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  • Vice City Stories delayed

  • Fat-Boy 08/09/2006

    Just be thankful you get it at all. You could live in Australia! Reply 0
  • Fat-Boy 08/09/2006

    Surely the PSP has nowhere near the customer base to spoil the launch of a new (groundbreaking) console with a tthirty quid game? Reply 0
  • Blizzard drops gold farming suit

  • Fat-Boy 12/06/2006

    I think he's lucky. It looked like a fair Kopp to me! Reply 0
  • Lost videogames on the way

  • Fat-Boy 23/05/2006

    One day I shall crush this pathetic programme....one day. And the Da Vinci Code as well, oh yes. One day I shall crush them both, games and all, beneath my boot of vengeance. Then they'll be sorry......they won't know what's hit them when I bring down my wrath on their over hyped arses. Oh yes my pretties, oh yes....

    /wakes up.

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  • Nintendo America defends 'Wii'

  • Fat-Boy 28/04/2006

    "Let me just tell you that if you're disrupted by it today, it's obviously caught your attention."

    Well, why not call it the Nintendo C**t then?
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  • F1 06 gets cross-platform racing

  • Fat-Boy 16/03/2006

    A June release sounds like they'll miss the boat slightly won't they? By June most casual F1 fans (i.e. watch it if it's on, won't get up at stupid o'clock to watch races, won't stay in specifically to watch it) will have lost interest by then. To not have the new game out at the start of the season is pretty poor planning IMO. Reply 0
  • New DS to be unveiled soon?

  • Fat-Boy 13/01/2006

    £91 for that is quite good, but I really don't want a situation where I pay close to £100 for something, only to be told its worth £25 trade in when I want the revamped one. Reply 0
  • Fat-Boy 13/01/2006

    BadBoy, that's tempting but they're not that much cheaper than a new one to be honest. If they make the screens considerably larger whilst keeping the unit the same size as now, or alternatively make the unit much smaller, keeping the same size screens I'll have to hold out. I just hate waiting for things though, especially when the cash is burning a hole in my pocket! Reply 0
  • Fat-Boy 13/01/2006

    This is a real bitch for me. I had planned to get a DS next week. Am I going to be able to hold out for a few months for the redesigned one? Somehow I doubt it! Reply 0
  • GTA lawsuit can go ahead

  • Fat-Boy 16/12/2005

    Or his parents if they bought it for him? Reply 0
  • Fat-Boy 16/12/2005

    "Sorry guys, I just checked the article again. The lawsuit against Take Two is crazy. It is legislation on sales of games that needs to be amended... The lawsuit against Take Two doesn't stand a chance in hell in my view!!! "

    Unless, and I want to stress the word IF (that's IF Mr Take Two's Lawyers!), IF it's found that there were any dodgy dealings when the guide was set. Most games in America are sold by the likes of WalMart et al. Most shops refuse to stock a game rated AO (adults only) whereas they're happy to stock M games (Mature, which I believe what GTA:SA was given). Therefore, Take Two and Rockstar would have been desperate for it to get an M rating, otherwise their sales would drop dramatically from what was expected. If it's proved there were any irregularities then they could be in trouble.

    But I doubt there were, and therefore the suit against any developer or distributer is bollocks. It's not up them what the laws of the land are.
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  • Fat-Boy 16/12/2005

    "Fat boy, don't these games already have a rating on them? Should we ban cigarettes booze and porn too, just because an eight-year-old might get their hands on them illegally???

    I just don't understand American law... "

    I'm not saying ban it at all, far from it. My understanding of what was written in the article was that he was pushing for games to be certificated in the same way films are, like we have in this country. I think (and I must stress think here) that the games ratings (which in America go from E for Everybody to AO for adults only) are merely a guide, and therefore not subject to the same laws that govern the sale of DVDs.

    I could be talking out of my arse though. It has happened once or twice!
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  • Fat-Boy 16/12/2005

    At the risk of sounding pro-Jackster, isn't his aim in this case to stop children buying this game, something which, as it says in the articel, we already have in the UK amongst other countries. Surely that's a fairly sensible idea? Reply 0
  • Free online Monopoly

  • Fat-Boy 22/06/2005

    Waiting for my first update from John the cabbie. The suspense is unbearable! Reply 0