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  • Cities: Skylines review

  • DoKtoR 20/03/2015

    Wow, it has been a while since I disagreed with a review on EG but this is by far one of the most disappointing reviews I've seen here.

    C:S at least deserves a "Recommended" badge - CO's attention to detail, easy modabilty, districts and offline mode make this the only realistic option for a decent city-builder at the moment.

    You miss Sim City 5 Daniel Starkey? I'm sorry but you're in the minority on your misguided decision.

    I hope EG re-reviews this in a year when Paradox has released loads of DLC that makes this great game even greater.

    FYI - I've not encountered any traffic problems and that comes down to smart planning (using T-junctions instead of intersections, a great - and free - public transit system, and plenty of highway junctions).
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  • Cities: Skylines sells 250K copies in a day

  • DoKtoR 13/03/2015

    First game I ever pre-ordered on Steam and totally worth the wait - we have our spiritual successor to SC4 people!

    It isn't a hard game for people new to the genre however you can bankrupt yourself quite quickly if you try to build too many roads too soon (roads are expensive).

    The music and atmosphere makes it quite relaxing to play as well.
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  • Rich Stanton on: Requiem for a dreamer

  • DoKtoR 15/02/2015

    A good article that sums up my feelings about the whole damn Molyneux PR disaster - I too am finding it difficult to hate the guy even after all that has happened because at the end of the day I have immensely enjoyed a great deal of the games he has designed...

    But it will be difficult for me to ever trust him again... forget about ever turning to Kickstarter again Peter - that bridge has been well-burned.
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  • Grow Home review

  • DoKtoR 11/02/2015

    @Oli Sweet, cheers! Reply 0
  • DoKtoR 11/02/2015

    I think this review is missing the 'recommended' logo with the short description about why I should buy the game... unless EG is ditching all that now of course. Reply +7
  • Eurogamer has dropped review scores

  • DoKtoR 10/02/2015

    On another note I wonder how many generations it will take for comments like "reads like an 8/10" or "better than Halo?" to disappear... I hope soon... I am one of those crazy peoples who enjoys reading well articulated thoughts or intelligent humour in comments rather than the reality of simple "first" 1-upsmanship that goes on in many online forums. Reply +1
  • DoKtoR 10/02/2015

    I give this article a 10/10... no, wait, make it essential :P

    Seriously though as a fan of RPS I think EG has made the right move - I actually read the reviews on RPS but lately I found myself skimming to the bottom of every EG review for that not-so elusive score, now I might go back to reading EG reviews again.

    Oh yeah, the Twitter summary at the top is a great idea too :)
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  • That time Marie Curie set a donkey on fire

  • DoKtoR 29/01/2015

    I remember following the devlog for this game and thinking "Hell. Yes." - I'll have to pop across to the DRM site it is affliated with and support the devs. Very good sir. Reply 0
  • "The transformation was painful. We paid the price"

  • DoKtoR 09/08/2014

    I don't know what you earn, but these were well paid professionals, who should be able to have a bit stashed away or arrange temporary loan or pay with a credit card any bills for few months. They weren't working as cake in tesco or something
    I think you'll be surprised then at how little graduate programmers get paid - it's not far off Tesco wages.
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  • Thief review

  • DoKtoR 24/02/2014

    Dis-a-f**ken-ppointing. Reply -5
  • Down the replay rabbit hole

  • DoKtoR 24/02/2014

    @RichardC Simple solution to Ken Levine's problem - stop making AAA games.

    Focus on content and story, spend less time worrying about graphics - makes it a lot easier to program and you can produce a game that lasts 20-30hrs rather than a game that is finished in 10.

    This article is right about re-playability being a Holy Grail in that the Holy Grail was never found.
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  • Finally! SimCity offline mode confirmed

  • DoKtoR 18/01/2014

    @PlugMonkey I'm sure RPS will be right on top of this soon enough ;) Reply +1
  • DoKtoR 13/01/2014

    Surprise, surprise, that thing that wasn't thinly veiled DRM but a functional requirement that would take "a significant amount of engineering work" - Lucy Bradshaw, to alter finally solved with a simple patch.

    What about "With the way that the game works, we offload a significant amount of the calculations to our servers so that the computations are off the local PCs and are moved into the cloud" - Lucy Bradshaw, has the script been totally re-written to account for this?

    EA (voted worst company in the US by US consumers 2 years running), and by association Maxis are full of s**t methinks.
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  • Assetto Corsa beta review

  • DoKtoR 18/01/2014

    Anything that makes the Lotus 49 more drivable than GPL has got my interest piqued.

    I spent hours on that game to get a decent lap time on Monza to barely even compete with the likes of Jim Clark... though I was playing GPL with keyboard instead of driving wheel which apparently made that game an even more fickle mistress.

