your progress if your computer explodes."

    True. Or I could just take responsibility for my own game and back crucial files up regularly

    "Blizzard don't seem likely to be going anywhere, and I'd expect that the game will still be popular enough to support for many years to come. Maybe in ten years you'll want to play it again, or maybe you'll want to play one of the many games released between then and now. Who knows?"

    Yes I admit loosing access to Diablo 3 any time soon due to blizzard shutting down is unlikely. But it's a possibility, and one day it is likely to happen. Weather I will want to play the game in ten years time
    is irrelevant. I bought the game and want to have the option to play it in ten years time. Right now I'm playing Lemmings. Just bang in the disc and go. No worries over 20 years after release.

    "Assuming the worst has been one of my hobbies for a while now, but I find that it's been a refreshing change not to do so recently. That the main reason for my lack of concern on this, more so than any other."

    Fair enough, I see where you're coming from. But I'm paying good money for games. Money I can easily spend elsewhere if I don't like what I'm getting from a game. Some say "games are going this anyway" Well, only if consumers let it. Moan, shout and most importantly don't buy the games. When the cash stops rolling in they will very quickly rethink their ideas. If that doesn't happen devs/publishers will just take more and more liberties until you are paying a subscription for every game you play.

    I also read elsewhere that multi-player is locked to the region you are playing from.
    E.G Anyone in Europe can't join games with anyone is USA.

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  • FooAtari 05/08/2011

    "I don't want to post the old picture of the CoD: MW2-boycott group all playing CoD: MW 2 online, but I doubt the number of people not buying the game because it requires an online connection will really influence Blizzard's bottom line by more than a very low single-digit percentage."

    Sadly this is true. If people moan but buy the game anyway the publishers and devs are just laughing all the way to the bank. They got their way and they got your money. Who's the mug here? Certainly not them.

    The only way to change the sense of entitlement the game industry has to do these things is NOT BUYING THE GAMES. Hurt their bottom line and they will soon reconsider these things.

    Moaning about it but buying the game anyway acheives nothing.

    I don't get why some people have no issue with the amount of control Blizzard will have over your copy of Diablo 3.

    Everything is realiant on their servers.

    They could shut down the servers whenever they want
    They could delete all you charachters whenever they want
    They can completely deny you access to the game whenever they want.
    Or they could do any of the above by accident. Wouldnt be the first time.
    Every large company seems to be the targets of hackers and DDOS attacks, no reason why Blizzard might not get hit with one or many.

    I admit, this is unlikely, but the possibility still exists. If it were possible to play the game completey offline these issues would not be a problem for anyone.
    If you're happy with the having to be connected to the servers all the time, fair enough. But if any of the above happened you would be screwed just as much as anyone else.

    For me it's all about ownership and control. I don't see any compelling reason for making a persistant connection an absolute requriement. I buy the game, I want to be in complete control of how and when I play it.
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  • FooAtari 05/08/2011

    "No, they live in a world in which any self-respecting gamer who has an internet connection, generally has one which runs on something a little more reliable than a 56K modem.

    Honestly, we're all connected to the internet these days with at least a 1 meg connection. This isn't 1997

    Some people simply don't have the option. High speed stable internet access is not available to 100% of the population in the UK. Im going to assume you maybe live in a large town or city. As do I, but I grew up a little in the sticks. My folks have a 1.5Mb connection, thats the fastest they can get, which sure should be fine. BUT, the latency on the connection is pretty high, which for gameing is more important than speed. Also it is pretty damn unstable. They regurlarly suffer periods of slow speeds and the connection dropping.

    BT have been to the village serveral times to try and resolve these issues, but still they persist.

    Some people need to wake up and realise we don't all live in cities and towns with excellent broadband.

    Anyway my issue is not having to be online permantly as much as what happens if for some reason the servers go offline and in ten years time I want to play the game? I want the publisher/dev to give me some gaurantees I'll awalys be able to play the game.
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  • How Legacy hints at Dragon Age's future

  • FooAtari 05/08/2011

    "The problem with Dragon Age is the pressure from EA to make it all things to all people"

    And there is one of the huge problems in the game industry at the moment. Perhpas it's down to the excessive costs of creating and releasing a game so the devs don't have much choice. But stripping things down to the lowest common denominator has ruined many a game.

