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  • EA apologises for Frostbite's "stupid" anti-Nintendo April Fool

  • Devox 02/04/2014

    Of course this would stir up the fanboys. A bunch of humourless dipsticks if you ask me. They are only up in arms because its too close to the truth. Reply -2
  • Iwata isn't Nintendo's problem. It's Miyamoto

  • Devox 26/01/2014

    @gregallen1 and the oscar for worlds angriest fanboy goes to..... Reply -1
  • PlayStation 4 gives up to 5GB of RAM to game developers

  • Devox 27/07/2013

    Heres a wild idea for ALL you rabid willy waving fanboys out there. Lets wait and see what the games look and play like in a couple of months time...then make a decision, based on those games and the release schedule, as to which consoles the one for you. Its a radical idea i know and i fully expect to get negged by both sets of morons and the PC elitists for not including them and the WIIU nutjobs because all the world really needs is more Mario and Zelda. Reply 0
  • Xbox exec Don Mattrick leaves Microsoft for Zynga

  • Devox 02/07/2013

    @TITAN-XO-16 You remind me of a young dave lister "Everything is so crypto-faschist"

    Is Cloudskipa your Dad/Brother/alternate user name?
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  • Microsoft names next free game for Xbox 360 Gold subscribers

  • Devox 02/07/2013

    Its a free game, and free is free. And it should be pointed out that sonys online component is still lagging behind MS (why if i download a game do i then have to patch it?). But for a 40 outlay the PS+ service is terrific value for money and it covers both the PS3 and the Vita (Ibought a vita on the back of the games being offered on PS+). They said that the 40 would also cover the PS4.
    Oh and to the Fanbois..why? why stick up for one multinational conglomerate over another?
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  • Devox 01/07/2013

    @aros The VITA is the most exiting system in gaming? With a release schedule that makes the WII U look healthy? It's a lovely piece of Kit but that comment is just misguided. Reply 0
  • Devox 01/07/2013

    @cloudskipa YOU hate this site because its full of FANBOYS....YOU? Go find a dictionary and look upthe word IRONY. Reply +5
  • Microsoft details its Games With Gold initiative

  • Devox 21/06/2013

    @TechnicPuppet Again, way past fanboy and into the realm of Cult member. Just admit that Sonys' online strategy in the last 18 months has left MS for dead. Its sad being a one machine zealot you know Reply +2
  • Devox 21/06/2013

    As we're talking about great deals, GOG have an insane sale on today to mark the longest day. If you're an old school gamer theres some bargains to be had. Reply 0
  • Devox 21/06/2013

    Now, MS need to have this on Xbone as well as keeping the service running on 360. I'm still not convinced by either console right now as i wasn't overly impressed by anything at E3. Leaning more towards Sony but I'm looking forward to the Digital Foundry head to heads. Reply 0
  • Devox 21/06/2013

    @Kaonazhie Played Halo 3 years ago, It's a nice bit of nostalgia to play it again gratis. MS are playing catch-up with sony right now but they are moving in the right direction. Reply +1
  • Devox 21/06/2013

    @frazzl surely you haven't bought ALL of the games that have been offered? Theres loads of indie titles that i wouldn't have bought but really enjoyed as a freebie (tom was alone,malicious,lumines etc) Reply +1
  • Microsoft reverses position on Xbox One DRM

  • Devox 21/06/2013

    @DrJiggles But, to be fair, whats stopping Sony doing the same thing? Reply -1
  • You can plug an Xbox 360 into the Xbox One, says Major Nelson

  • Devox 21/06/2013

    @Xboxfanuk My god, through fanboy and out the other side into the realm of Cult member. Scary Reply 0
  • Shadowrun Returns release date set at 25th July

  • Devox 18/06/2013

    Replay the SNES and MD Games to pass the time. Both Genre classics Reply +2
  • Gunpoint cost $30 to develop, then made enough that its creator can quit "jobs, as a concept"

  • Devox 18/06/2013

    Hopefully Tom still writes about games as well as makes them as hes probably the most entertaining Games Journo out there right now. His sun exploding diary of Galciv2 is brilliant. Reply +6
  • Miyamoto blames Wii U launch software delays on Nintendo's leap to next-gen