    I think AC will get a good look into during the next Steam sale.
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  • Monaco: What's Yours is Mine review

  • DoKtoR 30/04/2013

    Definitely Bonanza Bros. for the 21st century sums it up well, to the point that single player is a bit lacking [goes out and buys a PC gamepad for multiplayer]. Reply +1
  • Hotline Miami review

  • DoKtoR 13/11/2012

    Tom you are indeed dead on in your review: this game is a hyper-violent and addictive blend, much like a mixture between 'A Clockwork Orange', 'American Psycho' and 'Drive' to use some film similes. Plays like 'Sword of the Samurai' (the top-down fighting parts) which is one of my all-time favourite games. My only hope is that the developer takes this formula further and produces a sequel, which would, for me, be an instant purchase. 10/10. Reply +1
  • McPixel Review

  • DoKtoR 11/07/2012

    That's... odd.

    But in a good way.

    Will get the iPhone version when it's released.
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  • Eurogamer Investigates The Mighty Simulator

  • DoKtoR 02/06/2012

    How about a Game Simulator Simulator - which simulates what it is like to be a simulation game on a shelf in a shop waiting to be purchased? Gold! I want 10% of the royalties. Reply 0
  • CD Projekt announces Cyberpunk

  • DoKtoR 31/05/2012

    Two words: f**k yeah! Reply 0
  • Diablo 3 struck by Error 37 woe again

  • DoKtoR 31/05/2012

    Online DRM will be the death of major game companies, not the pirates as intended... hell the pirates will still be there, you can't stop them, they may as well just live with the fact that a small percentage of people won't pay for their games rather than piss off the majority that do.

    Error 37 = death to the loyalty of gamers.
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  • Witcher 2 dev to reveal first details on "second triple-A RPG" tomorrow

  • DoKtoR 30/05/2012

    @hiddenranbir how about Cyber-punk? Which is what the concept art would suggest.

    If they can make a decent Cyber-punk RPG that fuses themes of Bladerunner with Neuromancer that would be an awesome feat (yes, Deus Ex sort of did that but those boss fights ruined the game to some extent).
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  • BBC News mistakes Halo UNSC logo for UN

  • DoKtoR 28/05/2012

    BBC = Balls-up Bumbling Corporation :-P Reply -3
  • App of the Day: Saturday Morning RPG

  • DoKtoR 28/05/2012

    @faceache - if I had been drinking a glass of milk when I read your comment there would have been a mess, gold! Reply 0
  • Fez Review

  • DoKtoR 18/04/2012

    @The-Jack-Burton It's just you - everyone else digs the nostalgic charm of 8-bit and wishes they didn't sell their C=64 and massive collection of classic (awesome) games... unless that's just me of course :P Reply +4
  • DoKtoR 18/04/2012

    The wait is finally over, I've been watching the dev on this for a while now and I'm glad it did well on faithful old EG ;)


    *gets Fez*
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  • First XCOM: Enemy Unknown screens, details

  • DoKtoR 10/01/2012

    About f**ken time someone remade this brilliant game!

    Also Mr. Meier could you please remake Sword of the Samurai?
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  • Games of 2011: Skyrim

  • DoKtoR 30/12/2011

    @nicfaz it's difficult to give a completely accurate assessment when the gaming public wants the full review on release... this is why EG does retrospectives - in hindsight it's much easier to give a proper score. Especially in regards to the PS3 high level bug which was only noticed after the game was reviewed. Reply -1
  • DoKtoR 30/12/2011

    Ever since the Internet caught on (around about 2004 when broadband became fairly accessible here... Australia) it's been commonplace for broken-out-of-box games to be released - before then it was damn near impossible to fix a broken game after release.

    So it begs the question are we winners or losers for having to patch a game constantly after release?

    My answer is one of the best games I've played in the last couple years was Fallout 3: New Vegas and that was in my opinion one of the buggiest games I've ever seen, so in that respect the ability to patch is a blessing in disguise.
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  • Saturday Soapbox: Bring On The Next Generation

  • DoKtoR 17/12/2011

    Better graphics are the opiate of the masses - bring back gameplay!

    Remember how awesome games from companies like Microprose or Bullfrog were? We need games like that again. Good graphics draw you into a game but it's good game design that makes you want to stick around for the next 30hrs.
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  • Retrospective: The Cult of Desert Bus

  • DoKtoR 12/12/2011

    A very interesting concept that falls into the realm of "Anti-game", I can't believe I actually played it for nearly an hour before I conceded defeat to the boredom of driving a desert bus.

    It gets an 'A' for the idea.
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  • Minecraft Review

  • DoKtoR 19/11/2011

    It's clearly a 10 out of 10 for the amount of hours it's leeched out of my life building massive underground rail systems and mighty trap-filled fortresses on the summit of cliff-sides, I couldn't think of a game I've played more in the past few years :) Reply +7
  • Brendan McNamara: "I'd rather people just ring me up and tell me to f*** off"

  • DoKtoR 11/11/2011

    Speaking as someone who's been a leader on a production team (in Film/TV that is), and judging by what I've read and heard about this guy he sounds heavy-handed, fair enough - some leaders are more about the stick and less about the carrot, if that works for them fine but they shouldn't be surprised when the whole world thinks they're a dick (aka Mr. McNamara).

    Personally I prefer to treat everyone in my crew as equally as possible and give them the carrot and reserve the stick for when people step out of line, but hey that's just me; I want people to sing my praises rather than curse my name after they've worked for me.