    Every game apparantly has to appeal to the widest market possible regardless of any negative effects it has on the game. In order to do that, in many cases you do have to simplify the game. Obviouslly people who like more depth and complexity in their games are going to get annoyed at that and not get the same enjoyment from the game.

    In the case of Dragons Age, based on the first game it was fair to expect a similar experience from the other games in the series.
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  • StarCraft 2 demo becomes Starter Edition

  • FooAtari 04/08/2011

    I think this pretty good idea. Kind of similar to the shareware model where you're actually getting to sample a decent amount of the game and continue where you left when buying the new game.

    After annoying me with recent Diablo 3 developments they have redeemed them selves a tiny but with this idea.
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  • EA Season Ticket subscription launches

  • FooAtari 03/08/2011

    "It's more than a demo. It's full access to the games.

    No it's not. Once the 3 days expire you need to purchase the retail copy of the game to continue playing.
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  • Battlefield 3 online pass "probable"

  • FooAtari 02/08/2011


    It is business and they are here to make money. Yes, I'd prefer it if everything was free but that is not how things work. Games companies need money to survive and to make better games and if this pass will help them towards that goal then I will happily except it.

    Yeah cause EA and DICE are one of the many struggling developers in the industry with all the millions they make from BF.

    Your money would be better spent buying some of the great games that get lost under the marketing juggernaught of the big publishers.
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  • FooAtari 02/08/2011

    So many mugs here desperate for a slice of the latest way to wallet rape gamers. I just dont get the mentality of most gamers...

    I mean really, you seriously think the automatic process of adding a new player to the server costs 5, 10 or 15 quid to the company?

    I don't agree with the way retailers are turning into second hand dealers(this i what it's about, if you believe this server cost bullshit, your a fool). But I'm completey entitled to deal in used games weather the games industry likes it or not(fwiw I dont use retailers). If they want a slice of the profits, they need to take it up with retail, not the consumer. It's not my problem and I wont be your solution.
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  • Diablo III has real money auction house

  • FooAtari 02/08/2011

    Apart from having to be online to play, another serious concern is where my game data is saved.

    It's on their servers. Meaning I can't back up all my game data. What if something happens at their end or if they get hacked (as everyone does these days), loosing user data.

    And while I admit it's unlikely to happen any time soon, I'd like to know what happens if the servers are switched for any reason. If they go bust or get bought over by another company that might not have any interest in supporting the game.
    In fact I'd like some gaurantees from all devs/publishers who are going down this route. I'm not renting your game, I'm buying it so what assurances do I get I'll always be able to play this? Until I get a satisfactory answer I wont buy it.

    I also don't understand why they can't have seperate online and offline charachters with no overlap. You either play 100% offline, removing the need for a connection or/and have a charachter played 100% online. Im spending most of time in hospital at the moment over a long period and game on my laptop. Fortunatly this ward allows me to use 3G to get online, however most don't. So even if I do decide to get the game it's probably not going to worth it as I wont have the oppertunity to play.

    Seems to me this is just going to limit their sales, even if only by a small amount. Why would you want to do that.
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  • Diablo III Beta

  • FooAtari 01/08/2011

    These are the days of CoD and Gears, and Uncharted.

    And thats a good thing??

    Those games bore me to tears, especially CoD, I can only take so many sequels. Each to their own and all that

    If you don't like the mouse, I assume you don't like a keyboard for games either. Yet that is the control method for games like Starcraft 2 and Warcraft, both of which sold in large numbers. Both of which are also from Blizzard. Diablo has a huge fanbase and being developed by Blizzard means it's pretty much gauranteed to sell, regardless of what the game is like. Bit like CoD in that regard.

    With regards to Baldurs Gate Dark Alliance, I hope your not actually trying to compare that BG and BG2 on the PC, and that DA is the better game...

    As for being "like the 90's". You are aware of how huge Starcraft was before Starcraft 2 was released last year. It was a hugely popualr games right up until 2010.

    I assume your also aware of all the large selling PC games of recent years? There are quite a few of them.

    New doesnt always equal better you know, in fact these days it often means quite the opposite. The games industry of 2010 would do well to look back to how things were done in the late 90's from time to time.

    Now, quit being a fucking troll, you just look like a child.