  • Devox 12/06/2013

    @madeinbeats Nope, read the whole thing, 2nd paragraph is an irrelevance as saying its for another thread is patently ridiculous. This thread became about the other consoles because of the use of the term 'Next-Gen'. WiiU isn't Next Gen its an evolution of the original Gamecube architecture and is comperable to the existing 360/PS3. Nothing on show here looks better than Last of Us on PS3 or Halo 4 on 360. Miyamotasan should not be the guy having to apologise for nintendos blinkered attitude. Reply +3
  • Devox 12/06/2013

    @madeinbeats So, hows the pay at Nintendo? Shameful Fanboyism of the highest degree. Are you seriously saying that nintendo haven't trained their staff for 10 years? Reply -4
  • Nintendo retreats into its shell at E3

  • Devox 12/06/2013

    I think we now know the reason why Nintendo didn't do the traditional Press Conference, they didn't have enough to fill a 2 hour presentation. Come on if I had a new Fzero, Zelda, Mario/Kart, Starfox, X, Bayonetta, 101, Metroid, sin and punishment, fire emblem all coming out in the next year (with a 75-100 Price cut) i'd be up there going toe to toe with MS and sony.
    I'm just so disappointed by the attitude of Nintendo thus far. They seem to think that a few new games a year will be enough to sell the console and that an HD remake of a game that honestly doesn't need it in Wind Waker constitutes the Zelda game the Fans want to see.

    Nintendo MUST TRY HARDER.
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  • Devox 12/06/2013

    @todohogar Thats the nintendo dilemma, making the U attractive to the vast userbase that uses the Wii on a casual basis. Why upgrade? At the moment there is no reason to upgrade hence the poor early sales. The central gimmick of the controller is also a screen has already been trumped by Sony saying the Vita will do the same thing and Microsoft will push smartglass in that direction as well. Reply +2
  • Devox 12/06/2013

    @Kami Have to disagree there. Just think what would happen if they revealed Wii U Today after all the next gen hullabaloo from Sony and MS. No, Nintendo sent it out a year too late. With an extra year in circulation they would have had 2 years of visual parity with Sony & MS and would now be into the second generation of softwarewhich is traditionally when the good stuff happens. It would then have the installed userbase required for 3rd party publishers to see it as a viable platform. It hasn't got the casual pleasing gimmick of the WII to fall back on and it needs far more than Kart 8, Zelda 6HD and Mario 1,078. Reply 0
  • Live: Microsoft E3 2013 Conference

  • Devox 10/06/2013

    If the £475 price is correct they are in BIG Trouble Reply 0
  • Asda drops Wii U price to just 149/199

  • Devox 02/05/2013

    Still not enough quality games to warrant a purchase although i think this is the price the console should have launched at. Running out of time until the big boys roll out the next gen Reply 0
  • Saturday Soapbox: Taking the Direct approach

  • Devox 27/04/2013

    @dogmanstaruk Steel Diver - Originally a DS tech demo. And not very good.
    Professor Layton - Level5
    Xenoblade - Monolith
    The Last Story - Mistwalkwer
    Elite Beat Agents - iNis

    The interesting thing about that list is just how JAPANESE it is. Where are nintendos Western developers? Thats the real gaping hole in their portfolio
    Reply -2
  • Devox 27/04/2013

    @The_shlaaaag_returns No they won't. Yet another Mario Kart will not kick start the sales neither will another mario. The Industry is growing up and nintendo has to move with the times. To use a film analogy, whilst sony and MS are showing full colour talking movies nintendo are showing metropolis. Yes it might be great but it certainly isn't the future Reply -1
  • BioShock Infinite ending explained

  • Devox 06/04/2013

    How many videogames generate this level of discussion? This is probably the most intelligent thread on EG. No Fanboys makes such a difference. My question is why am i the only one who uses the vigours? They are left lying around all over columbia but none of the factions seem to use them. Also, right at the start of the game as you wake up on Columbia, did anyone else notice that ALL the NPCs are luteces? Reply +1
  • The Hall of Heroes: BioShock Infinite's Fort Frolic?

