• Tech Analysis: The Witcher 2

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    £500 says you wouldn't be saying any of this if this game was a PS3 exclusive. I've noticed that you're VERY selective in what articles you post negative comments on eg anything other than Sony articles.

    Are you a PS3 graphics whore fanboy or do you enjoy games for what they are, great games regardless of format? Serious question by the way, I'm interested to know.

    I don't think you've ever posted on Eurogamer and mentioned the gameplay at all. It's all about the graphics for you and yet your fucking clueless - you've been shown up so many times in the past I've lost count.

    Average looking game on console and PC. Seriously? You think the graphics on Twilight Princess are better than this? Did you see that thing just fly it the window - it's your credibility.

    That said - like always you havent actually played TW2 so you're totally uninformed.
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  • The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings - Enhanced Edition Review

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    The gorgeous full PC Version fits on 2 DVDs anyway (Like the 360). Don't think space is an issue so can't see any advantage that BR would bring
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  • Call of Duty Elite vid details features

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    Fucking hell that is depressing, the VoiceOver guy sums COD up for perfectly"we've got this like new feature which is totally f'n rad where you can join clans online. It's totally sick like having your headset turned into a sticky grenade. It's like totally cool"No sign of any actual in game content, nearer to a £50 year Halo Waypoint crossed with Rockstar Social Club. Both of which are just standard gratis community features for their fans from R* and Bungie. Acti on the other hand rewards our passion to their product with more charging.Pay-for community features? CheckTHE most expensive map packs? CheckInflated RRP for no good reason? CheckI guess how Acti are financially struggling justifies all this though. It's a niche product that's clearly a labour of love videogame art so they need to find ways to offset the huge development costs...4 years in production, brand new engine, dedicated servers. Oh wait. Reply +23
  • 360 owners unlock fourth BF1943 map

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    How do you access this map? I pray it hasn't been added to the rotation. I paid my points for an fps not a flight combat game. I wish they released a proper map to celebrate the 43 million rather than this non infantry one. Reply 0
  • Xbox 360 vs. PS3 Face-Off: Round 17

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    Ouch, 360 wins hands down yet again. One thing I have to say, I'm pretty gobsmacked at just how much the PS3 struggles with Anti Aliasing, massive oversight on the part of Sony surely? Also, and compounding the AA issues, is how weak the PS3 seems to be at image scaling.

    All that said, it's no suprise thanks to Sony coming clean about their incredibly clever tactic of deliberately making PS3 hard to code for so we will be blown away in 6-9 years time.

    Anyway, time to cast Lvl 9 Rash' and Les spells to inject some humour into this thread.
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  • Uphill Struggle

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    Rash' wrote: "clearly for you the HD cable and headset, but don't generalise. and the issue is expensive proprietory add-ons. i can decide on the quality and price i pay for the add-ons i may need for PS3... unlike the countless early 360 adopters who will pay an arm and a leg converting to larger HDD"

    Ok, once more for reason as you keep changing your arguement.... what expensive "essential" proprietry add-ons are you talking about?! I paid £170 for a 360 with 2 games, 60gig HDD, HDMI cable (not included with PS3) and a headset (not included with PS3).

    There is literally nothing else I need to play games missing from that package. Like most people I know I use a wired internet connection.

    Granted early adopters "only" got a 20gig drive but an upgrade is in no way "essential" for ANY gaming functionality.

    Please enlighten me as I hate this "MS FORCE you to buy loads of hardware" myth especially when PS3 doesn't even come with HD leads or a headset - two "essential" items for online enabled HD gaming.

    Please give me just 1 example of essential 360 hardware that i dont get out of the box with all units other than the core? Also acknowledge that by excluding HDMI leads and headsets Sony are as equally guilty.