    Back on subject.

    Are Activision now making their prescence felt? I don't see the need for permanent connection. If I want to play offline and don't care about taking my charachter online, bloody let me. Although I don't buy any of that as the reason, all about the piracy isn't it.

    Anyway I was looking forward to this, but after seeing these 'features' I'll live without it thanks. There's always torchlight. Idiots
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  • Ubisoft announces huge EG Expo line-up

  • FooAtari 30/07/2011

    Grow up you sad sad children... And stop with this "entitlement" complex you seem to have.

    I don't have any sense of entitlement. No skin off my nose if Ubisoft want to detter me from buying their game. Most defintly their loss and not mine.

    But I DO NOT agree with draconian DRM. Especially when it does NOT work. And if I don't complain and and just buy the games nothing is going to change is it?

    If you feel the need to reply, I just want to know one thing. Who does the DRM benefit? Piracy continues and the people who legitmatly buy the game have to jump through hoops to play it. Where are the positives there?
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  • FooAtari 29/07/2011

    Wouldn't go anywhere near anything Ubisoft related at the EG Expo.

    Ubi will probably want to put you in handcuffs before playing anything anyway. You know, just in case... And this will of course encourage everyone they do it to, to buy their games. It would all be a huge success.
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  • Ubisoft: DRM strategy is a "success"

  • FooAtari 28/07/2011

    I'd love to know how they measured this. Reply +59
  • Driver PC: always-on internet required

  • FooAtari 27/07/2011

    Well to be fair I was highly unlikely to buy this.

    But if I was considering it, as I have other Ubi games, this would soon put an end to that.

    DRM like this = no purchase.

    And it's not even so much that you are required to be online to play, although that in its self is bad enough

    It's what happens when/if Ubi decides to turn the authentication servers off. Where's my guarantee I'll be able to play my game that I purchased (did not rent) forever?

    And of course why are you treating me like a copyright infringer for BUYING the damn game?
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  • Reborn Gremlin reveals iOS shortlist

  • FooAtari 18/07/2011

    Lotus Turbo Challenge 1, 2 and 3 please. Reply +1
  • PSN hack "a great learning experience"

  • FooAtari 14/07/2011

    I don't get what is so out of context about EG's article.

    Even reading the full quote from X201 it doesn't really make what he said sound any better. Still a stupid comment to make.
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  • Rein: PC gaming has "shot by" consoles

  • FooAtari 13/07/2011

    Why is it, when comparing the cost of PC v Console, people forget that if you own a console for your gaming, then most also have to then buy a PC or Laptop to go along with it if you use the net, want to manage your photos, write documents etc etc. I'd guess most people get new PC's or laptops every 5 or so years or about the same amount of time a generation of consoles last (well excpet the current one)

    If your Console cost lets say 299 at launch, a minimum spec PC is going to cost around 300, and I bet most spend more than that. So that's 600 minimum spend, enough for a PC that will play the latest games for around 4 years or so. Shove in a new grpahics card for 150 - 200 after this time and you will probabaly get another couple of years out of it. That's 5 - 7 years of computing and gaming for around 700.

    Doesn't seem that bad to me, and certainly not the ridiculous prices claimed by those who seem to feel the need to bash PC gamers.
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  • Live Nintendo E3 press conference

  • FooAtari 07/06/2011

    there is a console next to the tv that doesnt look like a wii Reply 0
  • FooAtari 07/06/2011

    It's a controller for the Wii then. not a new console. Im really not getting the point of this Reply 0
  • FooAtari 07/06/2011

    Am the only one that finds Regie annoying? Reply 0
  • Tomb Raider

  • FooAtari 07/06/2011

    The hand holding killed it for me. You are constantly told what to do on the hud. Some games may as well just be movies... Reply +1
  • Rebug PSN exploit "known for years"

  • FooAtari 09/05/2011

    Only a biased person could think that. Sony have taken a roasting from PS3 fans and unaffected consumers alike, that much is obvious if you've been on the internet in the last two weeks.

    Have you been on the official blog whenever there is an update from Sony...
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  • New Rainbow Six title in the works?

  • FooAtari 05/05/2011


    Totally agree. Another game cannibalized for the sake of appealing to the lowest common denominator.
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