  • Devox 31/03/2013

    @yeahetc Given that most of the vigours are picked up in the street i was also a little dissapointed i was the only jacked up person in the game. Also a big pat on the back to irrational for none of the pre release stuff actually appearing in the game. Ghost Mom was a little lame. But the EG was wrong. its all about the Luteces'. I felt that much like the Booker/Comstock dichotomy, the two Luteces were the same person from morally opposed realities, hence the constant experiments. Anyone have any theories of the significance of the neck pendant you choose for Liz??? Reply +5
  • Mass Effect 3 free for PlayStation Plus subscribers in March

  • Devox 22/02/2013

    @DarkSpaceDS How the hell are they pointless? Thats the dumbest thing I've ever heard. FREE GAMES NOW. Its not Rocket Science. Reply +7
  • Devox 22/02/2013

    Still waiting for MS to counter PS+. My 360 is starting to gather dust post HALO. Nearly finished Uncharted on VITA (FREE) then its Gravity Rush (FREE). Hello MS do you understand, losing a Customer here and i guarantee I won't be the only one if you concentrate on all that Multi-Media Guff. Took Sony 5 years to get their online store right but damn did they get it right. Reply +5
  • Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance review

  • Devox 20/02/2013

    Game Length, that old chestnut. I'd rather play 5 hours of something inventive and fun than, say, the single player section of the last 3 CODs.
    But this ones easy. DOWNLOAD THE DEMO. Personally it left me a little cold so Its not a full price purchase for me. I didn't like Vanquish either but thought Bayonetta was Phenomenal.
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  • Devox 20/02/2013

    Raiden has been a magnificent character from his first appearance in Metal Gear Solid 2 - What? Wait! The only character in VGs that makes John Inman look like Stallone? You're on your own with that one Mr Stanton Reply 0
  • PlayStation 4: everything we know so far

  • Devox 20/02/2013

    @Eurogameruser Totally agree. VITA - amazing hardware, Shite GUI Reply -1
  • Devox 20/02/2013

    Last Guardian is going to be a massive disappointment. NO game needs 6 years to make unless there are serious issues - ALiens:Colonial Marines, DNF, Heart of Darkness, GT5 all spring thing to mind ( 2 Gearbox Games). and for older readers Dungeon Master 2, Stonekeep. Protracted development is never a good thing.
    Tonight needs to be 15% Hardware and Tech Guff 85% GAMES. Because thats what we really want (Fanboys excluded of course). Very interesting to see if BUNGIE are coding for PS4. Oh and lets not get too excited about MotorStorm and Killzone given the last ones were both awful. Would much prefer to see some new IP from both studios. Fallout 4? Given Bethesdas track record this gen I would be VERY surprised if this was a Launch Title.

    If it Launches this year(unlikely in Europe I fear) Then you can Guarantee a few titles (EA Sports, COD) But I really want to see some NEW titles. Paid for Online Subs is almost certainly going to happen but as long as it keeps the ideals from PS+ thats OK (Free games on a NEW Console aint gonna happen for a year at least so it needs Back Compat and a continued Free game or 2 per month)

    Then the ball is most certainly in Microsofts Court. If the PS4 is as powerful as the supposed specs then MS have an immediate problem in their Games looking inferior (a role reversal from this Gen). They will need more than in-built Kinect to wow the Hardcore and certainly need to re-think their online structure which went from best in class to embarrasing in the 7 years of its life.
    Reply -2
  • Devox 20/02/2013

    @Lightguy Very Wrong, thats already been announced (FF13-3 Lightning Returns) Reply 0
  • Castlevania Lords of Shadow: Mercury Steam's mission to be the next Naughty Dog

  • Devox 20/02/2013

    LOS did far more right that wrong, One of my favourite games of this generation. Follow up needs a little more exploration and some better voice acting (Such a starry cast but so many lifeless performances). Keep the varied Boss battles and Shadow of Colossi guardians. Bayonetta up the combat and I'm sold. Reply +1
  • Face-Off: Dead Space 3

  • Devox 18/02/2013

    @man.the.king Look, just face it, Multi-Format games this generation have been BETTER on the 360. Crying that Leadbetter is Biased is just sad and pathetic. Besides, if the specs of the next Gen of consoles are correct the PS4 is likely to win the vast majority of the next gen face-offs. Reply +1
  • Ghostbusters review

  • Devox 18/02/2013

    @Alex_V Many millions of MORONS. The freemium Model employed by the majority of games is Offensive. I cannot believe you are trying to defend this crud. Fanboys will defend anything. You, sir, are a waste of skin. Reply +3
  • Fumito Ueda issues The Last Guardian statement ahead of Sony's PlayStation 4 event