    It's hilarious how many defensive posts you have made in this comments thread, the true definition of SDF.
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  • Xbox 360 leads PS3 by 1m in Europe

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    Platformers: Banjo Kazooie & Braid (PS3 is lacking in this genre too, LBP and Ratchet being the big two)
    Action Adventures: Fable 2, Gears, Tomb Raider, GTA4 + DLC
    RPGS; Fallout, Oblivion, Eternal Sonata, Lost Odyssey, Infinite Undiscovery, Mass Effect, Blue Dragon (360 is generational champ as far as rpgs go surely?)
    ...plus more racing games (all the multiplatform ones plus PGR3&4, Forza &, Race Pro), sports games and of course, FPS.

    Sorry to resort to lists but your post is just factually wrong. PS3 does have a great lineup including some quality exclusives but it's hard to argue it beats the 360s, let alone matches it, in any genre. Unless you care to enlighten me what genres the PS3 has a better line up in?
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  • PlayStation Home

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    @Chufty - can you enlighten us as to what Home is supposed to be in your opinion and also why you personally dont think it has achieved that yet?
    Bearing in mind Sony themselves must think it is pretty close to how it's supposed to be or they wouldn't have done a public release.
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  • 200k 12/12/2008

    Seems to me like they rush-released this to an open beta stage just so they could get Home out in 2008. Don't think they could afford another PR disaster of another "killer app" slipping to next year.

    Reality is, an "Open Beta" is pretty much the same as a full public release albeit with a disclaimer attached ("sorry if this is shit but it is still beta after all!")

    They should have just had their closed beta, taken care of the full content, then done a full public release. Why have an open beta for a half finished product other than for PR reasons?

    Any SDF defending this article with "but it's just a beta!" should note that Sony chose to release it to the world in this state. They could have easily just extended the closed beta but they chose to make it public, meaning they must have been happy about the quality of the version you can download now.
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  • New details emerge of Riddick multiplayer

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    Yep, also includes the original content "re-mixed" and HD'd up. Looks very very impressive from the trailers which isnt surprising as IMO Escape From Butcher Bay was the best looking console game last-gen. That said, The Darkness was a little dissapointing. Reply 0
  • Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts

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    Banjo-Kazsevenie Reply 0
  • Guitar Hero World Tour - Heidi Klum

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    Deadly. Reply 0
  • Sony still "investigating" LBP issues

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    It astounds me how arguably LBP is the biggest PS3 game to date and yet it is on 1.03 before it's even come out. And to still not have the online sorted even after having a "beta" test also seems pretty slack. Reply 0
  • Fable II

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    "But the review states - it's easy and a 10 hour game.."

    Could you find me the bit of review that state it's a 10 hour game please? I think you'll struggle. And how about Super Mario World, clockable in a couple of hours if you shortcutted through Star Island. Does that make it an inherantly bad game that we never should have bought new?
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    @Avarice; why is that then? After playing it, what score would you have given it? I'm assuming you have played it, right? Reply 0
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    @Kazum, yeah because it's bias if any game not on the PS3 gets a decent score. Do you remember the fact that Gears of War got an 8, as did Mass Effect?

    OMG LittleBigPlanet got a 9 on Eurogamer, they are so anti 360! This comments thread is despairingly predicatble.
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  • 200k 20/10/2008

    Two days of solid gaming for the main quest, loads more gameplay for sidemissions or just fucking about in Albion.

    Super Mario World, Goldeneye, Portal, HL2 etc etc all could be finished in a similar amount of time, does this mean they aren't worthy of high scores?

    Anyway, can't wait to get my hands on this come Friday and am glad Mr Molyneuxs unwavering hype has been vindicated. Now I'm just hoping for a 9 or above for Far Cry 2.
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  • MotorStorm: Pacific Rift

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    Excitetruck: Pacific Rift Reply 0
  • LittleBigPlanet

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    Looking forward to getting to grips with this, always loved the general aesthetic. Reply 0
  • Games added to US cut-price 360 bundles

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    Hmm Reply 0