    @Innes - Good call on the book, I'll have to give it a read myself.
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  • Rainbow Six: Patriots revealed by registrations

  • DoKtoR 30/10/2011

    Sounds like another FPS that will be "borrowing" ideas from the COD games...

    I miss games like SWAT4 which were heavy on the realism, now days it's all about the roller-coaster ride, they should change the acronym from "FPS" to "FPRR" (First Person Roller-coaster Ride).
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  • Daytona USA Review

  • DoKtoR 26/10/2011

    If only it came with the large poxy arcade booth and heavy steering wheel that shook violently everytime you broke into a power slide (i.e. every corner)... ahhh memories! Reply 0
  • Yakuza: Dead Souls Review

  • DoKtoR 12/07/2011

    "a Return of the Jedi rather than a Blackadder Goes Forth - a clutch of memorable moments that don't quite gel into a wholly satisfying climax."

    Return of the Jedi was the best Star Wars film though...
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  • Wooden SNK Neo Geo CMVS

  • DoKtoR 29/05/2011

    Needs a wooden controller to go with it - the plastic one ruins the image... in fact so does the plastic TV... let's make everything out of wood! Bring on the wooden revolution!! Reply +9
  • L.A. Noire: World in Motion Timelapse

  • DoKtoR 28/05/2011

    Not sure which time lapse I liked more - this or Red Dead Redemption... both games have a superb setting. Reply 0
  • DiRT 3

  • DoKtoR 21/05/2011

    @Oli: don't lie, you know you miss reviewing major racing games :P Reply +1
  • How to Build Your Own Gaming PC

  • DoKtoR 21/05/2011

    I built my PC about 2 years ago (it's called "black beauty", guess why).

    The main reason for me to build a PC from scratch is the price - idiots who don't realize how easy it is pay four times what it cost me (which was about $1200 Australian dollars).

    Here's what's under the shiny black bonnet: Quad core i7 CPU, 4GB RAM, Nvidia GeForce GTX 260 with a nice black BENQ 24inch widescreen monitor... the keyboard and mouse are also black.

    2 years on and I still haven't had a game that has needed to run on anything less than the highest graphics settings... $1200 - do the math.
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  • Digital Foundry vs. iPad 2

  • DoKtoR 30/04/2011

    @handsonhips101: "It's essentially a big phone without the phone call apsect."

    ... what about FaceTime? It's a VOIP app that lets you communicate with others via WiFi.

    I think Apple may be converting me to their Mac-dom; it started with the 5th gen iPod classic 80GB (which shat on my Creative Zen's measly 6GB), then when I had enough of my Sony Ericsson C902 crashing and going slow on me I replaced it with an iPhone 3GS, now the iPad 2 (which I've done my homework on) looks like a damn fine replacement for my ASUS laptop (which 2yrs old is already outpaced by Apple's A5 chip)... I say if it's good technology then get it regardless of the brand (Apple, Sony, IBM, Microsoft, who cares?).
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  • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

  • DoKtoR 19/04/2011

    One word: Want.

    That is all.
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  • Patapon 3

  • DoKtoR 11/04/2011


    This whole iPhone/Android games should be 'pickup and play for 5 minutes' mentality from developers is starting to wane with games like Game Dev Story and Galaxy on Fire, and I'm hoping we see more of that because I prefer games with a bit more depth.

    Anyway, I guess to each their own.
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  • DoKtoR 11/04/2011

    Another game that would make a decent iPhone/Android port... come on developers! Reply -7
  • Why I Hate… Angry Birds

  • DoKtoR 05/04/2011

    I had a quick go on a mates iPhone - it's Crush the Castle with cartoon birds, only it's not free... I passed on it. Reply 0
  • For and Against: Violence in video games

  • DoKtoR 01/04/2011

    Courses for horses.

    The poll was missing a 'meh' vote.

    There's violence in video games, but it's not real - so who cares? It's just a cathartic release for the masses.

    Personally I care little for violence either way in video games (I like sim games), but I can see why other people get into hardcore FPS to vent frustration, and I don't see any valid connection between violence in video games and violence in real life - anyone who can't make a distinction between the two is already a psychopath to begin with.
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  • Retrospective: Freespace 2

  • DoKtoR 12/12/2010

    Sounds Freespacetastic. Reply +2
  • Game Dev Story

  • DoKtoR 02/11/2010

    I've already spent many hours on this game trying for the elusive million dollar grand prize at the game awards and a perfect score from the 4 critics - little bastards - I had 3 10/10's and the last critic gave me a 9/10 (must have been an Edge reviewer :P). Reply +2
  • Face-Off: Fallout: New Vegas

  • DoKtoR 30/10/2010

    PC! Reply +2
  • Fable III

  • DoKtoR 26/10/2010

    To be expected from a game that is more evolution than revolution... actually the review read like a 6 or 7 at the beginning.

    Will still buy as I'm a fan of this series.
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  • Molyneux, mo' problems

  • DoKtoR 24/09/2010

    Molyneux bashers, assemble! Reply -1