  • Devox 13/02/2013

    N game should take 6 years to make, nearly every game with that sort of gestation period has been a massive let down. We've seen next to nothing about the game in the last 2 years which suggests its been scrapped and started over Resi 4 style. I'm hoping to see some new footage from it but I'm not holding my breath. Reply -4
  • Devox 13/02/2013

    @Phantom_Dynamite Yes, The Last Guardian Reply +1
  • This year's Assassin's Creed game will feature a new character, setting

  • Devox 07/02/2013

    @Renato84 But if it shifts 12 million a year....they'll keep making em. Reply 0
  • Devox 07/02/2013

    @dogmanstaruk Yeah, henry would just talk and talk until his victims brains turned to jelly.... Now playing as Jello Biafra who, lets be honest probably thinks assassins Creed is a bloody Documentary...that would be fun Reply +2
  • Devox 07/02/2013

    They are going to milk this franchise til the Udders bleed. I'm waiting for AC5 when you play a pikey on a hull housing estate. Reply +7
  • Wii U-exclusive Rayman Legends to go multiplatform

  • Devox 07/02/2013

    @dogmanstaruk Thing is, I've played Monster Hunter on PS2 and PSP. I've played Ocarina, Majora and WindWaker. I've played Mario Kart. Nintendo have a reputation for being first class games designers. What was the best game on WII - Mario Galaxy. recognizable character in innovative enviroment. Thats what i want from WIIU. Throw out 5 or 6 games like that and i'm buying, even at 300 quid. Reply +2
  • Devox 07/02/2013

    Is there really any point in buying a WiiU at the moment? Some shonky ports of old games, another 2D Mario and a Zobie game. Nintendo need to think fast before their window of opportunity shuts. 1 year start guys, have to make that count or its off to join the Dreamcast. In fact this is starting to Mirror Segas disastrous final entry in the Hardware market. Nintendo needs 1st party games yesterday and something other than Zelda rehash 8 and Mario Kart 67. It needs innovation and fresh IP to go with the usual Ninty lineup. Sega thought they could win with their arcade ports only and that cost them as Sony & MS delivered deeper and fresher experiences. Nintendos only hope is the Big 2 haven't got a solid games selection at launch and are pricing above the 400 mark or this could be the last hardware we see from them. I prefer choice so i'd rather see 3 companies pushing each other to excell but i do fear for Nintendo if they don't capitalise on the next 6 months. Reply +4
  • Wii U graphics power finally revealed

  • Devox 07/02/2013

    @johnallison It's digital you dipstick. a $1 cable WILL be the same as a $20 Reply 0
  • Apple ups the NRA's shooting game age rating to 12+

  • Devox 16/01/2013

    The NRA are, unfortunately, unbelievably powerful within the US Political system. Obama will lose his entirely sensible Gun Reform bill because the NRA have so many on Capitol Hill on their payroll. The only people who need automatic weapons are the Military but it is a huge money-spinner in the good ole US. There is also that part of their Constitution that states "the right to bear arms" which makes any radical amendments incredibly difficult to pass. Personally i hope the NRA manages to get Everyone armed, it will certainly help with population control in the US. Reply +4
  • UK chart: Wii U exclusives absent from top 40 for third week running

  • Devox 07/01/2013

    @Headless_Monkey_Boy I thought it was a shoebox with a touchscreen? Reply +2
  • Devox 07/01/2013

    The big surprise for me is how little advertising nintendo seem to have done in the run up to Xmas. If you are the must have Xmas gadget then you should be seeing some games in the top 40 the following week. Incidentally, any chance we could actually see how many sales you need to get top 40 what with Skyrim, which has been out over a year now, still in the top 10? Reply 0
  • Made-Up Next-Gen Games of 2013

  • Devox 05/01/2013

    Konami give up on trying to compete with EA so next Gen Fifa is up against Pro Evo Subbuteo. Kojima finally makes the game hes always wanted to. Metal Gear 5 is 3, 2 hour cut scenes with two, 2 minute stealth sections in between. Travellers Tales run out of Franchises to exploit so their Next Gen entry is LEGO LEGO. Modern Warfare 4 stars members of the NRA trying to infiltrate the Whitehouse to assassinate Obama. Reply +3
  • Face-Off: Mass Effect on PS3

  • Devox 14/12/2012

    either way this is an absolute must play for any RPG or Sci-Fi fan. I preferred it to the second one and if you've only had a PS3 this gen its an absolute must buy. Reply 0